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Fertilization membrane is formed to 1. Faciliate entry of sperm into egg. Provide stability to egg. Prevent ectopic pregnancy. Prevent polyspermy. Law of independent assortment does not hold true because: 1. Distantly located genes assorted independently 2.

Closely located genes assorted together 3. Genes of same chromosome always assort independently 4. Genes are DNA fragments. These are two statements related to sexual reproduction : I In both plants and animals, hormones are responsible for the transitions between the three phases. II Interaction between hormones and certain environmental factors regulate the reproductive processes and the associated behavioural expressions of organisms.

Options : 1. Both I and II is correct 2. Only I is correct 3. Only II is correct 4. Neither I nor II is correct. Gene for starch synthesis in pea can show variable behaviour w. Mendelian dominance 2. Multiple allelism 3. Incomplete dominance 4. More than one option is correct.

An oocyte is released from the ovary under the influence of LH 1. After completing meiosis and before polar body are released 2. After completing meiosis I and before release of polar body 3. After completing meiosis 4.

After completing meiosis I and after release of polar body. Ethyl chloride is converted into diethyl ether by. Wurtz reaction 2. Grignard reaction. Perkin's reaction 4. Williamson's synthesis. The alkyl halide is converted into an alcohol by. Addition 2. Tertiary alcohol. Anhydride AlCl 3. The boiling point of p-nitrophenol is higher than that of o-nitrophenol because.

The reaction of with RMgX leads to the formation of. The boiling point of ethanol is higher than that of dimethyl ether due to the presence of. The correct sequence of reagents is:. S N 1 and S N 2 products are same with excluding stereoisomer :- 1.

Product A and B respectively are:- a b c d. Which of the following molecules would have a carbon-halogen bond most susceptible to nucleophilic substitution? Among the following ethers, which one will produce methyl alcohol on treatment with hot concentrated HI?

Nitromethane is subjected to the treatment with chlorine in the presence of sodium hydroxide, the main product is:. Chlorobenzene on heating with NH 3 under pressure is the presence of cuprous chloride gives. Toluene when refluxed with Br 2 in the presence of light mainly gives. A particle having charge q 1 exerts F electrostatic force on charge q 2 at rest.

The drift velocity of the electrons in a current-carrying metallic conductor is of the order Album). The value of t is. The resistance of iron wire of particular length and thickness is 1 ohm.

If the length and the diameter of wire both are doubled, then the resistivity in ohm — m will be :. Another wire of the same material having the same length and area of cross-section 4 a has a resistance of :. The electric resistance of a certain wire of iron is R. If its length and radius are both doubled, then :. A wire of resistance R is divided into 10 equal parts.

These parts are connected in parallel, the equivalent resistance of such connection will be :. Four wires of equal length and of resistances 10 ohm s each are connected in the form of a square. The equivalent resistance between two opposite corners of the square is :. A wire is broken in four equal parts. A packet is formed by keeping the four wires together.

The resistance of the packet in comparison to the resistance of the wire will be. The equivalent resistivity of the combination is :. In the adjoining circuit, the battery E 1 has an e. If the galvanometer G reads zero, then the value of the resistance X in ohm is.

In the circuit shown, A and V are Album) ammeter and voltmeter respectively. Reading of the voltmeter will be. When connected across the terminals of a cell, a voltmeter measures 5 V and a connected ammeter measures 10 A of current. A resistance of 2 ohm s is connected across the terminals of the cell. The current flowing through this resistance will be :. Two resistances R 1 and R 2 are made of different materials. From the graph between current I and voltage V shown below, identify the portion corresponding to negative resistance.

I - V characteristic of a copper wire of length L and area of cross-section A is shown in figure. The slope of the curve becomes :. When 10 19 electrons are removed from a neutral metal plate, the electric charge on it is? If both of them exist inside the vacuum, then the force between them is.

Two equal charges q are placed at a distance of 2 a and a third charge —2 q is placed at the midpoint. The potential energy of the system is. A charge of 10 e. The potential energy of the charge 10 e. Work done in taking another point charge — Q from the point A [co-ordinates 0, a ] to another point B [co-ordinates a0 ] along the straight path AB is. Two charges q 1 and q 2 are placed 30 cm apart, shown in the figure. A third charge q 3 is moved along the arc of a circle of radius 40 cm from C to D.

When air in a capacitor is replaced by a medium of dielectric constant Kthe capacity. A parallel plate capacitor of capacity C 0 is charged to a potential V 0. Four plates of equal area A are separated by equal distances d and are arranged as shown in the figure. The equivalent capacity is.

A parallel-plate capacitor of area A, plate separation d, and capacitance C is filled with four dielectric materials having dielectric constants k 1k 2k 3 and k 4 as shown in the figure below.

If a single dielectric material is to be used to have the same capacitance C in this capacitor, then its dielectric constant k is given by. If the distance between the plates is d m and area of each plate is A m 2the energy joule stored in the condenser is. A charge Q is enclosed by a Gaussian spherical surface of radius R. If the radius is doubled, then the outward electric flux will. In the figure, three capacitors each of capacitance 6 pF are connected in series.

The total capacitance of the combination will be. Two parallel conducting plates 5 mm apart are held horizontally one above the other. The upper plate is maintained at a positive potential of 15 kV while the lower plate is earthed. If a small oil drop of relative density 0. At the three corners of an equilateral triangle, charges are placed as shown in the figure. The magnitude of the electric field at point O is. What is the mode of inheritance of phenylketonuria?

Autosomal recessive 2. Autosomal dominant 3. Sex linked recessive 4. Sex linked dominant. The primary oocyte completes its first meiotic division within the: 1. Primary follicle 2.

Secondary Album) 3. Tertiary follicle 4. Graafian follicle. Male heterogamety is not seen in: 1. Humans 2. Melandrium album 3. Birds 4. Fruit fly. The menstrual cycle begins with the casting off of 1 Placenta 2 Blood 3 Endometrial lining along with blood vessels 4 All the three. The disease inheritance pattern exemplified in the given pedigree analysis can be : 1.

Hemophilia 2. Red green colour blindness 3. Phenyl ketonuria 4. Day By Day - Coppe* - Artificial Insemination (CD one of the following may require pollinators, but is genetically similar to autogamy? Transfer of pollen grains from the anther to the stigmaof another flower of the same plant is called 1 xenogamy 2 geitonogamy 3 karyogamy 4 autogamy.

Male gametes in angiosperms are formed by the division of: 1 microspore 2 generative cell 3 vegetative cell 4 microspore mother cell. When the F 1 plants were selfed the resulting genotypes were in the ratio of 1 1 : 2 : 1 :: Tall heterozygous : tall homozygous : Dwarf 2 3 : 1 :: Tall : Dwarf 3 3 : 1 :: Dwarf : Tall 4 1 : 2 : 1 :: Tall homozygous : Tall heterogygous : Dwarf.

The enzyme that is not present in succus entericus is 1 maltase 2 nucleases 3 nucleosidase 4 lipase. In human females, meiosis-II is not completed until 1. Puberty 2. Uterine implantation 4. The permissible use of the technique amniocentesis is for 1. Given below is a diagrammatic sketch of a portion of human male reproductive system.

Select the correct set of the names of the parts labelled A, B, C, D. Ureter Prostate Seminal vesicle Bulbourethral gland 2. Vas deferens Seminal vesicle Prostate Bulbourethral gland 3. Vas deferens Seminal vesicle Bulbourethral gland Prostate 4. The correct sequence of spermatogenetic stages leading to the formation of sperms in a mature human testis is 1.

A common test to find the genotype or hybrid is by : 1 crossing of one F 2 progeny with male parent 2 crossing of one F 2 progeny with female parent 3 studying the sexual behaviour of F 1 progenies 4 crossing of one F 1 progeny with recessive parent. Double fertilization involves 1 fertilization of the egg by two male gametes 2 fertilization of two eggs in the same embryo sac by two sperms brought by one pollen tube 3 fertilization of the egg and the central cell by two sperms brought by different pollen tubes 4 fertilization of the egg and the central cell by two sperms brought by the same pollen tube.

XO-chromosomal abnormality in human beings causes 1 Turner's syndrome 2 Down's syndrome 3 Kilnefelter's syndrome 4 none of these. Which of the following occurs due to monosomy of sex chromosome? Select the correct explanation for the labels A,B,C and D.

Match column I with column II and select the correct option from the given codes. Brandon [Instrumental] 2. Optimization [Instrumental] Dim light but test-tubes rattle A few men, Some white coats and goggles Sterile tools of shining To avoid pathogenic organisms Artificial insemination Careful selection of characteristics Genetic manipulation Pure perfection of mind and body I've been waiting for it all my life This will be perfect!

Mistakes forbidden All corrections done until the birth Blood counts Each examination Possible on earth No more freedom Control of society No disease, no more crimes No more fights out of jealousy No more weakness Equal to anything No more badness Equal in every way Supervision, invisible screens Monitoring of each single step Optimization of human beings Enthused by the success Of research Album) give us toys they want us to play to use our fantasy they show us things they want us to learn I can feel their eye on me No more freedom Control of society No disease, no more crimes No more fights out of jealousy No more weakness Equal to anything No more badness Equal in every way 3.

Cold Science [Instrumental] 4. Lost Imagine me Standing high above On a large bridge Across the river Imagine me A warm wind blows Full of delight I even shiver Watching the moon rise Daylight has almost gone The weather is so nice It won't last too long Watching the water flow Savouring the silence The current is far below A distant murmur Too many problems I've never told someone There's no solution at all Sheer desperation My face is wet with tears I only try not to fall There are new Inconspicuous walls I'm quite sure They haven't been there Also a few Buildings grey and tall But I don't know the reason why "He's different, There's something going on with him I just can't specify.

Next Chapter [Instrumental] 8. New Orders All hunting like some birds of prey In good conscious No unusual way If the pressure to succeed is enormous It is hard to meet the demand There must be no slips A matter of course They clip our wings Tighten up rules and controls New orders, new laws And nobody bothers at all I do my best, indeed Sure I know that I have to play my role Change of atmosphere I am not afraid But I don't know what's going on Waiting for new orders Without a shadow of a doubt They are Waiting for new orders Like soldiers or even toys Not that it matters Birds of a feather they are With a cold voice they speak Calmly—indifferently And they don't ask So never will I Controlled by strings Like marionettes I'm part of it or am I not Waiting for new orders Without a shadow of a doubt They are Waiting for new orders Like soldiers or even toys "Great.

That's even more than I've expected. They do what I want, without any complaint optimal behaviour I'm very proud of them. DJ Steve Brown. Terminal Henk Donkers. Steve Laurie. Full 14 track CD album, in deluxe, limited edition 6 panel Digipak. When purchasing the CD edition, not only do you receive the full digital edition in format of your choice you also receive three exclusive digital bonus tracks NOT available with the standard digital edition Yogurt The Jash Mash 3.

First 50 will also be personally autographed by Coppe' herself! As modelled by our veteran artist, T-toe in the pics. Purchasable with gift card. Yogurt Gareth Clarke Remix Yogurt Professor Ojo Remix Yogurt Mrs Jynx Remix Yogurt Jilk's With Bits Mix Yogurt Niggle's Probiotic Suppository Yogurt Terminal 11's Mango Lassi Mix Yogurt Fred moTh Ball Remix

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