Y Did You Leave? (Dance Edit) - Tru Menace - Y Did You Leave? (CD)

They head to the truck drivers and bikers bar Titty Twister where Seth will meet with his partner Carlos in the dawn. When they are watching the dancer Santanico Pandemonium, Seth and Richard fight with three bodyguards. But soon they discover that the bar is a coven of vampires and they need to fight until dawn to leave the place alive.

A terrifying evil has been unleashed. And five strangers are our only hope to stop it. Rated R for strong violence and gore, language and nudity. Did you know Edit. Trivia Salma Hayek has a real fear of snakes and had always refused to be near them. Naturally when she read the script, she knew her phobia would prevent her from taking the part. Robert Rodriguez conned her into thinking that Madonna was ready to nab the part instead so Hayek spent two months with therapists to overcome her fear.

Goofs During the fight in the Titty Twister bar, Seth's 6-shooter fires more than six shots. This is a Robert Rodriguez director-trademark.

Quotes Seth : If you try to run, I've got six little friends and they can all run faster than you can. Crazy credits Ernest Liu's opening credit is run off the screen by Seth and Richard's car.

Alternate versions The Special edition laserdisc contains scenes that were cut out of the film due to graphic violence: the vampire feast dinner is served is extended and one part has a girl popping a pimple on a guy.

There's another scene in which Sex Machine kills off two more vampires and takes a picture of one of them. User reviews Review. Top review. If Seth Gecko had taken on those tomatoes, they never would have eaten France. George Clooney should have stuck will this kind of role. He did fine in Out of Sight and Ocean's Eleven, but he really dominated this movie with a fury that we may never see again. Almost every line he delivers is memorable and that is not all Tarantino's doing.

The rest of the cast is dominated by cool cameos and veteran cult and mainstream names. The exception being Ernest Liu who does a good job of holding his own.

No Tarantino film would be complete without a good soundtrack. Join us tonight for an in-depth report. How long must this reef live under siege? Is there no hero among us? Who can stop this shark menace? Oscar : Hi, I'm Oscar. You might think you know, but you have no idea. Yeah, like money. Why ya'll messin' with my fantasy?

That's very funny. Crazy Joe : Hey, Oscar. Over here. I gotta talk to ya. Hang onto these. Yo, doo. Oscar: Yo, Crazy Joe. Crazy Joe : Now that you live in that penthouse, can I be your financial advisor? Oscar: That's a billboard, Crazy Joe. Crazy Joe : You live in a billboard? And they call me crazy. Look who came to visit. Don't do that. Right back at me, huh? Little smart mouth. Look, I'm on my way.

Stay outta trouble, all right? Big O's in the house. What's up? Reef side. That's my point. Hey, Headphone Guy. Keep up the bad work. I'm already punched in? Good morning. Can I help you? Kelp scrape? We're having a special. Why not? It is mating season, and I'm feelin' lucky. Sykes' Whale Wash. A whale of a wash, and the price May I suggest a barnacle peel? Removes lines and salt damage. Hi, Oscar.

Yo, I'm sorry, Dun. Angie needs to get her freak on. Would you hold for one moment, please? Dance with me, mama. Let me see it. Tomorrow I will be rich You're gonna get me fired. Please, you fired? That can't happen. Oh, you don't mean that.

Course I do. You're like my best friend. This is like the best idea ever, all right. It's a sure thing, guaranteed cash extravaganza. All I need is an advance on my paycheck from the boss and, Ang, I am out of this place.

I mean, I am Instead of getting in Mr. Sykes' face with another get-rich-quick scheme, go do something you're actually good at: your job, which by some miracle you still have. I almost forgot. Kelpy Kremes? Your favorite. By the way, you're still on hold. Oh, my gosh! Sykes : [winces] Truer words have never been spoken. Is that it? We done? Now, you and me, we worked together a long, long, long time.

Please, Don Lino, it's hardly been like work. Let me finish. That I've lived my life for my sons. He's the best, right? Am I right or am I wrong? Am I right? Well, today is that day. I like big butts And I cannot lie You other brothers Luca : Hey, boss. Big Butts. Long story short, from now on you work for Frankie and Lenny. Frankie, I understand. But Lenny? You can't be serious.

I'm dead serious. It takes more than muscle to run things. Now Lenny, he's got the brains. That's somethin' special. I'm just sayin' You said "what" first. I didn't say what, I asked you what. You said "And then, what? Don Lino : Now you're making fun of me? Sykes : No, you misunderstood. Frankie : Sorry we're late, Pop. Lenny had an accident. He was born. Y Did You Leave? (Dance Edit) - Tru Menace - Y Did You Leave?

(CD) : [sarcastic laugh] You're a comic genius. Sykes : Look, all I'm saying is the kid ain't exactly no killer. Sykes : What? For what? Don Lino: So nothing happens to your little Whale Wash. Oscar: Welcome to Oscar's crib. Stop your moaning, Oscar. It could be a lot worse, you know. That's true. I could have this job and look like you. Whoever's behind me better give me some. She's gonna blow! Headphone Guy is still in there! I could look like you.

Y'all funny. Well, see if you laugh at this. Soap in the eye! It's all right. Whale : Thanks, Oscar. Oscar : All right. The boss be needin' to see you right now. But don't worry [beatbox] About a thing 'Cause every little thing Is gonna be all right That's not the way you sing that song, mon. What the deezy, baby? Show me dat. What's goin' down? Hey, baby, this is all gravy today. Now snap your fin Snap it. Oscar : Hey, don't sweat it. A lot of white fish can't do it.

I've been goin' over my markers. You're into me for five grand. Man, you trippin'? Oh, yeah? See if this refreshes your memory. Y Did You Leave? (Dance Edit) - Tru Menace - Y Did You Leave? (CD) a perfect example of why you're in management, and I'm not. You go, boy. I have to pay Don Lino protection, so everything you owe me, you owe him. The food chain. See, on top there's Don Lino. There's me, and there's regular fish.

There's plankton, there's amoebas Oscar : That's messed up. Sykes : So if Don Lino's squeezin' me, he's squeezin' you. Sykes : There is no happy place with him here. Sykes : All right. Oscar : All of it?

How am I supposed to do that? Sykes : That's your problem. Bring my 5, clams to the track tomorrow, or else. Oscar : Or else what? Sykes : The boys'll explain. Angie : Mrs. Angie : Well, what's wrong with down here? Ooh, child Every year Y Did You Leave? (Dance Edit) - Tru Menace - Y Did You Leave? (CD) years. To me, working at the Wash was the coolest job in the ocean.

But then I learned something I will never forget. Oscar's dad's a tongue scrubber! Tongue scrubber! My dad was the greatest. But nobody loves a nobody. I want to be a somebody. Oscar, you don't have to live at the top of the reef to be a somebody.

If I don't pay Mr. Sykes back by tomorrow I'm dead anyway, so Wait here. What's this? Where'd you get that? My grandmother gave it to me. She said it started from a tiny grain of sand, but then, after a while, it grew into something beautiful.

Dreams can begin small too. No, I couldn't It'll get you the money you need for Mr. Frankie : Thanks, Pop. Lenny : I know, Pop, I'm sorry. Right here, in front of me now, eat this. I'm tellin' you. Eat it! Have mercy. Son, eat the shrimp! No, please. Eat, eat, eat! Put the shrimp down!

Go now. No one's looking. Get out of here. Shrimp : You're a good person. Come on, fellas. Lenny : Pop, I can handle the reef. It's not a problem. Frankie : Come on, Pop. Don Lino : You're gonna learn how to be a shark. Whether you like it or not. Just say the word, boss. Oscar: Carrying a big ol' envelope full of money, gonna give it to Mr. Hurry up. This is our chance, we don't want to miss it. The race is rigged. We can't lose.

Lucky Day, at to. Dreams can begin small. You just have to Bet it all! That's to one. That would pay a million clams. Well, I guess that makes me Oscar the millionaire. Lucky Day. She's dangerous, super bad Better watch out, she'll take the cash She's a gold digger She's a gold digger She's dangerous, super bad Better watch out, she'll take the cash She's a gold digger Nice bet.

C'mon, man! Get your game face on! My name is Oscar, sweetie. Sanchez : The hippity-hop smooth talk don't work with me. My bad. Hey, so I was starting to think you skipped Y Did You Leave?

(Dance Edit) - Tru Menace - Y Did You Leave? (CD) on me. I see you're already on your way to the concession stand. What are you doing?

Mind bringing us back some drinks? That would be great, thanks. And some of them little wiener thingies. His box?! You can't even afford the gum under the seats. He just laid five grand on Lucky Day. I think he can afford anything he wants. My five grand?! Sykes : You had the money to pay me back and you bet it anyway?

Bernie : Oscar, you cute, but you're a nobody. Ernie : Wait. Come back. I'm not a nobody. I'm a wiener! And they're off!

Fish Fingers, then Seabiscuit and Salmonella. Lucky Day seems to be having trouble getting out of the gate. Don't sweat it. He does this all the time. He's playin'. Lucky Day is now crashing his way through the gate, and he's off and running. Seabiscuit, Fish Fingers Please, Lucky Day.

Go fast. Coming around the turn it's Seabiscuit by a length and Lucky Day well behind. You see? Who's your fish now?

Around the final turn, here comes Lucky Day. Lucky Day's now caught up to Fish Fingers. They're head to head. Neck to neck. Lucky Day's ahead. I'm tired just thinkin' about countin' all of this money. This looks to be Lucky Day's big day. It's Lucky Day. Lucky Day is down. We're movin' on up to the east I just want to hold you. No, Get outta my way.

Let me see, will ya? Remember your "happy place", Sykes. That's why they call him a long shot. Yo, that was crazy, right? Who knew? Everything's set, it's a lock, we good to go, we in the money, and he trips underwater. Who in the halibut trips underwater? It's nothing personal. It's just business. Don't worry About a thing 'Cause every little thing Is gonna be all right - This is how you sing it, Oscar. Sykes, he like you, mon.

Him say take it easy on you. Bernie : Ernie, let me ask you a question. Ernie: Yeah, mon? Go on. Bernie: Why is it that me locks can sting other people, but they have no effect on me or you? I didn't mean it, Ernie.

I didn't mean it, man. Good one, man. Lenny: Frankie, you know I can't do this. Frankie : If you wanna make Pop happy, you've gotta kill something. You know how fish talk. This, that, the other.

How you doin'? Forget it, you're dead. Okay, seriously, I can't understand wise guy so be more specific. You want specific? Be a shark for once in your life. Lenny : Okay. Okay, capiche. Frankie : Then don't bother comin' home.

Lenny : Good point. All right. Hit him in the tail again. Bernie: Ernie. Ernie : Blow out! No, no, no. I'm not gonna Frankie : Lenny. Like this. Lenny: What? Oh, no. Back up. Frankie : Oh, no. Lenny : What did I tell you? Oscar : I'm sorry, I didn't get it. You want me to go now? Lenny : Just go. Frankie : That's it! I've had it up to here! Lenny : Hurry, swim! No, Frankie, wait! Oscar : No! Get your boy, get your boy! Frankie : Lenny? Lenny : I'm here, Frankie. Frankie : Come closer.

Lenny : Yes, what is it? Frankie : I'm so cold. Lenny : That's just because we're cold-blooded. Frankie : Moron. Oscar : Back up. I'm crazy. I be trippin'. We're sorry. It was all Ernie's idea. Did you kill that shark? Exactly how it look, that's how it is. What happened? You wanna know what happened? You're standing on top of a shark. Go on, man. Well, I'll tell you what happened. Big ol' shark, about -feet long. And I was, like, you're gonna come at me like that? You're gonna come at the "O" like that?

Upon inspecting the body of the summoner, however, the Flame captain is astonished to discover that the assailant is not Tristan, but Tristan's elder brother, Kahedin. It is then that the Ascian of the Twelfth Chalice appears, lamenting his decision to employ the siblings as pawns. Though Tristan and his brother are now free of the Paragon's manipulations, Dancing Wolf is intent on exacting vengeance on the callous immortal. Y'mhitra counsels caution, warning that the servants of Darkness are not to be lightly challenged.

Continue your efforts to master the art of summoning that you might benefit from the wisdom hidden within the remaining tomestones. Lie in wait at the designated location. Defeat the ebon-clad summoner and Ifrit-Egi.

Aid the courier decoy. Dancing Wolf reports that since your victory over the unfortunate Kahedin, the number of attacks along Thanalan's trade routes has considerably diminished.

Such a lack of activity, however, has the officer at a loss as to how to track down your Ascian foe. He urges you to instead speak with Y'mhitra, who apparently has other findings to share.

Visit the researcher in Gridania, and learn what new secrets her studies have uncovered. Y'mhitra greets you with great enthusiasm, claiming to have unlocked a good many mysteries during her latest bout of study. Against his better judgment, Dancing Wolf has agreed to help you enter the contested territory of the Carteneau Flats. Head to the airship landing and petition the elite flyer to transport you to the edge of the aether-soaked wasteland. Your meditations in the Carteneau Flats are interrupted by the Ascian of the Twelfth Chalice, who vows to deny you the advantage of Bahamut's might.

Despite the relentless onslaught of egi, however, you are able to complete the ritual and enter the trance of the dreadwyrm. Wary of your newfound strength, your immortal foe chooses to withdraw rather than risk defeat. Though pleased with the success of your clandestine mission, Dancing Wolf is also frustrated at his failure to exact a proper vengeance.

Y'mhitra Y Did You Leave? (Dance Edit) - Tru Menace - Y Did You Leave? (CD) him, however, that the true destruction of an Ascian is not so easily accomplished.

Explore the power of your Dreadwyrm Trance, and prepare yourself for your next confrontation with the malevolent Paragon. Objectives Speak with Y'mhitra in Gridania.

Speak with the elite flyer at the airship landing. Y'mhitra has been pondering the retreat of the Ascian of the Twelfth Chalice, and shares her conclusions concerning your foe and his black-masked brethren. First, however, you will need to acquire a certain forbidden tome, and study the method by which the power of a trance can be unleashed in one mighty blast.

Travel to the Great Gubal Library in the Dravanian hinterlands, and rendezvous with your companions. As you prepare to enter the Great Gubal Library, you are accosted by the Ascian of the Twelfth Chalice and three of his fellows. Following a murderous exchange of arcane energies, you at last stand victorious over the kneeling form of your foe. Speak with Dancing Wolf, and share this triumph with your companions. Though still somewhat stunned by your display of power, Dancing Wolf at last feels that vengeance has been claimed for his wronged soldiers.

Speak now with Y'mhitra, and discuss the future of summoning. With the defeat of the Ascian of the Twelfth Chalice, Y'mhitra believes that the reputation of the summoning arts has been spared an ignominious fate.

She is, however, yet greatly concerned by the escalating threat of the primals. Though the perfect solution remains elusive, continue to work alongside the determined researcher in the quest to bring an end to the self-perpetuating cycle of violence. Speak with Dancing Wolf. Y'mhitra has had word from Saint Coinach's Find that the archaeologists have unearthed an Allagan tome on summoning magicks.

Make your way to the camp in Mor Dhona and speak with Rammbroes. Rammbroes immediately places the ancient book in your hands, declaring that he was able to decipher little more than the fact that it contained the wisdom of Allagan summoners.

He bids you take the tome to Y'mhitra in Revenant's Toll, and allow the scholar to peruse its pages. Follow Y'mhitra out into the wilds of north Silvertear, and ask Principia to call forth your monstrous opponent. You have defeated the demon of the tome. Share your victory with the nearby Y'mhitra. Amazed at this evaluation and intrigued by the tale of the familiar's creation, Y'mhitra seems lost in contemplation of the past.

Return to Gridania, and rejoin the scholar at Apkallu Falls. Y'mhitra praises you on your triumph once more, and speaks eagerly of revealing the lost knowledge hidden within the tome. Before you can attempt Prin's next challenge, however, it seems you will need to work on perfecting your technique. Speak with Y'mhitra at Revenant's Toll. Speak with Principia in north Silvertear and complete the first challenge.

Speak with Y'mhitra in north Silvertear. Speak with Y'mhitra in Gridania. Y'mhitra directs your attention to Principia, and the toothy familiar announces you ready to undertake the second challenge. Finding herself stumped by the trial's requirement for additional summoners, Y'mhitra is forced to accept Dancing Wolf's proposal to cooperate with his regiment's new summoners-in-training. Travel to Camp Bluefog in northern Thanalan, and report to the flame captain. After Principia explains the second challenge and its focus on skill, Dancing Wolf introduces you to his cadre of neophyte summoners.

Prepare yourself to battle the acolytes' egi, then approach Summoner Crispin to begin the trial. You have overcome the pair of Ifrit-egi summoned by Crispin and Denise. Approach Summoner Jajasamu, and proceed to the next step of the challenge.

You have triumphed over the formidable Ifrit-egi summoned by Jajasamu. Speak with the lieutenant once more, and prepare to face your final opponent. You have claimed victory over Jajasamu's Titan-egi. Principia declares your attempt at the second challenge a resounding success.

Your opponents accept their defeat with good-natured grace, and seem eager to resume their training. Bidding them farewell, you turn to follow Y'mhitra back to Apkallu Falls. Upon returning to Gridania, Principia continues its lecture on the history of Allagan summoning and shares the accomplishments of its creator.

Y'mhitra seems more determined than ever to see you earn the master summoner's long-lost wisdom, and urges you to prepare for the familiar's final challenge. Speak with Crispin, and defeat the egi.

Speak with Jajasamu, and defeat the egi. Principia pronounces that the third challenge is at hand. Although seemingly unable to reveal the exact nature of the trial, the familiar explains that you will once more require the cooperation of Dancing Wolf's neophyte summoners. Y'mhitra contacts the flame captain, and he gladly arranges for the mock battle to take place on Seal Rock.

Meet Y'mhitra at the airship landing in Ul'dah. You arrive in Ul'dah only to learn that Dancing Wolf and his soldiers have come under attack on Seal Rock. You have rescued Captain Wolf and his soldiers from an ambush sprung by a mysterious and powerful summoner. Regroup with your companions at the airship landing in Ul'dah. Speak with Dancing Wolf at the airship landing in Ul'dah, and discuss this unnerving development. Dancing Wolf and his summoner squad thank you for their rescue, but the identity and abilities of their attacker remain the source of much confusion.

Return to Apkallu Falls and join Y'mhitra as she prepares to question Principia. After considering the facts at hand, you conclude that the Sari you encountered was most likely a clone of Principia's creator. Whatever the truth of the situation, however, the familiar's most precious summoning wisdom has been sealed behind an arcane lock. Objectives Join Y'mhitra at the airship landing in Ul'dah.

Speak with the Elite Flyer. Y'mhitra has been unable to find significant mention of Sari in the usual histories, and decides to call on the assistance of her colleague, Rammbroes. Rammbroes considers your situation, and suggests you borrow the unread tomestones from Rowena's considerable stock. Head into Revenant's Toll, and deliver Rammbroes's letter into the merchant's hands.

In exchange for summaries of their contents, Rowena has agreed to lend you a hefty pile of tomestone transcripts. Join Y'mhitra outside and begin sifting through the foreboding volumes. Y'mhitra discovers a passage of interest almost immediately, but realizes that further assistance will be needed to search through the mountain of material.

She resolves to enlist Captain Wolf's squad of summoners, and Rammbroes offers the use of his tent. Return to Saint Coinach's Find and speak with Y'mhitra once more. With the aid of the summoner squad you learn the history leading to Sari's death, and construct a theory to explain the master summoner's simulacrum on Seal Rock.

With the investigation on Seal Rock providing little in the way of new information, you prepare to make an expedition to the research facility on Azys Lla. Judging by Principia's explanation of the seal and the goading nature of the present-day Sari's parting words, it seems that your arrival will not be unexpected Deliver Rammbroes's letter to Rowena in Revenant's Toll. Speak with Y'mhitra in Revenant's Toll.

Speak with Y'mhitra at Saint Coinach's Find. Y'mhitra tells you what she has learned in preparation for your journey to the research facility on Azys Lla, and informs you that Captain Wolf and his summoner squad will be providing military support. Make ready for the expedition, then rendezvous with your companions at Helix. You join Y'mhitra and the others on Azys Lla, and the scholar urges you to begin the search for a control panel of some kind.

Head towards your assigned area near the statues of the Warring Triad, and seek out a research facility terminal. You approach a promising control panel only to find yourself set upon by a trio of clockwork soldiers. After defeating your ambushers, you once more stretch forth a hand to operate the terminal Your efforts at the terminal are rewarded by the appearance of Sari, who then proceeds to lay his challenge at your feet.

Her observation seems supported by the evidence at hand, but gives rise to yet another question: who, then, is the summoner? Prepare yourself to face the formidable egi, then speak with Captain Wolf when you are ready to enter the facility. Despite the bewildering capabilities of your opponent, however, you seize victory over the mechanical summoner.

Join Y'mhitra by the statues of the Warring Triad, and discuss the aftermath of the battle. With the evocation matrix destroyed, you have removed the final barrier to learning the secrets held within Principia's pages. Say your farewells to the summoning squad, and return to Gridania with Y'mhitra.

Upon your return, Captain Wolf shares the results of his last-moment investigation.

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