Never Du Nozin - Los 7 Delfines - Los 7 Delfines (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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The PM is the smallest size, best for petite carriers. The MM is best to carry every day. The GM is recommended for travel and work. The PM is the smallest size of the Neverfull family. If you are petite, this is the best size for you. The Neverfull MM is the most popular size. It can easily fit a laptop, water bottle, cosmetic bagsand anything you need to carry.

This large-sized tote is ideal for travel or work. It can hold a 15" laptop and a Album) lot more! Never 7 is a visual novel [1] in which the player reads the story, and presses a button to advance through the text.

At certain points, the player gets to make choices which affect the direction the plot proceeds in; these involve choosing what location to move to, and what the player character should say, as well as subtler choices such as whether to look a girl in the eyes or to take her hand.

The game is presented from a first-person perspective, with pre-rendered backgrounds and 2D character portraits accompanying Album) text.

The visuals mostly consist of still images, but with characters often changing their expression while talking. After six days have passed in the game's story, the game moves back in time to the beginning, allowing the player to make new choices based on the knowledge they have gained through the first six days to try to prevent certain events.

Depending on the choices the player makes, the game either ends on a "bad ending" on the sixth day, LP continues into a "good ending" on the seventh day. After finishing the game, a picture gallery and a music test are made available in an omake mode. When replaying parts of the game, the player is able to use a fast forward function to move past sections of text that they have already read.

The game also includes an "Append Story" mode in which the player can play new scenarios that are downloaded from the developer's website. In the Dreamcast version of the game, a meter on the system's Visual Memory Unit shows how the player is doing with the female characters: it shows three blocks, which have hearts inside if the player is doing well.

Never 7 takes place in the week of April 1—7, Makoto Ishihara, the player character, is a college student and truant who rarely attends his classes. As a result, he is forced to attend a seminar camp held on a remote island in to be allowed to pass to his next grade. Three other students are at the camp: Yuka Kawashima, the leader of the group; Haruka Higuchi, a studious and quiet girl; and LP Iida, a wealthy playboy who is the heir of the Iida Financial Group.

The seven are stuck on the island for a week due to a tropical cyclone preventing boats from leaving, and become friends.

The game begins on April 1 with Makoto awakening from a nightmare of a girl dying on April 6 with a bell in her hand. As the week goes on, he occasionally Album) premonitions of the future, all of which come true.

Depending on the player's choices, Makoto ends up getting close to one of the girls, and on April 5, the story branches into different routes focusing on one of them.

In each route, the girl Makoto was close to dies on April 6 with a bell in her hand. Afterwards, Makoto finds that he has traveled back in time to April 1, retaining the memories of the previous six days.

Concluding that he is trapped in an infinite loophe vows to keep the girl alive and break free of the loop. He does so by rebuilding his relationships with her while dealing with the emotional problem troubling her. Unlike the Perry Tote which is wider at the top than the base, the Molly Tote is a truck rectangle shape, just like the Neverfull. What LP the Neverfull so durable, stain, water, and scratch resistant is the coated canvas material.

Saffiano leather although it is real leather is much sturdier than your standard smooth or pebbled leather. The size and shape are so incredibly similar to the Neverfull. The straps are also just about the same size. Opt for a leather version like this bad boy. This bag is by far the least expensive Louis Vuitton Neverfull dupe on this list! Not a bad price!

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