Modulor Mix - Various - Source Lab (Vinyl, LP)

These historic sessions-never heard, never bootlegged-predate Miles' revolutionary album, Bitches Brew, and are the true birth of Miles' jazz-rock explorations, along with the roots for Betty's groundbreaking funk that came years later, starting with her self-titled debut in While, ultimately, these recordings would go unreleased for nearly half LP) century, they would greatly shape each of their careers.

The vibe is intrinsically unique, fresh, and futuristic-jazz heavyweights playing psychedelia, rock, and jazz-fusion long before the term became commonplace. The songs include Betty originals and covers of classics by Creedence and Cream. The concepts explored on these previously unheard sessions fueled concepts that wouldn't be fully realized until years later with Miles' seminal On The Corner.

Additionally, included here is the first time rerelease of a Columbia single, recorded in October at Columbia Studios in Los Angeles. The session was produced by Jerry Fuller and featured South African maverick Hugh Masekela on trumpet and arrangements, plus members of jazz-funk pioneers The Crusaders-including trombonist Wayne Henderson and pianist Joe Sample.

Two of the three tracks included here from this session are previously unreleased. This deluxe package is a treasure trove for both Betty and Miles fans, including rare documents from the pen of co-producer Teo Macero, rarely seen photos from legendary photographer Baron Wolman, and new interviews with Mrs.

Davis herself, Harvey Brooks, and Hugh Masekela-the entire project overseen with Betty's full blessing. Source: Light in the Attic. Betty Davis — Nasty Gal Reissue. Similarly, her vocals bear a resemblance to prime Tina Turner—albeit a Tina Turner who has been possessed by the spirit of a wildcat in heat. What really electrifies, however, is her raw, unapologetic carnality: a sexual self-determination that had some cultural precedent in the Blaxploitation roles of Pam Grier, but remarkably few peers in popular music.

Check the unbelievable twinning of guitar and bassline in "Feelins" that underscore, note for note, Davis' vocals.

The drive is akin to hardcore punk rock, but so funky it brought Rick James himself to the altar to worship as he later confessed in interviews. And in the instrumental break, the interplay between the rhythm section bassist Larry Johnson and drummer Semmie "Nicky" Neal, Jr.

In essence, the album is missing nothing: it's perfect, a classic of the genre in that it pushed every popular genre with young people toward a blurred center that got inside the backbone while smacking you in the face.

Heard through headphones, its spaced out psychedelic effects, combined with the nastiest funk rock on the block, is simply shocking. Grant Green always brought out the best in Big John Patton. Almost any record that featured the guitarist and organist was dominated by their scintillating interplay, and it always sounded like they were trying to top each other's blistering, funky solos.

Patton and Green rarely sounded better than they did on Got a Good Thing Goin', a session that functioned as a showcase for the pair's dynamic interaction and exciting, invigorating solos. In particular, the duo's mastery is evident because there are no horns to stand in the way -- only drummer Hugh Walker and conga player Richard Landrum provide support, leaving plenty of room for Green and Patton to run wild. All five numbers -- two originals by Patton and Green, two pop covers "Ain't That Peculiar," "Shake"and Duke Pearson's "Amanda" -- are simple blues and soul-jazz songs that provide ample space for the guitarist and organist to stretch out.

And they do stretch out -- as a pair, they have never sounded so fiery or intoxicating. Series: Blue Note Collection —. Style: Jazz-Funk. Younge finds just the right mix of soul for the singer's ruminating ballads. Guests include Kendrick Lamar, Big K. Released: 09 Oct Style: Soul. Bill Withers created mellow, downhome-style soul for barely more than a decade before retreating from the industry to pursue craftsman interests.

Yet over the course of the handful of albums he made for Sussex and CBS, the Appalachian native struck lasting emotional chords in legends ranging from Booker T. Jones to Stephen Stills — not to mention the millions of listeners that fell under the spell of now-standard tracks such as "Lean on Me," "Use Me," and "Ain't No Sunshine. Pressed on g LP at RTI, our vinyl reissue of the compilation provides a transparent view of Withers' relaxing timbre and the subtle grooves underlining his arrangements.

Characteristics ranging from the tension of the guitars, funky bends of the bass, whisper-soft coo of the formal strings, airiness LP) the backing harmonies, and sharpness of the snare drum emerge with utmost clarity and lifelike presence. Always prized for its naked honesty and pure conviction, Withers' music positively caresses the senses on this LP, the unadulterated production and beautiful soundscapes revealed anew with each listen.

Series: Original Master Recording —. Released: 16 Nov Style: SoulJazz-Funk. Incredibly, Withers almost never got a shot at recording. After receiving a deal from Sussex while laboring as a toilet-seat manufacturer, he landed in the care of Stax bandleader Booker T. Two takes from those sessions, the Grammy-winning "Ain't No Sunshine" and devotional "Grandma's Hands," are included here, and showcase the vocalist's incredible breath control, folksy drawl, and restrained phrasing.

They also indicate his penchant for converting biographical experience into eminently catchy combinations of pop, gospel, blues, and soul.

There's not one forgettable moment on Greatest Hits. Covered by the likes of Fiona Apple, Mick Jagger, Isaac Hayes, Alicia Keys, and dozens more, "Use Me" rides a riveting clarinet riff and urban tempo to express the double-edged feelings associated with an edgy relationship. For the Latin-tinged "Lovely Day," Withers holds a single note for 18 seconds and composed a song that's been sampled and rerecorded countless times by artists spanning Diana Ross to R.

Secure your lowest-numbered copy of this seminal edition by Modulor Mix - Various - Source Lab (Vinyl from Music Direct today! Bill Withers. Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab. Strangely, the song is seldom accorded recognition on par with his more well known material. Music On Vinyl. But inwhen the album was released, the famed singer-songwriter was still at the height of his powers.

His songs were paradoxes, deceptively simple in the way they illuminated the interiority of the human experience, how they made the personal universal. Classics — C Released: Aug With production, arrangement and keyboard accompaniment by Booker T. Beautifully remastered, Just As I Am is presented to a new generation of listeners who may have missed out the first time.

With this remastering comes an intimacy, warmth, and immediacy to the recordings that was only hinted at with previous versions; it's almost as if Withers is in a living room singing to a small group of people, rather than making a record. Of course, the instantly recognizable anthem "Ain't No Sunshine" gets all of the acclaim it so richly deserves, but also in tracks like "Harlem", "Grandma's Hands" and "Better Off Dead" you can hear the intensity and maturity of Bill's performances.

Even when he's doing covers, Withers makes them sound as if they are his own compositions. Limited LP) copies. First, Night Express is great music. Because Night Express was not only a funky, compelling hit record in its day. Confined together by residence controls, these communities developed their own vibrant cultural life.

Mohamed had started his musical journey at Dorkay House, where he studied guitar and was able to hear the rehearsals of jazz legends such as saxophonist Kippie Moeketsi. Later, it became one of his LP) and rehearsal spaces. I was in awe. Mohamed already knew bassist Sipho Gumede from Dorkay House. A vehicle was hired to bring his Yamaha from his home, and the first Black Disco album was cut: a trio with no drummer. We did it in the Gallo Studios in about two hours—no re-takes.

At that time, Mohamed was still feeling his way through jazz-style soloing. They were my mentors. Night Express was an instant hit, and Black Disco one of several names the group bore, with shifting personnel when Gumede or Coetzee were not in town was able to graduate from its previous three-hour afternoon sessions in township school halls. The regime divided us: people classified coloured had identity documents; black people had the dompas. Sipho, although he was born in KZN, could play any feel.

Despite the hits, it had not been easy making a living from the music. But the growing weight of repression culminating in the Soweto Uprising inwere leading to a shift in his music. I wanted a reason for playing. It was no longer enough just to have hits. We must know our heritage. But the Black Disco group was, for him, where it all started. It was our way of saying: We are with you.

Black Disco. Matsuli Music. After the two connected via friends in the Austin scene, they began to collaborate on a new sound that transmutes soul into something idiosyncratically modern. Style: Psychedelic, Soul. Outside of Kenya their output has been mostly invisible until a recent reissue and spreading through the internet, but they were quite popular among Nairobi youngsters in the s.

Their music was released on an LP and three singles between the mid-'70s and the early 80s, and has remained out of print ever after. The early years of the band, whose members met during their secondary school years in Nairobi, are well described in the liner notes to the current reissue compilation by Afro7.

CD, Compilation. Country: Finland. Released: 10 Jun Style: African. Cupid Deluxe shows a more expansive aural palate than its predecessor while retaining the pop sensibilities that Hynes has showcased since his days in Test Icicles and Lightspeed Champion.

Simply put, Cupid Deluxe perfectly highlights why Hynes has become one of the most exhilarating and prolific voices creating music right now. Blood Orange. Written and produced by Hynes, Freetown Sound is a tour de force, a pastiche of Hynes' past, present, and future that melds his influences with his own established musical voice.

For well over a decade, Hynes has proven himself a virtuoso of versatility, experimenting with almost every conceivable musical genre under a variety of monikers. After moving to New York City in the mids, Hynes became Blood Orange, plumming the oeuvres of the city's musical legends to create a singular style of urgent, delicate pop music. Freetown Sound, which follows 's Coastal Grooves and 's breakthrough Cupid Deluxe, builds upon everything Hynes has done as an artist, resulting in the most expansive artistic statement of his career.

Drawing from a deep well of techniques and references, the album unspools like a piece of theater, evoking unexpected communions of moods, voices, and eras. Freetown Sound derives its name from the birthplace of Hynes' father, the capital of Sierra Leone. B1 - Dark Times. B2 - Feel It. A - The Warning. B - Elysium. Holding Hands S 02 James Bangura. A1 - For The People. A2 - Object Of My Affection. B1 - Target Velocity. International Chrome 08 Nite Fleit. Nite Fleit feat. Jensen Interceptor - Effe Bee Eye.

Nite Fleit - Low Voltage. Nite Fleit - Zero Sum. Nite Fleit - Bad Blood. Frame runner 01 A1 Harship. Frame Runner 01 B1 : Orgaz. B2 - Mr. Gasmask - Chip Chapter. A2 - Dexterous Numerics - Subterfuge. Unknown Weapons Unknown. A1 - Untlted. A2 - Untlted. B1 - Untlted. B2 - Untlted. Livity Sound 48 Lack. A1 - Grapefruit. A2 - Microshift. B1 - Make It Circular. B2 - Constant. Green Arrow 05 JahnoMore SoundsA2 - GA Possee - Dub.

B1 - Jahno Mix. B1 - Sinister Acoustics - Fascists Grinder. A - Analogue Intelligence - Cyber Tribs. Eternal wayward dub version 3 a. Eternal rankin' club version 3 a. Eternal guns of mu mu -- 12" edit 3 a. Eternal guns of mu mu 3 a. Eternal klonk blip every trip 3 a. Eternal break for love mix 3 a. Eternal radio freedom edit 3 a.

Eternal rankin' club version 12"WL: ? BE Indisc; [not pic cd; diff index marks] MC: ? Eternal guns of mu mu Modulor Mix - Various - Source Lab (Vinyl Train To Trancentral rock steady [labeled ''] ["Church" and "Last Train" segue together and are incorrectly indexed as running andrespectively. Producent Records; MM [bootleg? Is it actually on this somewhere? Eternal ["E. Running time as aired: around 7 min. Narrated by Scott Piering. CD5: FR?? Lots of KLFesque samples, though. The Mongrel: Infamy!

UK WAU! Music, O. CS: ? Eternal original-edit [3 a. Eternal [3 a. Eternal guns of mu mu [3 a. Eternal guns of mu mu - 12" edit [3 a. Eternal rankin' club version [3 a. Eternal] [on Various: Awesome!! Marshall Dickson who is behind that bootleg put it on there due to the many requests for the track] [America: What Time Is Love?

What Time Is Love? NL Arcade;?? Charity album for the children in former Yugoslavia. Griffin Records;?? When they got there they handed over the tape plus an audio track and said, in essence, "here's your video". The film remained unreleased due to Drummond's and Cauty's decision to film additional material, which should have been financed by German businessmen who refused after seeing a raw version.

Bootleg videos of this version exist; they include a soundtrack pasted together for this occasion consisting of tracks from the original white room album, "Madrugada Eterna", and tracks from the later released White Room album. Premiered 23 Aug on the Isle Of Jura. Film of Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty burning one million british pounds. Also starring Jim Reid and Gimpo; filmed by Gimpo.

The film is usually shown at film festivals without soundtrack. The brick was obviously pressed from the ashes of the burnt one million pounds. Another sreening of the complete film is scheduled for the year Given to the audience at the 2K event at Barbican Hall, London, 17 Sep for free; also sold through Mute Bank mail order, who also sold items separately. Eternal] [remixed for Art of Mix by Michael Meacham] 12": ?

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