Never Gonna Come Back Down (Single Edit) - BT - BT (CD)

This version edits every track by a few minutes and appears in an unmixed format with pauses between songs. The tracks were also rearranged: The original closer, "Satellite", was moved to the middle and replaced by the hip hop track "Love on Haight Street", while the opening song was also moved to the centre of the record and replaced by "Madskills Mic-Chekka" and the US single "Never Gonna Come Back Down", featuring Mike Doughty of Soul Coughing on vocals.

A song called "Far From Goodbye Later My Love " was released in a sampler of the album inbut never released officially. There are two versions of the album on vinyl: a double LP, with a variant of the UK track listing; and a four-LP version with eight tracks, with one song per side, featuring extended mixes.

Several of these extended mixes were later added to a Special Edition double-CD set from Hong Kongwhich also included other extended mixes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Electronica breakbeat progressive trance techno. Brian Transeau also exec. Transeau Andy Gray. Transeau Sasha. Transeau Planet Asia Rascoe. Transeau Adam Freeland Kevin Beber. Transeau Jan Johnston. Transeau Hybrid. Three songs feature a full piece orchestra.

Unlike his previous two albums, which featured vocals on almost every track, this album is entirely instrumental. The tracks change genres constantly. For example, "The Antikythera Mechanism" starts off almost lullaby-like, complete with a piano, acoustic guitars and reversed beats; halfway through the track, it explodes Never Gonna Come Back Down (Single Edit) - BT - BT (CD) a piece orchestra, followed by a section of breakbeats and ending with the de-construction of the orchestra.

Animated videos created by visual effects artist Scott Pagano to accompany each song were included in a DVD packaged along with the CD. Keyboard magazine said of the album, "In a hundred years, it could well be studied as the first major electronic work of the new millennium.

The double album features dance-pop, trance, house, breaks, soundscapes, orchestral interludes, acoustic guitar and stutter edits. With BT spending several years perfecting the album, mathematically placing edits and loops to create "an album of ultimate depth and movement," [41] each of the songs went through a lengthy recording process. BT has estimated that each song on the album took over sessions to record, adding that " Every Other Way " took 2 months to write and record, working 14 to 20 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Official remixes were made by Armin van Buuren and Chicane. A remix album, titled These Re-Imagined Machines was released in These Humble Machinesan un-mixed album featuring shorter "radio edit" versions of the tracks similar to the US version of Movement in Still Life was also released in Morceau Subrosa is very different in style compared to most of BT's previous works, favoring ambient soundscapes and minimal beats.

Inhe released the mix collection Laptop Symphonybased on his laptop performances on his Sirius XM radio show, which range from dubstep to drumstep to progressive to trance. On November 10,BT announced a Kickstarter project with Tommy Tallarico to produce Electronic Opusan electronic symphonic album with re-imagined, orchestral versions of BT's songs. They released their first unofficial single, "Looking Glass", online in Similar to This Binary UniverseBT explained that "the entire record is recorded in a way [I've] never recorded anything before," and that it has a "modular, Never Gonna Come Back Down (Single Edit) - BT - BT (CD) aesthetic".

The artwork is programmed to give a special message on the owner's birthday and is the "only work of art that puts itself to sleep" on a certain time. BT began scoring films in with Go. His tracks for the film were finished by composer David Arnold. He made the official second-long alert tone for the Circa News app. InBT was selected by Walt Disney Company executives to score the music for the Tomorrowland -themed area at Shanghai Disneylandwhich opened in He spent more than two years on the project, writing more than four hours of music that are played out of more than speakers spread throughout Tomorrowland.

BT called the undertaking "one of the most thrilling experiences of my life. During the production of This Binary UniverseTranseau wanted to program drums in surround sound, and found that software tools to accomplish this weren't readily available. He decided to develop his own, forming his own software company, Sonik Architects, to create a line of sound design tools for the studio and another line of tools and plug-ins designed for live performance.

The company's first release was the drum machine surround sound sequencer BreakTweaker, a PC plug-in. This version includes more sound effects, more presets, and new features such as Auto Mode and the Curve editor.

BT lives with his daughter in Maryland. Inhe was involved in dispute about his daughter's custody with the child's mother, Ashley Duffy. With All Hail the Silence. Ima is the debut studio album by American electronic musician BT, released on October 9, through Perfecto Records. The album is considered a major stepping stone in trance music, popularizing a more progressive approach. Following ImaTranseau branched out to create club anthems such as "Flaming June", while also drawing inspiration from drum and bass as well as hip hop.

ESCM also features Transeau adding live guitar, bass and drums to songs, as well as the use of a strings ensemble. Emotional Technology is the fourth studio album by electronica artist BT. Transitioning towards a more pop music oriented sound, the album features some of BT's more commercially successful releases, including "Somnambulist ", "The Force of Gravity" and "Superfabulous".

Loud is an album by Timo Maas, released in Maas had previously released albums of other performers' material which he remixed but Loud is his own debut album.

It was released through Nettwerk in Augustas the lead single from BT's fourth studio album, Emotional Technology The techno-pop song was written and produced by BT.

It consists of a bass drum, snare drum and Roland JP, and contains 6, stutter edits. The lyrics were influenced by American writer Henry Miller and use a recurring mantra. This Binary Universe is the fifth studio album by the composer and electronica artist BT.

It was released on August 29, The album was a significant about-face for Transeau, largely abandoning the progressive trance music he was known for, in favor of ambient soundscapes, live orchestration and glitch music. It is the first BT album not to be released on vinyl, nor feature any singles. The album was also composed specifically for DTS 5. A film version of the album received a limited theatrical run, usually accompanied by appearances by Transeau himself.

The album is dedicated to Transeau's daughter, Kaia. The album's artwork makes nods to binary by spelling BT's name in morse code on the cover, as well as using additional morse code on the DVD menus. It was released to U. In addition, iZotope creates and licenses audio DSP technology including noise reduction, sample rate conversion, dithering, time stretching, and audio enhancement to hardware and software companies in the consumer and pro audio industries.

It was released on 6 April The album has more tracks featuring vocals than previous albums. The stutter edit is the rhythmic repetition of small fragments of audio, occurring as the common 16th note repetition, but also as 64th notes and beyond, with layers of digital signal processing operations in a rhythmic fashion based on the overall length of the host tempo.

The Stutter Edit audio software VST plug-in implements forms of granular synthesis, sample retrigger, and various effects to create a certain audible manipulation of the sound run through it, in which fragments of audio are repeated in rhythmic intervals.

The plug-in allows musicians to manipulate audio in Never Gonna Come Back Down (Single Edit) - BT - BT (CD) time, slicing audio into small fragments and sequences the pieces into rhythmic effects, recreating techniques that formerly took hours to do in the studio. Electronic musician Brian Transeau is widely recognized Never Gonna Come Back Down (Single Edit) - BT - BT (CD) pioneering the stutter edit as a musical technique; he developed, coined the term, and holds multiple patents for the Stutter Edit software plug-in.

TyDi is an Australian songwriter, record producer and DJ specializing in electronic dance music. Because some tracks exceed 10 minutes in length, the album spans two discs with six tracks on each.

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