Suction - Lauren Weinger - Silo (CD, Album)

She rarely documents and release her pieces. A recurring theme in her oeuvre is the creation of natural-sounding sonic environments and the reconstruction through sound of places that no longer exist selected sound sources bringing back specific memories or the evocation of an object in the form of sound portraits.

The historical aspect is usually deeply integrated in the work as part of its essence rather than displayed in a didactic way. The channel outdoor performance was recorded, then a second performance of the live mix recorded again, and all of these sources were reconstructed and mixed down.

The resulting music has the quality of a dream, the echo of the concrete stage blending with the echo of the silo's interior, evocations of the past meeting with the industrial reality, the inner workings of the silo reintegrated with the life of the neighborhood. Weinger has produced eight short portraits between two and eight minuteseach one providing a different angle, a new listening point. The total duration of 45 minutes makes sure the topic is not beaten to death.

The CD also contains four minutes of video footage of the silo and its surrounding area. How to Order. International Shipping. Return Policy. Order Items by Catalog. Malin quit his job at the age of 27 to build the house. Taschen and his wife first started restoring the house in and are planning a guest house at the base of the building to be designed by Rem Koolhaus. Here's the press release in its entirety: "This is not the usual group show.

On the eve of Fashion Week, six independent, yet like-minded designers from Brooklyn will present their collections with a common thread and theme; decay.

In a world where mass production flourishes these designers fearlessly confront past ideals of beauty and craftsmanship with a vision of the future. Seen in Jane, Vice and Paper. Sarah Spratt: New generation of couture for women sold at No. Fredriksson: Specialty women's clothing and accessories sold at No. Seen in Nylon. Brian Kritzman and myself will give a presentation on design theory, our past and current projects as Engram and a brief history of Burnlab at 7pm.

Dave Pinter [the designers' DJ] starts off the event at 6pm, and Magda will be doing a Final Scratch set from roughly 8 - 10pm. Terrence Parker announced today that he will retire from club DJing in After 20 years on the decks and spending no less than 45 weekends of any given year on the road, Mr.

Parker has decided to dedicate more time to his family, personal growth, and the business side of music. TP began his career in as hip-hop DJ Mixmaster X, and became perhaps Detroit's most acclaimed house DJ and producer in the late 80s and throughout the s.

He continues to operate Intangible Records and the Soundworks label. Hell, Hell, Hell. Munich's DJ Hell - sharp dressed emperor of the International DJ Gigolos label, who's forward thinking brought us now household names from Miss Kitten and the Hacker to Fischerspooner [and has been subject to endless envious criticism from around the electro world] is set to release a new double mix CD on October 28th. It's like he dropped by when I wasn't home, rifled through my CDs, made a mix Freaking genius bastard ; Thanks to Dave Pinter the the above news.

Call it part hostel for the silicon alley crowd still lingering in NYC and now part compact electronics product shop. TKNY looks to further expand soon into foodservice. Transplanted from Tokyo and started as a web site it looks destined for a metropolis near you if successful.

Check out the news blurb here. In NYC and without plans this evening? Daniel Rozin is having Suction - Lauren Weinger - Silo (CD opening at the Bitforms gallery in Chelsea. The gallery is dedicated to exhibiting digital art. Rozin specializes in interactive screens that portray viewers as they view the piece, much like a digital mirror.

The opening is from 6pm-8pm. Bitforms Album) at W 20th St. Apparently it takes three of us in different parts of the country to sort through the electro-drama and piece together a story: As reported last week, electro auteurs The Hague Underground took a very vocal stance on the commercialization of the genre. In a new effort to bolster the integrity of electro [generic, no-wave, or whatever you like to call it], H. Okay, actually, it's a whole lot of hype and it doesn't seem like anything has actually changed In any event, what we do get are a slew of great shows from up-and-coming artists - including [as BitBoy just brought to our attention] Memory Systems in Brooklyn on the 18th, along with Orange Sunshine, LegoWelt, Orgue Electronique and more.

The beautiful synth circus hits Detroit on September 14th. Well aware of the date [and staring at lower Manhattan] I sort of wish I had something to say about it, but I think I've said plenty over the past year. When Engram does decide to publish the new memorial designs, the pictures should speak louder than words. Until then, let's talk about electronic music, shall we? The talented and gracious Lauren Weinger sent over three short audio segments from her composition for Picture Red Hook Suction - Lauren Weinger - Silo (CD, which have been added to our documentation of the project.

Well, none of the speculated guests made it up to Tronic Treatment on Monday. Yep, that would be Psychic TV. Before that, he was building drum machines at home 'round about the same time Kraftwerk was putting together their little metal boxes and Neubauten were attaching their first pickups to stones and metal plates.

Lots of pictures from the night in our newly re-introduced Photographic Evidence section. This has been out for a few months, but since I mentioned Sven Vaeth, do go check out his video for "Mindgames" at Cocoon. I watch it over and over for that fresh Teutonic feeling. No monkey though Save Internet Radio If you listen to internet radio I am sure you have already noticed that some of you favorite stations, particularly those which play interesting and obscure music, have started to vanish.

Why- Congress passed a law in October called the Digital Millennium Copyright Act DMCAwhich established a new "sound recordings performance royalty" that webcasters must pay to record labels, similar to the royalty that both broadcast radio and Internet radio have to pay to composers of songs.

If broadcast radio stations had to pay the same royalty rate, it would cost them billions of dollars and wipe out the entire profits of the industry! Log on to see how you can help to keep internet radio alive. New York City is bracing itself for Josh Glazer's next visit tonight. As he mentioned here last week, tonight is the 2nd anniversary party for Tronic Treatment - which has become NYC's number one provider of top-notch Techno events.

Derek Plaslaiko is on the bill, as well as a number of surprise guests. We can Suction - Lauren Weinger - Silo (CD on who these may be: Currently in town are 'the father'as is his German counterpartand our bald neighbor is back from a long summer of hard work in Europe.

Even more interesting to New Yorkers, yesterday the NY Times released a conceptual plan for the World Trade Center site and lower Manhattan by architecture critic Herbert Muschamp and his all star design team. Even though I don't love all the ideas [Peter Eisenman's collapsing towers in particular], this a very exciting proposal and well worth a good look.

Be sure not to miss the self-organizing anarchy that is Dally in the Alley this weekend in Detroit's 'not as scary as it used to be' Cass Corridor. Opening set with Liz Copeland, closing set with Derrick May. The selection of film programming emphasizes the cultural and creative diversity of Silver Lake and its neighboring communities. Enjoy the beautiful photography and design of David Wang.

This "intriguing collection of sonic phenomena" is the soundtrack to the spectacular Picture Red Hook performance we were raving about two weeks ago. Jon Ozias has refined the format and is getting ready for an official kick-off party on Friday September 13th.

HERE is the new flyer, plus there are two new desktops Suction - Lauren Weinger - Silo (CD first new desktops in many months] in Purgatory.

The news keeps rolling in today Just got an e-mail from our friend Jared Louche [of Chemlabh3llb3ntetc. Jared is also looking for a good programmer to work with. If you like Chemlab, live in London, know your way aroud a studio and are interested, I'll pass along the info. Some strong and refreshingly punk-rock words from The Hague.

I wrote a long ramble about the inevitable gentrification of Electro which I decided not to bore you with. What I do wonder is exactly what The Hague Underground is planning to do. Are they simply closing up shop in a petty protest of something we all saw coming years ago, or is there some new musical assault in the works?

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