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When it comes to complex projects, we leverage our network to bring the right people on board. Smartphone-Blockchain Love Affair — continued?

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Restaurant Finder. I'd love to see people using JS Paint, especially the Eye Gaze Mode and Speech Recognition, so please, if you don't mind, record yourself on video and send me the video through this form. Maybe I could even make a compilation video. But mainly this lets me know what's actually important to people, and what's confusing, and it gives me motivation to work more on new features. I recently made it Untitled to grab handles for resizing things. With that, combined with multitouch panning, JS Paint is much more useable on a phone.

Caveat: It's slow on some devices, and parts of the interface are still too small for touch. Handles are now way easier to drag, with extended click targets, similar to Paint from Windows 7. It's not unreasonable to use with a touch screen now! This applies to selections, textboxes, and the main canvas handles. Resizing things while zoomed in is finally fixed!

The Text tool now perfectly previews the pixels that will be placed on the canvas. What you see is what you get!

Also it retains all browser editing behavior, like spellcheck, using a convoluted, yet elegant overlaying strategy. I prototyped this here and here if you're interested. With the fill-only option selected, the Polygon tool now previews with inverted lines, like MS Paint does. When you finish the polygon, the boundary of the shape matches the preview exactly, because it actually does draw a stroke, just the same color as the fill.

New: The Magnifier now lets you zoom to a specific location, showing a preview of the new viewport. Also, when zooming out with the Magnifier, or changing Untitled zoom from the toolbar or menus, the top left corner of the viewport is now kept anchored. Also, pasting a selection will now go to the top left of the viewport, instead of the entire document. New: The Grid. This works with browser zoom as well to provide crisp gridlines even if you zoom in with your browser.

New: Dynamic cursors for brush and eraser, Untitled you now have a preview of exactly where the tool will draw. Also, in the event that your browser clears canvases to free up memory, you should be more likely to be able to undo to get back to a useful state. JS Paint now lets you copy real image data to the Clipboard, both with keyboard shortcuts and from the Edit menu. Other browsers don't support it yet, as of Sep You can also check out the source code and project info.

Refresh to get it. This instance of JS Paint is outdated compared to jspaint. This version of JS Paint is outdated compared to jspaint.

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