The Love I Lost (Original AKA Mix) - West End Featuring Sybil - The Love I Lost (Vinyl)

Quantus - "Insane" - BPM. Dwayne W. Elastic - "Rasomatica" - BPM. Kazuki - "Galactic" - BPM. Saltaux - "Push" - BPM. Kali - "Tagomago" - BPM. Chart 10 - "Control" - BPM. Dezoncondor - "Suspiro" - BPM. Frank Wizardd - "" - BPM. TC 24 Aug 21 Techno. Judah - "Infection" - BPM. Deykin - "Believer" - 92 BPM. Hedlok - "Reticule" - BPM. Infinight - "5 Deep" - BPM. Chang - "Desolate" - BPM. Dusha - "Dust" - BPM. Chlorophil - "Afterglow" - 84 BPM.

Beatfarmer - "Shanti" - 95 BPM. Newteck - "Chevron" - BPM. Memorio - "1," - BPM. Vottovaara - "Triptomin" - BPM. Dubelius - "Monoxide" - BPM. Meller - "Synthesized" - BPM. So now you know. Well, it was good while it lasted Wendy.

I make no claim to the rights of this show and all ownership and contents including logos and graphics belongs totally to the BBC or copyright holder s. Yes, the TOTP presenters have their legs out on show and I would imagine many of the viewers at home were quite receptive to this idea for one of the hosts. As for the other one…not so much. You had one job etc…. In my last post I admitted that I had backed the wrong horse by thinking that this lot were going to be the next big thing and had totally ignored the claims of The Stone Roses.

Oh dear. How to put this delicately? The fireworks behind them seemed to be trying too hard to be a distraction as well. Reading that back, it sounds a little harsh — how buzzing must they have been to have made it onto TOTP and as Jenny Powell said in her intro, two of them were only teenagers. Martika seemed to appear fully formed from nowhere around this time but in truth, her UK success was a natural consequence of having had a recent US No1. If you bend your head hard enough, you could almost imagine it on the Lost Boys soundtrack.

Apparently it was about one of her friends and their battle with a cocaine addiction but I had no idea about any of that at the time. However, she walked away from the music industry soon afterwards citing burn out and disillusionment with fame as the reasons.

In a Smash Hits interview, Martika admitted that her inspiration to become a pop star was someone who knew a thing or two about falling off the pop star crest — Boy George.

It just looks odd. Even Jason Donovan had lost his by this point. Disappointingly no. It was something to do with Alice in Wonderland or something. The Love I Lost (Original AKA Mix) - West End Featuring Sybil - The Love I Lost (Vinyl) was convinced this was destined to be a Top 5 hit but somehow it could only clamber to No 14 because… because…. The feckless UK record buying public had been duped into thinking what they really needed in their life was some old 50s tunes mashed together and fronted by a badly The Love I Lost (Original AKA Mix) - West End Featuring Sybil - The Love I Lost (Vinyl) rabbit.

Not sure about that one to be honest. No time for dwelling on that though as here come Wendy And Lisa. I think I knew at the time that these two had a connection with Prince but that was probably the extent of my working knowledge. It turns out that they were both members of The Revolution before Prince broke that particular incarnation up at which point Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman struck out on their own.

Their music is pure music? At worst, it just sounds nonsensical. Anyway, The Lightning Seeds were the brainchild of Ian Broudie they were pretty much just a vehicle for his songwriting who had paid his musical dues back in the late 70s as a member of Big In Japan alongside one Holly Johnson in the Liverpool punk scene but went onto work as a producer for the likes of Echo and the Bunnymen and The Fall.

Quite ironic given how their legacy is perceived now. Indeed, back in the mid 90s, by which point they had notched up a string of catchy Top 40 hits, they were pretty much the go to choice for a lowest common denominator stereo choice of a Saturday afternoon in the Our Price stores I worked in. I recall, that I made a point to the staff in the Stockport branch at a team meeting once about making sure we made sensible choices re: what we put on the shop stereo on a Saturday meaning we should plug the more commercially viable artists.

They got their own back on me though as someone decided that the optimum artist to play on a Saturday afternoon with the shop packed with customers was Warp Records act and niche electronic dance duo Autechre. Cheers guys. The video to this one must be one of the most boring of the 80s though. The Stock, Aitken andWaterman hierarchy was put The Love I Lost (Original AKA Mix) - West End Featuring Sybil - The Love I Lost (Vinyl) in its rightful order this week.

However, she was clearly still the No 1 female artist down at The Hit Factory if the amount of backing dancers she has with her here are any measure. While Sonia had to make do with just the one, the pop princess has four.

What a sack of shit. This really was money for old rope stuff. And where was this being played? Surely not an any self respecting nightclub. An office party maybe. The whole business almost defies explanation. However it was their first as a duo. I nearly saw Marcella live once. I say nearly as it was cancelled at the last minute. This was when I was living in Manchester and me and my wife had some friends staying over so we thought we could all go to the gig.

At a The Love I Lost (Original AKA Mix) - West End Featuring Sybil - The Love I Lost (Vinyl) end, we all just went drinking in town and he was delighted to find a pub that served his favourite beer Jennings…so much so that when he went to the bar with a list of drinks for us all, he completely ignored our requests and brought us all a pint of Jennings instead.

The girlfriend of another mate who Robin had never met before and had asked for a white wine was especially chuffed! So if you did want to watch the whole thing over…. Bruno Brookes is the host for this particular show which starts with the return of Swing Out Sister.

And which direction was that exactly? Corinne looks every inch the stylish pop star in this performance with that immaculate bob of hers. Contrary to popular belief, a 14 year old Whitney did not sing backing vocals on the original Chaka Khan recording presumably that was a myth concocted by her record label to help promote the single but Whitney pays her dues to Chaka by giving her a shout out on the outro of her version…which was nice.

I believe it was. So what are we to make of her musical legacy? He writes:. Subsequent singles that were released from the album though all suffered from a case of diminishing returns in terms of quality in my opinion. A song that really should have been a bigger hit in my opinion up next. I could do without the clod hopping hand clapping that the studio audience have clearly been encouraged to do by a TOTP floor manager though. Who wanted to see them anyway?! I had a friend at Poly called Bev who had been on at her then boyfriend as to why he never bought her any flowers.

The 20 year old me was very impressed by this sharp practice but I have never tried the same trick on my wife. If you look up the Wikipedia entry for this track it says this:. An incredibly famous artist next but one whose UK chart record is surprisingly nothing to write home about. Stevie Nicks is of course part of the legendary classic Fleetwood Mac line up but her solo career, whilst substantial in the US, never pulled up any trees over here. They even turned up on Blue Peter….

Unsurprisingly, the duo were linked to Pete Waterman in that they appeared on the Hitman And Her show which I admit to having caught a few times after a drunken night out so did you! Two weeks in and Kylie is No 1 again, this time in her own right without any help from then beau Jason Donovan.

We get the official video this week which was the usual mix of Kylie wondering about a set in some gaudy coloured dresses with some pretty basic special effects for company. Literally nothing of aesthetic interest going on here apart from Kyile herself.

In the year of our Lordwe saw fit to allow Stefan Dennis to become a pop star. What the actual fuck?! Just ludicrous. This lot were completely bat shit! I know there had been a lot of inexplicable stuff in the charts around this time from the likes of London Boys and The Reynolds Girls but this outfit took it to another level entirely. Their performance here is pure pantomime including lots of thigh slapping and even some arse slapping!

Look, they could have done something much more credible with a sample of an old pop song. The Love I Lost (Original AKA Mix) - West End Featuring Sybil - The Love I Lost (Vinyl) all they did was add to the tradition of novelty records. The album itself shifted some decent numbers over her though being certified Gold and peaking at No 19 in the album charts. The band are still together to this day with new material expected at some point in In a Billboard magazine interview inthis is what Debbie had to say about how she came up with the song:.

If you and your thinking get out of the way, the universe provides what is supposed to be and it comes on through. Well quite. That explains that then. As for me, I felt it was listenable but it was all a little bit too forced and frenetic — on reflection, the whole thing was bloody exhausting.

The no frills basic performance video is pretty dull though. Apparently this has happened on occasion when the band have performed it live. Not unexpectedly, it was a much bigger hit in a rock obsessed America a No 1 no less than the house music enthralled UK where it clambered to a peak of No Next an act who never seemed to get much credit for their achievements and who never really got away from the naff tag. Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle had been established stars in their native Sweden in their own right before they were put together X Factor style by the head of their record label to form Roxette.

It would go onto become a No 1 record over there. With that American success inevitably came a UK release which resulted in a peak position of No 7 over here. I quite liked it at the time.

It had enough interesting elements and hooks to draw me in and was a definite ear worm. Arriving at the very end of the decade meant that the majority of their success would come in the 90s but they quite often seem to be referred to as an 80s act it seems to me. And those achievements? Well, whatever you think of their sound and style, they sold 60 million records and had four US No 1 hit singles. Kylie or Debbie Gibson? The single sounded a bit twee to me and I was quite dismissive of it at the time.

Viewed in close proximity to Bon Jovi, this seems even more awful than it did the other week which is saying something. Just saying. Eminem vs. Without Me vs. Dance Monkey Oliver Heldens Mashup. Madonna — Poseidon vs. Music Oliver Heldens Mashup. Relax Oliver Heldens Mashup. Laidback Luke vs. Bingo Players vs. Charli XCX vs. Troyboi vs. Clara Mae — Better Intro. Also Doug Fresh comes on and rocks the human beat box at the same time while Caz does his thing.

This is also during the death of Biggie Smalls and Tupac. So Doug is asking for peace. Show starts out with Groove to get down. Later on Trans Europe Express is played all the way out. Side B Notorious 2, D. Pepper and m. Outside jam Note: This is a block party on crescent ave.

Caz says he wants to kiss the ground because he remembers back when some one wanted to try and stab him right on that block. He also makes reference to Big Bank Hank and says the rhymes that he gave Hank.

Cowboy tells the m. Ness does a nice rhyme about growing up in the Bronx. Mel tells the people from the Bleachers to look at what Flash was doing on the turntables. The crowd was really in it at times.

This is the Original Funky 4. This is not of good quality, but this is a hell of good find. All those years I always wondered why they were so revered, now I know why. I am still in search for a 3 m. The reason why I say that is, the Funky 4 with Rahiem is unbelievable.

The L- Brothers just past the mic around on all the tapes I heard of them so far, The Original Funky 4 put on a hell of a show. They are doing the Crazy Eddie routine, Plop plop, fizz fizz routine and others, and Rahiem is singing. They also are rocking records like Paradise and others. Note: It is two different shows. Doug rocks his High Bridge rhyme. Doug and Barry go head up. Doug does beat box. Tantalizing 3 does a Mary Tyler Moore routine. Chuck a Luck has a real nice style.

His partners are Al Bal and Doug Sexxx. Rasta is rocking too. Devastating 3 kill it on the other side. Note: Hollywood rocking in His man Capital L gets on the mic. Hollywood also d. Unknown location. Side B Doug E. Cool J and others are at his party. Hollywood, Starski and D. Club Note: Hollywood is rocking and he has his chorus of brothers rocking with him and they are called The Corporation. Smalls lets the crowd know that he is the son of Hollywood. From Hollywood I heard some rhymes that Busy Bee used later in Hollywood has a lot of rhymes, his choicer of records and rhythm is very good.

The last ten minutes of side two has Sweet Gee on the mic and June Bug is the d. He killed it. Fat Cat and Russell Simmons are in the house. Note: This is Chuck Chill out birthday party. Bizmark is on the side lines asking to get on next. Cool Chip, Dr. Ice, M. Delight and Dana Dane is in the house. Chandler sings his Joy and Pain, and other songs. Side B Justice does Latoya the uncut version. DMX does his part. Hank Love is in the house. It seemed like he broke ten year records all over again.

He also seemed to put a new shine on the Jackson Five records as well. A true Kid Capri Classic. Hollywood at Club. CD D. Hollywood and Reggie Wells at Club Reggie Wells is d. Captain Jack is The Love I Lost (Original AKA Mix) - West End Featuring Sybil - The Love I Lost (Vinyl) the house.

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