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Archived from the original on April 15, Leger, Marie Elsie February 24, Rolling Soul Searching (Album Mix). Archived from the original on September 9, Retrieved July 3, Under the Pink, Tori Amos' second solo album, continues the singer-songwriter's exploration of her life's journey from the confines of a strict religious upbringing to personal and artistic freedom.

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Most important - you can download the album Straight out the JungleStraight out the Jungle to your computer or phone absolutely free of charge, and without registration. Listen online and stay in a good mood.

Album: Straight out the JungleStraight out the Jungle Your feedback. Average Rating: from 1 vote. Jungle brothers - 12 single - black is black. Time left: 2d 18h 50m 36s Ships to: Worldwide. However, Instinct continued to put out records, mostly from demos, without his consent having previously copied many of his tapes and had the master rights. Nonetheless, he claimed Instinct had insisted and had the legal right to put it out.

The latter was recognised by Guinness World Records as the fastest tempo in a recorded song at 1, beats-per-minute. His second and final album on Instinct, Ambientwas released in August It is a collection of mostly ambient techno instrumentals of a more experimental style. By this time Instinct had agreed to release Moby who then took legal action, claiming that the label demanded "a ridiculous amount of money" that he did not have to leave.

He also expressed disagreements over the way Instinct had packaged and handled his music. InMoby signed with Elektra Records which lasted for five years. He secured a deal with Mute Recordsa British label, to handle his European distribution. He attempted to make it in a professional studio, but he disliked the results and re-recorded it at home. A rift developed between Aphex Twin and himself, partly due to Moby's refusal to tolerate their cigarette smoke, so he travelled to each gig by plane, leaving the rest on the tour bus.

Moby's contract with Elektra allowed the opportunity to make his third full-length album, which was underway in He chose to include a variety of musical styles on the album that he either liked or had been influenced by, including electronic dance, ambient, rock, and industrial music.

Everything Is Wrong was released in March to critical praise; Spin magazine named it Album of the Year and some commentators considered it to be an album ahead of its time as it failed to crack the Billboard or have an impact on the dance charts. Elektra took advantage of its diverse sound by distributing tracks of the same style to corresponding radio stations nationwide. Moby toured the album with some headline spots on the second stage at the Lollapalooza festival.

The success of Everything Is Wrong had Moby reach a new peak in critical acclaim. The Los Angeles Times thought the year-old Moby was "poised for greatness [ While touring Everything Is WrongMoby had grown bored with the electronic scene and felt the press had failed to understand his records and take them seriously. This marked a major stylistic change for his next album, Animal Rightscombining guitar-driven rock songs with Moby on lead vocals and softer ambient tracks. It was poorly received by his dance fan base who felt Moby had abandoned them, creating doubts as to what kind of artist Moby really was.

Moby pointed out that he had not abandoned his electronic music completely and had worked on dance and house mixes Soul Searching (Album Mix) film scores while making Animal Rights. After Animal RightsMoby's manager recalled: "We found ourselves struggling for even the slightest bit of recognition. He became a has-been in the eyes of a lot of people in the industry".

InElektra granted Moby's request to be released from his deal on the condition that he paid to leave, which amounted to "quite a lot". He felt Elektra did little to capitalise on the critical success of Everything Is Wrongand that it was only interested in radio friendly hits.

Moby took an interest in the songs and formed samples from various tracks which he used to base new tracks of his own. It was named in reference to his decision to license music from Play. InMoby contributed "Flower" to Gone in 60 Seconds. Moby: Play - The DVDreleased infeatures the music videos produced for the album, live performances, and other bonus features.

Moby started on the follow-up to Play in late It went on to sell over four million copies worldwide. The Soul Searching (Album Mix) left him with multiple bruises and cuts. In FebruaryMoby performed at the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics. Eminem had also shot a mock figure of Moby on stage. Moby put the attack down to Eminem having "this unrequited crush on me. InMoby headlined the Glastonbury Festival on the final day.

Moby returned to his dance and rave roots with the Soul Searching (Album Mix) of Baby Monkeythe third album under his Voodoo Child moniker, in Moby's seventh album, Hotelwas released in March The album contains little use of samples, which Moby reasoned to using different audio recording software which had a sampling function that was too difficult to learn, "so it was me just being lazy". He nonetheless said that Hotel is a more satisfying album as a result.

The album features vocals from six other performers, including Laura Dawn and Shayna Steele. Inhe accepted an offer to score the soundtrack for Richard Kelly 's movie Southland Talesbecause he was a fan of Kelly's previous film, Donnie Darko. From to he ran a series of New York club events titled "Degenerates".

InMoby released Last Nightan electronic dance album inspired by a night out in his New York City neighborhood. Moby wished for the follow-up to Last Night to be emotional, personal, and melodic. Wait for Me was released on June 30, Moby held a user-generated content competition to have fans create a video for "Wait for Me", the last single from the album, which was to be used as the official video.

The winning entry was written and directed by Nimrod Shapira of Israel, and portrays the story of a girl who decides to invite Moby into her life. She attempts to do so by using a book called How to Summon Moby, A Guide for Dummiesputting herself through bizarre and comical steps, each is a tribute to a different Moby video.

The Wait for Me tour featured a full band. InMoby enlisted vocalist Phil Costello as a songwriting partner for a new heavy metal band, Diamondsnake. After writing 13 songs, they recruited guitarist Dave Hill and a drummer named Tomato to complete the line-up.

They recorded their self-titled debut album in one day and released it for free on their website. In JanuaryMoby announced that he had started work on a new album. Moby toured worldwide throughoutcompleting acoustic and DJ sets at various concerts and festivals. In OctoberMoby released Innocents. He had worked on the album for the previous 18 months and hired Spike Stent to produce it. Moby used several guest vocalists on the album, and picked Neil Young and "Broken English" by Marianne Faithfull as the biggest influences to the musical style on the album.

So, thus: a 3 date world tour. Six of Moby's songs are feature in Charlie Countryman His music set the tone to Cathedrals of Culturea 3D documentary film about the soul of buildings, directed by Wim Wenders. The performances were accompanied by visuals created by himself and with David Lynch. After InnocentsMoby proceeded to make a new wave dance album with a choir, but realised the difficulty in recording a full choir in his home studio and resorted to multi-tracking vocals performed by himself and guests.

He then decided against the new wave album and opted for one made by himself and seven guest vocalists he named the Void Pacific Choir. Its video, by animator Steve Cuttsaddresses smartphone addiction which won a Webby Award.

Released for free online, it was marketed from a spoof website using elected President Donald Trump 's alleged PR alter-ego, John Miller. The announcement coincided with the release of the first single, "Like a Motherless Child". In contrast to the politically inspired and punk nature of the two Void Pacific Choir records, the album explores themes of spirituality, individuality, and humanity. This resulted in Moby's second ever appearance on the US Billboard Hot singles chart, having previously charted for "Southside", 17 years prior.

In MarchMoby released a follow-up to his first long ambient album, Long Ambients 2. The first single, "Power is Taken" featuring D. Peligrowas released on the same day as the announcement. All profits from the album will be given to charity. It features tracks recorded under three conditions that he set himself: improvise with nothing written beforehand, no editing of the pieces after recording, and that every part of the process was to be "calming".

The album was released on digital streaming platforms, followed by videos of Moby performing each track on December 30 on his YouTube channel. A documentary titled Moby Doc on Moby's life and career was released digitally and to domestic theaters in May It features orchestral versions of his greatest hits with multiple guest artists.

Moby has collaborated live with many of his heroes while on tour or at fundraisers. In he contributed vocals to song "Curse" on Recoil 's " Bloodline " Alan Wilder 's solo project, he was Depeche Mode member at time of that recording.

Moby arguably later used this inspiration for his breakthrough album, Playfor which he used several old field recordings by Alan Lomaxmuch as Wilder had used a recording of White 's " Shake 'Em On Down ". InMoby was responsible for the soundtrack of the documentary The Crash Reelwho tells the story of snowboarder Kevin Pearce. He had been friends with Jonathan Ames for a long time, and "when we both lived in NY we did a lot of really strange, cabaret, vaudeville type shows together, and we just sort of stayed friends over the years.

Moby was one of the first musicians to have an episode on Netflix 's new music documentary series titled Once In a Lifetime Sessions ; where he records, discusses, and performs his music. Moby Doca documentary about the artist his life was released on May 28, Starting in aroundMoby launched a series of co-owned business ventures, with the two most prominent being the Little Idiot Collective—a New York City, U.

Moby headlined the event for the second year with artists Waka Flocka FlameDreamcar and Raury featuring on the bill. Moby has posted updates on his blog via his official website since September Moby lived in New York City for 21 years. From tohe lived in a studio apartment on Mott Street where he also recorded his albums. He also owns an apartment in Little Italy, Manhattan. In JuneMoby and numerous other celebrities appeared in a video showing support for Chelsea Manning.

Moby identifies himself as heterosexual and cisgender and had felt "disappointed" to be straight. He has no children. InMoby was inspired to become a vegetarian by a cat named Tucker that he had found at a dump in Darien, Connecticut. In Novemberwhile playing with Tucker, "I decided that just as I would never do anything to harm Tucker, or any of our rescued animals, I also would never do anything to harm any animal, anywhere", and became a vegan. From toMoby described his life as a "very clean" one and abstained from drugs, alcohol, and "for the most part", sex.

At the Soul Searching (Album Mix) of the year he wished to make amends and live a healthier lifestyle and promised a girlfriend that he would quit alcohol for one month; he lasted two weeks. Matters culminated shortly after he turned 43 when he attempted suicide; he had his last drink on October 18,and has since attended Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Moby has adopted different faiths throughout his life. He identified himself as an atheist when he was growing up, followed by agnostic, then "a good eight or ten years of being quite a serious Christian", during which time he taught Bible studies.

I'm not saying I'm right, and I certainly wouldn't criticize anyone else's beliefs. One of my problems with the church and conventional Christianity is it seems like their focus doesn't have much to do with the teachings of Christ, but rather with their own social agenda". InMoby pointed out that if he needed to label himself, it would be as a " Taoist —Christian—agnostic quantum mechanic. Moby is an advocate for a variety of causes, working with MoveOn. The music video for the song " Disco Lies " from Last Night has heavy anti-meat industrial themes.

He also actively engages in nonpartisan activism and serves on the Board of Directors of Amend. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

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