The Day Jesus Saved Me - Rodena Preston & Voices Of Deliverance* - Rejoice (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Look Around. God Is Where It Is 2. Mama 4. To The Other Man 5. Get Your Lives Together 2. Thank You Lord 4. Time For Playing 5. For Once In My Life. Be True 2. Hot Line To Jesus 3. I Know A Man Who 4. He Will See You Through. Got To Be Ready 3. Truth Is Marching On Reprise. Here We Go Again 2. Never Gonna Turn Around 3. By Grace Thru Faith 4. Glowing In My Soul 5.

Running Short Of Love, Today. Anyhow 2. Bread Alone Every Word of God 3. Right Now. Up and Down The Ladder 4. Precious Lord Take My Hand 5. I Got It. Roll On Chariot 2.

Stay, Jesus, Stay 4. Try The Real Thing 5. Good God Almighty. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot 3. Yes Indeed 4. Old Time Religion 5. Everytime I Feel The Spirit 6. Do Lord 3. Down By The Riverside 4. Dry Bones 5. Hallelujah Song 2. Reaching Out To Me 3. Lies 4. We Really Missed You. Remember Me 2. Finally Found Each Other 3. Dayspring 4. Back Out On The Streets. In A Moment 3. I Can Depend On Jesus 3. All That I Have 4. Jesus Christ Is The Way. Jesus Is Waiting 3. Solid Rock 4. I Can Bear It.

He Never Left Me Alone 2. Do Unto Others 3. Waiting On The Lord 4. Too Late Part 1 5. Too Late Part 2. Sweet Hour Of Prayer 2. Fill Me Jesus 3. Keep On Praying 4. How Much I Need Thee 4. Love Is The Key. Power In The Blood 2. We Cannot Give Up 3. Glory To His Name 5. Oh, Lamb Of God. Why Was I Born? Lee Cross 6. Only The One You Love 2. Deeper 3. Remember Me 4.

Land Of Dreams 5. A Little Bit Of Soul. Album) 2. Soul Serenade 4. Baby, Baby, Baby. Feelgood 2. Good Times 3. Save Me 5. A Change Is Gonna Come. Night Life 5. Baby, I Love You 6. Come Back Baby 2. Feelgood 3. Chain Of Fools 6. Chain Of Fools 2. People Get Ready 4. Niki Hoeky 5. Come Back Baby 4. Today I Sing The Blues 3. Pitiful 5. Crazy He Calls Me 6. Tracks Of My Tears 2. Gentle On My Mind 4. So Long 5. Elusive LP.

Bridge Over Troubled Water 4. Eleanor Rigby 5. Make It With You 6. Spirit In The Dark 3. Reach Out and Touch. Precious Lord, Take My Hand 2-b. Old Landmark 4. Give Yourself To Jesus. SIDE-C 1. Precious Memories 2. Climbing Higher Mountains 3. Remarks By Reverend C. Franklin 4. Somewhere 3. Angel 5. Sister From Texas.

Mister Spain 2. Just Right Tonight. Without Love 2. All Of These Things 4. You Move Me. Sparkle 2. Giving Him Something 3. Hooked On Your Love 4. Look Into Your Heart. Freeway Of Love 2. Another Night 3. Sweet Bitter Love 4. Push duet with Peter Wolf 5. Very Rare!! To The Bone 2. Elegant Love 3. Not On Your Life 4.

Gestures Unfulfilled 5. What Goes Around 6. Thank You Mother 2. Whatcha Wanna Do 4. Lucky Day. Something New 3. Do Unto Others 4. Feel The Need. Without You 4. Keep Holding On. Beautiful Love 2. Trust Me 3. Laughter In The Rain 5. Do You Remember Yesterday. If You Were There 4. Moving On. Pick Up 2. Me and My Love 3. Easy 4. Look At Me 2. Lord I Try 3. Holy One. Medley 3-a. Twenty Five Miles 4. Patience Is Rewarded 5. If I Had A Million 2. Heaven Help Us All 4. Loving You Comes So Easy.

Glad You Could Make It 2. Disco Showdown 3. Recorded "live" in the main sanctuary. Recorded "live" in Memphis, TN. Miracle Performer: B.

Recorded live in Los Angeles. Box 5, Item Creator: Reverend Ray L. Weaver, Sr. Wade, Sr. Higher Plane Performer: Al Green. Rejoice Performer: Shirley Caesar. I Need Him Performer: Rev. Finally Performer: Andrae Crouch. Recorded "live". Available to You Performer: Rev. Milton Brunson and the Thompson Community Singers. Christmas Gospelodium Arranger: Robert Banks. Produced by ACR, Inc.

Emmaus Journey Performer: Rev. Clay Evans and The Ship. Recorded "live" in Newark, NJ. Directed by Avery White. Recorded "live" at The Love Center Church. Songs of Faith Performer: Clarice Gatlin. Creator: Album) James H. Recorded in stereo on location. Directed by Pat Wright. Recorded "live" in Seattle, WA.

Box 6, Item The Day Jesus Saved Me - Rodena Preston & Voices Of Deliverance* - Rejoice (Vinyl Hymns Performer: Tennessee Ernie Ford. Jesus Sound Explosion Performer: Various artists. Never Alone Performer: Amy Grant.

Shine Performer: Rev. Creator: Community Christian Center Church. Do You Know Him? Jacobs and Friends. Recorded "live" in the main sanctuary on June 9, Not a commercial recording. Amazing Grace Performer: Greater St.

Hallelujah Performer: Various. Touch Performer: Signs and Wonders. Walk in the Spirit Performer: Greater St. Blessing Me Performer: Gerald Watson. Performer: Margaret Pleasant Douroux. Recorded "live" in Atlanta, GA.

James Cleveland, Founder and President. Recorded live at The Miami Civic Auditorium. Recorded "live. Creator: With Special Guest Rev. Donald Vails. Breathe On Me Performer: Rev. Box 7, Item Creator: Thomas A. Dorsey, Founder and President. Recorded "live" in New Orleans. Whitfield and the Thomas Whitfield Company.

Recorded live at the civic auditorium Cleveland, Ohio. Features Minister Donald Vails as special guest. Recorded "live" in Orlando, Florida. Parries and the Christian Family Choir. Recorded "live" in Cleveland, Ohio.

Creator: Directed by Curtis Hayes Jr. Recorded "live" in Omaha, Nebraska. This is the second LP copy. The first is arlpPMCD Noways Tired Performer: Various. Recorded "live" in Philadelphia, PA. Recorded live Sunday, November, 29, Two copies. Recorded "Live" in the main sanctualry on February 27, Box 8, Item Recorded live in the main sanctuary on October 22, Three copies.

Creator: Concord Missionary Baptist Church. Felix D. Dancy, Pastor. This voice choir was recorded "live" in the main sanctuary on Feb. Chapter Five Performer: Inez Andrews. Go Performer: Shirley Caesar. Imagine Heaven Performer: Edwin Hawkins. Creator: Shedrick George Wise, Jr. You're the One Performer: Donn Thomas.

Sides one and two are Whitfield and The Thomas Whitfield Company. Missing sides one and two. Two record set. Missing sides three and four. Publisher: [S. Let us go into the house of the Lord -- Jesus, lover of my soul -- To my father's house -- I'm going through -- Oh happy day -- I heard the voice of Jesus -- Early in the morning -- Joy, joy.

Title from container. Hawkins, director. Isaac Douglas. Physical Description: Original AR 1 analog sound disc, 10". Creator: Assisted by Sisters Grainger and Jackson. Box 9, Item Leaning Performer: B. Creator: With orchestra and chorus conducted by Harry Geller. Limbo Party Performer: Chubby Checker. Creator: Orchestra and choir conducted by Percy Faith. Produced by Carl Benaise and Theodore Shell.

A By-Ron Production. Sides 3 and 4 are Creator: Directed by Rev. Lawrence Roberts. The Consolers Performer: The Consolers.

Creator: Under the direction of Charles A. Craig, Jr. Alfred Bolden, Organist. Herbert Pickard, Pianist. Serving The Lord Performer: Rev. Willie Morganfield. National Youth Mass Choir. Live in New Orleans.

Subseries 3. Parts: Bobbie J. Wesley PianoKenneth Ulmer Organ. Recorded live at the Heiliggeistkirche Bern International Festival. Creator: Rev. Produced by Fred Mendelsohn. Hanly Edwards, Bass; David T. Walker, Guitar; Robert B. Dingle, Drums. Wade Sr. A two-disc set. Creator: Directed by Doretha Wade, Dr.

Creator: Thurston Frazier, Isaac Douglas. Side 2 -- Show me the way -- God so loved the world -- In spite of it all Side 1: Truth is marching on -- Reason to survive -- Peace of mind -- Side 2: I'm gonna make it after all -- Got to be ready -- You're my everything -- Truth is marching on. Celebration Performer: Caesar, Shirley, Brothers Performer: Rance Allen Group. Side 1: Get your lives together -- We're the salt of the earth -- Thank you Lord -- Time for playing -- For once in my life -- I got to be myself -- Side 2: Be true -- Hot line to Jesus -- I know a man who -- Heaven is where the heart is -- He will see you through Creator: Floyd C.

Mirror Arranger: Lennart Sjoholm. So In Love! Performer: The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir. Original ARLP 1 analog sound disc, 12". Double album. Disc two of a double-album.

Sides 1 and 2 are Box 2, Item Sides 3 and 4. Regis Band. Performer: Charles Clency and the Voices of Melody. Psalms Performer: Richard Smallwood Singers. Where peaceful waters flow -- Save me -- Someday -- Album) a friend -- It's my plan -- Look where god has brought us -- Voice your choice -- Is it worth it all -- Heaven is such a long way -- If we never pass this way again. Charles G.

Hayes and the Cosmopolitan Church of Prayer Choir. Everything is alright -- Such as I have, I give to thee -- God is dead -- Think of his goodness -- Come in the room -- Jesus can work it out -- Thank you makes room for more -- Didn't it rain -- I woulld never have made it witout the Lord.

In the Upper Room Performer: Various performers. Blessed quietness -- My heaven -- Soon I will be doon -- In times like these -- If I could hear -- Will the circle be unbroken -- I'll praise his name -- They all belong to him -- Touch me lord -- Precious lord, take my hand -- Jesus you're my king -- We shall overcome. The Gosepl Messengers include Reverend W.

Wynn, Jesse Hall Jr. Recorded in Reno Nevada on March 16, The first song on side two entitled Sunshine and Rain is performed only by Choralerna. Give me strength Performer: Unity Baptist Choir. Promotional copy. Vernon Baptist Church. Miller, Pastor. Recorded "live" in Chicago, IL. No date or publisher information other than DBS Lyrics on liner notes. Recorded "live" in the main sanctuary; Rev. Drake, pastor; Priscilla Terry, Director.

Crouch, Pastor. Spiritbound Performer: Bill Freeman. Record jacket is signed by Bill Freedoan to Mrs. The order of songs written on the record itself is different from the order written on the the record sleeve - the order on the record itself is correct. Odon Singers Bethlehem Baptist Church. Creator: Directed by Everett Williams, Jr.

Recorded by David Mitchell custom recording. Recorded and produced by Gerald Lewis Recording Service. Recorded "live" in Las Vegas, Nevada. Something Special Performer: The Cathedrals. Creator: Orchestra and chorus conducted by Johnny Williams.

Box 3, Item King Sings Spirituals Performer: B. Crackles and pops, skips at the end of side one. Skips at the end of side one. Recorded live in Washington, D. Creator: Under the direction of Albert S. Hadley; featuring Minister Thomas A. Glynna Session Performer: Glynna Session. Recorded "Live" in Chicago, Ill. Recorded "Live: in Westchester, N. Recorded "Live".

Hold Me Performer: Thomas Whitfield. L, Inc. Creator: Sister Monica Bone and the B. Written message from Olivia to Margaret on the back of the album cover. No album cover. Amazing Grace Performer: Maceo Woods. Recorded at Christ Tabernacle Baptist Church. Box 4, Item Feeling Good Performer: Walter Jackson. Joni's Song Performer: Joni Eareckson. Album) Bound Arranger: Tracy Heaston.

Warren, Producer. Paxton Performer: Gary S. Creator: Edward B. Artis, Minster of Music. Creator: Breath of Life Orchestra and Chorus. Joseph D. McCardell, Jr. Recorded "live" in Little Rock, Ark. Volume 1, out of 26 volumes, covers St. Matthew White and the Connecticut Deliverance Mass Choir. Directed by Thomas Harris and recorded "live" in Bridgeport, Conn.

Just Daryl Performer: Daryl Coley. Post-it on cover saying "Solo tradition and solo". Recorded "live" in the main sanctuary.

Recorded "live" in Memphis, TN. Miracle Performer: B. Recorded live in Los Angeles. Box 5, Item Creator: Reverend Ray L. Weaver, Sr. Wade, Sr. Higher Plane Performer: Al Green. Rejoice Performer: Shirley Caesar. I Need Him Performer: Rev. Finally Performer: Andrae Crouch. Recorded "live". Available to You Performer: Rev. Milton Brunson and the Thompson Community Singers. Christmas Gospelodium Arranger: Robert Banks.

Produced by ACR, Inc. Driving Me Wild 2. Hurry Up This Way Again 2. It Started Out 3. Revive Us Again 2. No Reason To Cry 3. He Can Work It Out 4. Eternal Life 5. Joy Bells. Ye That Believe In God 2. Sweet Hour Of Prayer 4. Solid Rock 5. I Shall Be Free 6.

Reprise Revive Us Again. Lift Him Up 2. My Child 3. You Need Love. Lord, You Are My Music 2. I Wanna Be Ready 3. Lord, If You Hear Me 5. Sideshow 2. Look Me Up 3. Stop To Start 2. Welcome To The Club 3. Spell 4. Answer To My Prayer 5. Tear It Down. Three Ring Circus 2. Stringin Me Along 3. Never Get Over You 5. Talking To Myself. Let Me Be The One 2. When Ya Coming Home 5. Looking For A Friend. Let Me Down Easy 4. Gonna Be Sweet For You. Treat Her Like A Lady 4. Lift Your Love Higher 6. Flying Easy 4.

Valdez In The Country 5. Come Little Children 2. Love, Love, Love 3. The Slums 4. Magdalena 5. Places and Spaces 2. You and Music 3. Night Whistler 4. Just My Imagination. Lord, Look At Your People 4. The Lord Is My Shepherd. God Save The Children 2. Follow Me 4. My Story. I Could Write A Book 2. A One Woman Man 3. Tammy Jones 4. Real Good Man 5. Ordinary Joe 2. No Money Down 4. Winter Of A Loving Heart 5.

You and Me. Domelo Give It To You 2. Baby I Need Your Love 3. Higher 4. The Memory 5. Come Out And Play 6. Better Days. Searching 2. One Sweet Love To Remember 3. Vibrations 4. Moving, Grooving 5. Straight From Your Heart 2. Games, Games 3. Madam Butterfly 4. Let Me Heal The Bruises. One Telephone Call Away 3. My Love Calls 4. Positive Forces 5. Heart of South Philly Vocal 2. Heart of South Philly Inst 3. Chillin After Midnight. Get Hip to The Real Vocal 2. Get Hip to The Real Inst 3.

Get Hip to The Real Jazz 4. Bonus Beats. Dirty Version 2. Album Version 3. Clean Radio Edit 4. Computer Love 3.

Itchin For Your Twitchin 4. Radio People. Rock N Roll 3. Make Me Feel Good 4. Ja Ready To Rock. Eddie N. A New Day Never Comes 3. When Will We Be Paid 4. I Can See A Light. My God Is Able 3. Hang On In There 2. Yes To The Lord 3. Spirit In The Sky 2. So Good 3. The Love Of God 4. I Come To Praise Him 5. It Can Happen To You 2. A Prayer 4. Special To Me. Trade Winds 3. I Remember Yesterday 4.

I Am Determinded 5. Anytime You Need Him. I Know God Is Real 2. Let Him Come In 3. Put Your Trust In Jesus. Let Us Pray 3. Let The Sunshine In. We Got To Live Together 2. Take Me 3. My Sweet Lord 4. No Back Door. If Ever I Fall 2. J-E-S-U-S 3. A Gift Without A Giver 5. You Are Everything To Me. If I Labor 4. I Love You 5. For We May Never Know. Only Believe 3. Well, Well, Well 5. Lady Called Mother. Prayer Will Move It 2. Nobody But You Lord 3.

Yield Not To Temptation 4. Above My Head 5. What About You. With Out Christ. All The Way 5. Praise Him.

Keep Trying 2. Family Tree 3. Showing Me The Way 4. Just Let Him In. Jesus Is Enough 2. Just Go Ahead 3. Time To Live 4. This World 2. Respect Yourself 3. Name The Missing Word 4. We The People 2. Are You Sure? Jesus Is Coming Again 2. Love Will Rise 3. Hear The Message 4. Praise Hallelujah.

This Is A Blessing 3. Come Live In My Heart 4. Spread Love. God Is The Answer 3.

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