Viderunt Omnes (The Charm) - Nick Bicât* - Stealing Heaven (Vinyl, Album, LP)

If I ate all the time, and you hardly ever? Crowley discovers that Aziraphale has been strictly and obsessively limiting his food intake for millennia, due to fear of punishment from Heaven if he gets caught eating too regularly. With the future of their relationship soon hanging in the balance, Crowley must find a way to convince Aziraphale that he is a safe pair of hands to collapse into — and that they can rebuild things from the ground up. Crowley taps into his appreciation for all things spooky to help Aziraphale prevent a disaster-- and inspires a local legend in the process.

Aziraphale is caught, sans flaming sword, during the Great Heavenly Audit that precedes the Great Flood, and is locked away with the Watchers and a few other angels who have very clearly disobeyed, but also have yet to Fall. From there a small series of dominoes begin to fall, which becomes a cascade around the time King Solomon is building the First Temple.

Heaven looks down upon the demons enslaved and thinks "this is a good idea", while Hell, being comprised of demons currently being enslaved, thinks "this actually really sucks".

From there things wildly diverge. Crawly becomes Crowley in a Hell that feels indebted to him for their rescue, and also finds to concept of slavery utterly horrifying. Aziraphale, meanwhile, is forced to labor in a Heaven that views him as an increasingly disposable object.

It's only when Armageddon is less than five hundred years away that they meet again, after an impatient Heaven drops Aziraphale off in Hell. Hastur, like the rest of them, used to be an angel, doing an angel's job. No one thinks to ask for his story. Young Aziraphale's adventures in sex, alcohol, love, and family. And his subsequent adventures trying to work some of that out twenty years later.

The incriminating form crinkled gently between his fingers as he smacked it onto the desk. Aziraphale gave a long, shuddering sigh, then straightened his shoulders like a soldier about to charge into battle. I can get the stuff, and then Any way. The angel gave him a pained smile.

I mean real lovemaking, Crowley. Angels are forbidden from giving their bodies genitals. Crowley and Aziraphale figure out how to have sex anyway. Soft-core bodice ripper Lanwench 6 October Guiltily enjoyable, in a quasi-historical, smutty kind of way. The soundtrack was pretty heavy-handed, and the dialogue didn't inspire, but it's a steamy, pretty piece of fluff.

BlackMonk 21 September An historically-based film focusing on the romance between Abelard and Heloise which highlights two philosophical outlooks on life. Abelard, though a first-class thinker, accepted the premise of the Church--that one's life belongs to God, that sex is evil, that happiness on earth isn't possible. But yet he acted against that premise--he fell in love with a woman of reason: Heloise.

Abelard's implicit premise, the one he subconsciously held, was in fact pro-life and pro-earth. He loved Heloise because she reflected the things he valued most deeply: Intelligence, beauty, and happiness. But since those things are not valued but are in fact derided by the Church, Abelard believed that his feelings for Heloise were wrong, were worthy of guilt. Heloise, on the other hand, never accepted the anti-life, anti-pleasure, anti-earth philosophy of the Church.

She scoffed at religion, challenged its teachers, and refused to accept things on faith. She held reason, beauty and happiness in high esteem. She saw in Abelard a reflection of her highest values, and, consequently, she acted to gain those values. She never felt guilty about her love for Abelard. She never apologized. She never wavered. The movie is wonderful because it demonstrates two contrasting philosophical views on life.

Viderunt Omnes (The Charm) - Nick Bicât* - Stealing Heaven (Vinyl since the predominant view in Abelard's and Heloise's time was based on faith, mysticism and obedience to authority, unfortunately life, happiness and love were casualties.

Caitlin-Em 3 July Yes, yes, very romantic; though I'm sorry to say very sorrowful. I'm not a man, but I know castration must feel like the worst thing in the world, especially to someone seemingly having it all: intelligence, respect, a worthy job and a great love.

Not only is this movie not lacking in interest, but I enjoyed the historical feel to it as well. Naming their son Astrolabe is a little odd, granted, but these were the Dark Ages after all. Kim Thomson acted fabulously; circles around even the competent male leads She really embodied all that a strong women hundreds of years ago could be, and though dynamic and loud, didn't seem to overexaggerate her talent in the Album.

Except for the maid, which seemed a little too unconvincing as a Medieval prole everything about her screamed sall the acting was up to par. See this film if you have a thing for tasteful romance, silly and unabashed love, or simply looking for something to watch. This was a wonderful film, but I will admit that I am not writing this review to extol its virtues. BlackMonk, your review of Stealing Heaven was an outrageous atrocity for which you should never be forgiven.

Were I a ranking member of the ecclesiastical hierarchy, I would surely have you excommunicated immediately, or at least prescribe a penance of the most merciless and puritanical nature. Your conception of the middle ages is antiquated, outmoded, and uneducated; Your understanding of Abelard's thought is baseless and retarded, and your sense of taste is all but nonexistent. It would be to the benefit of all IMDb readers if you would lay down your wretched pen and never cast judgment on another work of artistic merit for the rest of your cursed days.

I suggest, sir, that you henceforth adhere to a strict regimen of daily self-flagellation, in the hopes that it will instill some piety and love of Beauty and the Divine within you. Should this fail, deep reflection or self-imposed exile may be your only hope of redemption. Fuzzy 20 April This romance is based on the real story of two lovers separated by the Catholic Church but bound by Viderunt Omnes (The Charm) - Nick Bicât* - Stealing Heaven (Vinyl hearts. Set in Paris during the building of Notre Dame, young Heloise is brought from a convent to live with her uncle, a solicitor for the cathedral building fund.

Heloise is well-educated and spirited, a dangerous combination for a woman in this time. She meets Master Abelard, a teacher at the cathedral and they fall in love despite his vow of celibacy. The scandal of their love explodes when Heloise becomes pregnant. The sets and costume are quite convincing--if only the actors sounded more French than English.

This is one of my favorite films despite the fact I have a book of some of Abelard's writings in which he displays a near-contempt for Heloise and those around him. A far cry from Derek de Lint's character. Good enough movie, great story.

Abelard and Heloise share one of the great love stories of history. Throw in the religious environment of the middle ages, the clergy's sacred vow of chastity, and a life long enforced penitence, not to mention the unmentionable punishment for any male, and you have a worthwhile film if at all well-made, which this one is. It's a shame that more meaningful movies like this one can't be made available to the American public. The U. Period costuming also add to the color and enjoyment of 'Stealing LP).

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