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Learn more. Why is my Interceptor not working? Ask Question. Asked 5 years, 11 months ago. Active 1 year, 2 months ago. Viewed 7k times. I have two different projects: A and B. I'm using jboss-javaee Final in both projects this means, CDI version 1. Project B does not contain beans.

DeploymentException: org. Interceptor - Eluder - Warm Warning (File) anyone have an idea of what might be wrong? Improve this question. Rita Rita 1, 2 2 gold badges 13 13 silver badges 23 23 bronze badges. Add a beans. It is a transversal project that provides common features to inumerous projects. Cassio is right, beans. If I keep the interceptor in both beans.

Am I missing any extra configuration when adding a beans. Add a comment. Active Oldest Votes. Comments below your question are pointing you in a good direction. You said: Project B is not a web app that's why it doesn't have a beans.

See the dataSource attribute. This prevents a thread holding on to a reference of a connection it has already called closed on, to execute queries on it. Default value is true. Default value is false for backwards compatibility. Set to true if you want to ignore error of connection creation while Interceptor - Eluder - Warm Warning (File) the pool.

Set to false if you want Interceptor - Eluder - Warm Warning (File) fail the initialization of the pool by throwing exception. To see an example of how to use an interceptor, take a look at org. This simple interceptor is a cache of three attributes, transaction isolation level, auto commit and read only state, in order for the system to avoid not needed roundtrips to the database.

Further interceptors will be added to the core of the pool as the need arises. Contributions are always welcome! Interceptors are of course not limited to just java. Connection but can be used to wrap any of the results from Interceptor - Eluder - Warm Warning (File) method invocation as well.

You could build query performance analyzer that provides JMX notifications when a query is running longer than the expected time. The property contains a list of semicolon separated class names. If the classname is not fully qualified it will be prefixed with the org. ConnectionState; org. Interceptors can have properties as well. Properties for an interceptor are specified within parentheses after the class name. Several properties are separated by commas. Caches the connection for the following attributes autoCommitreadOnlytransactionIsolation and catalog.

It is a performance enhancement to avoid roundtrip to the database when getters are called or setters are called with an already set value. Keeps track of all statements created using createStatementprepareStatement or prepareCall and closes these statements when the connection is returned to the pool.

The statements are cached per connection. The count limit is counted globally for all connections that belong to the same pool. Once the count reaches maxsubsequent statements are not returned to the cache and are closed immediately. See Interceptor to wrap statements and result sets in order to prevent access to the actual connection using the methods ResultSet. Automatically calls java. The default value is 1 seconds. Keeps track of query performance and issues log entries when queries exceed a time threshold of fail.

The log level used is WARN. The default value is milliseconds. A value less than or equal to 0 will disable this feature. Extends the SlowQueryReport and in addition to log entries it issues JMX notification for monitoring tools to react to. Inherits all the attributes from its parent class. String Define a valid javax. ObjectName string that will be used to register this object with the platform mbean server The default value is null and the object will be registered using tomcat.

The abandoned timer starts when a connection is checked out from the pool. This means if you have a 30second timeout and run 10x10second queries using the connection it will be marked abandoned and potentially reclaimed depending on the abandonWhenPercentageFull attribute. Using this interceptor it will reset the checkout timer every time you perform an operation on the connection or execute a query successfully.

The Tomcat JDBC connection pool supports asynchronous connection retrieval without adding additional threads to the pool library. In order to use the async retrieval, two conditions must be met:.

Interceptors are a powerful way to enable, disable or modify functionality on a specific connection or its sub components. There are many different use cases for when interceptors are useful. By default, and for performance reasons, the connection pool is stateless. The only state the pool itself inserts are defaultAutoCommitdefaultReadOnlydefaultTransactionIsolationdefaultCatalog if these are set.

These 4 properties are only set upon connection creation. Should these properties be modified during the usage of the connection, the pool itself will not reset them. An interceptor has to extend the org. This class is fairly simple, You will need to have a no arg constructor. When a connection is borrowed from the pool, the interceptor can initialize or in some other way react to the event by implementing the. This method gets called with two parameters, a reference to the connection pool itself ConnectionPool parent and a reference to the underlying connection PooledConnection con.

When a method on the java. Connection object is invoked, it will cause the. The Method method is the actual method invoked, and Object[] args are the arguments. To look at a very simple example, where we demonstrate how to make the invocation to java. There is an observation being made. It is the comparison of the method name. One way to do this would be to do "close". Above we see a direct reference comparison between the method name and static final String reference.

According to the JVM spec, method names and static final String end up in a shared constant pool, so the reference comparison should work. One could of course do this as well:. You will only be notified once per interceptor class even though it is an instance method. When overriding these methods, don't forget to call super if you are extending a class other than JdbcInterceptor.

Configuring interceptors Interceptors are configured using the jdbcInterceptors property or the setJdbcInterceptors method. An interceptor can have properties, and would be configured like this. Interceptor properties Since interceptors can have properties, you need to be able to read Interceptor - Eluder - Warm Warning (File) values of these properties within your interceptor. Taking an example like the one above, you can override the setProperties method.

Connection pools create wrappers around the actual connection in order to properly pool them. We also create interceptors in these wrappers to be able to perform certain functions. Interceptor - Eluder - Warm Warning (File) there is a need to retrieve the actual connection, one can do so using the javax. PooledConnection interface. We build the JDBC pool code with 1. For unit test, we use 1. Building is pretty simple. The pool has a dependency on tomcat-juli. A build file can be found in the Tomcat source repository.

As a convenience, a build file is also included where a simple build command will generate all files needed. The system is structured for a Maven build, but does generate release artifacts.

Just the library itself. Connection; import java. ResultSet; import java. Statement; import org. DataSource; import org. Driver" ; p. PooledConnection con. Extending from sub-classes of AbstractPhaseInterceptor allows your interceptor to access more specific information than those in the Message interface. Extending from this class allows your interceptor to access the SOAP header and version information of the SoapMessage class.

Note that you will need to specify the phase that the interceptor will be included in. This is done in the interceptor's constructor:. You can add your interceptors into the interceptor chain either programmatically or through configuration. To add this to your server, you'll want to get access to the Server object see here for more info :. You can also use annotation to add the interceptors from the SEI or service class.

The configuration file page provides examples on using configuration files to add interceptors. For embedded Jetty-based web services, the configuration file can be declared by starting the service with the -Dcxf. See the server configuration section on the configuration file page for information on specifying the file for servlet WAR file-based web service implementations. To specify the client-side configuration file, start your client using the -Dcxf. In CXF, all the functionality of processing messages is done via interceptors.

Thus, when debugging a message flow, you will come across a bunch of interceptors in the chain. Here is a list of some of the common interceptors and the functionality they provide. The source code for these interceptors is available on github.

Apache CXF. IOException; import org. AttachmentDeserializer; import org. Message; import org.

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