Rockin Around The Christmas Tree - Various - Christmasville U.S.A. (CD)

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Harvey Fuqua. Let's not forget his part in all of this. And don't forget McMahon has been a big part of this, too. Rita McMahon, City Manager. And lest we forget about good ol' Abby. I was told two years ago that she was one of the ones going door to door for THAT election telling Fountain's lies about John for him. Was Hach in on that, too? This city has needed to be "cleaned up" for a lot of years, an I'm not talking about the sidewalks. That does not mean what John said about himself was all true, he still lied about most of it.

I don't believe Mr. Murphy is stewing over the lost election at all He has the strength of his convictions and the peace of mind that goes along with being a decent person. If more people were like John by putting their money where their mouth Rockin Around The Christmas Tree - Various - Christmasville U.S.A. (CD) and kept trying to do the right thing, then Painesville wouldn't have the problems that it does.

It's true that all politics are local and that the citizens get what they vote for; all one can hope for at this point is that John Murphy and others of his ilk do not give up. And it makes me wonder what the elitists on council are afraid of that they have to resort to underhanded methods to win at all costs.

Where's the recall petition Just because the Ohio Election Commission found no probable cause, that does not mean it was not true, only that they don't think it should go any farther, the little story in the news hearld, did not hurt John Murphy any.

Does it seem that Painesville is heading down the wrong path? Murphy would have surely taken this city and made it only worse? We would probably be ranked lower by Cleveland Magazine? What we are last? Cobblestone is a fine example of that. What kind of money do we we spend on our fire department? Then the chief says we do a "fair" job? We elect someone to city council who should have to explain why we are third from the bottom in education in this part of Ohio? So we reward him? Pipedreams of downtown?

Everyone in the county is laughing at us. Thank God they railroaded John Murphy who knows how bad thing could get? If Dinallo and Fodor are just there to go along with Hada, well thats not a solution to anything. John Murphy wouldn't kiss Hada's ring. What a surprise. Rockin Around The Christmas Tree - Various - Christmasville U.S.A. (CD) Poppins. A News-Herald questionnaire is not public record.

Why would something that a private company receives from a citizen be public record? I don't believe John Murphy lost the election because of True or False campaign charges. John lost the election when he openly recieved Mr. Gibbs support. What were you thinking John? Murphy did not lose the election. It was stolen from him. There's a big difference there. He lost by under votes, and those votes were stolen from him. We need a recall in this city so we can have honest elections, for one thing.

The "dirty politics" that Hada and his gang play should have no part in this city or its elections. There is just really no excuse for that behavior, and there is no excuse for having people like Rockin Around The Christmas Tree - Various - Christmasville U.S.A. (CD) running this city. Where are the recall papers.

I'll sign. Does anyone know what all is involved in that and how many signatures are needed, etc.? Enough is enough. And what do we need to do to get rid of Horvath? We finally voted him out, and he is still crapping up the joint two years later.

I also hope that Murphy, Cimaglio, and the other handful of people that show up at every council meeting to watch over this city, the council and the council president, do not give up. I don't think they will. I hope they understand that now we need them even more than ever.

I can't even imagine what shape this city would be in if not for these dedicated citizens. By the way, thanks Term for this well-run, important blog. I think the world of John Murphy with that said what about all the concerns in Painesville we will be facing next year? Millstone, Cobblestone, Heisley Park, developing the hospital site Rockin Around The Christmas Tree - Various - Christmasville U.S.A.

(CD) right way, housing issues, gangs and a whole lot of other satety concerns. These are just for a starters. Please don't expect 3 or 4 people to go to council meeting to carry the water for everyone. Believe me it makes them nervious to see others there.

The resident of Heisley Park send someone to every meeting, along with a State St. Let them know theres a new way of doing business in Dodge, and they will be held resposible, I like that word the CM will have to hold her administration to it. This is for a. Gibbs would hurt John's election? I'm not informed enough on that to know what you meant. Can you tell me why that is your opinion?

Ok enough with all the rhetoric. Rockin Around The Christmas Tree - Various - Christmasville U.S.A. (CD) to put up or shut up. Did the paper screw up or did John write that he had degrees from those places? Public record or not, this is a man's reputation on the line.

Come on, put this to rest. Scan your questionaire from the NH and let Term post it here and all of us can be the judge. No reason to speculate, if you Rockin Around The Christmas Tree - Various - Christmasville U.S.A.

(CD) you have been wronged then show us how horvath and hada were out to get you. It's simple. John, I'll let you decide what you want to do. I don't know what this will change but I will do it if you wish. Funny how in Painesville you have to prove your not gulty, but no one has to prove you are? John should putup or shutup. He made the accusations. Bill Horvath and Joe Hada saved Painesville from having that goof sitting on council.

I don't really care how they did it only that he doesn't get to sit on council. Recall petitions sorry I think you need more than a dozen signatures. The claims against John have been dismissed, that should be enough proof for all of us.

He doesn't need to and should not post his News-Herald questionaire here for all of the haters to pick apart. If the State of Ohio dismissed the claims, so should we. If you have questions about the claims, talk to John in person. Unlike some others out there, he will take the time to talk to you. I got to know John during the months leading up to the election and found him to be a sincere and well-meaning person.

I hope he runs again and I will do whatever I can to suppot him. Painesville could use many more like John. Doesn't matter as long as he was kept off? Boy, if that doesn't sum up what's wrong in the world, nothing does. John has given me the questionaire from the News-Herald along with other items.

I will do my best to post these items as they appear. I just hope this puts an end to the questions. Someone should ask Bill Horvath for his proof. I will be more than glad to try to put it up here.

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