The Leaf - The Houghton Weavers - Alive And Kicking (Vinyl, LP)

In one leap he joined marc Bolan at the forefront of glam-rock. Starman would reach the Top Bowie had waited a long time for those three precious minutes on Top Of The Pops. Bromley had been anything but glamorous. Not even a change of surname made any difference. By the summer of hed released one album David Bowie and nine singles.

None had been successful. Ziggy, his doomed extraterrestrial rock star, offered Bowies young listeners a sexually ambiguous, sartorially outrageous alternative to the peerpressure superbands like led Zeppelin, and it wasnt long before a new breed of suburban outsider in Bowies old stomping ground of Bromley, epitomised by the future.

This was the man whom madonna, responding to the news on January 10, called a game changer, an inspiration on her own imageadopting, image-shedding journey through pop. But Bowie changed the game for countless people before madonna materialised on the scene.

The Sid Vicious photo tells a ubiquitous tale of misfit boys and girls who gravitated to the mysterious androgyne Ziggy, and then spent the rest of their teens trusting Bowie as he confronted them with a sudden volte-face, a physical transformation and a new manifestation of his inscrutable unpredictability. Never mind madonna learning from Bowie how to submit to a full makeover when a new single is scheduled; how about an entire British generation of.

I feel a huge gap now. We knew each other for over 40 years, in a friendship that was always tinged by echoes of Pete and dud. We signed off with invented names: some of his were mr Showbiz, milton Keynes, rhoda Borrocks and The duke of Ear. We both liked that album a lot and felt that it had fallen through the cracks. We talked about revisiting it, taking it somewhere new. I was looking forward to that. I received an email from him seven days ago.

It was as funny as always, and as surreal, looping through word games and allusions and all the usual stuff we did. It ended with this sentence: Thank you for our good times, Brian. They will never rot. I realise now he was saying goodbye. Siouxsie Sioux and Steve Severin, began looking to Ziggy as a saviour and a stimulus. Aladdin Sane, his follow-up, introduced new characters and changed the setting to america, crashing into the album charts at No 1. It was only a year since hed played the 1,capacity Pavilion in hemel hempstead.

It was only 15 months since hed launched Ziggy to the clientele of the Toby Jug, a pub situated on the a3. Sections of the Earls Court crowd, angry at being unable to get a clear view of Bowie on the low stage, caused a riot.

David Bowie post-punks who took their cues from synthesisers, dystopian sci-fi, androgyny and the Berlin Trilogy? The Berlin Trilogy, which he fondly alluded to in email he sent to Brian Eno just after Christmas, was the next logical step or at any rate Bowie and Eno deemed it a logical step after the lush soul balladry of Young Americans and the psychically frazzled cabbalistic conceits of Station To Station. He retained only a vague impression of the recording sessions that had produced the album: even the name of the studio had been wiped from his memory.

Fearing for his. The two albums he put out inLow and Heroes, were compulsive yet analytical studies in displacement, foreignness, boredom, inertia and gloom. Less than 50 per cent of Low had had lyrics written for it; a third of Heroes, as did the second side of Low, consisted of doom-laden instrumentals. From Fame to this in 18 months? The twist he applied to the Berlin Trilogy was to use his regular New York soul and funk musicians Carlos Alomar, George Murray, Dennis Davis and get them to play along with the synthesisers and drones.

Bowie on drugs. Bowie mad. Bowie clean from drugs. I walked in with Billy Idol and we spotted David at the same moment. I went directly over to David and started chatting with him because I knew that he lived in the same building as a lot of the players on Young Americans, who were all friends that I grew up with Luther Vandross, Carlos Alomar and his wife.

We started chatting about our favourite jazz artists. I grew up in an era where fusion jazz had come into play, and also bebop jazz. David not only liked that, but he also liked Stan Getz and the smoother side of jazz.

We had just one other subsequent meeting; that was it. Next thing I know, he says: Hey, can you come over to Switzerland and work on some songs? So I go in to the studio one day and he had written out the basics of a song that wound up being Lets Dance. But what hed written sounded like a folk song to me. I thought that that was bizarre, as I thought he wanted to make a jazz album. Then he came to my apartment.

He had something behind his back, and he says: Now darling, I want my LP to sound like this! He whipped out a picture of Little Richard, in a red suit, getting into a red Cadillac convertible. And he says, You see that? Thats rocknroll! He didnt want a record that went Doo doodoo doo doodoo, good golly me!

He wanted music that was on the cutting edge, that made people feel uncomfortable, but compelled then to listen. All of that stuff was in that photo, and I got it. I had six flops in a row, so I couldnt understand why David told me, Nile, I want you do what you do best. I want a hit. At that point, I was like The Terminator: I wouldnt stop until it was a hit. Lets Dance was the fastest LP Id done in my life. Seventeen days from start to finish, mixed and all. Then we did Black Tie White Noise.

When we started, it was called The Wedding Album, as he was getting married to Iman. We wrote Black Tie White Noise at the end. David explained to me how he and Iman were flying over LA and saw the riots and the city burning. I used to call Davids office when Chic were doing a show in the area, to see if David would sing a couple of songs with us.

A few years ago, I received an award. I was asked who Id like to present it, and I said David. He couldnt, because Iman was getting an award that exact same day in San Francisco. But he did a fabulous film for me. It was so warm and gentlemanly.

That was David, all the time. David Bowie rocknroll with me 7 We spent hours taking turns with a hacksaw. I have no siblings, so he was like an older brother. I met him through my ex-wife, who did press for him for a few weeks, backstage on one of the first US shows in We just started talking.

I never said anything about playing music, and he just assumed I was a fine-arts painter. The first time we hung out, we were in his trailer watching Fantasy Island, and we started making up our own dialogue. One of the things I enjoyed most was making him laugh. I remember the funny times, the practical jokes. When we were working on Outside in montreux, The Leaf - The Houghton Weavers - Alive And Kicking (Vinyl would go into this chemist every day to buy a box of 24 condoms, as there was a very attractive woman behind the counter and he wanted to see what would happen.

Every day, wed hear about it. Eventually, David got an actor friend of the studio assistant to burst in and claim he was the womans boyfriend. Brian told this guy he was a keyboard player and had to put condoms on his fingers because he played so hard they kept them from getting Tin Machine, bruised and bleeding.

Bowie leftReeves Gabrels far right another time, we were working on backing vocals. We were trying to come up with a particular sound. David looked at the water cooler bottle and said, What if we cut the bottom out of one, put it over my head and put a mic in the hole?

So we spent what felt like two hours taking turns with a hacksaw cutting the bottom out. It fit over his head and shoulders, we put a mic through the top and he tried singing backing. It sounded like shit! But I learned the clock wasnt to be looked at in the studio and that what it took to get the song, or the work for the day, to appear could mean sitting around smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee, reading The Times.

Did you ever notice how capers are really funny-looking? This could go on until one of us would pick up a guitar and David would go, hey! Do that again That way of working, its almost like the old caf society. Wed email back and forth. The last heavy exchange was after he had his bypass surgery. This was in Id tried to get him to go to the doctor. So we had a bit of I told you so One of the emails he sent was, I dont get to my computer much, but they let me have crayons here.

Its very easy to put David on this pedestal, to turn him into an icon. But its important to remember what a regular guy, what a lad, what a human, David could be. Bowie experimenting. Fascinating to behold, Bowie in the 70s was a one-man genre, an artist unafraid to forge new ground by throwing away the maps and smashing the compass to pieces. But there were signs that his emulators alarmed him: he had Gary Numan, his robotic soundalike, thrown out of the building when he snuck into a recording of The Kenny Everett Video Show in But Numan had a hotline to a growing audience hungry for the new sounds of synth-pop.

It would be are Friends Electric? The following year ofin what might be seen as a display of self-affirmation, Bowie led a quartet of scenesters from Covent Gardens Blitz club in a slow march along an eerie-looking Sussex beach, an enormous bulldozer following ominously behind them. The ashes To ashes video cost an unprecedentedsoon all pop stars would insist on spending that amount and it propelled the quirky, magical, self-referencing song to the top of the charts in august.

There were Old romantics, there were New romantics and there was David Bowie. Tonight and Never Let Me Down were terribly ordinary, even to a Collins fan, and were unfavourably received by the critics, a surprising turn of events for a now year-old Bowie unaccustomed to laying himself open to rebuke. Several times that decade, small but nadiresque occurrences threatened to extinguish in a moment the. OU rEEDS jUST played a famously cantankerous show at the hammersmith Odeon, half the audience walking out when he announces hes not going to play heroin, which he does as soon as theyre off the premises, the set ending with a minute version of you Keep me hangin On, sung by his bass player and played at excruciating volume.

When I get there, lous already split with Bowie, for dinner at the Chelsea rendezvous in South Kensington. Dinner with lou and The Thin White Duke? Im off to South Ken like a shot. This is what I find at the rendezvous: lou and David in a huddle at the head of their table.

David is smiling. Im called over by lou. Bowie looks up at me. David, I say, taking it. Nice to see you, says David. I almost end up in Bowies lap. I have an elbow in the remains of lous dinner. Do you know allan?

We meet occasionally, he tells lou. Did you see the show tonight? I tell him Im still recovering, which makes him laugh. Good, he says. What did you think? I felt like I was being given a pistol-whipping. I decide to leave them to their supper. They get their heads down, the old pals act well under way. Theres a great deal of mutual backslapping, good times remembered.

To friends. Its a touching scene. They resume their original places, resume their conversation. Five minutes on, the place is in uproar. Bowies said something to lou. Fists are flying. David ducks, tries to protect himself. Dont you EVEr say that to me! Dont you EVEr fucken say that to me! Theres an arm around his throat. Theres a terrible silence. People are watching, open-mouthed.

They embrace. Theres a huge sigh of relief. It looks as if the tiff has blown over. The next thing I know, lou is dragging Bowie across the table by his shirt and smacking him in the face. The place explodes in chaos again. Whatever David had said to precipitate the first frank exchange of conflicting opinions, hes obviously rather foolishly repeated.

David cowers. The silence that follows is ghastly. Bowies left at the head of the table. I wander over. Bowie asks me to join him. There isnt a chair, I tell him. Then sit on the table, he replies, a little testily. I sit on the table, tell him Im sorry his reunion with lou seems to have ended so disastrously.

I couldnt quite hear what was going on lou seemed very upset yes, says Bowie, wearily, close to tears. It was nothing. Its all over, says Bowies female companion, looking at me suspiciously It isnt, says Bowie, eyes glaring. I admit I am and Im told to leave. Davids just invited me to sit down, I protest. I was just wondering what happened. This does it.

Bowie leaps to his feet. If you want to know what happened, youll have to ask fucking lou. But hes gone, I tell Bowie. Bowie, angry now and showing it, turns on me, grabs me by the lapels and starts shaking me. I think for a moment of headbutting him, but dont. Bowie swears, shoving me back. I dont know. Im grabbed from behind and dragged back to my table. Bowie sits down. Then he stands up. Bowie smashes most of them on his way out. Theres a terrible mess.

The remaining guests are speechless at this further outburst. The waiters look on, astonished. We share their amazement, my companion and I. I think youve just upset The Thin White Duke, she says. I think perhaps I have, I reply. April allan Jones is sucked into a nasty tiff Between david Bowie and lou reed.

David Bowie eyewitness It may all be flotsam and jetsam In this apt extract from the interview, Bowie muses on his own legacy. Im not so sure what LP) consider to be achievement any more, he told us. Doesnt feel the compulsion, and dislikes most books about him. By which I mean: will they remember rock stars, pop music? I dont think people take much time to look back these days, comes his answer, which might be poignant were it not for his unflinching modernism.

They dont look back anywhere near as much as we used to, as I used to. There is a present sensibility now. The past, the idea of history, has lost a lot of currency. It doesnt carry the weight it had for my generation.

So Im not sure whether last weeks papers will mean a light Isnt that sad in a way? Say, yours? They can bury it under dust, he once told me of his oeuvre, smiling contentedly. See, thats the thing, he reiterates now. Im not so sure what I consider to be achievement any more. H Masonry Gareth Lewis C. J Burton J. J Bull Upholstery co. Bronagh's Social Club E.

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Marcus Smith, all being well, makes his seasonal start from the In a tiny room in an arena in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, a would-be champion put on his tuxedo. It had taken Deontay Wilder only half a round to bludgeon Malik Scott into defeat and he wanted to look the part in and out of the ring. He was two fights It had Blooding youngsters before the end of the season is an insult to paying fans.

France produced an extraordinary comeback to stun Belgium and clinch a place in the Uefa Nations League final against Spain on Sunday. France produced an extraordinary comeback to stun Belgium and clinch a place in the Uefa Nations Friday Harlequins v Bristol Bears 7. While the unbeaten champions were enjoying last weekend off, Bristol were picking up their first win of the season, yet still managed to make Bath look Me neither Lewis Hamilton arrived in Turkey wearing a kilt and said he was using fashion to distract himself from the intense battle this season with his championship rival Max Verstappen.

The seven-times world champion holds a slender two-point lead heading Lewis Hamilton arrived in Turkey wearing a kilt and said he was using fashion to distract himself The actress tells Ben Dowell about her latest hard-hitting role as a victim of domestic violence.

Dim the lights in Soho, lower your rainbow flags to half-mast nationwide and, drag queens, don No country has a greater stock The Leaf - The Houghton Weavers - Alive And Kicking (Vinyl medieval, Renaissance and baroque art, architecture Internet Money. ElektraCentricity. Living Off Xperience. Metallica with the San Francisco Symphony.

Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum. Flowers of Evil. Where Does the Devil Hide. The Promised Land. Hip hoptrap. Between You and Me. Love Synonym Pt. Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 1. VirginEMI. WarnerBella Union. Sunday The Gospel According to Iso.

YoungBoy Never Broke Again. Dee-1 and Murs. Why Do We Shake in the Cold? The Speed of Now Part 1. Un susurro en la tormenta. Moneybagg Yo and Blac Youngsta. N-Less, InterscopeEpic. No Good Left to Give. Throes of Joy in the Jaws of Defeatism. Tea for the Tillerman 2. K-popEDM. Loma VistaConcord. Alternative metalshoegaze. Country Things Vol.

Post-punkpunk rockindustrial rock. Machine Gun Kelly. Tickets to My Downfall. Bad BoyInterscope. Dog City. Post-metalsludge metalprogressive metal. Public Enemy. DreamvilleInterscopeSincethe80s. The Ascension. Free Love. Will Butler. YG EntertainmentInterscope.

Good Luck with Whatever. A Holly Dolly Christmas. The New Ok. Country rockalternative rockalternative country. The Rarities. ColumbiaLegacy. Live Around the World. SkintBMG. Who Made the Sunshine. GriseldaShady. EMI Nashville. New Beginnings. Sub Focus and Wilkinson.

Back Home. NCT Resonance Pt. RepublicPolydor. Warner Theatre, Erie, PA Burden of Proof. Streams of Thought, Vol. Anime, Trauma and Divorce. OVOWarner. Sophomore Slump. Only Child. Cuttin' Grass, Vol. Grand HustleEmpire. Ball Park Music.

Visions of Bodies Being Burned. Gorillaz Productions, ParlophoneWarner. Nothing But Thieves. This Place Sucks Ass. Bright Lights, Red Eyes. RCASony Australia. Featuring Ty Dolla Sign. AtlanticTaylor Gang4Hunnid. Minisode1: Blue Hour. Eyes Wide Open. Post Human: Survival Horror. Sony MusicRCA. Dark Matter. Dirtee StankIsland. Under a Godless Veil. It's Christmas All Over.

December Baby. Welcome to LP). Hip hopdrillgangsta rap. A Very Trainor Christmas. The Makarrata Project. Second Nature. Magic Oneohtrix Point Never. Existential Reckoning. Avant rocknoise rockpsychedelic. Secret CityJoyful Noise. Labels: Frankie Goes To Hollywood. There's little I can say about this song that hasn't already been written a hundred times over already.

But here goes anyway Labels: 50 songs to take to my graveOnly OnesSound of the Suburbs. Friday, 21 February Influences 2: Uncle Bill. Uncle Bill was 83 when he passed away at the very end of He had been ill for some time. Like me, Bill was a music lover and I've long considered him to be an influence on me.

I always remember Bill had a chair in the corner of the front room right next to his hi-fi and extensive collection of vinyl LPs.

I would regularly go through the records and select some for him to play. He'd play me some of his favourite songs and we would often talk about them. The wake was at his and Aunt Dot's house which was pretty much exactly as I remember it being 20 years before. Entering the front room, the first thing I did was check out Bill's corner.

The hi-fi was newer and the vinyl seemed to have been replaced by CDs, but it was still unmistakably Uncle Bill's domain. The song that reminds me most of Uncle Bill is 'Hey Jude'. We played the Beatles compilation aka, the Blue Album that I had bought. It's the latter I took to most and so it remains. There is no doubt in my mind that, as well as my mum and dad and my cousin John, Uncle Bill played a major part in my music obsession.

He fed and nurtured my enthusiasm at an early age and made me realise that there is so much out there you will never hear unless you make an effort to find it. Labels: Beatlesinfluences. During the early nineties, I took in more live bands than I care to think about. There are those however that, for one reason or another, have stuck vividly in my mind.

You really cannot explain the sheer rush you get from being blown away by a live band. All kinds of stories can emanate from a gig which make it particularly memorable. Every Wednesday if I remember I shall try to document a show that remains particularly memorable for one reason or another.

A few more may be mentioned in other articles. The fact I The Leaf - The Houghton Weavers - Alive And Kicking (Vinyl remember as many gigs as I do speaks volumes; there have been plenty of highs and a few lows. Mrs Robster and I were down at the front too.

The Makings Of You - David Nathan (2), Pharaohs Dream - Wistful Elegance (CD), I Love A Piano / Oceana Roll / Piano Roll Blues - Various - The Saturday Show (Vinyl, LP), Till (Remembering Emmet Till) - Joe McPhee, Paal Nilssen-Love - Candy (CD), The Whole Of The Moon - Jennifer Warnes - The Hunter (CD, Album), Soldier Of Fortune - Deep Purple - 18 Very Best Songs (Cassette, Album), Broken Heart Land - Owen Temple - Dollars And Dimes (CD, Album), Introduction And Lilac Fairy - Herbert Von Karajan, Tchaikovsky*, Wiener Philharmoniker - Swan Lake, Voltooid Verleden Tijd - Various - De Grootste Nederlandstalige Pop-Hits Uit De Rabo Top 40 Van 1998, Vincent Price, My Arms Keep Missing You (7 Instrumental) - Caught In The Act (2) - My Arms Keep Missing You (CD), NinebarBlues, A) Malaguena. B) Panxolina - Gerald Moore - A Tribute To Gerald Moore (Vinyl, LP), Shake - Shakes Track Mode E.P. (Vinyl), The Happy Song - Phillip Goodhand-Tait - Good Old Phils (Vinyl, LP, Album), With You, Whatever