The Weathermen - Various - Audio Terrorism: The Soundtrack For Weirdness And Blind Hostility (File)

One group in the '60s would have agreed with the analysis the CIA had a branch that worked like the Mob. The mob, itself, or anyone involved in the counterculture would have agreed about how the Feds operate, and what they're willing to do to further their agendas. My two cents: that we are witnessing an internal struggle among the "powers that be", or "hidden hand" or whatever moniker you wish to label the real power.

The rest of us are locked in the trunk. I think that the whole "Iraq Study Group" was as big a piece of PR and drama in the sense of being a TV show as elections are, but there was definately something going on behind the scenes: The old-schoolers trying to reign in the neo-cons and getting publicly shat on in response. We are all fucked. The U. A fifth soldier was killed in the initial attack on the compound.

The new account contradicted a U. In a statement issued late Friday, the military said two of the soldiers were handcuffed together in the back seat of an SUV near the southern Iraqi town of Mahawil. A third dead soldier was on the ground nearby. The fourth soldier died on the way to the hospital. The brazen assault, 50 miles south of Baghdad, was conducted by nine to 12 gunmen posing as an American security team, the military confirmed.

None of the American or Iraqi officials would allow use of their names because of the sensitive nature of the information. The confirmation came after nearly a week of inquiries. Within hours of the AP report that four of the five dead soldiers had been abducted and found dead or dying about 25 miles east of Karbala, the military issued a long account of what took place. Iraqi officials said the approaching convoy of black GMC Suburbans was waved through an Iraqi checkpoint at the edge of the city.

The Iraqi soldiers believed it to be American because of the type of vehicles, the distinctive camouflage American uniforms and the fact that they spoke English. One Iraqi official said the leader of the assault team was blond, but no other official confirmed that.

A top Iraqi security official for Karbala province told the AP that the Iraqi guards at the checkpoint radioed ahead to the governor's compound to alert their compatriots that the convoy was on its way.

Iraqi officials said the attackers' convoy divided upon arrival, with some vehicles parking at the back of the main building where the meeting was taking place, and others parking in front.

The attackers threw a grenade and opened fire with automatic rifles as they grabbed two soldiers inside the compound. Then the guerrilla assault team jumped on top of an armored U. Humvee and captured two more soldiers, the U. In its statement, the U. The Iraqi officials said the four were captured alive and shot just before the vehicles were abandoned. Police, who became suspicious when the convoy of attackers and their American captives did not stop at a roadblock, chased the vehicles and found the bodies, the gear and the abandoned SUVs.

The military statement said: "Two soldiers were found handcuffed together in the back of one of the SUVs. Both had suffered gunshot wounds and were dead. A third soldier was found shot and dead on the ground. Nearby, the fourth soldier was still alive, despite a gunshot wound to the head. Army-type combat uniforms, boots, radios and a non-U. Three days after the killings, the U. No further information was released about the suspects. Friday's military statement referred to the attackers as "insurgents," which usually suggests Sunnis.

Although Karbala province is predominantly Shiite, Babil province is heavily populated by Sunnis in the north, near Baghdad. Babil's central and southern regions are largely Shiite. A senior Iraqi military official said the sophistication of the attack led him to believe it was the work of Iranian intelligence agents in conjunction with Iraq's Shiite Mahdi Army militia, which Iran funds, arms and trains.

I've been waiting for someone, hopefully Jeff Wells, to explain to my what the point of E. Howard Hunt's deathbed "revalations" are supposed to mean.

This post almost gets there. Top marks JW. I've been awaiting your analysis of Power and look forward to more in this vein. History is written by the victors and I feel there is a fault line between those who want to press the fastforward and those who like to edit the highlights.

One more thing satan,natas,satan,natas,satan,natas etc Lets not forget that J. K was ready and willing to abolish the Federal Reserve and bring the process of issuing money back under the control of congress. Without the steady stream of cash from the interest paid to the central banks, plus the stolen tax dollars from an illegal income tax, the men behind the scenes would not have been able to finance the pieces played on the "Grand Chessboard".

Yeah, Corso needs a Venn diagram, alright, and I just happened to have one handy-like. The man was up to his pointy ears in Gladio, the Knights of Malta, army intelligence, etc, etc. Why would anyone trust someone who hung out with Lemnitzer and thought that the CIA was too liberal? That this is completely ignored by "law enforcement" is the incredible part - - which shows how deep these The Weathermen - Various - Audio Terrorism: The Soundtrack For Weirdness And Blind Hostility (File) s roots are in the FBI, Mainstream Media, CIA, etc.

The truth is that only a complete and total disaster, economic, ecological etc. Any time I see Bush Sr. The Chinese are just as bad in their "elites" by the way. And how do we know that this "inner clique" of U. The Bush family and the new Hitler Youth Pope were partners in a business "venture" before his "elevation", it would be hard to argue that the Vatican has been anything other than a curse on humanity as it seems to only be the continuation of the Roman Empire by other more effective means.

Jeff, I'm curious, given your comments on Zbigniew Brzezinski, what do you make of Jimmy Carter in "the overall scheme of The Weathermen - Various - Audio Terrorism: The Soundtrack For Weirdness And Blind Hostility (File) - his comments on UFO's, his present "Anti-Zionist" Palestinian stance, and his membership in the CFR, among other things?

Why is it so hard for people to believe that government collusion in the drug trade happens. Hasn't anyone read a history book? Great Britain fought two wars in China to defend British opium profits in China. In the second, France fought alongside Britain.

This dispute centered around the growing amount of opium being imported into China from British India. The Qing Emperor Dao Guang had banned opium in China, citing its harmful effects on health and deleterious impact on societal productivity.

The British Empire, while also banning opium consumption within her border, continued to export the substance to China. The Opium Wars and the unequal treaties signed afterwards led in part to the downfall of the Qing Empire, as many countries followed Britain and forced unequal terms of trade with China I would agree on this, though it's sort of the Venn diagram sort of thing, with the Knights of Malta running interconnections between CIA and Vatican intelligence.

If you follow down this rabbit hole, you will get to places you never thought possible. Though keeping in mind that the "Vatican" is not really run by old fashioned Catholics anymore is part of this equation as well I think. And to Jeff's mention of two "insider tinfoil hats" to use his phrase somewhat, I'm surprised Jeff completely missed the boat on the major one in the past few weeks that eclipses both these two: Aaron Russo's revelations about Nicholas Rockefeller.

This morning we have historic and amazing news to report in the Google Video top 'top of the political pops'. After Hollywood filmmaker Aaron Russo's admittal that Nicholas Rockefeller informed him of a global elite's goal of creating a world dictatorship and world microchipped population, Aaron Russo's recently released film on the history of where all this starts in the United States has shot up into the top His film, released last year, gets into detail where it all starts in the USA, back in in the illegality of the Federal Reserve never legally passedand the illegality of the federal income tax never legally passedas both setting U.

America: Freedom to Fascism shoots up in the top 20 at Google Video, rocketing up from 56 two days ago, to See what the fuss is about. He has additionally been involved in THREE separate global people monitoring database corporations detailed below. China is his model, starting with phones and then moving to implantable microchips. See what he is doing in China below, and see how there is huge synergy between his fingers and his minions' fingers in the corporations US Search, Zebasearch, and GlobalAgora--all linked to him.

Meanwhile, a positive development in the midst of all this, the whole realID thing is being shelved in the U. Card AP Wednesday, February 7, A revolt against a national driver's license, begun in Maine last month, is quickly spreading to other states. The Maine Legislature on Jan. The federal law sets a national standard for driver's licenses and requires states to link their record-keeping systems to national databases.

They are expected soon to pass laws or adopt resolutions declining to participate in the federal identification network. States will have to comply by May If they do not, driver's licenses that fall short of Real ID's standards cannot be used to board an airplane or enter a federal building or open some bank accounts.

Missouri state Rep. James Guest, a Republican, formed a coalition of lawmakers from 34 states to file bills that oppose or protest Real ID. The issue may be moot for states if Congress takes action.

Republican Sen. Daniel Akaka of Hawaii, filed a bill last year to repeal the law. Sununu expects similar legislation will be introduced soon. Privacy advocates say a national driver's license will promote identity theft. Barry Steinhardt, a lawyer with the American Civil Liberties Union, said the Real ID ordered by Congress would require a digital photo and probably a fingerprint on each driver's license or state-issued ID card.

That, he said, will make it more valuable to identity thieves because the ID card will be accepted as much more than a driving credential. An identity thief, he said, could buy a Real ID from a rogue motor vehicle department employee with is own photo and fingerprint on it.

Other criticisms include: Some states will have to invest millions in new computer systems that can communicate with federal databases. That is something they probably will not accomplish by the deadline. It will be difficult to comply with the requirement that license applicants prove they are in the country legally. There are more than different immigration statutes, Steinhardt said, which will pose problems for motor vehicle clerks unfamiliar with immigration law.

It does not solve the problem of terrorism. Even the requirement that applicants' full legal names appear on licenses will pose problems because some states limit the number of characters on the face of the card. As for the CFR issue above, it has a lot of different groups in it. Watch Russo's view on it above in the longer interview. These elite bankers will sponsor anything that moves them toward their goal. Oh the silliness of framing it as "boo!

The bankers will pick the winner though unless you can conceptualize that the enemy is not an ideological force, it is a coterie of specific individuals with names.

They are profoundly apolitical elitists in my opinion. Global revolutionaries, yes. Ideologically pure to any creed except success, no. I attempted to explain a bit of this apolitical global revolutionary architecture on the previous post 'patterns of force'. While I think there is very good reason to distrust Corso and Brzezinski based on their memebership in the elite, I don't think we can assume they were playing disinfo agents either. Brzenzinski, it seems to me, is just guessing because he knows the playbook and which way the wind is blowing.

He's feeling a little left out and wants to show how smart he is. It's not like he's arrived at a conclusion much different from anyone else on this forum. As for Corso, I don't know anything about him. But I disagree that Roswell was disinfo. It convinced a generation or two that the government is lying to us and that can only be a good thing.

It's starting people down the path towards active investigation rather than passive disclosure. And yes, there are factions within the elite; people switch sides, and pursue goals for selfish and even occasionally altruistic reasons.

Please take your own advice when it comes to UFOs. There is no monolithic elite controlling all information about UFOs. They may try, but some truth slips through, despite their best efforts. Very weird congruence, Jeff. Last night, thinking about all this But I think it's an important point to keep in mind.

It's possible, that when you ask "So what do we do when they begin to sound like us? Suggesting at a Senate hearing that the government itself might foment a domestic terror attack is about as close as you can get, if you're ZB, to filming a warning and posting it on YouTube. Of course, Team A doesn't want the attack on Iran because it will be bad for the oil biz, and Team A has given Team B enough rope with which to hang itself already.

The Team A players may be reaping whirlwind oil profits, in part thanks to the Iraq debacle or, the 'Iraqacle'but see another cycle of false-flag terror, culminating in the decimation of Iran, as being too risky.

When you're reaping the whirlwind that you nefariously sowed, why risk nuclear armeggedon to increase the marginal rate of return? It's just a matter of bookkeeping. For that, and other reasons looking at oil futuresI don't think there will be an attack on Persia.

The ziocons are barking, yes, but this time around no one is listening, and they know it. Their plan to nuke Perth Amboy or whatever has been kinda 'outed' by Zbig, so to proceed at this point would be pretty brazen. But they're nothing if not brazen, that I must admit.

That's odd Now, why would that be? Nice to see a mention of Larry Hancock's book, which I'm still working my way through. A detailed, tough read at times, but a good one. You're right Jeff. I'm pleased you have not jumped to assign dodgy motives to ZB's testimony. From his viewpoint there is nothing wrong at all in fanning the flames of muslims fundamentalism to kick the soviets and thereby in his view help end the cold war.

Just means to an end and not that nasty means either. Interesting that he's saying it as well, shows he probably has not got that much to hide Not only that, can we envision what the "drug trade" would look like without governmental influence? The majority of drugs are so easily produced at home, for free, there would completely cease to be a "drug trade" as such, only drug production and limited local trading. ALL that profit would be gone.

I am finding Catherine Austin Fitts' writings on the matter to be more and more insightful the more I think about it: the "unsanctioned" drug running business is an integral component of state economy, whether this is consciously realized conspiracy view or not invisible hand view.

Jeff, Your representation of Zbig and Berry's exchange seems a little off. Could you take another peek at the source material please? Otherwise, very nice post. Thank you once again. There are some subtle movements, and seeming non-movement, that make the flare theory seem suspect. The 'flares' don't seem to descend in this admittedly short clip, and there are some movements toward the end, with the third light dividing in two, that seem too quick to be flares.

I would love to hear others' opinions. The attorney firings -- and their replacements -- have raised allegations the Bush administration is interfering with the judicial system. When Dr Kissinger and Gen Pinochet met inaccording to documents released inDr Kissinger told him to ignore criticisms from within the US about his methods, assuring him that they were part of a communist propaganda exercise.

He told him: "We wish your government well. When the retired dictator was arrested in London in and was facing extradition to Spain, he backed the campaign for him to be allowed to return home. Amnesty International and other human rights organizations have lamented the demented one's passing, since it deprives the executioner of his rightful duty, but what the hell--Kissinger is still alive, isn't he?

Who's the real mastermind, after all? Let's not confuse the puppets--the Chimp, the Princess, etc--with the Kings and the kingmakers.

Mark Zaid was Al Fayed's attorney? Would that be the same Mark Zaid who has represented both Sibel Edmonds and a couple of the people testifying about Able Danger? Small world. Grace Kelly said Louis said Bow this IS unique! I get to roll with laughter rather than read with trepidation and dread. Paris Hilton's circle of rich and pantiless fembots is almost enough to make "elite mind-controlled sex slave" go mainstream. I have to wonder how much literal intent you were intending there, Jeff.

Then there's also the Mickey Mouse club connection with Britney, always a tag of suspicion. When she was seen back with her old manager who was supposedly the one who "broke" her to the world after her divorce from Kevin Federline I couldn't help but wonder if she was checking in with the owner for new material.

I feel dirty for even momentarily sidetracking the discussion with this, but if certain ex-mind control subjects are to be believed I think it could be quite likely. It's creepy how these puppets get so blatantly flaunted infront of us. I was such a Micheal Jackson fan as a kid too. Oh well, pretty lies or ugly truth Darling Grace, How true! But you had no power, did you? Princess of Monaco, the size of Hyde Park.

Diana's patch was a litle more interesting. The London courts which, in the final analysis, regulate the London financial markets. Here's a long story about the Lloyds of London insurance fraud, ultimately decided by the London courts. My dear sir, Monaco is very strategic, logistically speaking, in the drug trade into Europe. I paid the price, with my life, for my husband's greed. Below is an excerpt from this link. One of the ways heroin is moved into Europe is through the Principality of Monaco.

The heroin comes from Corsica carried in ferries that ply a busy trade between Corsica and Monte Carlo during the summer. There is no check of what goes on or comes off these ferries. As there is no border between France and Monaco, drugs, and more especially heroin partly processed opiumflows through the open border of Monaco into laboratories in France, or else if it has already been processed into heroin, it goes directly to the distributors.

The Grimaldi family has been in the drug smuggling business for centuries. Because Prince Ranier got greedy and began skimming heavily and would not desist after three warnings, his wife, Princess Grace, was murdered in a car "accident. The Rover car in which she was traveling had the brake fluid chambers tampered with in such a way that each time the brakes were depressed, fluid was released in measured amount, until by the time the car reached the most dangerous of several hairpin bends, there was no stopping power, and it sailed over a stone wall, hitting the ground fifty feet below in a sickening smash.

Everything possible was done by the Committee of operatives to conceal the truth about the murder of Princess Grace. To this day the Rover car remains in the custody of French police, shrouded under a cover on a trailer which no one is allowed to approach, let alone examine. The signal for the execution of Princess Grace was picked up by the British Army listening post in Cyprus and it is believed by well placed source that the Committee Monte Carlo and P2 gave the order.

Not to mention, I was much more beautiful and elegant than Princess Di of Bolemia. OK, Grace. This is for you. The above quote is hardly enough to discuss the depravity you got yourself into when you married into Monte Carlo gambling oversexed king himself, Reiner III.

Grace, you were always the better 'high weirdness' candidate for Jeff Wells, with your Monaco connections, than a 'smart as a rock' Princess Diana, even though both of you were interesting examples of "inbreeding" from an outclan that has had some power in the distant past. Perhaps Jeff was unaware that you, Grace, were likely connected to being killed by your own husband Reiner III who likely introduced you to the Order of the Solar Temple because you were a handy covers for money laundering by the Monaco connected "Solar Temple" group--which plugs so well into elite deviance, arms deals, money laundering, intentionally fake media stories quickly penned, and royalty connected ritual sex, replete with claims of "spiritual manifestation in the material" coming out of such sex rituals.

Grace, I should mention to you that you probably didn't know the huge extent of what you were getting into, though who knows--your family was very politically powerful in the United States they were close to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, later President--though more importantly--grandson of opium smugglers in Canton for Bonesmen connected Russell and Company. That would be FDR's grandfather Delano.

Grace, you knew that your father was a close friend of FDR--and even was appointed to an honorary federal political position by FDR. So Grace, you knew you were in for a ride in life--both in the United States and later--long before you were bred to Monaco royalty who "wanted an actress" because he had everything else. I start this discussion with noting that the Order of the Solar Temple, which seems to have had Monaco royal connections, had an ideology connecting them to Sirius and astral planing that after death they would go there.

This is so reminiscent of the Heaven's Gate more MKULTRA like operation it seems "cult" it should be compared immediately--either as something made up later to associate it with Heaven's Gate unfairly, or something to throw the real scent off the Christian Catholic ritual sex angle of the Knights Templar--which is the real heart of the matter, Grace.

This is because, in Europe, the Order of the Solar Temple were all "powerful people" mostly, while Heavens' Gate groups seem like so much "peasants bought and sold" compared to Solar Temple. There was not ritual Catholic sex in Heaven's Gate, despite its name. The Solar Temple had and likely has a far more elitist secretive affair with Sirius and astral planing doctrines.

And Solar Temple was and likely still is intersected with European esoteric Catholic Christianity, Knights Templar themes, bloodlines, and ritual sex. Come on Grace, admit you were entinced though soon got out of your depth. When you wanted out, it made your husband Reiner III mad, particularly if as is claimed you wanted to blow open the whole organization of money laundering which is the main purpose of Monaco to European elites and other little "extra jurisdictional" areas tucked away between more boring democratically inclined nation stats though honored in the breach more than the observance.

There are no taxes in Monaco to its citizens, and a huge portion of the money of the state comes direct out of gambling : "Monte Carlo is home to most of the Circuit de Monaco, on which the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix takes place; it also hosts world championship boxing bouts, the Monte Carlo Masters, fashion shows and other events. Monte Carlo has been visited by royalty as well as commoners and movie stars for decades as one of Europe's leading tourist resorts.

In a year concession to operate the gaming rooms was granted to a private individual. This corporation also owns the principal hotels and clubs of the community that serve the tourist trade. The citizens of Monaco are exempt from taxes, and they are forbidden to enter the gaming rooms. The company offers gambling at five casinos, including the famous Monte-Carlo Casino, and gives shelter to the world's rich and famous at its five hotels. The company also operates more than 20 restaurants and nightclubs, as well as shops, a health spa, and a golf course.

If elegance and glamour isn't enough of a draw, a new conference center has been built. Where does high aristocratic ritual religious sex come in? He was the son of Guglielmo Grimaldi by his wife Giacoba. Monaco seems to have been one, given the context in which it was founded and by whom it was founded.

The event is commemorated on the Monegasque coat of arms, where the supporters are two monks armed with swords. He held the citadel of Monaco 4 years and was finally chased out. To keep this little statelet area, he married in with Aurelia del Carretto, though the marriage was childless. After his death, inand two years after Philip the Far was going after the Templars from though before the Templars were decommissioned in he was succeeded by his cousin and stepsonRainier I, Lord of Cagnes.

Who was this guy established right as the Templars were under attack, and adopting all sort of Templar-reminiscent iconography for his state symbols? Rainier I of Monaco born - died was, in fact, the first sovereign Grimaldi ruler of the area now known as Monaco. He also holder the title of Lord of Cagnes. He held the citadel of Monaco 4 years and was finally chased out in April 10, In he was appointed admiral of France. Secondly, Rainier I married Andriola Grillo. This marriage was childless.

In that "Templar gray area" ofCharles I of Monaco died August 15,was the first true Lord of Monaco, and is thus widely considered the founder of the dynasty. He was the oldest son of Rainier I by his first wife, Salvatica del Carretto, Charles was fled to exile after the fall to the Rock of Monaco in the Genoese control in April 10, After thirty years of Genoese rule, who retook the Rock in September 12,and ruled to his death, when the Rock was taken again for the Genoese army.

In he took the Lordship of Mentone and, inhe conquered the Lordship of Roquebrune. In June 29,in the wake of the Black Death plagues, he designed co-rules of Monaco his uncle Antonio his father's youngest brotherand his own sons, Rainier II and Gabriel. Luca have two sons, Pietro and Filippo, also Lords of Mentone; both brothers died without issue, and Mentone passed to the older branch of the family.

The Orsini are interesting because they were a parapolitical family that made and unmade popes for centuries. The Orsini family was one of the most celebrated princely families in Italy and s Rome, which, had large possessions in Hungary as well. Orsini additionally provided numerous condottieri and other relevant political and religious figures. Orsinis were additionally married into the Ruffos, like the Grimaldis. According to their family lore, the Orsini are descended from the Julio-Claudian family of ancient Rome.

This may be fanciful, as well as the alleged connection to the German families of Anhalt, Baden and Rosenberg sporting the same name. The Orsini were related to the Boboni family existing in Rome in the 11th century. The first members had in fact always doubled surname of Boboni-Orsini. This first known members is one Bobone, in the early 11th century, father of Pietro, in turn father of Giacinto dei Boboniwho in became pope as Celestine III. One of the first "great nepotistic" popes, he created cardinals for two of his own nephews and allowed his cousin, Giovanni Gaetano Giangaetano, died to buy the fiefs of Vicovaro, Licenza, Roccagiovine and Nettuno, who formed the nucleus of the future territorial power of the family.

The Boboni surname went lost with his children, who were called de domo filiorum Ursi. Two of them, Napoleone and Matteo Rosso increased considerably the prestige of the family. The former was the founder of the first southern line, who disappeared with Camillo Pardo in He obtained the city of Manoppello, later a countship, and was Papal gonfaloniere. Matteo Rosso, called the Great, was the effective lord of Rome fromwhen he defeated the Imperial troops toholding the title of Senator.

Two of his sons and Napoleone were also Senators. Matteo ousted the traditional rivals, the Colonna, from Rome and extended the Orsini territories southwards up to Avellino and northwards to Pitigliano. During his life the family entered firmly in the Guelph party--as did the hereditary elite Grimaldis of Genoas top 27 families, and of Monaco.

He had some ten sons, which divided the fiefs after his deaths: Gentile died originated the Pitigliano line and the second southern line, Rinaldo that of Monterotondo, Napoleone died that of Bracciano and another Matteo Rosso that of Montegiordano, from the name of the district in Rome housing the family's fortress. The most distinguished of his sons was however Giovanni Gaetano died : elected pope as Nicholas III, he named the nephew Bertoldo died as count of Romagna and had two nephews and a brother created cardinals.

The second southern line The rise of the Orsini did not stop after Nicholas' death. He married to Clarice Ruffo, daughter of the counts of Catanzaro, forming an alliance of the most powerful Calabrian dynasty. Romano's stance was markedly Guelph. After his death, his two sons divided his fiefs, forming the Pitigliano and the second southern line--and this line died out. It was the line of Gravina, from the name of the city in Apulia, which is the only existing line of the Orsini. It descends from Francesco dieda son of Count Carlo of Bracciano.

Most of his fief were located in northern Lazio, but he entered in the Neapolitan orbit when in he was called by Sergianni Caracciolo to fight against the Angevine troops, which he defeated. By marriage, he obtained the title of count of Gravina. He was made Duke of Gravina by King Alfonso, title definitely assigned to his son Giacomo diedto which had been added the counties of Conversano, Campagna and Copertino.

That the Orsini family pretty high "Christian occult" warrior knights so to speak. The fourth duke, Francesco, was strangled by Cesare Borgia in One of his nephews, Flavio Orsini, was created cardinal in The fifth duke, Ferdinando died December 6, had all his fiefs confiscated by the Spaniards, but regained it after a 40, 'scudi payment. The latter's nephew Pier Francesco, who had renounced to the succession in favour to his brother Domenico to became a Dominican, was later elected pope with the name of Benedict XIII.

The last cardinal from the family was Domenico. The descendant of the family live in Rome. The Orsini still exist. And the Grimaldi are very interesting themselves, because, besides still existing in Europe like their in-laws the ultramontane Orsinis, the House of Grimaldi is associated with the history of the Republic of Genoa and of the Principality of Monaco.

The Grimaldi family descends from Grimaldo, a Genovese statesman at the time of the first Crusades--another Templar networked issue. He was the son of Otto Canella, a Consul of Genoa inand in turn Grimaldo became a Consul inand again in His numerous grand-sons and their children led maritime expeditions throughout the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, and soon the North Sea, and quickly became one of the most powerful families of Genoa.

The Grimaldis feared that the head of a rival Genoese family could break the fragile balance of power in a political coup and become lord of Genoa, as it happened in other Italian cities. They thus reached outside of Genoa, and entered into a Guelphic alliance with the Fieschi family and defended their interests with the sword. The Grimaldi Guelf allies however were banned from the City of Genoa inand found refuge in their castles of Liguria and in Provence.

Thus the Grimaldis of Monaco were on the side of the mostly urban Guelfs in the whole Holy Roman Empire versus Papacy issues playing themselves out during the life of the Templar organization: Guelph often spelled Guelf, plural Guelfi is most probably an Italian form of a battle cry--"Welf!

The Welfs were said to have used the name as a rallying cry first in more 'German domestic' squabbles, during the Battle of Weinsberg inin which the rival Hohenstaufens of Swabia led at the time by Conrad III used another word as a battle cry against the "Welf!

The names of these two battling imperial dynastic sides were likely introduced to Italy during the reign of military consolidator Frederick Barbarossa. While campaigning in Italy to expand imperial power there, the more locally automous Po River Valley urban Lombard League and its supporters became known as those would would say "Welf!

Guelphs supporting the urban areas against the Barbarossa Emperors' encroachments, while those who supported imperial bloodline of Frederick became known as Ghibellines "Ghibellini! The Ghibellines were thus an Imperial Italian party, while the urban Guelphs somewhat supported the Pope--though that was only because of a common enemy invading.

Broadly speaking, it was contextual: Guelphs tended to come from backstabbing wealthy mercantile families who made and broke alliances when it suited them, while Ghibellines were predominantly rooted to the spot--were wealthy based on agricultural estates and more 'imperial territorial' in their alliances.

There were thus Guelf cities, which tended to be areas against the Emperor when he was a threat to their local interests, though urban areas could be against the Pope as well, since there were Ghibelline cities which tended to tended contextually be in areas where the enlargement of the Papal States--and not the emperor--was the more immediate threat. The Anjou line is crucial to occult European Christianity, and it is important that the Grimaldi had Anjou treaties and friendships.

InGrimaldis accepted a peace under the auspices of the Pope, which however did not put an end to the Genoan civil war. Not all the Grimaldis chose to return to Genoa, as they preferred to settle in their own private estates, where they could raise armies for later. InGrimaldis and their Guelf allies launched a few galleys to attack the port of Genoa before taking refuge to recoup on the Western Riviera Monaco areas.

During the following years, the Grimaldis were going to enter into different alliances that would allow them to come back in force. This time, it was the turn of their rivals, the Spinola family, to be banned from the City. During all that period, both Guelfs and Ghibellines took and abandoned the castle of Monaco, which was ideally located to launch political and military operations against Genoa.

Therefore, the story of Francis Grimaldi and his faction — who conquered the castle of Monaco under the disguise of friars in — is largely anecdotal, though that the symbolism of armed monks on their coat of arms, and their Templar crisis era of foundation, and their Anjou connections, and their "high papal political" Orsini political connections are not. Another Grimaldi formative event was in the same immediate years after Templar disestablishment, the early 14th century, when the Catalans from Spain raided the shores of Provence and Liguria, challenging Genoa and King Robert of Provence.

Inthe combined fleet of eighty Venetian and Catalonian galleys gathered in Sardinia to meet the fleet of sixty galleys under the command of Anthony Grimaldi.

Plates came off tables and onto the floor. Books came off shelves and onto the floor. Half-used boxes of spaghettini were liberated from their pantry prison and returned to their natural habitat across the kitchen floor. The delightful thing about Harold at this stage was that he was both a psychology major and a physics major. His two main vocations were figuring out how to learn from his mother and figuring out how stuff falls.

The executive-function areas in the front of the brain are slow to mature, so Harold did little controlled, self-directed thinking. That meant he had no inner narrator that he thought of as himself. But Harold lacked that amount of self- awareness. To him the sticker was on the forehead of some creature in the mirror. He was very good at recognizing others, but he could not recognize himself.

They assume that the mind goes blank when there is no outside thing bidding for its attention. We direct attention at specific locations. It was like being exuberantly lost in a degree movie. A million things caught his attention in random bombardments. Here was an interesting shape! There was another! There was a light! There was a person! The lantern metaphor suggests that Harold is illuminating and observing the world, and that the observer is somehow separate from what he sees.

He was vividly participating in whatever came across his mind. The Task At this point in his life, Harold had to learn the most the fastest.

His job was to figure out what sort of environment he lived in and carve mental maps that would help him navigate it. Much of childhood—much of life—consists of integrating the chaotic billions of stimuli we encounter into sophisticated models, which are then used to anticipate, interpret, and navigate through life. Information reaching us through our sense organs is selected and interpreted in terms of those models, its significance for us and for those we care for is evaluated in terms of them, and plans of action conceived and executed with those models in mind.

Harold was in his most intense period of mapmaking. Elizabeth Spelke believes babies are born with a core knowledge of the world, which gives them a head start with this task. Infants know a rolling ball should keep rolling and that if it rolls behind something it should come out the other side. At six months, they can tell the difference between eight and sixteen dots on a page. Before long, they are performing impressive acts of decoding.

The babies could correctly match the sound to the right face. Young children also use a phenomenally sophisticated statistical technique to understand language. When adults speak, all the sounds of the different words run together. Children can do these sorts of complex probability calculations even though their conscious capacities are barely online. As Harold began making sense of the world, each of these neurons sent out branches to make connections with other neurons.

The space where two branches for different neurons meet is called a synapse. Harold was making these connections at a furious pace. Some scientists calculate that humans create 1. The brain makes synapses to store information. Each thing we know is embodied in a network of neural connections. Harold could end up with something in the neighborhood of trillion or trillion or even 1, trillion synapses. The number of particles in the known universe is about one-tenth of this number.

Jeff Hawkins suggests a different way to think about the brain. Imagine a football stadium filled with spaghetti. Now imagine it shrunk down to skull size and much more complicated. At first, cells exuberantly attempt to connect to as many other cells as they can. Like phone solicitors, they call everyone, hoping someone will answer and say yes. When another cell does answer, and answers enough, a more permanent link gets laid down.

For millennia philosophers have sought a definition of the human self. What is it that makes a person ineffably herself, despite the changes that happen day by day and year by year? What is it that unifies all the different thoughts, actions, and emotions that pass through each of our lives? Where does the true self lie? A piece of the answer lies in the pattern of synaptic connections. When we come across an apple, our sensory perceptions about that apple its color, shape, texture, aroma, etc.

There is no apple section. The apple information is spread out in a vastly complicated network. In one experiment, a cat was taught to find food behind a door that was marked with a specific geometric shape.

When Harold saw a dog, a network of neurons fired. The more he saw a dog, the denser and more efficient the connections between the appropriate neurons grew.

The more you see dogs, the faster and more complex your dog networks become, and the better you are at perceiving the general qualities of dogness and the differences between dogs. With effort, practice, and experience, you can improve the subtlety of your networks. Violinists have dense connections in the area of the brain related to their left hand, because they use it so much while playing their instrument.

You have a distinctive signature, a distinctive smile, and a distinctive way of drying yourself off after a shower because you perform these activities a lot and the corresponding networks of neurons are thus thickly connected in your brain. You can probably recite the alphabet from A to Z, because through repetition you have built that sequence of patterns in your head. You would probably have trouble reciting the alphabet from Z to A, because that sequence has not been reinforced by experience.

In this way, each of us has unique neural networks, which are formed, reinforced, and constantly updated by the eclectic circumstances of our lives. Once circuits are formed, that increases the chances the same circuits will fire in the future.

The neural networks embody our experiences and in turn guide future action. They contain the unique way each of us carries himself in the world, the way we walk, talk, and react. They are the grooves down which our behavior flows. A brain is the record of a life. The networks of neural connections are the physical manifestation of your habits, personality, and predilections. You are the spiritual entity that emerges out of the material networks in your head.

As he toddled around exploring his world, he built up his mind. One day when he was about five, he was running around the house and he did something amazing. This may seem like a simple thing, which all children do. After all, when we think of really difficult feats of thinking, we think about, say, calculating the square root of 5, Any cheap calculator can calculate square roots.

Harold could do this because of that ability to make generalizations, and because of his ability to make associations between generalizations—to overlay the gist of one thing with the gist of another. If you ask a sophisticated computer to find the door in a room, it has to calculate all the angles in the room, then look for certain shapes and ratios that correspond to the shapes and ratios of past doors that have been programmed into its memory banks.

But for Harold, or any human, this is a piece of cake. We store in our heads vague patterns of what rooms are like, and we know roughly where doors are in rooms, and finding them usually takes no conscious thought at all. We are smart because we are capable of fuzzy thinking. We look at the variable patterns of the world and we form gists. Once we have created a gist, which is a pattern of firings, we can do a lot of things with it.

It seems easy but it is phenomenally complex. It consists of taking two or more things that do not exist together, blending them together in the mind, and then creating an emergent third thing that never existed at all. If you have a taste for incredibly intricate and sometimes impenetrable reasoning, read the work of scientists who are trying to piece together the exact sequence of events that go into imagination, or as they sometimes call it in that winsome way of theirs, double-scope integration.

In any case, Harold was a little demon at it. In the space of five minutes, he could The Weathermen - Various - Audio Terrorism: The Soundtrack For Weirdness And Blind Hostility (File) a tiger, a train, a car, his mom, a storm, a building, or an ant. For seven months when he was about four, he was persuaded that he was a sun creature born on the sun.

His parents tried to get him to confess that he was actually an Earth creature born in a hospital, but he would grow quite grave and refuse to concede the point.

In fact, he was just lost in his blends. Throughout his life, Harold was really good at blending, generalizing, and storytelling. Yet he had an amazing ability to discern essences and play with neural patterns.

That meant he was really good at creating models of reality, and models of possible alternate realities. We sometimes think that imagination is cognitively easy because children can use it better than adults.

In fact, imagination is arduous and practical. There was just a little pattern synthesizer. Rob and Julia organized his life.

Day after day they had the same routines and the same expectations. These habits laid down certain fundamental structures in his mind. Rob and Julia would have been delighted with his imaginative abilities, but sometimes he seemed to have trouble with real life.

They would see other kids peacefully holding on to the cart as they made their way up and down the aisles in the grocery store. He was always pulling and struggling this way or that and had to be held or restrained. Rob and Julia would get exhausted by his fits and tantrums, and tried to impose a little linearity into his life.

He was a real problem on airplanes, and an embarrassment in restaurants. At parent-teacher conferences his teachers would remark that controlling Harold took up way too much of their time. Julia used to furtively look at the child-rearing guides in the bookstores, with the sinking sensation that she was raising a poster child for ADHD medications.

One evening, when Harold was in kindergarten, Rob passed by his room and Harold was splayed out across the floor, surrounded by little plastic figurines. Harold was in the middle scampering around, moving a Darth Vader figure behind enemy lines and crushing an unsuspecting G. A squad of army men confronted a gathering of Hot Wheels and fell back.

Rob stood in the doorway for about ten minutes and watched Harold go about his play. Harold glanced up, but then returned to the war. He gave a furious pep talk to one of his stuffed monkeys. He preached courage to a piece of plastic two inches tall. He soothed the hurt feelings of a car and scolded a stuffed turtle. In his stories there were generals and privates, mommies and daddies, dentists and firemen. Very early in life, he seemed to have a very clear sense of what patterns of behavior these different social roles entailed.

Rob, Julia, and their adult friends sometimes fantasized about money and comfort, but Harold and his playmates fantasized about glory. One Saturday afternoon, Harold had a few buddies over to the house for a playdate. They were up in his room with his toys. Harold would announce they were firemen, and pretty soon they were busy imagining a fire in a house and gathering tools to fight it—a hose, a truck, a mass of axes.

Each kid would assign himself a role in the master story. Rob snuck up there and stood in the doorway, watching. To his chagrin, Harold was a little Napoleon, telling his guests who got to drive the truck and who got to carry the hose. They would have elaborate negotiations over what was legitimate to do in the world of pretend, in the shared mental space they had constructed.

Even in the free- form world of their imaginations, it was apparently still necessary to have rules, and they spent so much time talking about the rules, Rob got the impression that they were more important than the story itself. Rob noticed that each boy tried to assert himself, and the games had a certain narrative arc, from calm to crisis to calm.

First they played out a happy scene. Then something terrible would happen that would get them all worked up, and they would fight it together. Then, after victory, they would return to their earlier state of emotional tranquility. After about twenty minutes playing Benjamin Spock and watching the kiddies, Rob got the urge to join in.

This was a big mistake. It was roughly the equivalent of a normal human being grabbing a basketball and inviting himself to play a pickup game with the Los Angeles Lakers. Over the course of his adult life, Rob had trained his mind to excel at a certain sort of thinking.

It consists of stepping back from a situation to organize facts, to deduce general principles, and to ask questions. They just started doing things on it—riding, roping, building, and playing.

The cowboys began to work together and they began to squabble. Cows were lost. Fences were built. The cowboys formed teams when the tornados came through, and split apart when the danger passed. And then the Invaders came. The narrative mode is a mythic mode. It contains another dimension, not usually contained in paradigmatic thinking—the dimension of good and evil, sacred and profane. The mythic mode helps people not only tell a story, but make sense of the emotions and moral sensations aroused by the story.

The boys reacted to the Invaders with alarm and dread. Then Harold produced a giant white horse, ten times larger than the other toys they were playing with. Two of the other boys switched teams and began hurling Invaders at the White Horse. An apocalyptic battle raged.

The Horse crushed the Invaders. The Invaders bloodied the Horse. Before long the Invaders were dead, but the White Horse was dying, too. Rob was like a warthog in a frolic of gazelles. Their imaginations danced while his plodded. They saw good and evil while he saw plastic and metal. After five minutes, their emotional intensity produced a dull ache in the back of his head. He was exhausted trying to keep up.

But then, he reflected, maturity set in. He could focus his attention better, but he could no longer put together odd juxtapositions the way he once had. Dan P. McAdams argues that children develop a narrative tone, which influences their stories for the rest of their lives.

Children gradually adopt an enduring assumption that everything will turn out well or badly depending on their childhood. They lay down a foundation of stories in which goals are achieved, hurts healed, peace is restored, and the world is understood After bedtime, Harold would be up in his room talking to his characters.

But they could hear the rise and fall of his voice as the stories danced in the air above him. They would hear him calmly explaining something. Reacting with alarm. Rallying his imaginary friends. He was in what Rob and Julia used to call his Rain Man mode, lost in his own spacey world. But upstairs, while tutoring his monkeys, Harold drifted off to sleep. Harold ran through his normal gospel of homework avoidance. This was followed by a series of ever lessplausible claims.

He had done it on the bus. He had left the assignment at school. It was not due for another week, and he would do it tomorrow, and so on and so on. Having completed his nightly liturgy, he was asked to march to the front hall and retrieve his backpack. He did so with the energy of a convicted killer on his way to the execution chamber. Inside, if one dug The Weathermen - Various - Audio Terrorism: The Soundtrack For Weirdness And Blind Hostility (File) through the various geological layers, one could find old pretzels, juice boxes, toy cars, Pokemon cards, PSP games, stray drawings, old assignments, worksheets from earlier grades, apples, gravel, newspapers, scissors, and copper piping.

The backpack weighed slightly less than a Volkswagen. It is said that history moves in cycles, and this is true when it comes to the philosophy of homework-folder organization. In some ages, the three-ring binder is in vogue. In others, the double-sided cardboard folder prevails. Julia found his assignment sheet, and realized with a sinking heart that the next sixty- five minutes would be spent completing the ten-minute assignment.

Julia dimly suspected, and research by Harris Cooper of Duke University confirms, that there is only a tenuous correlation between how much homework elementary students do and how well they do on tests of the material or with other measures of achievement. She also suspected that this nightly homework ordeal served other purposes—to convince parents that their kids are getting a suitably rigorous education; to introduce the children to their future lives as spiritually crushed drones; or, more positively, to introduce children to the study habits they would need later in life.

In any case, Julia, trapped in the overpressured parenting life that everybody in her social class ridicules but few renounce, girded herself for the bribery and cajolery that would follow. She would, over the next few minutes, present Harold with an ever more elaborate series of incentives—gold stars, small pieces of candy, BMWs—all to induce him to do his homework. When these failed, as they inevitably would, she would wheel out the disincentives—threats to cut off TV privileges, to take away all computer games and videos, to write him out of her will, to imprison him in a cardboard box with nothing to eat but bread and water.

Harold would be able to resist all threats and incentives, either because he was not yet capable of calculating long-term pain versus temporary inconvenience, or because he knew his mother had no intention of ever cutting off the TV privileges, and thus putting herself in the position of having to entertain him all week. In any case, Julia sat Harold down with his homework assignment at the kitchen table.

She turned her back to get a glass of water, and 7. Julia looked down at the homework sheet, which looked like it contained three or four indecipherable markings that seemed to be in early Sanskrit.

This would mark the beginning of the nightly redo phase of the homework, when Julia would explain it was necessary to do his work slowly and carefully and in English if possible. Harold went through his normal protests, fell into another of his cycles of misery and internal chaos, and Julia knew that it would be another fifteen minutes of turmoil and disorder before he was in any mental shape to do the homework.

It was as if she and Harold had to endure a phase of internal riot and protest before Harold would capitulate and be in a state capable of steady work. The innocence and creativity of childhood was being impinged and bound by the conformities of an overwrought society. Man is born free but is everywhere in chains.

This Harold, which some philosophers celebrate as the epitome of innocence and delight, was really a prisoner of his impulses. Freedom without structure is its own slavery. Harold wanted to do his homework. He wanted to be a good student and please his teachers and his mother and father.

Nonetheless, she was found legally sane and duly convicted of murder. At 35, failed preacher William Simmons had found his true calling as a fraternal lodge leader. In addition to commanding five regiments of the Woodmen, he was a heavy in several Masonic orders and a Knight Templar. But his dream was to have his own personal fraternal organization. And he wanted more than funny hats and secret handshakes — he wanted to revive the Ku Klux Klan. His dream came to fruition Thanksgiving Eve when 40 handpicked men gathered to re-launch the Klan.

A group of 15 stalwarts recessed to the top of nearby Stone Mountain for an early morning cross-burning. Simmons tied his first recruitment drive in with D. Griffith's famous film The Birth of a Nation, which opened in Atlanta the following week. And the rest, as they say, is history. Back in the good old days of Thanksgiving Day football, the hearts and minds of Bay Area football fans were not on dinner, but the day's "Big Game" between the University of California and Stanford.

The edition of this classic was, of course, sold out. The roofs of the buildings surrounding the stadium were crowded with budget-minded fans craning for a glimpse of the action. Twenty minutes into the game, the roof of one building collapsed. Unfortunately, the building housed a glass factory, complete with a red-hot furnace filled with molten glass.

Turkeys weren't the only things getting roasted in San Francisco that day. Twenty-two people were killed and over 80 injured in what remains the worst — and most bizarre — disaster ever to befall American sports fans. Early on Thanksgiving morning, Marxist Zimbabwean rebels descended on two farms run by white Pentecostal missionaries.

What they lacked in Thanksgiving spirit they made up for in their revolutionary zeal. First they tied up the 16 white missionaries — men, women, and children, including two Americans. Then, as they gleefully sang revolutionary songs, they hacked their captives to death. Officials could only describe the resulting carnage as "barbaric.

At the height of the Argentinean urban terrorist fad, a band of 15 young men waylaid John Swint, the general manager of a local Ford subsidiary, on Thanksgiving Day. The Peronist gunmen, upset with the way President Juan Peron had turned on them, later claimed they'd only wanted to kidnap the American executive.

But according to witnesses, it was a turkey-shoot from the get-go. The gunmen immediately started blasting away with shotguns and assault rifles, killing Swint's bodyguard and chauffeur and critically injuring another bodyguard. One blond gunner unloaded a quick machine gun blast into Swint's body at close range — just to be sure. Nicholas Gurewitch finally agreed to pull back the red curtains of his mind and share some secrets and some unpublished art with his beguiled fans.

The year-old cartoonist created a web phenomenon with his comic strip The Perry Bible Fellowship, where there's always a new storyline, and often even a new style.

I do love planting things like that LC: I was just proud that I'd spotted that same curly line in the Masculator strip last week that was in your first strip six years ago, Stiff Breeze. NG: It might be the same breeze in all these strips! I think it might be God messing with people. LC: Your first comic also had a hidden phallic shape in the clouds That one was kind of created by accident, but most of the comics that followed seemed to get their power by hiding something.

I got high off the fact that some people noticed it and some people didn't. It almost made the people who noticed it feel more privileged. I think I've been trying to appeal to that ever since LC: Now I have to know — what else have you hidden in the strips? NG: I like hiding characters from one comic in another comic, or objects from one comic in another comic.

Or people in a comic. I tried to put the author Charles Bukowski in the comic strip Gamblin' Man. I think it may have been successful, because I noticed that a Charles Bukowski web site had mentioned his presence in the comic. LC: Wow! Can you give me any other examples? I might rather avoid giving too many clues. I don't generally do celebrities, but I've had a lot of people accuse me of planting ex-girlfriends in the comics.

Laughs LC: So what do you say to that? NG: I think you've got to shrug it off. LC: So you're not drawing your ex-girlfriends into your comics? NG: That's my official answer. It shows a man spelling out "Marry Me" with the corpses from a plane crash.

You told Esquire that you'd ended a relationship with "a very gorgeous girl," and were trying to convey your sadness to her! NG: I just found my situation very comical. I don't think it's a coincidence. Ever have an idea that was too far out to publish? NG: Occasionally, but it's usually because it's too far out for me. It's never because its too far out for my audience. Sometimes I don't really want to see them. LC: But in your FAQ you've also said some strips aren't online because they're "not meant for the internet.

Or there's one that I never thought was funny that got published that I never bothered putting online. Or there's one that's just too offensive I put a bunch of these lost strips in the book that's coming out. There's a whole section of the book devoted to comics that have been supressed from public view.

There are a couple that are overly offensive that are in the book. I've hidden a few things in there LC: Can we see one? NG: Sure - here's the first frame. LC: One of my favorite strips is Cave Explorer — where a man builds a couch-cushion "cave" to trick his son into getting on the school bus. NG: That's something that eveyone does, every day, in small little ways. I don't think everyone does it that literally, but we're constantly manipulating children.

So to see it done very visibly, and in an enjoyable way, is almost kind of — it throws a wrench in our conception of ourselves. LC: Does this mean your parents tried to trick you like that? NG: I don't think we ever set up "Cave Explorer. If they try to get the kid to think about a new topic or they mention something advantageous about school that day — any time they cut a corner when they're parenting.

LC: Really?! NG: What I took from what it was that person had probably seen the "avenging unicorn" comic that I did. And I think the giveaway is that there was no reason to think that the unicorn was extracting vengeance on any of the people he was supposed to impale. Also, the fact that a mime actually has something go through his chest seems reminiscent of The Perry Bible Fellowship archive again. I did one where a mime gets hit in the chest with a bullet. There's also their "Unicorn Power" chewing gum, which is even more bothersome because it looks so tasty.

I had some people telling me — wondering if I was getting a cut of the profits from them. LC: So if it's not licensed by you — what did you do? NG: I think I just got a little sad for a day, and left it at that. LC: Sad? Was it that far from the original comic strip? NG: I thought they missed it entirely. The toy almost comes off as mean-spirited. What bothers me about the toy is that there's no reason to think that any of those people should be punished.

The comeuppance in the comic is entirely appropriate. I think the beauty of the strip is that there are unlikely protectors out there.

The boy wearing the shirt doesn't even bid them to do it. I think it's just the nature of the unicorn to protect the person who wears their mantra.

And I adore the fact that the bully absolutely deserves what he gets. NG: This one kid thought I was enjoying the guy who yells "food fight!

I despise that man! I don't think he realized that. I hate him with all my heart. Seeing him in action is something I find extremely amusing There's almost always a punishment element to these terrible people in the comics. It's not just badness for badness's sake. People don't see the bigger picture a lot of times. They see something bad and they think it's automatically endorsed. I condemn a lot of the characters in my comic strips.

LC: Do you ever get people complaining that "This strip wasn't as funny as that strip? I think a lot of people think the comic is slipping lately. But I think people have been saying that since the first six strips came out in college my freshman year. I had my roommate saying, "These new ones are okay, but you'll never get back to that first semester.

I laugh at it just as much as I always have. LC: Wikipedia says you almost never receive hate mail. NG: I've learned to make really quick and vague replies that make them sorry for asking. I had a really long dialogue with someone who wrote in who was quite disgusted. He said he couldn't figure out how I thought certain things were funny — that there was no excuse for thinking that someone's death could be funny. He was particularly disturbed by the comic Hey Goatwhere the last frame indicates an avalanche and a skeletonized couple next to the goat.

He said there was no reason that could ever be funny. LC: What did you say? NG: I basically apologized and let him know where I was coming from. I think my explanation to him was that in that case, I thought it was very funny that his downfall — his fate — was determined by something absolutely unnecessary. It's pretty frivolous to yell at a goat and let him know that you're in love.

I really like the idea that that was his undoing. By the end of it, we were pretty friendly. We realized it's impossible to know anyone's intentions without meeting them in person.

It was something really nice like that. LC: I have to ask you — where did the title come from? NG: My buddy and I were just looking around his room and he had a poster on his wall of this traveling singing group. And they were performing at the Perry Bible Fellowship. They were called the Hyssongs. He actually framed it and gave it to me as an apartment warming present a few months ago.

The poster — it would be embarrassing to anyone who owned it. That's them — but not the same image. LC: So when people ask you about the title, what do you think? NG: I think, a mental sigh. And then I proceed to try to cover up the fact that I'm not sure that there is a very good reason why the comic strip is called that LC: How many emails do you get, anyways?

NG: It varies quite a bit. But there's one instance that really gave me an idea about the crowd that was waiting for each update.

I'd published online The Throbblefoot Aquarium. I was blown away with the fact that within five minutes of posting, I had received 20 similar emails — appreciating the parody of Edward Gorey. It's tough to figure out. I get the impression that people think I get a lot more email than I get. LC: Do you want more? NG: Everyone says, "I'm sorry for loading up your inbox. You must have a thousand of these. I think I have a few from last May that I need to respond to I want to respond to all of them.

Sometimes I just don't know what to say, so I put it off for another day. LC: What's the strangest reaction you've ever gotten from a fan? NG: Every once in a while, I'll get a piece of fan mail that touches my heart.

The other day a young lady sent me an envelope full of grass. It had little to no explanation along with it, but it was nice to receive. It was strange encouragement.

LC: Did you write back? NG: There wasn't a return address. LC: So after six years of strangeness, do you have a message for all your fans?

Twelve weeks ago we recorded an interview with Paul Addis — the man who burned the Man and was promptly arrested for arson. And even back then, he was constantly flicking his lighter. Thompson in a one-man show a local newsweekly said it "feels like a reckless, all-out verbal assault" called "Gonzo: A Brutal Chrysalis," and was discussing his idol.

Before the show was over, he'd identified the "heir apparent" to the Gonzo journalist. Matt Taibbi. He is on the mission I first noticed him about two years ago when he went to Burning Man and proclaimed it for what it is — toothless and wallowing in its own muck and irrelevant to anyone or anything Eight weeks later, we interviewed Larry Harvey, the festival's founder.

While there's no indication of what motivated Addis, Burning Man was already under criticism for a new policy. On our podcast, Harvey addressed a simmering controversy over the presence of environmental exhibits at the base of the man which some participants thought were too commercial. For example, calling the festival's attendees "customers. That's absolutely absurd For instance, when participants are producing something that others might need in the desert, we let people know about it.

So you can take those two value systems and make them overlap in such a way that they reinforce one another To be against commerce is to be against your shoes, your shorts Addis's anger at the festival pre-dates the controversy. Laughing Squid's Scott Beale discovered that five years earlier, Addis praised a reporter at San Francisco's alternative newspaper, SF Weekly — for another negative article about the Nevada festival, saying it showed that the festival was The Weathermen - Various - Audio Terrorism: The Soundtrack For Weirdness And Blind Hostility (File).

One by one the rules have risen sinceand not just to protect the participants from themselves. Those rules and judgments, such as what art is permitted in Black Rock City and radical free expression's outer limits, are determined in line with what will make the most money for Burning Man and generate the fewest potential controversies in the media. As such, Burning Man's overall relevance is kept safely within the realm of harmless diversion, quietly under the feet of the same elements that tame all other aspects of society.

In the letter he also laid into Burning Man founder Larry Harvey. He's just trying to realize what it's like to be the Bill Graham of the 21st century. A festival organizer told the Associated Press that Addis was then spotted by many festival-goers — deliberately lighting the Man on fire. A blogger at C Net reported the frantic conversation he overheard on the Burning Man communications channel I want that asshole arrested And I want the first shot.

Larry Harvey had earlier been hit by a lawsuit from John Law, an early organizer of the Burning Man festival. I think, frankly, an attention whore has made a plea for attention. Do you long to disconnect? NoSo is a real-world platform for temporary disengagement from your social networking environment. You may be asking yourself, "Why do I need NoSo? When you're not blogging, your vlogging.

When you're not vlogging, you're podcasting. When you're not podcasting, you're Skyping, texting, IM-ing, dating, trading, sharing, subscribing, downloading, updating, linking, approving, adding, checking, sending I think you get the picture. Sometimes, you need a break. Sometimes, you need NoSo. To listen the full interview in MP3, click here. CHRISTINA RAY: We invite people to take a break from their every day experiences carrying around laptops and cellphones, and give them the chance to just disengage from the noise, the social network, the constant communication that's going on around us all the time.

We let them just experience the absence of that — the feeling of being without all those distractions. And a NoSo could happen in a number of different places. It could happen on a street corner, or in a cafe, or in an installation in a gallery setting.

You're meant to have your private experience within this larger social thing. RU: This is sort of an anti-flash mob. But at the same time, it's sort of like a flash mob, isn't it?

KB: Yeah. Group Work: Outline4. CDJ 2-Recall ceremony5. Read Ch 3 and do all assigned exercises. Lecture: Ch Review assigned exercises3. CDJ 3-Earliest Memory4. Intro to academic integrity2. Using the library catalogue4. It is worth a total of points. Read the whole assignment carefully, and review the relevant textbook materials, before you start implementing. The relevant material for this assignment can be found in Chapter 16 and 17 of the course textbook.

The aim of the project is not to design a completely generic transaction processing engine but rather to give you a taste of the design decisions and challenges involved in doing so. You will be implementing transactions which can read, write and update values in a key-value store. We will provide you with a implementation of a linear hash index in the form of a library. The linear hash index which is Home Page Novels. Free Essay. Submitted By revatwerq Words Pages Similar Documents Premium Essay.

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