Im Stone In Love With You - The Stylistics - Im Stone In Love With You (Vinyl)

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Worlds Apart. ARR Leo Sayer. Leo Sayer sing. Manufactured under license of Chrysalis Records, Great Britain. John Schneider. Too Good To Stop Now. Genre: Country. Styles: Country-Pop, Urban Cowboy. Animal Magnetism. Love At First Sting. P94ATR World Wide Live. P Breeze Music. Pictured inner sleeves: m. The Searchers. Sire Records. SRK Liverpool's number two ranking group, second only to the Beatles. Style: Merseybeat. Vinyl: m- was sealed, I opened and played 2 time.

Original pictured inner sleeve: m. Records promo sheet: m. Tomas Seidmann. Carovne Klavesy. Cover: vg tape on left edge. Melodiya Riga factory of records, dark blue label Vinyl: visually near mint. Original colored cover with photo: excellent.

Melodiya All-Union studio of records, dark blue label Original colored cover with photo different design of a cover with other photo : very good minus.

Vinyl: visually very good minus. Melodiya Aprelevka factory of records, red label Ivica Serfezi Yugoslavia. Man's Lullaby. Original colored cover with photo laminated : excellent. Shocking Blue. The Shocking Blue.

Golden Hits. Released in or Only Russian compilation. On black paper labels album title misspelled as "Greatest Hits".

The Shorts. Comment ca va. Shtourtsite The Crickets Bulgaria. Only cover: m. Oh, What Circus!. Alex Silvanni electric organ. Disco Stomp H. Baglioni - A. Riccardi - L. Morali - H. Beiolo - B. Manzanero - B. Style: Easy Listening. Afric Simone.

The Best Of Afric Simone. Od Wschodu Do Zachodu Slonca. SX XL Polish band. Styles: Beat with Hammond organ, Prog, Ballad. Gyere velem [Come With Me]. Export version. Insert: e. P, ATR Rare Russian Unofficial Release. Felix Slovacek. Vinyl: visually e- on the first track there is an appreciable cross scratch.

Stranice Naseg Vremena. Recorded and mixed at Chipping Norton studio, England, III - 8 on the yellow label - second repress, copies. Smak "Samostalni Muzicki Ansambl Kragujevac" was a Serbian and former Yugoslav prog rock band, with strong jazz fusion and blues undertones. Small Faces. Styles: Rock, Rhythm and Blues, Soul.

Greatest Hits. Sofia Bulgaria. Director Dimitr Simeonov. Stars Of Discos. Vinyl: missing. The Steamboat Stompers featuring Svetla Gosteva vocal. The Steamboat Stompers.

Cat Stevens. Postcard: m. Jiri Stivin. Status Quo Vadis. P Supraphon, Fun House. P91 S90 N. Barbra Streisand. Lazy Afternoon. Styles: Ballad, Vocal.

Subramaniam With Stephane Grappelli. Sun Ship. Follow Us. Super Grup Electrecord. Sugar Baby Love. The Very Best Of Supertramp. LD Swing Session. Laszlo Szendrey-Karper, guitar. Guitar Recital. LPX Across A Crowded Room. Style: British Folk-Rock. Tin Huey. Contents Dislodged During Shipment. BSK Influenced of Frank Zappa's jazzy numbers.

There's also a power pop cover of the Im Stone In Love With You - The Stylistics - Im Stone In Love With You (Vinyl) Diamond-penned Monkees hit "I'm a Believer" that owes something to the Motors.

Promotional Copy Not For Sale. Tolcsvay pre Fonograf. Ez Mind Elado. Traveling Wilburys. Pronit blue label Export version for East Germany. All lyrics in roughly German translation on back cover for East German market. Twisted Sister. Come Out And Play. Conway Twitty. Still In Your Dreams. P C Island Records Ltd. Manufactured by Oasis Record Co. South Korea.

Style: Pop Rock, Arena Rock. Info about this release. MZE Laminated cover. Woman, Woman. Columbia " Sound". Stereo CS New Way To Move.

Manufactured by Epic Records. Genre: New Wave. Styles: Electronic, Synth-pop. Uriah Heep. Live January Recorded during the British Tour. Return To Fantasy. P Bronze Records. Innocent Victim. Melodiya Moscow experimental factory of records, red label. Different orange cover Im Stone In Love With You - The Stylistics - Im Stone In Love With You (Vinyl) a photo of the group.

Melodiya Moscow experimental factory of records, green label. Different cover without a photo of the group color spectrum. Amazing World. P C Parole Records, Australia. Chrysalis Records. Styles: Pop Rock, Synth-pop. Cover: g scotch on bottom. Anthony Ventura Orchestra. Caroline Verdi. Vistula River Brass Band. Clifford T. CAS Muddy Waters. Masters Of Blues 2.

Recorded,, Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra. From History Of Jazz. Archival records. Paul Winter. Concert For The Earth. Stevie Wonder. Sunshine Of My Life. Archive Of Pop-Music No 2. Jan "Ptaszyn" Wroblewski. Sprzedawcy Glonow. Robert Wyatt. Released under license by Zona Records, Genre: Jazz, Rock. Style: Art Rock, Jazz-Rock.

Time And A Word. P Russian Disc, Style: Prog Rock, Symphonic Rock. Different back side of cover. Russia, USSR, Style: Prog Rock, Im Stone In Love With You - The Stylistics - Im Stone In Love With You (Vinyl) Rock. Lester Young. M60 Sarolta Zalatnay. Frank Zappa. The Man From Utopia. P SNC Records. Style: Avantgarde, Novelty, Parody. Tracklist are different from original vinyl release, but similar to CD version.

Et In Arcadia Ego. Black Widow Records, BWR The Italian school of Doom Metal. Cover: m shrink wrap. Original cardboard inner sleeve: m. Jozef Zsapka. Guitar Dream With Jozef Zsapka.

Comparative Blues. Joe Newman and the Count's Men - A. Eddie Bert - Jerome's Blues. Hall Of Fame - Jazz Greats. Styles: Bop, Soul-Jazz. East Coast Sounds. Walk With Me. Along with Faust's essential first four albums, this box includes a session with Giorgio Moroder and other fascinating unreleased material.

Carolyn Wonderland. Tempting Fate. After a four-year recording break, the Texas singer, songwriter, and guitar hero delivers her Alligator debut, produced by Dave Alvin.

Sam Fender. Seventeen Going Under. The Springsteen disciple follows his U. Lala Lala. I Want the Door to Open. The hitherto raw, confessional project delivers a philosophical, perseverance-themed set vitalized by producer Yoni Wolf and guests like Ben Gibbard. ESP Summer. Kingdom of Heaven. The first material in over 20 years from this collaborative project of members from Pale Saints and His Name Is Alive takes a turn towards psychedelic ambience. Classical Recent Classical Highlights. King LPs.

AllMusic Staff Picks. So she did what she did till her heart literally gave out. She underwent open-heart surgery in In some ways Abbey Lincoln commanded respect for the wrong reasons. It's all too easy to be intimidated by her sheer survival, the way Alberta Hunter was lionized in old age.

It's too easy to use that Im Stone In Love With You - The Stylistics - Im Stone In Love With You (Vinyl) writer's brand of reverse racism and admire her only because she stood up for civil rights, or sang the kind of jazz that you "need to be black to truly understand.

Maybe you will be, too. The song is mysteriously poetic, bitterly romantic and painfully optimistic. Abbey's music here has a touch of pop-mystical Nat "King" Cole's "Nature Boy" comes to mind while the vocals have a touch of Billie Holiday.

In the lyrics, Abbey taps soul truth "You can never lose a thing if it belongs to you" so God bless the child that's got his own. There's also a very Dylanesque sense of contradiction, with "throw it away" linked to giving, while inner-rhyme draws the listener in deeper and imagery plays on perspective "a hand to help us stand.

One night I found these magic words in a magic book…" The name of the magic book, of course, Abbey does not reveal. Dylan wouldn't do that, either. The version of "Throw it Away" below is the slower one with dark strings and ghostly percussion, to be found on "A Turtle's Dream. Just got an e-mail on Kenny Edwards today: Kenny is in desperate need Im Stone In Love With You - The Stylistics - Im Stone In Love With You (Vinyl) an air ambulance to return home to his beloved Southern California.

The cost of this flight is beyond his resources. His friends have come together to help pay for this flight to bring Kenny home. Any help you can give us would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to pass this on. We must bring Kenny home. Thank You for your help! The latest news is that he's to be air-lifted home to California tomorrow August 13th and more medical care will follow.

Please visit www. Souther among others. In addition to his solo work as a performer, he returned to his roots as a "group member" when he became part of BRYNDLE, along with the three other solo artists who decided to harmonize in this special way; Andrew Gold, Wendy Waldman and Illfolks fave Karla Bonoff. He's Ill, Folks! I know times are tough, and people are asking you for donations all the time, too. So here's the deal.

If you can Paypal more, that's great. The Paypal donation button is at www. Thank you. I'm sorry to have to post the news that Kenny Edwards died yesterday. Labels: Kenny Edwards. Linda Ronstadt on Danny Kortchmar's album "Innuendo. It's a tricky thing, though. How overt should the contribution be, and how strongly should it be marketed? Sometimes the guest star simply turns up in the credits as a nice surprise, like Ry Cooder on guitar for two tracks on Ron Nagle's debut album.

Sometimes the artist promotes the lucky favor. After an indifferently received solo album, Gary Brooker trumpeted on the back of his second: "Special thanks to…Phil Collins, Eric Clapton and George Harrison who by their help and company made this record not unworthy of the perusal of most listeners. And in this case, the Linda Ronstadt-Danny Kortchmar duet was actually issued as a single, and few seemed to notice.

So luck plays as much a part as the guest vocalist. And what a nice touch, to have a song about a woman lost at sea now featuring the frantic voice of a woman! To be honest, though this album's been part of the Illfolks morgue since it was released, the favorite track has always been "Hair of the Dog," a kind of Zevonesque novelty. There's a jeeringly obvious pun in the refrain. As Danny sings to a girl who might need more lovin' from her bad boy lover, he sneers that she needs "the hair of the dog that bit cha…bitch ya…bitch ya…" It was during a nostalgic hour of returning to the world of West Coast edgy-hipsters and truth-tellers ooh, Don Henley, Jackson "Lawyers in Love" Browne, even his brother Sev that I felt like dragging and dropping the needle on "Hair of the Dog," and then re-exploring the rest of the forgotten album, with its shaving gel advert cover of a moist-faced wet-haired Mr.

Danny with a towel around his neck. That's when I literally grooved on "Endless Sleep," with perky Ronstadt on a death trip fer Reaper's sake! It's surprising that given the Japanese fetish for all-things James Taylor they love any session man who played with James and even re-issued Craig Doerge's solo album for that reason Danny's "Innuendo" album never made an appearance in the land of the wan Obi-covered CD.

Surely, as influential as the Illfolks blog is, everything will change now that attention's been called to this lost rendition of "Endless Sleep. No pop ups, porn ads or wait time. Posted by Ill Folks at AM 5 comments:.

Labels: Death FunnyObscure Men. Bobby Hebb was a one-hit wonder, and like so many of these guys, after making a splash, he spent a few years floating around aimlessly before sinking to the bottom, dismissed as merely a "fluke.

Every obit on Bobby Hebb steals the basics from the same sources, so you probably know his parents were blind, he and his Nashville-born brother Harold formed a tap-dancing act, and that when they went their separate ways, Bobby turned up in Roy Acuff's band while his brother joined The Prisonaires…made up of other jail birds. Harold did get out of prison and into a real group, The Marigolds, but was never far from danger. And so it was, that incoincidentally a day after the JFK assassination, and also Boris Karloff's birthdayhe ended up knifed to death, but not before firing a fatal shot into the guy who'd mortally wounded him.

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