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So don't be shy! Many of our volunteers have never recorded anything before LibriVox. The roles involved in making a LibriVox recording. Not all volunteers read for LibriVox. If you would prefer not to lend your voice to LibriVoxyou could lend us your ears. Proof listeners catch mistakes we may have missed during the initial recording and editing process.

Readers record themselves reading a section of a book, edit the recording, and upload it to the LibriVox Management Tool. For an outline of the Librivox audiobook production process, please see The LibriVox recording process. We believed him. Herzog knew that St.

Louis cavernous Busch Stadium favored fast runners and agile fielders on the artificial surface. So he built a squad of lean players who could steal bases and advance runners into scoring position and traded away anyone who didnt embrace his strategy.

I was lucky in St. Louis, Herzog, 81, told IBD. Theres only one thing you can use on both. Since his last season with St. Louis inthe Cardinals have added two more crowns for a total of 11, most in National League history. In Herzogs decade with the Cardinals, they had a.

That followed a. Baseball recognized that stellar career by landing him in the Hall of Fame in His father, Edgar, worked for a brewery and the Illinois Highway Department. His mother, Lietta, worked in a shoe factory. They both taught their son the value of never missing a day of work and always showing up on time. On the school front, Whitey was prone to miss class so he could attend Cardinal day games. He paid for the round-trip bus ride by sneaking into the outfield stands during batting practice, collecting home run balls and selling them to spectators for a tidy profit.

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He said on a conference call with analysts, A year ago, our team established a set of critical near-term priorities for moving the business forward. Weve made solid, demonstrable progress on delivering on our financial commitments, restoring a reliable supply of OTC over-the-counter products to consumers, continuing the successful integration of Synthes and building on the strong momentum in our pharmaceutical business. June On the call, Gorsky said macroeconomic pressures were lowering admissions to hospitals and thus pressuring hospitals budgets, echoing similar comments from Intuitive SurgicalISRG last week when it warned Q2 results would miss views.

Still, he said health care providers are willing to spend on products that sufficiently improve on existing options. The Prostate-Cancer Front Things were brighter on the pharmaceutical side, where the company offered bullish assessments of several recent product launches. That drug was first approved in the U. In a research note Wednesday, Morningstar analyst Damien Conover said these three drugs should all develop into blockbusters. He also highlighted the expected near-term launches of ibrutinib, a cancer drug developed with PharmacyclicsPCYC that was filed.

This strong innovation is occurring against the backdrop of relatively minor patent losses, Conover wrote. Sandra Peterson, who was appointed to head the consumer group last September, says the company expects to have three-quarters of its brands back in stores by years end. She adds that the company has already resumed its traditional leadership role in certain categories such as adult analgesics, with Extra Strength Tylenol.

With all this good news, the company raised its guidance only modestly for the full year. He notes that foreign-currency head winds have been stronger than expected, so if current trends continue, the numbers might wind up below consensus. The stock finished Tuesday up just a penny at The stock may have flattened out as people digested the call.

Shares of NeuStar have doubled since former AOL executive Lisa Hook became chief executive inas she moves to diversify the company while also securing renewal of its major contract.

NeuStarNSR still garners most of its revenue from a telecom industry contract for managing a database used to route phone calls and text messages, which is up for renewal. The Sterling, Va. Targus provides caller identification services as well as consumer sales-leads to business customers. The Targus Info acquisition has been a great success. Theyve taken a company that had great visibility on revenue and good cashflow and have added value by using that cash to buy back shares and make a solid acquisition.

Contract Expires June 30, Hook is facing a big test, though. NeuStars contract to manage the number portability administration center, or NPAC, database is up for renewal. It expires June 30, Ten telecom companies are reviewing bids. Theyre expected to choose the vendor for the next contract this summer. The Federal Communications Commission is then supposed to ratify their selection by Sept.

NeuStars expertise in managing that database gives it a good chance to win renewal, analysts DSM 123 - 242* - 12:09:22:05 Tyranny Live (VHS).

The names of the bidders have not been released, but analysts say Telcordia probably is among them. Revenue growth tied to the NPAC database, though, is slowing. Telecom companies are expected to be tough negotiators in renewing the NPAC contact.

Bright says there is a risk NeuStar could lose the NPAC contract or that the contract could be split between two companies. Short-sellers, who make money if a stock declines, might also be betting that terms of the new contract might disappoint, Bright said. While the NPAC contract has given NeuStar a reliable source of revenue, future growth is mostly tied to Targus Info and other company initiatives, such as Internet domain registry services.

NeuStar is handling marketing and technical services for new domains, such as. Were focused on providing analytic services to communication service providers, to the media and advertising industries, to financial services and to retail. Analysts expect non-NPAC revenue growth to pick up in the second half of as it signs up more more corporate clients. It hasnt given a date yet for its Q2 release.

RBC Capital analyst Daniel Perlin, in a report, says NeuStar is transitioning from being a database manager to providing value-added information and data analytics to business customers. NeuStar has targeted advertising and marketing as well as network security. Were focused on providing analytic services to communication service providers, to the media and advertising industries, to financial services and to retail, which is sort of where the bulk of our top customers are, said Hook at a William Blair conference in June.

There are other verticals that were looking at that, she added. NeuStar has been on the IBD 50 this month. The stock hit an alltime high of Tuesday, it closed at Leaderboard follows the markets big leaders through their entire run with two unique lists: TM. Exclusive Leaderboard annotated charts point out bases, buy points, and areas of resistance and support. The list is updated throughout the day by IBDs Market Team to help you spot buying opportunities as they emerge!

It is important to pay close attention to new additions to this list, to help you lock-in profits or protect against losses. In a bear market, this list will include stocks that may present short opportunities. We invite you to take a complimentary two week trial. Health care took half of the IPOs, led by medical devices.

Offering price 8. Current price Dealership chain Asbury Automotive Group emerged from the tumultuous aftermath of the last recession as a growth engine, thanks to proven leadership and a diverse offering of vehicles and services that helped it capitalize on a broader auto industry turnaround. Thats repaired and bolstered a stock that was badly bruised during the financial crisis.

Car Sales Rev Up Again But as the economy healed, pentup demand for new vehicles was unleashed byhelping to drive auto sales and feed other Asbury Automotive business lines such as its parts and service operation. The company simultaneously trimmed costs and improved its efficiency.

Financial results have since steadily improved. For the first quarter of this year, the company reported operating income of 77 cents per diluted share, well ahead of the 54 cents a share for the same period a year earlier. Its stock price now hovers comfortably above And, analysts say, conditions are. Demand is widely expected to remain strong the rest of this year and into the next, said Stephens analyst Richard Nelson. He noted the average age of U.

As unemployment comes down and housing values increase amid a growing economy, consumer wealth is rebuilding and confidence is improving. As that develops, he said, more Americans are likely to sell their older vehicles and buy new ones. Asbury Automotive will benefit from the continued recovery, Nelson said. Whats more, with interest rates still low, credit is widely affordable.

At the same time, trade-in values for used vehicles are generally high, making DSM 123 - 242* - 12:09:22:05 Tyranny Live (VHS) car and truck. Then they played for hours. It was nothing for us to play five or six nine-inning games every day, he wrote in White Rat. Herzog became so proficient, the Yankees signed him in The good news: During spring training inHerzog learned details firsthand from Casey Stengel, the manager who amassed seven world championships.

Casey Stengel was probably the best teacher of fundamentals I had ever known, Herzog said. Stengel was a great teacher of base running. The Yankees had been not only great at hitting, but also they were the best defensive team and in fundamentals such as how to get a base runner from first base to third. Stengel traded Herzog to the Washington Senators that year. The outfielder was on the way to a multicity journey, playing for the Kansas City As, Baltimore Orioles and Detroit Tigers through All the while he worked hard on his versatility.

With Kansas City in he worked on skills behind the plate, figuring the team wouldnt need to hire a third catcher in case the first two got injured. After leaving the majors as a player, Herzog worked a little in construction, then returned to baseball as a scout for the As in The pay wasnt much, and Herzog heard it from his wife.

Mary Lou thought I was crazy, but she knew I had to do it, he wrote. He graduated to coaching DSM 123 - 242* - 12:09:22:05 Tyranny Live (VHS) finally landed his first skipper post, taking over the hapless Texas Rangers in They went nowhere and fired Herzog, who managed a handful of games for the Angels in before nailing down his big shot back in Kansas City, this time for the Royals, who had fol.

As a manager, Herzog treasured flexibility in his lineup. If the opposing teams pitcher was a righthander, it meant that his righthanded batter would have a harder time getting a hit. So with St. One of the reasons Busch and Herzog got along well was their common business approach to the game. They obviously wanted to win, but Busch didnt want to have a soaring payroll.

Herzog understood this and made the most of his players for every situation. Louis had this player named Dane Iorg, a platoon player who would have at most at bats a year.

Another player, Jose Oquendo, played all nine positions. It speaks to Herzogs ability as a tactician. He really got the most out of his man asset. Oh, Canada Keri, an expert on those Expos of Montreal who became the Washington Nationals, notes that players on visiting teams were easily tempted by the array of nightlife in the cosmopolitan Canadian city.

Herzog, fully aware of this, made a habit of flying the team on the morning of the game so his players would be in the best possible shape and frame of mind to win. The team doesnt have the most power, Herzog told IBD. But those kids play the way they should play. They dont mind giving themselves to advance a runner on base. Kind of like He and other analysts say Asbury Automotive is among a group of established retailers that are both large enough and diverse enough to reach a broad auto-buying audience, making Asbury well-positioned to continue to benefit from the positive momentum.

Asbury Automotive operates 77 retail auto stores in 10 major markets, primarily in the South. It has 98 franchises that sell 29 different automotive brands. It has a very attractive brand mix, Nelson said. Auto sales also have been driven by popular new designs, better technology and an expansion of fuel-efficient offerings, said David Whiston, a Morningstar analyst.

Theres a lot of fantastic product out there," he said, noting that this benefits a diverse retailer like Asbury. Whiston said June auto sales were particularly strong. During the first six months of this year, Americans bought more than 7.

But if the strong June numbers are an indication of what lies ahead in coming months, he said, total sales could approach 16 million. The June results were very encouraging, he said. Whiston said increasing new-vehicle sales serve as a foundation for all of the dealerships operations and boost Asbury Automotive in several ways.

Because of warrantees on new autos, customers tend to stick with dealers for basic services, and because of this, parts and service revenue is a big driver of income for the likes of Asbury Automotive. In fact, it accounts for nearly half of the companys gross profit, Whiston said. As such, Whiston said, Asbury Automotive looks appealing against the positive sales trend background, helping to explain why investors have favored the stock.

Asbury Automotive is scheduled to report second-quarter results July Whiston also noted that management has previously told analysts that Asbury could pursue acquisition opportunities this year to further expand its reach. And, importantly, Monaghan has impressed the Street, he said. Whiston said AutoNation has a reputation for operating efficiently and taking advantage of economies of scale.

He said Monaghan has injected a heightened focus on those aspects to Asbury Automotive and is still transforming the company.

He anticipates that Asbury Automotive will continue to get leaner and, in the process, churn out healthy profits the rest of this year. Under Monaghan, for instance, the company has bought out many of its stores lease agreements, recognizing that with low interest rates it would save in some cases by paying less in mortgage payments.

It also divested a pair of underperforming franchises while acquiring two others viewed as growth opportunities. Uncertain Road Ahead All of that said, Asbury Automotive and its top competitors are hardly immune to outside pressures, analysts say. The economy, while recovering, could sputter again and curb sales. Or interest rates could rise rapidly if the Federal Reserve backs off on stimulus efforts that have put downward pressure on rates, potentially affecting consumers access to affordable credit.

Or unexpected disruptions to supplies could affect retailers ability to meet demand. And competition is always fierce from major competitors such as AutoNation to myriad smaller players DSM 123 - 242* - 12:09:22:05 Tyranny Live (VHS) to survive.

Investors at some point could bet against a continued sales rise, Whiston said. They could sell off auto retailer stocks, take profits and move on to another sector.

But right now, he said, things are looking good. For his part, Monaghan has conveyed nothing but confidence to investors.

Speaking with analysts during a conference call to discuss firstquarter results, the executive said the companys new-vehicle sales outperformed the industry as a whole and the positive momentum is sustainable. We believe our strong brand portfolio, attractive geographic locations and proven ability to execute will allow us to grow across all business lines, he said.

New York, NY. Develops software that integrates trading, risk management, accounting and administration tools in a single platform. Manufactures fully functioning human cells in industrial quantities to precise specifications.

RetailMeNot Inc. Austin, TX. Operates a digital coupon marketplace, connecting consumers with retailers via RetailMeNot. Develops novel medicines for the treatment of patients in orphan populations with chronic liver disease. Offers vacation ownership programs with overownerfamilies and a worldwide network of destinations.

Develops drug candidates to treat myelodysplastic syndromes and metastatic pancreatic cancer. Developing treatments for patients with cancer and inborn errors of metabolism.

Perubased provider of engineering and construction services and infrastructure operations. Engaged in oil and gas exploration and development in Anadarko and Arkoma basins of Texas and Oklahoma. Real estate investment trust investing in 19 medical office buildings located in 10 states.

Develops luxury singleand multifamily homes in most of coastal Florida's largest markets. Develops cellular therapeutic vaccines to combat a wide range of cancers and infectious diseases. Develops antithrombotic drugs systems for acute and subacute cardiovascular indications.

Develops lots and builds singlefamily homes mainly in Northern California and the Puget Sound area of Washington. J P Morgan. Owns and operates oil and gas products pipelines and terminals in the Gulf Coast and Central regions of the U. Develops monoclonal antibody therapeutics targeting pancreatic, lung and other types of cancer. Growth-and-income funds, which pursue stocks that deliver dividends as well as solid earnings growth, have outperformed the broad market in the past 15 years.

But theyve lost some of their edge so far this year. FPA Perennials recent holdings include Graco. Rowe Price Cap Apprec T. All work independently of the others.

Jares uses a core strategy approach with a tilt toward growth. Wellington takes a core approach with a tilt toward growth that is more mindful of valuations than Jares tack. Barrow Hanley uses a value-oriented strategy. We let the managers find the best opportunities, given their processes and records, said Wasif Latif, who oversees the fund for USAA.

Despite its name, the fund does not emphasize income. The funds overall dividend yield is 0. We aim for long-term growth through capital gains, supplemented with income, Latif said. And the fund lets managers invest in stocks of any market capi. Now theyre looking for most opportunities in the largecap space. This flexible, diversified game plan has resulted in a Its large-cap blend rivals tracked by Morningstar Inc. In the past three years the fund has averaged The company is best known for its Keurig single-cup brewing system.

Coffee prices tumbled the past. So Green Mountains margins should be able to rise. He likes how Google invests cash flow from search and advertising into new fields like Google Maps. That app not only helps a user find a location. Google Glass and Moto X are other innovations whose potential he likes. He especially likes their automobile applications. Once theyre designed in to a vehicle, they are rarely designed out, he says. And the auto industry is poised for growth, with low inventory and rising demand.

Q1 earnings beat estimates but sales came in flat. Jares next move depends largely on the impact of Apple's next big product. All other funds can be found at www. O Denotes an independent fund that does not belong to family listed above. Each Month Performance Rating, vs. All dividends and capital gains included. Daily accrual fund returns are calculated on a monthly basis. Performance of income funds may be compared to other income funds, bond funds to other bond funds, etc.

Fund company family names are boldfaced. All figures are on a total return basis. A" mil A 1. A" mil A" mil A" 1. Ive attended all the workshops, but this new one was remarkably enlightening and fun. The best part was the Trade Simulation where the class was walked through how to buy top CAN SLIM stocks, build a portfolio, manage the positions in a portfolio with other stocks, make follow-on buys, do risk and priority assessments, and then sell just right. The key workshop at IBD is level 3, because it brings the most important components together.

Arrows show earnings or sales acceleration or deceleration 3 TotRetBd Z 2 All earnings are for current quarter. Nonrecur- Putnam A ring items may be excluded from earnings per share.

IBD Meetup has greatly improved my investing discipline and success! Leveraged Enroll today at investors. The GSCI. CMX: Comex division of Nymex. NYBT: N. Board of Trade. NYM: N. Mercantile Exchange. Charts: Daily future prices are displayed with price momentum and volume. Price momentum equals rate of change of high, low and close for last 14 days. Corn No. NY contract Hot weather in the U.

Midwest eroded conditions in the past week of corn and soybean crops that the government predicted July 11 would be the biggest ever this year. The dollar also has dropped from a three-year high on July 8, boosting the appeal of raw materials priced in the currency. The fact that a lot of commodities have already priced in stagnation may bode well, said Adam Klopfenstein, a senior market strategist at Archer Financial in Chicago.

Youre not going to have the tremendous growth we saw in the past 10 years in commodities, but the skepticism may have gotten overdone, and there are individual commodities that are still worthwhile. They remain below the five-year average of 2. The term premium, which measures the risk of holding longerdated bonds by incorporating investors outlook for inflation and growth, was at 0. The figure averaged 0. A positive number means investors are demanding compensation to own the securities.

A negative number means the securities are overvalued. As of Monday, investors in U. Conventional Treasuries fell 2. The difference in yield between year notes and similar- maturity TreasuryInflationProtectedSecurities, a measure of trader expectations for inflation over the life of the debt called the break-even rate, was at 2.

That compares with an average of 2. Treasury year note yields fell to a one-week low amid speculation Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke will seek to damp investor expectations of a reduction in stimulus when he speaks to Congress tomorrow. Treasuries erased their gains earlier after the cost of living in the U.

Pacific Investment Management Co. The market is anticipating a dovish, defensive presentation and if it doesnt get enough of that, they may see it as hawkish, Larry Milstein, managing director in New York of government-debt trading DSM 123 - 242* - 12:09:22:05 Tyranny Live (VHS) R.

Inflation is a nonissue and last week he seemed to be more concerned about deflation than inflation. Hes going to lean to the dovish side. The market is already pricing that in. The benchmark year yield was little changed at 2. It reached 2. The price of the 1. Yields on the year note rose to 2. Q AES Corp Q Cape Bancorp Q ConAgra Foods Q EarthLink Inc Q Enterprise Bancorp Q FMC Corp Q FirstEnergy Corp Q First Horizon Natl Q Goldman Sachs Q HCI Group Q Hallador Energy Record Payment Amt.

Date Date. Q Mercantile Bank Corp Q Smucker Co Q Transmontaigne Ptrs Rate charged on short-term loans to the security. Prime Rate Jumbo CDs: commercial banks on loans to corpora3-months as of July Discount Rate: 1 year Q Northern Trust Q Public Svc Enterp Gp Q Visa Inc A Tragic Case Of Racial Arson Justice: Only about a quarter of the public closely followed the Zimmerman trial, yet the media treat it as the event of the century. They, like their professional agitator cohorts, thrive on racial animosity.

But Al Sharpton, DSM 123 - 242* - 12:09:22:05 Tyranny Live (VHS) Jackson, and NAACP chief Ben Jealous have shown in media appearances that they are racial arsonists, stoking the flames of racial discord in a country that has virtually eliminated the discrimination that existed before the civil rights era.

Black advancement or success are the last things they want; they seek racial friction, to profit from it. Sharpton became known, of course, with the Tawana Brawley outrage inin which white police officers were falsely accused of rape and racist violence. Jealous NAACP this week absurdly called the Trayvon Martin killing a modern-day lynching, in spite of Zimmerman being Hispanic, not white, and of his tutoring black children for free.

Consider the facts that negate the medias ludicrous narrative of Zimmermans not guilty verdict: The U. Celebrity chef Paula Deen lost major corporate endorsements for using a racial epithet decades ago, proof institutional support for racism is nonexistent.

Many publications and other media outlets will print the f-word, not the n-word even for explanatory purposes fearful of even the whiff of racism. The white-dominated Occupy movements rent-amob methods were on display in many demonstrations after after the verdict not the big, nationwide grassroots uprisings many in the media predicted. If Sharpton, the NAACP and other self-appointed leaders really cared about those they supposedly lead, they might answer this question: Why is Trayvon Martins life more valuable than the thousands of anonymous black teens gunned down every year in this country?

Indeed, as CNS News reported, in the 20 days of the Zimmerman trial alone, four minors three teens and a 5-year-old boy were shot dead in Chicago. Why dont they focus their energies on that crisis and the generational moral calamity at its root? George Zimmermans older brother Robert put it best, speaking to Foxs Greta Van Susteren: You know, the race profiteers, they have a business model, the Jesse Jacksons, Al Sharptons, Ben Jealouses of the world, and they have to promote racism in order to see that they dont become obsolete.

Filibuster Foolishness Congress: Democrats, led by Majority Leader Harry Reid, seem intent on pursuing the socalled nuclear option on the Senates filibuster rules. Someday, they might even win.

They should be careful what they wish for. Reids filibuster rule-shift would require a mere majority to approve presidential nominees, instead of the current filibuster-proof 60 votes. A tentative deal reached on Tuesday that allows a vote to proceed on the nominations of seven blocked Obama appointees doesnt resolve the issue. It only puts it off. This might seem like a mere parliamentary trifle, but it isnt.

Back inwhen Reid led the minority Democrats in the Senate and Obama was just another senator, both spoke passionately in favor of the filibuster. Now, not so much. Theyve changed their minds. Lest they forget, the Republicans are looking pretty good right now for the elections.

Only half of the seats up for grabs are held by the GOP. Unfortunately, getting rid of the filibuster is a longrun project for the progressive wing of the Democrats. Think about that: Thats why our Constitution was written, and the Bill of Rights added to it. It was to protect the rights of the minority from the political predations of the majority. End that, and our republic dies. A government run by simple majority is little more than lynch mob rule justified by ballot; a government in which the rights of those not in power are protected is a republic.

Thats what Americas Founders designed. Democrats would be wise not to further tinker with the filibuster, though a Senate rule it can be changed. They might be surprised someday to discover its not the GOP in the permanent minority, as they now hope and believe, but themselves. What then?

National Security: Cuba, long derided in international policy circles as a basket case and no threat to the U. This is a wake-up call. As the vessel lumbered into the Atlantic side of the Panama Canal from Cuba, Panamanian authorities cornered the foot rust-bucket, battled a maniacally violent crew who slashed ship lines to make it hard to unload the ship, and then watched as the ships captain tried to kill himself before having a heart attack.

Archive size on disc: 7. Notes: 2 x DVD. Disc 1: Studio DVD with music videos. Disc 2: Live DVD with footage from various events. Limited to copies!!! DVD 4. AVI XviD 1. Duration : Posted by narcedalia at AM. Farthest Star Hamburg Chrome Mera Luna Nemesis Hamburg Illusion Mera Luna Homeward Hamburg Arena Chemnitz

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