Stereo - Pavement - Brighten The Corners (Cassette, Album)

Venus 9. LOW - Peel Session 3 Last Snowstorm Of The Year Canada Lil' Argument With Myself Starfire Fearless La La This Buzzcocks session was a promotional radio appearance to publicise their self-titled seventh studio album. Seven tracks were recorded and split over the two programmes. The session was one of my final recordings before a fourteen-year break.

The programme was broadcast every Thursday from 12 midnight to 2am. Lester Sands Jerk Breakdown Orgasm Addict Interview This at a time when Paul Simon's Graceland album was bringing the music and artists of South Africa to a worldwide audience.

The group's British success owed much to John Peel's championing of the band, recording their first session in July This post compiles the BBC sessions from The band recorded one further session on 3 March and it was broadcast nine days later on the Andy Kershaw show.

I don't have it. I said at the time rather pretentiously but I think accurately really, the music they play seems just to flow up out of the ground and through them and to us the listeners. As I say I was very taken with them and enormously pleased that we were able to get them in to record a session for this programme. How wonderful it is, still to be able to play sessions like this for you. John Peel, 14 July, Kuroja Chete Chemedza Vana Writing On The Wall Let's Work Together Ndoita Sei?

Rugare My Foolish Heart Interview with Biggie Tempo by Andy Kershaw Chemedza Vana fades out All master FM recordings, time: 50 minutes. This compilation was inspired by an earlier bootleg mix tape that mixed lossy and inferior sounding audience tracks. I used the bones of it, wanting something with a better cohesion and more balanced flow for an enhanced audio experience. It represents a different look at Arcade Fire's career from their EP beginnings through the first three albums.

The radio sessions are particularly Stereo - Pavement - Brighten The Corners (Cassette because the demands of the radio studio, led to a more stripped down sound. It includes two cover tracks one from Talking Heads and the other the Magnetic Fields.

This version of Neighborhood 3 is superior, if the power went out it certainly didn't on this performance, there really is some energy to it! The band's intent clear with the intro. There was little point in splitting Rebellion as they merge seamlessly. The Arcade Fire's early recordings surely position them as one of the greatest post-millenial bands. Hear this and get the official releases if you've missed them. The early albums come in card sleeves, like minature LP sleeves. Well worth collecting as you can currently pick them up in charity stores for little money.

Bittorrent How-To The goldmine of live music awaits Hype Machine mp3 blog search Elbo. Last July 8th, Mr. Biagini, a retired construction worker, age seventy, suffered a fatal heart attack while rescuing his beloved schnauzer, Teddy, from an assault by an unrestrained pit bull named Chele, in Queens. The pit bull, with no previous record of violence against man or beast, jumped a four-foot fence in order to have at Teddy.

Biagini, an unarmed man with a history of heart trouble, grabbed him, allowing the schnauzer to run away. So the pit bull bit Mr. Biagini in several places and then Mr. Biagini's heart quit beating, never to beat again. I asked this heroic pet lover how it felt to have died for a schnauzer named Teddy. Salvadore Biagini was philosophical. He said it sure as heck beat dying for absolutely nothing in the Vietnam War. If you are an artist or company who doesn't want me to post your material, please Album) me know and I will take it down immediately, but realize I am not here to make a buck, only to help spread your sounds.

Please send news or mp3s of anything musical to the above address contact for a postal address but please note that I will never promise to post anything If I think it's great, it'll be posted Don't be discouraged, outside of close family and friends enthusiasm for good music and a buzz is all some of us really have left! At least as far as we know, and despite two band members being from New England and a third from Baltimore. But we continue to hope that we'll catch A Weather performing someday.

Embedded above is the cute video for the album closer "It's Good To Know," which features prominent contributions from some stuffed animals, which puts the band on twee-ness par with London-based Psapp.

Check back next month to see where Cove ends up on our list of the Best Records Of The music's kaleidoscopic mash of influences conveys an affinity for David Bowie and T. Rex filtered through modern indie pastiche proponents like Grandaddy and The Elevator Drops.

That band leader Mr. Laughlin's singing voice is a dead ringer for that of Grandaddy 's Jason Lytle reinforces that comparison song after song on Where's My Golden Arm? Over the course of nine years Lenola released three full-lengths and scads of EPs Stereo - Pavement - Brighten The Corners (Cassette singles, although the final long-player -- a double album -- was only released in Europe and Japan, according to this Wikipedia entry.

At any rate, Like A Fox takes Lenola's skewed pop tendencies and layers in light electronic tones and beats, more often than not over a bed of acoustic guitar. The first person to email us address is in the sidebar a message with the words "Golden Arm" in the subject line will receive the CD in the mail from us in short order. In the meantime, here's an MP3 to whet your appetite, again courtesy of the Stereo - Pavement - Brighten The Corners (Cassette folks at Transit Of Venus.

Only recently did The Urban Legend hip us to The Fun Yearsan electrodrone duo whose music not only maps an overlap between the hypnotic iterations of William Basinski and the quieter elegies of A For Carnation but also serially draws comparisons to Wolfgang Voigt's sublime GAS project.

And so it was that we found ourselves sitting in an office suite in a corner of Davis Square last night for a pleasant hour-longish set. In a recent interview the band made no pretense about its show being a fiery spectacle, but they did promise that they do their thing loudly.

And while the set at The Echo Nest wasn't overly loud, it was very satisfying. The Fun Years architect its somnolent tracks by gradually sampling live and layering snatches of vinyl and guitar, then manipulating those sounds from spare arcs that crest and fall into washes that undulate and phase. The dynamics can be predictable, but that is somewhat par for the course when working in a musical idiom whose foundation is repetition. Some of the more dramatic moments were a couple minor technical snafus during which entire beds of guitar samples -- painstakingly stacked like so many pillows of wind -- mysteriously vanished from the mix.

Recht ably and affably, ahem, rectified those situations and as a result those tracks suffered little loss of altitude. We aren't so fluent in The Fun Years' music yet to know exactly which compositions we heard, but The Urban Legend reports that the band finished up with "The Surge Is Working" "Oh yeah, didn't you guys get the memo?

Ambient rock is the new protest-folk," the band jokes in this recent interviewthe closing track from its most recent collection Baby, It's Cold Inside. That record, the duo's seventh in its five-year career, was released by Barge Recordings July The Fun Years graciously offer the opening second track from the record as a free download at its site, and we're reposting it below to save you the trip.

In the UK, anyway. According to an email, the band's label Best Before will release Jan. We had written previously here and perhaps elsewhere that the Birmingham, England-based noise pop trio's prior single "Salt, Peppa and Spinderella" was the fourth from Waited Upbut we just went to our discs and checked and, no matter how we count, that doesn't add up. No word on when, if ever, any of these Johnny Foreigner singles will be issued in North America, where Waited Up Til It Was Light was issued to zero fanfare in July well, some fanfare -- our review Stereo - Pavement - Brighten The Corners (Cassette here.

Incidentally, the same email from Best Before referenced above noted that superlative Glaswegian indie rock sextet Dananananaykroyd has completed recording its full-length debut, and the set is currently being mixed by The Machine in Hoboken, New Jersey.

In addition, Clairecords has recently reissued two Guitar sets, 's Honeysky and 's Salty Kissesand there is a note at the Clairecords site stating that the label also intends to reissue It's Sweet To Do Nothing. We reviewed Guitar's Sunkissed for Junkmedia six years ago right here ; our first exposure to the act was its contributions to the excellent Morr Music-curated Slowdive tribute comp Blue Skied An' Clear which was released in September Do the kids still go for the mash-ups these days?

We honestly don't know. But anyway, a clever remixer could take B. Fleischmann and Ms. Or at least it seems that way from a thousand miles away. So many projects, so much overlap in personnel, all of it makes our head spin, and as a result we don't really pay too much attention.

However, there is a new EP out today titled Love Yourself released by an Omaha sextet called Thunder Power that certainly warrants consideration. The light bounce of the tune -- the acoustic strummery of which reminds us of If You're Feeling Sinister -era Belle And Sebastian -- is counterbalanced by the weary, melancholy vocal Album) fronter Kacynna Tompsett.

Tompsett's singing voice carries an unplaceable accent and is cradled in a close reverb on these recordings; combined those two things give her lyrics a timeless, yet otherworldly quality. The band already has another release in the pipeline in the form of a planned split EP Friend Shipswhich also includes music from British singer-songwriter Alessi Laurent-Marke.

The fledgling label is based in either Ashford or Middlesex, England -- we don't really understand how British addresses work, we're afraid to admit. Or it is based in London, according to the label's MySpace hacienda. As we reported here last week, Manchester-based The Answering Machine is currently recording its debut full-length, whose title is Another City, Another Sorry. We've seen a lot of great bands there over the years, including The Kickovers and Neptune and The Farmhands.

I've met Stephen Malkmus several times, and I'll say unequivocally that he sometimes gets a rap for being an asshole for no good reason.

There's a bit of aloofness to his cool, but he's just a plain nice guy on top of being the coolest motherfucker on the planet. Does anybody remember the old Pavement-Powered website with tons of music and shows to download?

That was me. Brighten The Corners begins the polarizing point for many Pavement fans, what some consider the beginning of the downward ride to the end, coming right off the heels of the mercurial fan-favorite Wowee Zowee - but I really think the greatness of Pavement's first three albums are the only thing that overshadow the songs on the last two, especially compared with virtually everything else in indie rock of the time and even today.

I remember Rolling Stone reviewing it at the time and declaring Pavment had finally become a "proper" band. There is a real musical sophistication that begins with Brighten The Cornersand except for a few moments like the rocking single "Stereo" it's overall a much mellower affair than their previous work. The songs seem more deliberated and have more exploratory proggish melodies Pavement "Old To Begin" And like the rest of the Pavement reissues, this one's full of not only B-sides long cherished by hard-core fans, but plenty that even they haven't heard.

For me, that gold nugget would be "Nigel". My friend Brian will instantly recognize it as the lick I play at least a third of the time I pick up a guitar mine with Malkmus's sig is below. For years, I knew of only two live versions ever played, but something about that C to Am to F to G progression was always just one of the coolest things I ever heard for some reason - I could never get over it.

And finally, after nearly ten years of playing my version roughly based on a live version, I get to hear the definitive Pavement studio-recorded version, and it's brilliant: Pavement "Nigel" Pavement "Nigel" live, circa not on BTC reissue - Sorry about the bitrate Pavement "No Tan Lines" originally on the Shady Lane single And there are 14 live radio tracks on the second disc of the expanded Brighten The Corners : Nicene Creedence Edition along with 6 completely unreleased songs, page booklet, B-sides and other goodiesbut unfortunately not a full concert like only the first Slanted and Enchanted reissue has had a concert on vinyl had been available with some preorders which I'm kicking myself for missong out on.

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