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Usage explanations of natural written and spoken English. Grammar Thesaurus. Word Lists. And no better person to ask than Destiny 2 game director Joe Blackburn. I spoke with him for almost an hour about The Witch Queen, weapon crafting, the revamp coming to the Light subclasses, and much more. Blackburn Whatever had a particularly interesting arc at Bungie. Having previously been lead designer on the Last Wish raid, he left for Riot in Aprilonly to return last June.

I began by asking him what he's learned since becoming game director:. Joe Blackburn: I'm trying to learn how to get the most out of the team, really, and making sure that we're tackling the right problems. And this is always a balance between where the team wants to take D2 and where the community wants to take it. Destiny is no longer the game that was made in by people that had never seen what it was going to be like in the wild. Looking at the community, and Whatever looking at what they enjoy, we can say: 'Okay, we know what our game is now'.

I mean, Tim, you're more familiar than anyone… Was Destiny a Diablo? Is it Halo? World of Warcraft? In some ways, we don't fit cleanly into any of these buckets. But we know exactly what Destiny is, right? And so now it's easy for us to pick the features off the tree and be like, yes, weapon crafting should be in this game. Yes, we should be telling compelling seasonal narratives.

This is how much activity content should be in the game. And so really, it's been about dialling in and focusing on what makes Destiny itself. What sets it apart. I really wanted to distill Destiny down into what makes it unique from its competitors. You can go read an article online that says how great Presage is, or how great the Whisper of the Worm quest is, or how great Last Wish is, and then you get into Destiny and say: 'Is this the same game?!

Am I playing With You game that they're playing? I want Destiny to be so easy to recommend to your friends. What's being done differently? Joe Blackburn: In our last couple of releases, the campaign had some great moments, but it often felt like right when it got started, it was over.

So that's one of the things that, pacing wise, we knew we wanted to fix. We don't want this to feel like it got cut short. So there's something here about length, but really it's about making those missions start feeling more and more like what's special about Destiny.

Whatever think you've probably seen some of this in our seasonal activities, like Season of the Lost's Shattered Realm activity. It's fucking weird, right? It's a weird experience—so is Expunge—but it's something you can only find in Destiny.

We wanted to start bringing that into the campaign, because it's great for our new players—they get to see what's special about the game—but it's also why our returning players are here. They're the people that are grinding Legend Lost Sectors. Those are the people in raids and dungeons. Blackburn doesn't want to make any promises on the actual length of the campaign, instead noting that the focus is on making its missions feel more definitively Destiny than ever.

He makes the point that it's felt strange for Bungie to have learned so much from the seasonal model, but to then regress to the old style of campaign it's been making since each time an annual expansion rolls around.

The Witch Queen will also add selectable Legendary difficulty, that sounds like it will present a more serious challenge than we're used to. Joe Blackburn: You don't have to be able to solo a dungeon to be able to compete, but we really want the Legendary version to feel like it's engaging. And so if you're the kind of person that's doing Legend Lost Sectors, the harder tier Nightfalls, it should feel like that.

If you're Whatever regular player that's doing the higher difficulty stuff, it should feel like the mode was built for you. And it rewards you for doing it. We're getting back to the thing where we have to be worried because, hey, new people are coming to Destiny—and if we kick them in the face, they're not going to have a good time.

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