The Beat (2) - Hit It (Vinyl)

Second Album was one of the first four rock albums purchased by future music critic Robert Christgau. Instead, he argued it was their ebullient performing style, as on the The Beat (2) - Hit It (Vinyl) Album ' s covers of African-American rock and roll songs, which "were touched with soul compare their Money to the Beach Boys ' Barbara Ann but avoided the sodden seriousness of other white imitators.

All songs were written by Lennon—McCartneyexcept where noted. Composer, track length and lead vocal credits are taken from Beatles scholars Mark LewisohnJohn C. Winn and Ian MacDonald. The running order for the album is this format was as follows:. According to Ian MacDonald[19] except where noted:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

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Edit source History Talk 0. Acapella A track containing only vocals. Anti-skating - A control to keep a turntables stylus centered within a records groove.

Auto Warp An Ableton Live function that allows the program to calculate and time stretch music. Bass - The lower end of the Frequency range you can normally control on a Dj mixer. Bassline - The driving The Beat (2) - Hit It (Vinyl) to most dance music Produced by Bass frequencies.

Belt Drive - A turntable driven by a belt using a pulley system to rotate its platter. A break is distinguishable from a solo as the change will normally not last too long. Cartridge — The part that holds the stylus in place on your turntable. Channel — Referring to the channel within which audio is to be played on your DJ mixer.

Chorus — the bit of a song that is repeated by the singer a few times in the song. Crossfader Curve Control - A control that allows adjustment of the crossfaders fade curvature. Cut — to swap instantly from one tune to another at a good place. Direct Drive - A motor system used to The Beat (2) - Hit It (Vinyl) a turntables platter. EQing - Altering the colour of sound from EQ control manipulation.

Filter — a type of FX that can separate audio to some other frequency. FX - controls that let you do all kinds of things to the sound of your songs. Headshell — The adaptor used to hold the cartridge in place on the tonearm of a turntable. Hook — the recognizable bit of a song you remember, hum, sing along to.

Master — The master main volume control of your mixer. MC — Master of ceremony but in DJ terms, referring to a person rapping. Mix — Any way you choose to swap between two songs. Needle - A term referring to a turntables stylus. Outro — the end of a song, often the same few words being faded out.

Even before he was radically reshaping American music in his image, Brown was an innovator. If Apollo was the perfect capturing of Brown at the The Beat (2) - Hit It (Vinyl) of his rock and boogie years, this Paris concert is a necessary capturing of one of the greatest funk bands to ever walk the planet.

Cold Sweat is full of covers of tracks that accurately represent the world that Brown was dropping a funkified bomb on. Almost all of the songs on this album spread out toward the minute mark, showcasing a band that could play for days straight and often did.

The 10 Best. James Brown was not an albums artist. Own These 10 Albums Too. It was never going to be a hit. But its menacing title track has endured as a live staple. The title of this live album spoke volumes.

So did the cover: Angus impaled on his own guitar, Bon Scott beside him, eyes glazed. It was symbolic of a band that gave everything they had on stage. If the three albums that came before it — High Voltage, T. It was recorded live in one room. Mistakes were tolerated if the vibe was strong enough, the energy audibly crackling over the speakers on tracks like Overdose The Beat (2) - Hit It (Vinyl) Bad Boy Boogie.

An international debut to savour. And, sadly, the last record that Bon Scott ever made. The devil, as ever with Lange, is in the details here. Those economical, brutally effective guitar stabs on the verses of Touch Too Much. The breath-robbing full-tilt climax of If You Want Blood. The unstoppable, rolling momentum of Girls Got Rhythm. Skip to Content. Do U remember '92? This clutch of banging old-skool tunes will put a smile y on your face.

Written by Ian McQuaid. This was The Beat (2) - Hit It (Vinyl) crazy, intense time for British music. New technology was coming out monthly, and producers were caught in an arms race to see who could squeeze the weirdest, freshest sounds from their gear.

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