Third Dimension* Featuring Julie McDermott - Dont Go (Vinyl)

I was especially struck by David's use of texture, color and caricature, which felt as if they were painted in the s during the height of the Kustom Kulture boom — when Ed "Big Daddy" Roth reigned supreme with his knight errant, Rat Fink.

The so-called "Lowbrow" art flooded children's hearts with monstrous glee with exaggerated bug-eyed creatures emblazoned on t-shits, trading cards, stickers and model kits. It's a style and sensibility that's been often imitated, but rarely captured. Then came David Durrett.

I also am an avid toy collector, primarily of figures that render two-dimensional cartoon characters into three dimensions. Years later I got hold of a DVD and found that my year-old memories were still spot-on. It was a lot of fun to research the uniforms and rifles, and to render such varied surfaces as leather, brass, wood, cloth, gunmetal, and, of course, fur.

I'm sure that we'll be hearing a lot more from David and his wonderful Lowbrow creations in the near future — I just hope he remembers me when he's famous!

It's "Guilalamania"! Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. Who is this Greaseball? August has commented on Japanese film and popular culture on radio, television, in print, online, and at events for more than three decades.

And has lectured at Lucasfilm. He has contributed liner notes for numerous DVD releases, edited and authored over subtitle scripts, and written for periodicals such as Japanese Fantasy Film JournalFilmfax. View my complete profile. Buy My Book! Dorsey T. Dubois T. Dun T. Erdi T. Escaich T. European Quartet Thielemans T. Ewers T. Farlow T. Flaherty T. Fortmann T. Furtado T.

Giordani T. Godoj T. Gouvy T. Graham Brown T. Groundhogs Mcphee T. Group Jackson T. Haglund T. Hajicek T. Halmrast T. Hamilton T. Hardy Morris T. Harsanyi T. Hart T. Hatch T. Hawkins T. Hayes T. Hazzard T. Heath T. Hinkley T. Hold T. Hosokawa T. Hume T. Hyde T. Irie T. Ishino T. Jae Christian T. Jones T. Judd T. Blue T. Kantelinen T. Kashif T. Keith T. Kirchner T. Korvits T. Kotipelto T. Kuula T. Lakatos T.

Lambertini T. Lancino T. Larcher T. Lassy Third Dimension* Featuring Julie McDermott - Dont Go (Vinyl). Lawrence T. Leonhardt T.

Leschetizky T. Life T. Lifetime Williams T. Linley T. Lionni T. Loevendie T. Macalpine T. Madsen T. Machover T. Machuel T. Malaby T. Mann T. Manssurjan T. Mansurian T. Marco T. Mariano T. Marttinen T. As such, the creative and conceptual line that defines this type of competition is the motivation we need to keep investing in the quality of the architecture we produce daily. It is an incredible chance to step away from the conventional means of execution and present a different perspective to a broader audience.

Competitions are a great venue for experimentation, and a laboratory to unpack and test design philosophies. Also, they challenge you to solve problems that on any other occasion would be difficult to solve. Steven Rubio from Colombia!

We believe it is important for our creative development to continue exploring ideas that challenge us and promote a strong dialogue. Hopefully, the result is innovative, I have learned something from the experience, I can share what I learned, and continue to evolve in this ever-changing world.

Domenico Francesco Lio from United States! Kaili Sun and Carmen Kam from Canada! It helps us to develop a system of thinking and methodology.

Working in teams, it is also important to sharpen our ideas via debating and implement them in design. Finally, to present the project is another practice of communication. The whole process gives us a nice opportunity to formulate our argument in answering an architectural question. And because it reminds me of being in architecture school, a time I will always cherish.

Idea competitions such as this one also provide venues for the unfettered exploration of ideas, and allow architects an idealized opportunity to imagine the way the world ought to be, instead of how it is. Jerry Hacker from Canada! We also firmly believe that each competition we have participated in represents a step towards a learning curve, affecting our practice and teaching deeply.

Entering a competition deepens the knowledge of place, typology, and tectonic of architecture. Designers are asked to communicate an idea visually in a concise and compelling fashion. Through failures and successes, competitions are skill builders and thought-provoking bombs for those who participate. This competition was in line with our current research and spoke to topics that we feel are important for architects to explore.

As this one was right in our backyard, we used it to test some new ideas we've been developing. Due to various reasons, architects are often facing multiple restrictions in routine work.

However, in this competition we can think more about current social issues and problems and pay more attention to the context of our designs. Through improving the design philosophy and updating the traditional design style, we strive to pursue optimum solutions.

They stimulate creativity among individuals or teams regardless of their professional experience and background. One the one hand competitions offer fascinating and complex projects to work on. On the other, they allow more freedom in the design process than in real-life projects. Vassil Vandov and Gergana Georgieva from Bulgaria! We think that besides the practice that we gain from these competitions, participating in them is a good way of observing how others perceive a task and respond to the same challenge.

We are always looking for different types of competitions on various subjects to gain the upper mentioned experience and get out of our comfort zone. I entered so that I could regain some autonomy over the type of design practice I wish to engage in. Carley Chastain from United States! This is the reason we take part in architectural competitions: to constantly reframe the field of interest, to travel mentally to new places where the restrictions and freedoms we have may be different.

Minas Kosmidis Architects from Greece! We take each competition as a learning opportunity and build an archive of knowledge out of it to be more holistic designers. As designers early in our architectural careers, competitions allow us the opportunity to not only lead projects but refine our ethos and experiment with its application.

It is also an opportunity for me to design a broad variety of programs. What excites me the most is being able to design different buildings, scales, programs, etc. Johann Evin from France! Architecture competitions also allow us to express our sense of creativity and explore different ways to create an architectural design.

Also, we saw it as a way to show our work to a bigger audience and make our little contribution to the world. As working professionals, diverse competition projects are a great luxury.

Architecture competitions are conducive to remote learning and helped us remain engaged during the Covid pandemic. Furthermore, we explored design problems outside of the traditional architectural setting and within a unique cultural context. Choosing our competitions allows us to escape our pragmatic daily routine, is a way to exercise our minds, and acts as a platform to test our ideas.

Competitions are also challenges that give us the opportunity to work on different scales and discover diverse locations. Bachir Benkirane and Megi Davitidze from Morocco! An idea is growing without all the noise of daily work- life. To grow as a designer, we believe, this exploration is critical. The competition process also enables our studio to explore new project opportunities which otherwise we would not have access to. To measure oneself with uncommon themes, in different environmental contexts where one can express one's own art.

Giacomo Cozzi and Andrea Maltinti from Italy! They remain the main means of being able to condition the image of the landscape without private superstructures, following a common vision of architecture. Barbara Drud Henningsen from Denmark! As you get older, a competition is a good way to break routine. Competitions offer a rare opportunity to showcase and experiment with ideas and architectural expression without restrictions. You challenge your skills and learn new things.

It develops us as professionals and motivates us to search for new ways of thinking about architecture. Kamila Szatanowska and Paulina Rogalska from Poland!

It provides us with an opportunity to work in a group setting and prepares us for our future careers. Participation in competitions enables us to present our design vision to a larger audience and compare it with the ideas of other participants. Joe Bruschy from Portugal! Furthermore, it is a great opportunity to experiment with new graphic representation techniques to communicate about architecture.

As vital as they are for the architectural field in general, they represent a form of intellectual playground for developing our innovative thinking. Beyond the individual benefits of personal and professional growth and work fulfilment, architectural competitions facilitate the most democratic system for designing our environment.

For all these reasons, participation in architecture contests proves to be very challenging, as it makes it possible to materialize ideas Third Dimension* Featuring Julie McDermott - Dont Go (Vinyl) and spontaneously, which often does not happen in the professional context.

Contests are the means of expressing our creativity, finding tools and knowledge that we can later apply in our professional practice. It was highly instructive to design a building in the framework of structural, practical, and environmental boundaries. Jan Nicolas Zimmermann from Switzerland! It is also an engaging way to maintain the excitement, creative freedom, and professional motivation for the development of individual extracurricular design projects and collaborations.

It can take up to a year or even a decade to complete a single project. And it takes more time to solve practical problems than to actually do the plan. The competition allows us to think of new ideas and test them out in various projects in different countries that are not usually encountered. Competitions give you the opportunity to think of new things and it will motivate you to work on them. Taking part in competitions allows me to step away from reality; it is a chance to explore your creativity and exhibit the most interesting works.

Participation in competitions offers a privileged time to refocus and provoke reflection on subjects that interest us through conceptual and immediate responses. We integrate this time into an internal research process, more global and transversal than the usual pragmatic practice of an agency.

Sitting in a bar with a couple of beers, smoking cigarettes, and sketching on paper napkins — it is usually the moment when the best ideas come to the table, and we look for the right competitions to showcase them. We try to always challenge ourselves to go further than the most obvious answer to the questions asked. For us, it is an opportunity to test the congruency in the process of elaboration of our ideas, hence testing the integrity of our work.

Alexa Burkle and Santiago Esquive l from Mexico! In participating in architecture competitions, we see an important opportunity for growth and greater acquisition of professional skills through an experiential process that stimulates creativity and innovation in a competitive environment. Commercial projects tend to be driven by stakeholder interests, and that draws away from a very pure and even wild form of design.

Architecture competitions stretch the imagination, allowing for us to do stuff that we are unable to do in everyday projects. It is a great way to explore and refine our architecture ethos through different architecture competitions.

Entering competitions has allowed me to do exactly this. Thiam Yi Donovan Ong from Australia! It takes time to prepare a good project for any competition, and, quite frankly, it is not easy to win them. So, surely, they could start to feel like a wasted effort and a drain of intelligence, as Rem has put it. But at the same time, architectural competitions provide a platform for both the student and the professional to deliberate on a dissimilar typology, which can be beneficial in a number of different ways.

It is indeed a stimulating environment that challenges our mentality and point of view and pushes the boundaries of design.

These competitions are a canvas for new opportunities. In these briefs, there are no right or wrong answers. At the end of the competition, I love to go through my sketches and steps to see the path that I have taken and what I can improve in the future. A brief is the key that opens up and constrains our imagination. Ben Mc Quaid from Ireland! Mauricio Bastidas Azotla from Mexico! It is an excellent opportunity to discipline ourselves and push forward our design limits.

We see it as a chance to refine and practice the skills we have and through this find our purpose and identity in the way we think and design. We can work through ideas without being distracted by the conservative restraints and limitations that our projects typically encounter. Another reason is to also convey our design intention and content through an open architecture medium. I participate in architectural competitions to immerse into a creative process, guided by a set of difficult challenges, and to bring to life a solution and response that did not exist before.

Tarek Abou Dib from Australia! I also love the idea of tackling a real-world issue whilst remaining free to explore conceptual ideas. Alex Stein from Australia! Competitions are a great way to develop our thinking and ideas, creating a starting point to make these visions become a reality. Our work is more about high-rise buildings, so thinking about a socially related project would exercise our way of thinking in more complex things. Also, acting as not just a designer in a team helped us develop a deeper understanding about the operation of a project.

We recapped after we submitted the competition board and summarized which aspects we can improve in and how we will plan the next one. I choose to participate in architectural competitions as a means of eliminating some of these limitations and opening the door to new paradigms and possibilities within my designs. This allows me to push my interests far beyond their typical barriers and produce topical projects that can inspire real world works.

Evan Langendorfer from Australia! They help to rekindle the inspiration necessary to maintain healthy creativity. Nicholas Brown from the United States!

Additionally, it is a medium that enables us to render ideas with a potential physical outcome — spaces that people will be able to inhabit and experience. Alejandro Saldarriaga and Isaac Tejeira from Colombia! I left the real world for a moment Third Dimension* Featuring Julie McDermott - Dont Go (Vinyl) participated in the competition to ask myself questions.

This is like participating in an F1 match. I wanted to get out of the city streets where I had to commute, and run the autobahn at unlimited speed. Ju Seok Park from Korea! On the other hand, one could always decide to base the design on more pragmatic decisions, as we intended to do in the proposal submitted.

This duality makes vision competitions unique. Barbara Mazza and Claudio Cortese from Belgium! Participating in architecture vision competitions allows me to explore the productive side of my personality. Evin Johann from France! We see architecture vision competitions as frameworks for us to structure and explore ideas, while simultaneously creating a platform for us to advance our skill sets and hone our design sensibilities.

I can experiment however I want with less constraint than in professional practice. Jinwoo Kim from the United States! They keep us looking for new ideas and maintaining a fresh design approach. When you work in a team, ideas originate from the union of different sensibilities and you learn from the confrontation with other members of the group, whereas working alone you have the chance to look inside yourself and to understand what really interests you.

Leonardo Rossi from Italy! Koki Masumi and Makoto Wada from Japan! Approaching projects such as this with freedom and experimentation allows us to develop new skills and mediums for project delivery. This has been seen to inspire the team to develop new skills and knowledge that can be adapted into live projects ongoing within the practice.

Architecture vision competitions give us the opportunity to think outside of the box and stimulate our creativity with diverse ideas and project locations that challenge our comfort zone. Whilst they are grounded in contemporary issues, they allow for the freedom to engage in a far more conceptual way.

This ability to design with fewer constraints offers an opportunity to enhance our creative thinking skills and demonstrate our abilities to a wider audience. Luke Draper from the United Kingdom! Having had my work placement in Copenhagen cancelled due to COVID, I decided to take part in an architectural competition to challenge myself and practice the design skills I have learnt at university. It was also an opportunity to explore my own interests and explore ideas which may not be possible within the restrictions of a university project brief.

Ingrid Bjerkan from the United Kingdom! Architecture vision competitions provide a great opportunity and platform to see and learn a lot from other great works and ideas. Jierong Lyu from Germany! Jingyeong Park and Yejin Kim from Korea!

Uri Lewis and Yasha Lewis from Mexico! Thomas Harrington and Irwin Ho from Australia! Moreover, a competition is always a way to learn more and more about yourself and your way to design. It is a great way to challenge ourselves by trying to bring new ideas and develop our thoughts in the field of architecture. Additionally, the elegant appearance of flamingos and their choreographic movements inspired us to design an interactive pavilion.

And besides, this is a good opportunity to present our solutions to the many problems with which the world today is measured. Kinga Gawlik and Piotr Rajewski from Poland! Laurent Herbiet and Giordana Rojas from Mexico! Thanks to these competitions, we as designers Third Dimension* Featuring Julie McDermott - Dont Go (Vinyl) able to widen our capability of thinking and discover new methods. These competitions allow us to push the creative limit with innovative ideas.

We also prefer working on competitions where there is an opportunity to build, not only create ideas. These competitions allow us to develop our architectural design skills and project representation.

Furthermore, these are an endless source of inspiration which enable us to begin our professional career. In a very competitive architectural world, this is also a way to have more visibility. Yann Beuzit and Vincent Lecler from France! Duc Ngo and Piotr Pasierbinski from Japan! These competitions allow us to dive into our own interests in architecture, space, and construction without the usual limitations of a standard project structure.

Indeed, on one hand, we are confronted with other realities by discovering different cultures, geographies, Third Dimension* Featuring Julie McDermott - Dont Go (Vinyl) practices and challenges, which open our eyes to the foreign world. On the other hand, participating in competitions fosters a positive and proactive attitude that stimulates creativity in addition to enriching our knowledge.

The competition provided a great opportunity to revisit and polish the idea, and share it with others. Jee Hyung Park from the United States! Also, my vision could make the globe change.

No one knows what will create change and which idea could change our future. Therefore, I consider the problems that are going on and try to create a solution. Competitions allow me to test and explore new ideas, responding to different briefs for sites around the world. Thomas Melville from the United States! We believe these competitions are the perfect platform to be critical of normative frameworks, to dream about unforeseen possibilities, and to explore radical visions that can inform our profession.

Competitions are carte blanche for dreams. An ability which should be exercised on a regular basis and used in practice. Designers face unique challenges in Third Dimension* Featuring Julie McDermott - Dont Go (Vinyl) competitions that might be uncommon in the area they practice, which helps an individual to learn the skill of adapting to change.

It is a great opportunity to enhance my computational and graphic skills. Alejandra Rojas from the United States! We believe that, by working on these projects, we are able to communicate our designs, and hopefully it will help us to grow more in experience and someday create what we could call our own architectural firm.

I love to offer my vision of solving certain problems, to experiment and create projects on the verge of reality. The spirit of competition, which I believe should live in the heart of every architect, is a driving force for me. Gennadi Kraev from the Russian Federation! And knowing that a lot of people will participate anonymously gives even more stimulus to think of more driven and revolutionary projects. We are more motivated by working as a team instead of working alone.

This type of competition also evaluates our knowledge and practical skills in the field of design and architecture and broadens our vision by competing with talented people around the world.

The exposure they offer is also an attractive benefit. David Ling from Canada! As a young designer, it can be hard to publicize your own work, especially at the beginning. Take a look around service and you'll find jobs across 42 industry specialisms, from thousands recruiters across the UK and beyond.

We provide a full online service for anyone looking for a new job. We're not a recruitment agency, we're a job site.

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