Prurient - Palm Tree Corpse (Cassette)

Who's gotten fat? Who's gotten married? Who's gone gay? Who can still drink? Who shouldn't drink so much? Who's gotten old? Who's quit law all together? The answers to these questions can only be found in one place. So, who's going? Sunday, June 17, Deep Yellow. The week is over and I return to the world of the working in the morning. I have been as productive as was reasonable.

I even managed to see a movie. The downstairs family room has a new coat of paint. We were shooting for parchment, but it came out a little more "yellowy. I keep catching fearful eyefuls of orange. In the wrong light, I see tangerine. In a last ditch effort to complete my punch card for the week, and to stave off a revolt from my neighbors, I attacked the lawns this afternoon. Too many weeks of neglect allowed a myriad of unwanted alien species to take root in my yard.

I mowed. I clipped. I hacked. I pulled. I sprayed. The whole thing looks like it has been through trauma. I looks more like Supercuts than Vidal Sassoon. Being June, it is also allergy season, and my usual dose of antihistamines was no match for the onslaught. My voice is still scratchy from the sneezingand my right nostril still feel like it has collapsed. Fine, here is a picture of some wookies :. I mean, folks who were sitting around me actually hooted for joy when the news of her "return" to jail broke.

Gin and Tonic at AM 9 comments:. Tuesday, June 12, The Joshua Tree. Some of you may remember the Chevy van. Some of you may have dated me when I drove the Chevy van. The van, of course, belonged to my grandfather, and it took me many places. Once, in the early s, the van took me on a weekend trip with my grandparents to the high desert of Southern California. Just beyond the pretentious shimmer of Palm Springs, east and to the north, lay the raw expansiveness of the Joshua Tree National Monument.

It's more of a park really, filled with, and named for, the upward-rising aboriginal trees of the region. My grandparents gave me time to climb giant boulders and chase vicious looking lizards.

However, my grandfather also took the opportunityas he often did, to teach me a few things along the way. He was especially generous with his very expensive camera equipment, and showed me how the knobs and buttons worked. That's what he did. It was who he was. He was a teacher, not by trade, but rather by birthright. With the exception of perhaps Carl, he was the smartest person I've ever known, and he freely shared the fruits of his knowledge for the pure benefit of others, as often as he could.

He could fix anything. I once saw him repair a Volkswagen air pump with scrap parts from a Ford fuel pump. He once took his pick up apart and reassembled it, just for kicks. He built his own computers, and could hang dry wall. He tried to impart this knowledge upon me. I tried to learn as much of it as I could. He also had a passion for travel, and drove that Chevy van more than once to all of the far corners of this continent. Sometimes he took me with him. Which leads to one of his favorite stories.

It wasand I was forced against my will to pile into that Chevy van with the whole family for a lengthy excursion to the distant Pacific Northwest. Vancouver Island, to be exact, although I was dragged through Oregon and Washington to get there. I was 16 years old, and very unhappy about all of this. See, school was out, I had a driver's license, and Dr. B had his parent's house to himself for those two weeks.

The last place I wanted to be was in that van. So, I slept on the back bench most of each day, like a prisoner, Prurient - Palm Tree Corpse (Cassette) only when necessary. It was also just after the release of U2's "The Joshua Tree," and I played that cassette tape endlessly on my Walkmanwhile awake, headphones firmly planted in protest over my ears. At some point, somewhere in Washington, I woke up. We were stopped, and most of the family was out of the van.

I looked up. We were on some sort of bridge over some river. Folks are getting out to look, if you're interested. I returned to my music. However, after the warship had long since passed, he returned to the van and casually announced that it was, in fact, a Trident submarine, but he knew I was busy and didn't want to bother me.

Old man: 1 Jackass teenager: 0 I wasn't surprised when I got the call from my mom tonight. Grandpa died peacefully in his sleep this evening, having had the opportunity to say good bye to everyone he knew. He did a lot of good, and helped a lot of people. He saw many places, and knew many things. He will be missed. Gin and Tonic at PM 12 comments:. Monday, June 11, Potatoes. It was swell, and all, to see all y'all down there in the land of the chemically-enhanced sunsets.

Colors like that just don't occur in nature. I regret not having been able to spend more quality time with Dr. B, but then again, a little goes a long way Pleasantly, however, I was able to see Mitch, whom I have not seen since his wedding way back when. Even better, though, was the chance to get better acquainted with Mrs.

In the few fleeting minutes that I spent with her prior to the previously-mentioned nuptials, she seemed sweet, but really, I was too distracted by the open margarita bar to really get a good fix. Thing is, they also captured Paperinik, and the Raider, who doesn't want anyone to steal his Prurient - Palm Tree Corpse (Cassette)rewinds timeso when the ship with the forcefield projector shows up they're ready and disintegrate it.

In a following encounter Xadhoom enters their capturing device in a deal to save Angus. Then the Evronians break the deal And Xadhoom promptly frees herself and blows them up this is also when the Evronians find out about Xadhoom's real abilities, as the Evronian scientist there had the time to analyze her and survived ; Later a group of Evronians masquerading as Xerbians Xadhoom's people lure her into an ambush, planning to trick her into wearing a restraining device Except they don't know what a Xarghon traditional Xerbian welcome dance isleading to Xadhoom seeing through their ruse And amusing herself with their attempts at guessing what a Xarghon is.

When they finally catch on, she blows them up; In another encounter the Evronians show up with a weapon that can actually absorb all her powers. Thing is, it takes time to fully defeat her, and she has all the time she needs to enter the weapon and blow up everything ; In one of their latest encounters, the Evronians bank on her twisted sense of humour to let herself get captured, at which point they promptly teleport her where they have the means to keep her in check.

Then they find out that Paperinik sabotaged the teleporter and she's coming back ; When Xadhoom attacks their Planet Spaceshipone of the defending ships whips out the forcefield from the first time they captured her. Upon noticing the ship sneaking up on her, she dodges and lets the projector capture another of their shipsbefore blowing up both; Finally, the last incident: when the defenders of Evron are allowed to run, the Evronians use their one way to keep her in check.

That is, the fact they've tracked down the surviving Xerbians and are holding them hostage. That way they can get her in a device that will explode her, making her into a powerful Prurient - Palm Tree Corpse (Cassette) infinite power source for Evron But they greatly underestimate her self-control, thus by the time they understand how to explode her Paperinik and one of the surviving Xerbians have already contacted Xadhoom and got from her the power they need to free all the Coolflames on the shipthus taking away the hostages.

Evron blows up soon after. Because the authors love this trope, the PKNE relaunch stories give us Moldrock: an ancient and immortal tyrant from planet Corona with powers possibly comparable to Xadhoom. He ruled his homeworld and a large empire with an iron fist Until his scientists, led by Everett Ducklairhit him with a weapon that knocked him out, applied a restraining device, and shipped him to a pentadimensional world where his powers were almost completely suppressed.

The Chinese and Japanese governments in Irredeemable eventually reveal they have done this to a pair of extraterrestrial, time traveling, reality altering dimension hoppers. They can release them to take care of a returned Plutonian, but simply doing so will unleash a cloud of radiation that will kill one-third of the human race.

They do so. In a related matter, they are sure they can handle the Plutonian because they are his biological parents — sort of — and voluntarily remained trapped precisely in order to avoid the inevitable radiation fallout.

It was revealed that the Guardians of the Universe have been holding the First Lantern, Volthoomcaptive for billions of years. They used his power to create the Third Army, but he got free and wiped out the Third Army. Now he's loose, with complete control over just about everything. One of the "Planetary" stories had the team tracking down a secret facility rumored to be up to who-knows-what shenanigans. They find a dusty old base left over from the s, where the caretaker tells them the story of the creature at the bottom of a reinforced mineshaft.

It's basically a variant of the Incredible Hulk origin, with the military taking weeks to subdue the monster, and spending years struggling to contain it. They still monitor its corpse, just in case three decades without food or water wasn't quite enough to properly kill it. Averted in one of Rat-Man 's more surreal stories.

It featured an evil comic book publisher who gave Rat-Man the character and the series an award as part of his plan to capture God represented as a humongous hand over the horizon and turn Him into another of his characters. In the end it was all part of God's plan to trick the publisher into crossing over to the comic book world and let him meet his end at the hands of a forgotten comic book character. It Makes Sense in Contextsort of. The Omnitrix in the There Was Once an Avenger from Krypton series contains inside it a Celestial, one of the beings responsible for the creation of the entire multiverse that serves as the power source for the device.

The live-action Transformers movie has the U. All modern technology supposedly came from decades of reverse-engineering the former. Even cars, which were some 20 years before they found Megatron. Though they might have been talking about the more advanced cars. The movie Independence Day has the government doing the same thing with a crashed alien fighter pilot.

In a Prurient - Palm Tree Corpse (Cassette) from trope, the captured alien fighter does not inspire the aliens to get angry and try to kill humanity — it's the aliens' attempts to try and kill humanity that prompts the US government to take one of them prisoner. Nor does any modern technology seem to come from reverse-engineering the ship; the scientists working on it couldn't even duplicate the power source the aliens used. While not the entire god, the villains in Princess Mononoke want the Shishigami's head.

It's still alive even after it gets blown off, though. This is an issue because it is also the god of death. The body remains alive. It wants its head back. Apply preschool arithmetic here. Averted in the original Ghostbusters movie. With all the capturing of ghosts, when they encounter an actual god, you expect them to capture it and contain it like all the ghosts. But all they end up being able to do is close the portal that is giving it access to our universe.

Played straight with Vigo in the second, but he's a human sorcerer rather than an extradimensional being. In the game which follows that, they keep Vigo in the station, powerless to do anything other than ask people to bring him a child. The premise of Super 8 is that one of those escapes. Malpertuis is a movie about a super-weird mansion and the creepy, freaky people within it. The Twist Ending reveals that they are Greek gods, weakened because people don't believe in them anymore.

The weird old guy who owns the mansion kidnapped them, took them home, had them sewn into people suits and made them believe they were human beings. In Destroyer of Worldshumans capture a Protector. These are highly intelligent, fast and strong beings, and explicitly stated to be the ultimate life stage of humans, merely requiring the consumption of a certain type of root and associated symbiotic virus to trigger their development.

They have a deep hatred for anyone including other Protectors who is not in their bloodline. The Protector is captured to provide information, but as per this trope, ends up turning the tables on his captors. In the opening of one of the Nightside novels, John Taylor is called on to discover why a ghost is constantly sabotaging a power plant. Prurient - Palm Tree Corpse (Cassette) finds out that the plant operates by sucking power from a trapped and tormented solar being; the ghost is that of his enraged bride.

Both were poisoned on their wedding day by the man who now runs the plant. For extra value, all three captured being, ghost, and plant owner were friends of John. An attempt to capture such a super entity is at the climax of Andrew Greeley's novel Angel Fire. When he understands that he captured a godhe keeps it imprisoned, fearing retribution. Consequently, life in the entire galaxy takes a very definite turn for the better In the third book of Percy Jackson and the Olympiansthe goddess Artemis is captured by the forces of Kronos and forced by Atlas to hold up the sky.

How the Titans managed to capture her is currently unknown. The Heroes of Olympus starts with the imprisonment of Hera in Wolf House, trapped by the Earth itself as her life force is drained. The sequel continues this trend when Thanatos is chained in Alaska, thereby preventing death itself. Downplayed in The Trials of Apolloas while Apollo is captured multiple times throughout the series, he is currently in mortal form and thus less likely to escape. Julius himself is imprisoned in the form of Osiris, and the malevolent ghost Setne is imprisoned time and again by the gods and the House of Life.

The Jehangli empire is powered by a captured phoenixwhich is held in place by a captured truedragonand one of the nobles plans to capture the protagonist Dragonlords in order to assume power. It doesn't end well. Inverted in the Gordon R. Turns out a subversionsince Sauron allowed himself to be captured to corrupt and destroy his enemies from within. City of Glasshas Jace and Clary finding an angel in Valentine's basement.

A turn from the onscreen rule that vamps don't like demon blood. They're used to drive starships. YesMeansFest seeks to bring together student and local talent in a celebration of consent and activism to benefit Safehouse Center. Huron, pm, feat. Wed April 29 - G. Olympia at TBA in Detroit.

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