Sub-Surface - John Beltran - Earth & Nightfall (CD, Album)

The studio warns that such misuse of the product may be hazardous to the model and its occupants and could do irreparable damage to both. This is a full-size likeness only, kids, and should be treated as such.

For safety's sake, if you have a foot dresser in your bedroom, that's where you should properly display your Buzzard. Parting Shots: In addition to this latest complete edition of the initial chapter in the "Star Wards" saga, the marketing directors at Twenty-First Century Vixen are making available for the first time a special five-shelf Blur-ray disc bookcase to house the over re-releases so far in the series.

As this bookcase will only accommodate Blur-ray discs, however, the studio advises buyers to hang on to their old bookcases to store any BDs, DVDs, videotapes, and laser discs already obtained. JJP To listen to a brief excerpt from this movie's soundtrack, click below:. Posted by John J. Labels: April 1Film reviewsMozert.

Classical Music News of the Week, March 30, This is the second time the two institutions have collaborated, having previously presented Babayan in a solo recital in Sergei Babayan, hailed for his emotional intensity, bold energy, and remarkable levels of color, brings a deep understanding and insight to a stylistically diverse repertoire. Le Figaro has praised his "unequaled touch, perfectly harmonious phrasing and breathtaking virtuosity. Tickets are available by calling For more information, visit musicinst.

The award, which was given for the first time, honors the women who have made a lasting impact on classical music or those who love music. She brings a bright freshness to classical standards, and her vision includes and elevates so many worthy composers and artists who've been too long overlooked," said Fred Child, host of Performance Today.

Little Composer Portraits: David T. Little Thursday, April 18,p. Little grapples with essential human issues through powerfully dramatic compositions. This Portrait features two major works—companion pieces presented together for the first time--that explore the tension between the individual, secrecy, and state violence.

Haunt of Last Nightfalla visceral "ghost play in two acts" for percussion quartet and electronics, examines America's role in the massacre at El Mozote. AGENCY, for string quartet and electronics, questions individual autonomy, whether we are subject to unknown and powerful social and political forces. Together, they offer a disquieting account of our place in contemporary society. Throughout the season, 15 of these new works--comprising the FIFteen project: Fanfares, Interludes, and Finales, organized by Mark Buller--will be sprinkled among each series.

Ever since her sensational SOLI SOLI Chamber Ensemble debut inwe have been eagerly crafting another collaboration together to include concerts in San Antonio, followed by a National Tour with the program, and a recording project to memorialize her unique and genre-bending music.

Contemporary and innovative in their approach, they draw inspiration from the deep traditions of Scandinavian Folk music. The ensemble has won five prestigious Danish Music Awards and toured throughout Europe and beyond, with performances in Japan and Australia.

This NYC debut is part of their first American tour. The band states, "Our approach to music sees us challenge the norms of the traditional music we were brought up with and attempt to shape it into how we imagine Nordic music can sound in The performance will be a celebration of the Martha J. Dodge Continuo Organ and a new harpsichord recently purchased from Willard Martin, both of which will be played by Benjamin Sheen.

This event is free and open to the public. Visitors spend their days taking walks along jetties to historic lighthouses and trails overlooking blueberry bogs, wandering along the dramatic shore where tidal pools hold secret worlds, or taking in Greek Revival and Italianate architecture. But what has recently brought people to Salt Bay in early August is this world-class Festival.

Each season Artistic and Executive Director, and cellist, Wilhelmina Smith takes audiences on a journey through a season of concerts which delve in to larger ideas, often connecting the music to historical, political, or even deeper social ideas.

To celebrate 25, Smith has curated a season called "Music of Our Common Earth" which runs Augustand features works connecting us globally through music as Album) relates to our environment, and studies human nature or uses it as metaphor, explores ancient myths, uncovers current societal issues, and celebrates our shared landscape. SBC's rich history of presenting and commissioning new music continues with some of today's most exciting musical innovators and the performers that inspired them.

Most of the concerts are picturesquely set in the historic 19th-century dairy barn turned concert hall, Darrows Barn, overlooking the scenic Great Salt Bay. He's already inspired millions of children to play the piano through his performances, method books, recordings and educational programs--and now he's releasing his new album "Piano Book," a collection of pieces he has loved and played from a young age.

The repertoire reflects Lang Lang's commitment to music education and his desire to encourage young people to learn the instrument. Public Schools over the next 5 years to continue Lang Lang's commitment to music education. This means in five years, the Lang Lang Foundation will be supporting and working with over public schools across the US, reaching over 56, students. Lang Lang's record-breaking performance took place in his native China, where pianos were packed into the Xiamen Center Sports Stadium and pianists gathered together to play Schubert's Marche Militaire No.

The project recruited pairs of 'piano messengers' from schools in five major regions of China, including children from Taiwan. Lang Lang took the helm for the awe-inspiring display, showcasing his gifts as charismatic performer, communicator and educator, as well as his fun-loving personality.

For more information, visit www. Labels: News of the Week. Also, Symphony in F-Sharp. Delos DE Erich Wolfgang Korngold's score for the film The Sea Hawk has long been a yardstick for swashbuckling music, and the late Maestro James DePreist's version of it with the Oregon Symphony is as swashbuckling as any. Of course, there are a number of good performances of this work already available, and you probably have one of them, so the real find is Korngold's Symphony in F-Sharpof which there are few recordings.

Korngold premiered it inthis large-scale symphony a throwback to old-fashioned Romanticism at a time when it was no longer in vogue. Music critics largely dismissed the work as being out of touch with modern music.

Their loss; our gain. Like other Romanticists who continued on despite criticism, Korngold wrote music that was big, bold, inventive, and varied, much like the music of his mentor, Gustav Mahler. The Symphony in F-Sharp sounds a little bit cinematic, to be sure, but that's the source. It conjures up a vast, exotic, Sinbad-type adventure palette, especially in its second and fourth movements.

The long, funereal Adagiohowever, is more Mahler than anything else. The whole piece merits attention. In ordinary two-channel stereo, like my main system, it sounds overly reverberant but extremely dynamic, with good imaging and depth of field.

Played on my smaller, home-theater system in another room, the back speakers do come to life with pleasant reflections, reinforcing the illusion of a large, resonant concert hall.

The only hesitation I have comes when comparing it to a good recording in ordinary Album), like Charles Gerhardt's RCA issue of The Sea Hawkand noticing that without the room reflections the RCA sonics are much more lucid. Nonetheless, the Delos VR process is not so distracting as others I have heard and lends an air of realism to the proceedings often completely lacking in other recordings. Then, too, the surround effects seem less obvious for some reason in the Symphony, perhaps more subtly employed.

In the end, this is a good, innovative issue and deserves a wide audience with its unique music and sound. JJP To listen to a brief excerpt from this album, click below:.

Labels: Korngold. Bach: Violin Concertos CD review. Also, sinfonias, overture, sonatas. Harmonia Mundi HMM The album's title, "Violin Concertos," is something of a misnomer. It's much more than that. In addition to the two familiar Violin Concertos --BWV andplus the Concerto for Two Violins --Harmonia Mundi have filled out two discs with everything else that might be considered a Bach violin concerto, including pieces written for other instruments and transcribed often by Bach himself for violin.

Bach like many composers of his time was big on appropriating at least parts of his own earlier work for later compositions, so it's sometimes hard to categorize properly some of his material. Anyway, the current two-disc set includes not only "violin concertos" but sinfonias, trio sonatas, overtures, and the like. All the performers play on period instruments, Ms. Faust's a Jacobus Stainer Now, here's the thing: How well you take to these interpretations may depend largely on what you expect from a period-instrument ensemble.

In the past few decades we have come to figure on some excessively quick tempos and highly expressive styles, the historically informed crowd insisting this is how the music was played back in the day. But Ms. Faust and company may not have heard the news, because while most of it can be exhilarating, they can also play much of this music in a fairly sensitive, even conservative manner.

The slower parts aren't dull or routine by any means, but they are often reserved and refined. If you like your Bach played both sprightly and elegantly, these are for you.

The opening concerto is a good example of what I meant previously by everything not being exactly what it seems.

The Concerto for Violin BWV R is usually considered a harpsichord concerto, but educated conjecture suggests it may actually be a lost violin concerto.

So that's the way Ms. Faust and company play it, with a violin soloist. I'm not sure if that was her intent, but it works well in any case. Isabelle Faust And so it goes. The playing is precise but never aggressive, the manner often varying between strikingly invigorating and finely reserved.

Contrasts and stresses are kept to an appropriate minimum, though not passively so. Indeed, when occasion arises, the tempos and variations are well up to the task. There's nothing stuffy about these performances, even if they're not among the most imaginative you may have heard. All of which may please a lot of dedicated Bach fans who have become tired of hearing Bach's music being twisted this way and that. If there was something I didn't care for, however, it was the packaging information.

The outside of the three-panel Digipak lists no track info whatsoever. Inside the fold-out, we get a table of contents but without any track numbers, movement breakdowns, or timings. To find out anything specific about the program, you have to go into the booklet itself. And if you want to find more about each selection, you have to go to the part of the booklet in your language--German, French, or English--and then, well, hope to run into whatever you're looking for because instead of the notes referring to each selection as it appears chronologically in the program, the notes seem to discuss items randomly.

No big deal, but a trifle annoying. On the brighter side, the two-disc set contains almost two-and-a-half hours of music for the price of a single disc. So it does represent a good value for the money. And it's very well played and recorded. The first most noticeable thing about the sound is its lifelike characteristics. It has air and space, a realistic ambience, a good sense of depth, and mostly an impressively natural resonant bloom.

I say "mostly" because a couple of selections are perhaps a bit too reverberant. The miking distance is pleasantly moderate, not so close up as many of today's recordings seem to be. Dynamics, too, appear well judged, though with slightly muted impact in some instances, and definition is good without being sharp or bright. It's some of the most pleasing sound I've come across in Baroque music and should satisfy the even the most fastidious listener.

Labels: Bach. Classical Music News of the Week, March 23, With an all-star cast comprised of both frequent PBO collaborators and notable debuts, and the award-winning Philharmonia Chorale, Saul will have four performances in the Bay Area on April 6, 7, 12, and Album), with a touring performance Sub-Surface - John Beltran - Earth & Nightfall (CD Los Angeles at Walt Disney Concert Hall on April Tickets available at City Box Office at or cityboxoffice.

On this occasion, the musicians will feature Mozart-Bach, Dussek and, as a Canadian premiere, a piano quintet by the French composer George Onslow, considered during the XIX Century an important composer admired by no less than Beethoven, Schubert, and Schumann. Program: W. Maestro Mercurio, an American conductor and composer known for his exceptional versatility and dynamism, has fostered a vibrant, ten-year affiliation with the orchestra, with extensive collaborations taking place across multiple musical genres and in every capacity: symphonically, operatically, and through extensive recording projects.

Maestro Mercurio is currently in Prague, conducting the orchestra in music by Martinu and Shostakovich. The Czech National Symphony Orchestra is self-governed and Maestro Mercurio's appointment is at the behest of the musicians themselves. His musicianship, energy, and versatility make him the ideal conductor for the future of the CNSO. Starting at p. Then, at 7 p. Directions and information are available via the Miller Theatre Box Office at Grammy-nominated composer, performer, and music educator of depth and versatility Clarice Assad returns for an evening of musical delight.

Ever since her sensational SOLI Debut inwe have been eagerly crafting another collaboration together to include concerts in San Antonio, followed by a National Tour with the program, and a recording project to memorialize her unique and genre-bending music.

Marking 90 continuous years of presenting outstanding artists and beloved repertoire to East Coast concertgoers, Music Mountain is now the oldest running chamber music series in the nation, which now features the Chamber Music Concerts series and Twilight Series.

Founded by Jacques Gordon in and directed by his son, Nicholas, for 45 years until his passing inMusic Mountain is housed in the idyllic Falls Village community in Northern Connecticut, where the seat Gordon Hall remains at the heart of the campus. All players of orchestral instruments are invited to jam with members of one of the world's greatest orchestras, reading Ludwig van Beethoven's Symphony No. This incredible chance to "jam" with the pros -- a free opportunity offered to the entire community -- is always one of PUC's most popular offerings.

This is the first time that the Chamber Jam is programmed as a stand-alone event; in past seasons, the Chamber Jam was scheduled directly following a Album) University Concerts performance. Although the Chamber Jam is free, advanced registration is required and can be completed online at princetonuniversityconcerts. Ross Karre, co-artistic director of the International Contemporary Ensemble says, "ICEcommons, a crowd-sourced index of information about new works, has become the means by which new collaborations form between emerging artists and the International Contemporary Ensemble.

The Abrons Arts Center Underground is the perfect environment for the creation of eight brand new works in two free events on April 8th and 10th. The ensemble will then make three appearances at one of Europe's largest music festivals, Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, performing in Ulrichshusen June 21Stolpe June 22 and Schwerin June Workshop sessions with professional opera singers, mentors, and instructors are held at AOP's home base in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

Ambient Selections. In Full Color. Sun Gypsy. Moving Through Here. Balearic - by Music For Dreams. Pop Ambient. Bloomingdale Beach. Best Of The Week. Exceptionally Remixed 2. Best of Delsin Records Open Space Volume 1. Chilled Beats Soothing Concentration Nothing But Soulful House Vibes, Vol. Wind Down Routine My Deep House Classics.

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