Untitled - Various - Local Poets (DVD)

This practice has been observed in Australia. Its materials are so constant, simple, elusive, specific. It costs so little and so much. It preoccupies a life, yet can only find one in living. Below: Creeley in Categories: quoth. It was an experimental thermonuclear device. Categories: recur. A last-minute gig alert I expect to read for about minutes, mainly material from my manuscript How to be Hungryprobably including two or three poems which I've never performed before.

Would be great to see you there Posted by Stu on 5. Categories: Announcementsgigs. Folks, I've now changed the URL i. I'm currently testing out the feed settings. Everything appears to be functioning as normal, but please let me know if you experience any problems.

Posted by Stu on 3. This Friday I'll be heading along to the monthly reading at Caffe Sospeso. I enjoyed the last installment, which featured David Gilbey and Randall Stephens, plus there was plenty of quality in the open mic. I also went to see Matt Hetherington's feature at the Dan a few weeks ago.

Great stuff from Matt It's a brilliant anthology - highly recommended. Looking ahead Chances are I'll be talking about blogs and the online publication of poetry, and the discussion may also swerve into spoken word as a form of publishing. Patric, Penni Russon, and many others. Posted by Stu on 1. Poems, prose, images and collaborations will continue to be added through to April.

My remix of Nathan Moore's 'Sharps' is now visible, along with a link to the original poem. Plus you can listen to streaming audio of my reading Untitled - Various - Local Poets (DVD) the remix. Once again, cheers to Chris Andrews for helping Untitled - Various - Local Poets (DVD) with the recording of that.

David Bowie was so powerful, he could make YOU feel safer, more comfortable, sexier, better in your own skin. Thank you. Ryan Adams heartbreaker deluxe reissue.

How sweet is this. This is the year I came around to pop music. Both these albums are stripped down a bit -- production is low key, letting the power and heartfulness shine. Praising something is quite difficult; slagging something off is relatively easy.

Criticism needs to inform and entertain. It has everything to do with taste — and nothing. But it must be honest, too. This is an issue of trust. Over-praise is of no help to anyone; ultimately, it only kills what it seeks to raise.

Summarising Untitled - Various - Local Poets (DVD) is not the same as criticising it. Above all, a critic should be kind when they can.

Take a book for what it is rather than what you want it to be; review it rather than its author. Publishing a book myself has not made me a Untitled - Various - Local Poets (DVD) critic but it has made me a less reflexively certain one. So, too, has being married to a novelist. I still write hatchet jobs. But I also know what writing a book costs, the sweat and pain involved. That said, perhaps some of our most toxic critics know this, too, in their hearts, for their writing often seems to me to be shot through with a particularly debilitating brand of envy.

Some architecture critics are architects, others are not. I freely admit that these would not stand up well to the sort of scrutiny that I apply to the work of others. I now write because I am better at it than designing buildings. So it might seem Untitled - Various - Local Poets (DVD) outrageous cheek to question from time to time the work of more accomplished and achieving professionals.

Indeed it is. But critics are not there to legislate by themselves on how everything should be done. Rather they should see things as clearly as they can, from a position informed by knowledge, experience and love of their subject, and express what they see eloquently, engagingly and with emphasis.

This perspective is ideally different from that of people enmeshed in practice and, just as the best sports commentators are not always the best ex-players, a critic does not have to be more brilliant at the art form in question than those he or she writes about. AO Scott also calls criticism an art form in its own right.

My fellow posters and I seized happily upon the tools offered by the internet, creating a global network and slowly amassing discographies and reviews, in order to chart a new path. We were criticising not just music, but the basic tenets of its criticism,too.

While part of our motivation was selfish — trying to capitalise on popular search-engine terms —and I cringe now at the tacit endorsement of the music pirates, what my colleagues and I were really doing was creating context for cultural works beyond their filenames.

I want to be that person for younger listeners, opening doors that they might have not even noticed while swiping through Spotify on the train. Interesting to think about criticism in the week I am reviewing Look Back in Anger at Derby theatre - the venue that first rejected the script in I doubt they would have been affected.

Alternative, formally interesting, politically leftist, regional productions received scant critical coverage. Would it have been so noticed if produced in Derby in ? I hope that today a new play premiered in the regions would have a stronger chance of being noticed. Ideally, it should try to: contextualise the piece; give readers a sense of what it was like to be there; weigh up the pros and cons of the production.

As a critic, I think of myself as one voice in a nationwide, dynamic, endless conversation — place-stage-audience-page-reader-place-stage The Observer Books. If these friends could know that now the LPs are more in the "fad" again that is, some record companies are since some years ago selling new LP editions with expensive prices of some old albums from a lot of bands maybe they could want to keep some of these old LPs to at least try to sell them in used LPs shops, a thing that maybe i'm going to do, because I found in this collection of LPs some interesting albums for other people, I think.

Maybe I'm going to keep a few for my own record collection, being "good" for my taste. But a lot of them are really "out of my taste", and surprisingly they are in "good state" more or less to be sold to those used LPs shops in my city. Why to keep them in my house if I don't like them? One interesting LP that I found in this collection and one of the few that I'm not going to sell! I previously listened to this band in those FM radio stations of my city in the late eighties.

Their song called "Under the Milky Way" was played a lot by them then, and I liked the song then. But I completely forgot the song for a long time. But it was until I read the title of the song in the back cover of the LP that I remembered about it. So, I listened to the LP as a whole for the first time, twice, and I liked it.

Maybe the band has some Prog Related things in the music, but for me this band is more a Pop Rock or Alternative Rock band in musical style.

I even was more surprised to realize that it was included in the Prog Archives discography database, but not having listened to their other albums yet I really don't know if some of their other albums are more Prog Related or not than this album.

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Krugerrand Gladiators - Cleaners From Venus - In The Golden Autumn (Cassette, Album), Creole Songs And Dances - Paul Weston (2) - Crescent City (The Moods Of New Orleans) (Vinyl, LP), Hoax Hunters - Hoax Hunters - Comfort & Safety (Vinyl, LP, Album), Symphonisches Samba - Rekrutenspiel Aarau 5/97 Leitung Hptm. Christoph Walter* - Symphonischer Samba, Tall El Zaatar - Agorà - Agorà 2 (Vinyl, LP, Album), Circles - In This Moment - Beautiful Tragedy (CD, Album), Green, Green Grass Of Home - Tom Jones - Green, Green Grass Of Home (Vinyl, LP, Album), Ex-LMS Jubilee Class 4-6-0 No. 5690 Leander Heads A Manchester To York Special Along The Former Grea, Quante Jubila - Various - Pay It All Back Volume 2 (CD), L A Dreamers* - Got To Be Strong (CD), Concerto F-moll Für Streichorchester Und Basso Continuo - Francesco Durante - Collegium Aureum - Qua, The Ventures - Theme From "A Summer Place" / A Summer Love (Vinyl)