Warriors - Various - Oi! Aint Dead 2 (Vinyl)

Not alot of new bands either, My brothers in Idaho are starting to make thier mark and will be recording soon, Beer Hall Putsch is thier name. Not sure whos doing the most business as far as sales and stuff but there are a number of them here. How does the average White American view the NS and racialist movement? Warriors - Various - Oi! Aint Dead 2 (Vinyl) the white people opening their eyes to the truth about multiculturism due to all the black on white violence and riots we heard about in the last years?

Or do you think majority is still blind to the real problems of todays western societies? What would you say are the biggest problems of todays youth and White people in general in your land? I think that whites are begining to wake up a little in this country. Not fast enough for me. People will fight back when pussed to far and people are getting tired of being pushed by the red scum. The problem with the white youth is they are so distracted by all the gadgets in thier hands, and the shit that is fed to them on the tv.

And the white kids are eating up all the nigger rap shit. We can see in your artwork alot of old norse images,tell us are you Odinists and what is your opinion about religion in general?

Yes we are followers of the old ways. Which would you say are some of the figures from the past that are the most important and had the biggest influence on American NS movement? There are many that give all they have and go unnoticed. What were the main reasons for you to become skinheads and what does it mean being one to you?

Well I am 44 years old and was lucky enough to get turned on to skrewdriver at a young age. And although Skrewdrivers music was not as heavy as what i was used to listening to, it was what he sang about which lit the fire in me.

I liked the purpose he sang about. It was an easy transformation to go from metalhead to skinhead in 85 for me. To me it means being on the frontline of our racial struggle and doing it with pride and honor. Teaching the new generations of the duty and standard. We will keep fighting till we are knee deep in our enemies blood! What are your future plans,where do you see your band in the following years? Our plan is to continue to write music and play to those who would see us play. We have a few shows lined up for already and plan on being very busy.

Thank you for the interview! Final words for the readers? Thanks for the chat Brother. Nov 20, Aggroknuckle interview. First could you tell us something about Aggroknuckle's history? What were the main reasons and inspirations to start a band,how would you describe your sound and what are the main topics of your lyrics? Aggroknuckle was formed inby the members of Cannons,our former band. Then the first singer quit the band and we accepted Kitty as the new singer.

First we started as a 4-piece band. In our earlier era we also played songs from Cannons, but soon we changed our music Buy we changed the style of our music, so we also decided to change our name. I wanted to make music that is simple, but strong,heavy and metallic,that goad people to fight. We thought our music would be like that,so we changed our name to Aggroknuckle, with the idea. We emphasize that we can express heavy sounds without too much metalizing or down tunings, when we make songs.

About the lyrics, the most is about "our way of lives" like how are we when we face troubles or difficulties in our lives. Sometimes we are asked why we sing in English,and thats because the sound we make is better with English lyrics.

That's all. Could you name some of your favourite bands,both from Japan and worldwide,and which new bands from Japan would you recommend to the readers? Do any of the AK members also play in any other band? The Japanese band that influenced us the most is Gruesome. Then we would recommend bands such as Rouge Trooper and Natural Born Masters which are also in this scene for a long time.

It is not enough room here to write it all. How often do you play gigs and which were some of your favourite? Do you have any plans for any foreign concerts,maybe in Europe or USA? Tell Warriors - Various - Oi! Aint Dead 2 (Vinyl) also with which skinheads from other countries do you have the best contacts?

And we also have a plan to play in New York and Montreal in summer of ,which is now being arranged. A friend we have the most contact with is Jason Hue from the US. BFG's Japan tour would not come true without his help. He is our benefactor and our important crew who no one can be like. When and why did you decide to became skinheads and what does being a skinhead means to you? It was 23 years ago, I was 19 when I became a skinhead. It was because I listened to the record of Skrewdriver.

It is very natural for me to be a skinhead. That is, it is my life itself. Can you tell us something about the Samurai Skinhead Spirit movement? When did the first skins appeare in Japan,which were some of the first bands,magazines and labels and who are some of the most active bands and promoters today?

Is there a part of Japan that has the strongest scene? These days it seems that most of the bands are playing under the banner of Yellowside 28, can you tell us more about this organisation? The skinhead movement,that we could say was the "first", is Japanese Movement a. JM by mainly Cracker Jacks from Osaka, in late 80s. There were some similar bands, but JM were the first bands that stimulate us and has special value for us.

And the policy of YS28 is "to broadcast from the side of Japanese". For a very long time, Japanese skinheads were mostly unknown to Western countries. We YS28 think that we deliver our ideas through our music. You, and a few other japanese bands,also play Skrewdriver covers and it seems that the whole SSS scene is quite influenced by Skrewdriver.

Did the japanese skins back in the days have any contacts with Ian Stuart,who also gave his support to the japanese skins in some of the old BH magazines,and how big was the influence of him and his music on the japanesse movement? We think the influence from ISD is very big in Japan. We YS28 are also strongly influenced from him in the music and the idea. He actually went to England and met and talked with him. Ian accept him who came from the far east, and they talked much.

He told us that is a treasure for him. How did you make contact with BFG and decide to release a cd together? Were the gigs you had together a big sucess and was there a lot of people attending? Which of the moments from this tour do you specially remember and which are some of the best memories you have? Tell us also what does this kind of a cooperation between east Warriors - Various - Oi!

Aint Dead 2 (Vinyl) west means to you and what would you say to the people that have problems with this kind of comradeship between Japanese and White nationalists? The gigs were held in two places, Nagoya and Tokyo, and both of them were very successful. BFG stayed in Japan for six days and we talked much. They themselves, the attitude towards music they have, the understanding of our country, Japanese culture and Japanese etc. They played their best songs through all ages,and not only us but also the rest of Japanese skinheads were knocked out.

When we planned their Japan tour, I had contacted with Ed through an American friend who we trust very much. We mailed with him for about a year so we got to knew well each other. By mailing with Ed directly, you know, we could know him as a person,which it is hard to know through only by reading interviews.

Not only music he make, his personality is also great, and although it was only one year I could learn many things. We could make friendship over our skin color. I am not racist,so I do not discriminate. But I think we need to distinguish. Of course both of you and us have culture, tradition, and history that both of us can be proud of. It is important to understand and respect each other. To think everything in "our" common sense is dangerous. So we think to distinguish is needed and it is not discrimination.

We are also proud of our skin color and our culture and history as you are. We understood and respect each other after talking with them about those of our ideas above and their ideas, and many other things. We have realize the tour and split CD. We Japanese think manners are important. We think it is the most important thing as a human being, before the races. If BFG were greedy band in money and status, they would not do that.

Actually we faced some opposites from both inside and outside of Japan, when we announced that we invited the band known as WP and made the split CD with them. But we had no problem with BFG. Because we do not mix our bloods.

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Black Widow Mattadd favorited The Innocents 8 minutes ago. The Innocents Quastymoto checked Pandorum 8 minutes ago. The cover shows a cropped section of a flight map and was designed by Eno as well.

Dub-influenced techno, heavy synth strings and ambient cycles are all aspects of this slept-on LP. Tom Thiel and Max Loderbauer Moritz von Oswald trio created a unified work that has hints of jungle, as well as serial music.

The cover art is constructed of ribbons of the same image bitmapped with various digital texture. Almost like a Madonna painting, but with the head horizontal not vertical, the art is fragmented and melancholy, like the music.

This double LP is psychedelic and progressive, with a heavy dub influence throughout. The cover shows a stylized turbine, designed by the Designers Republic. I go with the OG; it is a simple, emblematic cover. With a cover that calls to mind a Stephen King paperback, Padded Cell bring the darkness; they also bring a B-boy sensibility to the proceedings. This is darkness that will make you move your feet and shake that ass. I remember going to visit Richard Sen when they were finishing this LP.

Their studio was in a subway station and down the street from a mental hospital, an appropriate locale for this recording. An essential piece of minimal progressive electronica, this has some great guitar work throughout. The minimal chessboard cover is iconic, and the music sounds like it was made yesterday. Creating a sound and experiencing it through all senses is important. Using a piece of architecture to represent the feel and style of loops and chords is audacious, and if you nail it, it ends up on lists like these.

The Bloody Beetroots stood out from the pack right from the get-go via a unique sound that meshed gripping rock guitars Warriors - Various - Oi! Aint Dead 2 (Vinyl) heavy electro. Like creator Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo, the Bloody Beetroots project was punk rock to the rotten core—so much so that Rifo boasts a tattoo of the year —when punk rock was born—on his chest as an ink billboard advertising his full-fledged dedication to the movement.

Italian comics illustrator Tanino Liberatore nailed the anarchist spirit of Rifo and Romborama on the album artwork. It spits in your face with no regard to human decency or social restraint. Each player has a keyboard with alternating notes of a four-octave scale. We all know dance music is pretty sexy.

It makes sense. Kala helped launch M. The artwork encompasses all the out-of-the-box sonic arrangements possible in one LP within a single image. Colorful and commanding, the cover profiles M. A treat for the eyes, the artwork is as memorable as the album itself. Designed by Swiss artist Marco Papiro, this is one of my favorite covers of The artistic combination of typography, shape and color is like nothing you see today as album art.

His work always reminds me of the better, sleazier parts that made New York great sadly, they are pretty much all gone. I highly suggest looking up a large-scale version of this image so you can fully appreciate all of its intricacies. Traditionally a symbol of freedom, the bird showcased on the Urban Animals cover is made of dilapidated buildings, smoke stacks and other less-than-flattering signs of city life.

Oh, Dan Deacon, you lovable weirdo. You wizard of controlled chaos. What does it mean, and what does it have to do with Marvel or Tolkien? Sometimes weird is just weird. According to Jesse F. I look at the cover now and still, to this day, have trouble distinguishing it from the used electronica bins and an of Montreal album cover reject.

The blurry mess of half robot noise and half punk spritz resonates on the swirly face of The Looks. This sun-saturated, red-orange, kaleidoscopic image depicts a child standing, arms spread, between two trees. The cover represents the tone of the work accurately; there is a sense of dread and an ominous tenor in the compositions. You can always count on producer Juan de Guillebon for something eye-popping and unique.

Put Opera on repeat. Then put it on repeat again. Its downtempo trip-hop take on electronic is best understood with a few big spoonfuls, ideally when the atmosphere is thick and heavy. On a pale, hospital-green cover, some molecular form or sculpture hovers, abstract and intriguing. I have already written about this cover, but it merits a repeat mention. Using a hand-screened process, no two copies of this work will be the same.

That uniqueness of tone and hue brings a kind of intimacy to the act of buying a record. It is one of the elements that make buying an LP so special. It functions as an object; it is art on its own, and combined with the music, it creates a great experience for each of us. Well, here is a painting of such a scenario, suggesting in this instance a sunken Titanic, or WWII battleship survivors—an affecting cover for a sample-heavy more than 3, samples and reverie-inducing soundscape.

Sheep are lounging in this bucolic cover, which in the original versions, had no type or signage of any kind. It is an arresting pastoral image for a contemporary electronic music cover. The music is a continuous composition, a soundtrack for an imaginary journey from the Texas Gulf to Louisiana—ambient to the fullest.

From a distance, it looks like dozens of tiny, multicolored circles. Up close, one can see that each of these circles contains bits of computer-rendered graphic design, as well as images of flowers.

While clearly digitally composed, the cover contains trace elements of the organic, which speaks to an album on which hundreds of robot-like electronic beats compose music that is most definitely alive.

When I was a moody pre-teen listening to Blink, my mom decided it was time to introduce me to real punk rock.

After an intro to the Clash and the Sex Pistols, I fell down a rabbit hole of infinite angry possibility. I eventually found goth music and, finally, industrial. On Angst, the band captures every feeling a disillusioned teenager could have and presents it with lyrical style. Some sort of plaster or resin mannequin is shattered and captured in a photograph mid-explosion, with the title and band name simply rendered in the tapeworm font shouts to Ed Ruscha.

I first discovered DJ Koze back in my college radio days. It features German producer DJ Koze riding atop a reindeer, sitting in a psychedelic and colorful forest environment. Needless to say, I played the album on air and fell in love with its unique sound. This is far more free jazz and much less a boom-bap of a record, with a cover that feels—like the music—similar, yet wholly different from before. By the late aughts, Gregg Gillis, the former biomedical engineer known to most as mashup genius Girl Talk, had perfected his method: take seconds-long snippets of some of the best and most recognizable songs in popular music, and layer them on top of each other in the most surprising and joy-inspiring combinations imaginable.

A great pop art cover, Brian is presented like a product. The nostalgia is real. Drop a book on the ground, or even tap a table lightly with your hand.

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