Free Spirit - Atlanta Rhythm Section - Red Tape (Vinyl, LP, Album)

If you've ever cared for a toddler, you'll know they have a heightened, almost mystical sense for what is valuable or dangerous and an urge to destroy or play with that thing. Obviously my Canadian readers are more likely to be of help but as the record is on the Swiss label Off The Disk Records and was likely released to accompany a European tour circa my thin hope is spread a little more evenly.

Any assistance you can offer whether giving a possible lead or just passing this request along would be enormously appreciated! Wednesday, October 13, V. This thirty volume series features artists covering Bob Dylan songs. Tuesday, October 12, Spunkstains : Volume Eight.

One of a fifteen-volume bootleg series from the early aughts full of raw punk noise from the likes of: The Exile, Spelling Misteaks, Horror Comic and Satan's Rats. Monday, October 11, Patti Smith: Rockpalast Some of the fascinating reactions from MRML readers to our multiple choice Patti pos t: fuzzpsych said I was about 12 years old, and babysitting my cousin's kids. Saturday Night Live was on, and Patti and the band were the musical guests. I was riveted--I couldn't figure out if she was a guy or a girl, it rocked, and the drummer jumped over the kit at the end of the song!

Took me years to find out who she was, but I never forgot it. Mona said I do remember watching her on the Old Grey Whistle Test in the UK in what 77 and being knocked out while my Dad thought it was the biggest load of bollox of all time Nazz Nomad said Labels: Candy Hearts. Quick quiz; what first formed the basis of your understanding of Patti Smith? Her twisted, poetic mutation of rock n' roll on early songs like "Pissing in the River".

No way. Wednesday, October 6, V. Tuesday, October 5, Spunkstains : Volume Seven. Labels: Shonen Knife. Saturday, October 2, The Sugar Stems Deliriously wonderful indie-punk-surf-pop straight outta Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Labels: Sugar Stems.

I fell hard for The Muffs back in It wasn't a band member-specific obsession though Kim Shattuck, could've been the besotting one. No it was all about the sound, which was was rife with pop-punk melodies, garage-rock riffs, lyrics that wrung genuine emotion from a plain-spoken simplicity and that ever-present Shattuck shriek of "WOHW!

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Transcending cultural differences and customs is just a small step to achieve that. Spock', a Holdsworth composition - here celebrating his enjoyment of 'Star Trek' on record for the first time his later album 'Atavachron' went further. And then there are two bonus track disinterred from the vaults and a real joy. One a rework of Mr Spock, but retitled Letsby.

The other a new tune Celebration with no composer creditswhich smacks of Herbie Hancock in jazz funk mode - even with a Bernie Maupin-type bass clarinet effect, however, I presume from Pasqua's keys. A great album, which should part of any basic jazz rock record library. Review by Dick Heath In the liner notes we are told that Tony Williams' dad was a sax player in Jazz bands around Boston. He proudly took his son Tony with him on the Jazz circuit.

At 17 he was talent spotted by bebop legend Jackie McLean and was taken to New York, and shortly afterwards was invited to join Miles Davis' pacesetting quintet-plucked from obscurity he was now sitting at the very top of Free Spirit - Atlanta Rhythm Section - Red Tape (Vinyl Jazz tree". Miles Davis said this about Tony in his autobiography, "I can tell you this, there ain't but one Tony Williams when it comes to playing the drums.

There was nobody like him before or since. Considering Miles played with Billy Cobham and other greats, that's a huge statement. Interesting LP a young and upcoming bassist Jaco Pastorius tried out for this band but Tony gave the position to former motown bass player Tony Newton, who is incredible by the way. Alan Holdsworth is on guitar here, and I have not heard him sound better than this. Alan Pasqua plays the keyboards rounding out the lineup. I have to say right off the bat that this record completely floored me.

I mean listening to Williams' drum work and Holdsworth guitar technique and skill was just a pleasure. Yet it's more then that because these songs are fantastic, plus we have some killer bass and amazing keyboard play throughout. Impressed is an understatement. The band then kicks in and it all sounds incredible. Love the rhythm section on this one. Holdsworth comes in before 2 minutes. Great section. This one's all about the almost Zeuhl-like rhythm though. The keys absolutely move me here as the bass and drums support.

The contrast continues. It settles before 4 minutes with some pleasant guitar until Alan then starts to rip it up. That beautiful melody from earlier is back before 6 minutes.

Big finish. Interesting because it's Holdsworth who simply blows me away with his playing on this one. Williams comes in then Pasqua 2 minutes in. Nice bass lines too. And like his other one this has a heavy,prominant rhythm to it. It settles a minute in as the guitar starts to solo, but while he's lighting it up that heavy rhythm returns. Guitar returns to end it. Amazing stuff! This is more laid back to start as guitar comes in tastefully. It turns more aggressive though a minute in and this contrast continues.

Spock" is Holdsworth's song and yes he's a fan of Star Trek. It's fairly heavy to start but lightens somewhat as all four of these guys shine. Tony is so fluid and impressive on the drums and Holdsworth lights it up after 3 minutes as Tony pounds away.

It ends heavily much like it started. This for me is the perfect blend of Jazz and Rock that I can drink all day. In fact i've been holding off reviewing it so it can stay in my rotation longer. Review by Mellotron Storm Looking back in retrospect, Believe is probably one of those seminal album where jazz-rock is moving a to jazz-funk, but it's hardly the first, since Miles' On The Corner and later Herbie's Head Hunter, and WR's chance of bassist from the European Vitous to the Afro-American Johnsonthis is yet another although Holdsworth's guitar still keeps it very rock-minded.

I did ;o. Besides the excellent and escapist Proto-Cosmos the preceding Fred had been gentler, at least at first, before Holdsworth's blistering solos set fire to your speaker's diaphragms. The Red-hot Alert is another beauty where Alan Holds its Worth; the Williams-penned Wildlife is definitely more balanced, giving Pasqua more chance to express himself including a great solo on a Rhodes.

The closing Mr Spock starts on the Rhodes but ends weekly on drums fade outs. The two bonus tracks are a little bizarre, given that the album would be sooooo short without them, that it seems they'd be part of the original album as well.

Indeed Celebration melts exactly into the album soundscape and the fantastic Letsby, giving Williams a fantastic showcase, is no less excellent. Rarely have two bonus tracks melted so well with their albums. Definitely their best album in their "New Lifetime" configuration, Believe It is just as strong Album) the first two albums of the previous incarnation.

It might appear a bit too technical at times, concentrating on virtuosity rather than pure composition, but there is plenty to still please those progressive jazz-rock fans out there. Review by Sean Trane Tony was music from which a reaction all over the world was indeed welcomed after last band "Lifetime" had been formed as for the recording of album "In A Silent Way" of Miles.

Under the influence of the music that they begin to spin on the listener and the musician at the same time, the mistake is not found. John and Larry indeed contributed to this Trio and strengthened the creation of Tony further. This irregular band where Bass Player did not exist caused an indeed psychedelic element and the element of Rock and the highest chemical reaction was caused in the age.

It is spoken that Ian Carr of Nucleus was actually influenced from the music of this Lifetime. However, John Mclaughlin starts the plan of band "Mahavishnu Orchestra" after it contributes to debut album "Emergency" of Lifetime and continuing album "Turn It Over".

Therefore, Lifetime temporarily changes the system and announces the album. Allan Holdsworth that newly participates in this band is tuned in music in the approach besides John and it tunes it to the antenna of approach Tony well. Allan has already been taken an active part by "Nucleus" "Tempest" "Soft Machine" and all listeners admit the talent.

It fights by the quality of the dimension besides the content of "Emergency" in this album. Tony made throbbed more album on Allan. Tony Newton known as a session musician of Motown supports the rhythm well and it works. It is thought that a lot of important factors are substantially very buried in the history of the music of Tony in this album.

Please satisfy Tony that performs Rock. Review by Kazuhiro Tony Williams is one of most respectable jazz fusion drummers, still from time when he played with Miles Davis. It's a bit pity, that besides other Miles jazz fusion cohort, as Chick Corea or John McLaughlin, Tony's later solo works stayed a bit in the shadow side.

Just a Closer Walk with Thee. All the Way. My God Works Wonders This Soul of Mine What Is This What More Can Jesus Do In Love with Jesus No One Knows You Ought to Have Been There What Could I Do?

Moving to My Heavenly Home Pray for Me There Is a Fountain Just a Closer Walk with Thee All the Way Babo Band from Germany? Custom CS. Garco Mons: vocals, guitar. Marcel Mons: bass. Alexander Bijl: soll guitar.

Oscar Pathuis: drums, keyboards. Andre Venema: engineer. Side 1: Bye Bye Color music: G. First Love G. Mons — O. The Letter G. John G. Side 2: program repeated. Bluebell Records Custom CD. Axis of Evil Songs: Annuit Coeptis. We Ride, You Die. Devil Spawn.

God Given Right. Diabolus Apocalypse. Novus Ordo Seclorum. Marytr the Patience of the Saint. Come Drink the Wrath. God Damn the Children of the Beast. Babylon Siren Band from Australia. Wonderful Songs: Bye and Bye. It Took a Miracle. God Is So Wonderful. What a Friend. He Has a Way. Sow Righteous Seeds. He Delivered Me.

Arranged by Rev. Charles Bands and Jeff Banks. Program notes by Nat Hentoff: container. Back Pew Boyz Band played contemporary rock music, circa Name was a play on Backstreet Boys. CD EP. Adam Gough: lead vocals.

Vic Barton: bass, vocals. Tom Power: drums. Back Porch Gainesville, Florida area, circa Custom CS EP. Allan is the lead vocalist. Stephen Cowan: guitar. Allan Hampson: vocals. Tamsin Frost. Custom tape. Tunnel Records Cassette CC Back to Jordan John Cook: bass, backing vocals. Ali: drums. Dan Donovan: guitar, lead vocals. It Means Nothing. Side B: Breaking Hearts. Cold Donovan. Crying Donovan. Produced by Peter Banks.

Voice in the Wilderness John Cook: bass, keyboards, acoustic guitar; lead vocals on "Words. So Dirty Donovan. Words Cook. Learning from You Donovan. Voice Donovan. Engineered by Nigel "Chopper" Palmer. Recorded and mixed at the Villa Studio, Tollesbury, England. Independent CD. Production: Jess Duley and Matt Weeks. Back to the Bible Lincoln, Nebraska. Founded by Rev. Theodore Epp in Singspiration ZLP Custom LP Singspiration LP Back to the Bible LP Theodore Epp Presents Vol.

Back to the Bible Broadcast. Choir and Male Quartet. Also: Good News Back to the Bible. Back tot he Bible LP Good News LP One-sided 10 inch LP. Radio spots. Good News Back to the Bible BBB Zondrervan ZLP Back to the Bible Publishers.

When I See My Saviour. I Want to Be Like Jesus. We Shall Walk Through the Valley. In the Hour of Trial. Wear a Crown. Nothing But Leaves. What You Are. Cheer the Album) Traveler. Christmas Medley Choir and Quartet.

Rosella Mills, featured soloist. Eugene Clark, organist. Side 1: Hark, the Herald Angels Sing. Come, Thou Long, Expected Jesus. Seeking for Me. Silent Night. Side 2: Long Years Ago in Bethlehem. The Birthday of a LP. It Was a Holy Night. God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen. What a Saviour. No Room in the Inn.

Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne. Room at the Cross quartet The Price of a Soul choir Satisfied male chorus Springs of Living Water quartet Come and Dine male chorus Only Jesus quartet They That Wait Upon the Lord choir I Shall Not Be Moved male chorus Just When He Needs Me quartet Speed Away male chorus I Never Walk Alone quartet Just a Little While chpor Knapp ; arr. Leaning on the Everlasting Arms Anthony J. Showwaler ; arr.

The King Is Coming! William J. Gaither ; Brian Erickson, baritone; Norman Voth, trumpet. Sweet By and By Joseph P. Webster How Long Has It Been? Mosie Lister Bartsch Forgiveness Eugene L. Clark, arr. Without Him Mylon R. LeFevre A Pilgrim and a Stranger John Bartsch Nearer the Cross Mrs. Knapp, arr.

Norman Voth: second tenor; graduate of Wheaton College. Brian Erickson: baritone; graduate of Bethel College. Peter Schroeder: first tenor. John Bartsch: pianist; graduated from Grace Bible Institute. Mandala Folk music. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music - Portrait of Man Songs: Portrait of Man. Frog and Cricket. Jerusalem Road. What Did You Learn in Church. Solemn 22 or River Is Risin. High Flying Bird. The Pills. East and West. Reverse Creation.

Founding speakers. Tape 1 pt. Associate speakers. Tape 2 pt. Youth ministry. Tape 3 pt. Warren Wiersbe, live.

Tape 3 pt 2. Nor musical. Pretzel no number. May have two covers? Hickory Hill JRC Anne Hart Back: vocals, guitar. Lloyd Williams: Fender bass, vocals, Nick Weiland: guitar, mandolin, vocals. Because We Are One Love Is Like a Circle We Reach out for Love Side 2: Glory Daily Bread words: Win Randall God Gives Freely The Earth Is Filled Praise and Honor Alleluia, Christ Has Died Alleluia before Gospel Lamb of God On the Road He studied religion at St.

Joseph College at Renesselear, Indiana, for two years and received a B. Mike has taught in the Lancaster Public Schools since He is currently Music Director of St.

Mark Catholic Church and performs in nightclubs, music festivals, weddings, and liturgical settings. Anne Hart Back has an extensive musical background and sang professionally for a number of years, primarily in Chicago. She is responsible for harmonic arrangements for Backwood. She has two daughters, Jessica and Sarah. Lloyd Williams has perhaps the most varied background of the group. Lloyd graduated from Kalamazoo College, Michigan, with a B. Following graduation he played in a rock and roll band in New England for two years.

He left the music business and went to the racetrack to learn to ride thoroughbreds and has been galloping for Lancaster Thoroughbred Farm ever since. Lloyd plans to leave the horse business for parts unknown in the Fall. Nick Weiland, a native of Lancaster, provides lead guitar and mandolin. He and his wife, Molly, reside in Cincinnati, Ohio. Impact R Spiritual Warfare. Two Natures. Millions of Questions. Like the 3 Album) remix.

Believe in You. CR Sept. Badja British band from Middlesbrough, circa Jamall Badry Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Word WST Arranged by Burl Red. Word C Triangle TR Custom JB I'm Gonna Walk the Streets of Glory. Jacob's Vision. Here's One. Why Do I Sing about Jesus? Our Great Savior. If You Know the Lord.

Kum ba ya. The Lord My Shepherd Is. Jesus, Lover of My Soul. I'm Gonna Sing. Who Made the Sun? Jordan Who at My Door Is Standing? The Master Hath Come Swing Low, Sweet Chariot arr.

Red Master Designer Kaiser Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Wyrtzen Just As I Am Landgrave He's Everything to Me Carmichael Pass It On Kaiser Put Your Hand in the Hand. Lonely Voices. I Hear Thy Welcome Voice.

His Gentle Look.

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