Swindle - H.407 / Agathocles - For What? For Who? (CD, Album)

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Vandaag overleden: Rutger Smeets Sungrazer - Kies een review A. And Well? Guns - L. Jeffrey Woonplaats: Emmen Functie: reviewer Interesses: sport basketbal, hardlopen, wielrennen, mountainbikenwandelen, muziek gitaar spelen, muziek beluisteren, naar concerten gaan Favoriete genres: zeer divers, het varieert van atmosferische black metal tot melodische death metal, van female fronted en symphonic metal tot progressieve rock, van blues tot trip-hop, etcetera.

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Sky - Earths Collide We. Fear it!! In Hell! But Who's Buying? Walter Favoriete platen uit 1. Enemynside - Let The Madness Begin Gamma Ray - Hell Yeah!!! Gus G - Quantum Leap. However, if a term such as 'spacestone' is daunting, take a deep breath and focus your attention between your space and your stone, now imagine a little forward-slash, in your mind Tonight's forecast: dark. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot create polls in this forum You cannot vote in polls in this forum.

This page was generated in 0. Donate monthly and keep PA fast-loading and ad-free forever. Post Reply. Topic: instrumental reasons why I love recent music Posted: August 19 at For those who worried Thrash was doomed to a future of retro cosplay, Sanity Control advise you to lay down your body and join the War on Life. Lets fucking do this. Agnosis is a must-have album if you like all things dark and pitch black. Limited to copies! The world has gone insane. Humans have become apathetic, greedy, self-centered, over-medicated, delusional parasites in a filthy, drained and deflated world.

Now we wait. Sweden's Sayyadina seamlessly mix of grind and hardcore, playing 21 tracks at blast-beat speed, no time for the weakshit, keeping everything tight and clean sounding, and building upon the foundation laid by bands like Terrorizer and Nasum.

After nearly 30 years the wait is finally over! The official discography of the cult Polish grindcore act Schismopathic for the first time available on vinyl. The insert features new interviews with all the members of the band and tons of rare photos. All remastered from the best sources we were able to find these days. This is the real grindcore testament to one of the best and most important eastern grindcore acts from the 80's - don't miss it!

It is the story of a selfish, piece-of-shit man who is terrified of death. Living in constant anxiety and isolation, he finds himself one night being attacked by sleep demons mareswho transport him to Hell. Hell is our ego, our mistakes, our selfishness as mankind and as individuals. Serocs began in as a one-man project by guitarist Antonio Freyre who released 2 EPs and a full length album.

Each band produces four songs to brutalize your eardrums and make you rethink stepping outside. I know for a fact you will not want to miss out on this release. New album from this Michigan Grindcore band. Formed in Shit Life was put together by Zach and Chris during a period of inactivity with their black metal Swindle - H.407 / Agathocles - For What? For Who? (CD Enochian. The band has released a number of splits, and a LP in Every cut of every extreme genre they incorporate is done excellently.

Their hardcore, grindcore, crust and death-metal elements are an explosive caustic cocktail. Clocking in at just 25min. Every one of the album's 9 tracks will pummel into you unrelentingly - think of a train with no brakes. From grimy hardcore riffage that seamlessly transitions into pure grind-metal madness - furious blast beats with a deadly array of bestial power-violence-esque riffs, the brutal, malevolent and bleak tone of "pyre" waste no time beating the listener to a shitty pulp.

On these particular tracks the band craft sludgy, Swindle - H.407 / Agathocles - For What? For Who? (CD, towering riffs that atomize with each note. In addition to their volatility, noisy and chaotic elements also plays an important role in these tracks. Those in need of a outstanding, aggressive fix are going to get that through and through. These guys got the chemistry and made something that will snap some necks.

The record is so simple to love and if you have ever been angry at all, you will love the rage they offer. Vinyl includes a digital download card. Spin "pyre" - spin this monster!! He is free to admit that while he naturally opposes any form of oppression, he recognises that we are all »attempting to create ideological structures that benefit us and most regularly rob others of their basic human rights. Both regular and limited copies feature a coloured OBI strip.

There are 4 tracks and everything about them Album) clicks. The ep flows well from start to finish. Some of the riffs sound like they could be lifted from Chaos AD, while some tracks are straight up hardcore. Not a moment of this feels too long or repetitive. On top of it all, fertile vocals deliver the message of strength and resilience without sounding pretentious. With their new excellent opus, screamo infused post black metallers SELVA cement an identity separate from most stuff you've heard in this God-forsaken genre.

Mixed with difficulty of constitute and their own acceleration in short number. All 25 songs go faster like a strange mass of musical suite and end at a moment. Think of No New York that taking the fury and madness of power violence and play Mad, solid, strange and pure fast hardcore!

As such, the lyrical concepts employed in their work mainly focus on the weirdness and deformations of the psyche as well as the emotions of a violated mankind in modern society. SERPENT EATER creates its signature dark sound to emphasize this lyrical approach by mixing elements of death and black metal to post hardcore, crust, heavy and dark 70s rock, and doom to create sludgy, heavy and somber atmospheres of despair and hopelessness infused with moments of calm, sadness and melodic doldrums — only to be interrupted by sudden outbursts of sheer fury.

Shallow Grave have been journeying into the heart of darkness since forming in And today inShallow Grave re-emerge from the Southern Depths channeling distorted transmissions from beyond the transcendent void on their new album, Threshold Between Worlds. Thematically circling around one of the oldest and most potent forms of human servitude — blood sacrifice — Threshold Between Worlds is obscenely dark, inhumanly heavy, and emotionally devastating.

Shallow Grave alchemize corrupted doom, impoverished psychedelia and unscripted experimentation on the album, combining monumental heaviness with chiasmic minimalism. Threshold Between Worlds ups that ante, seeing Shallow Grave reimagining the sacred and bringing even more unsettling sonic carnage and remorseless intensity to their art. Threshold Between Worlds sees Shallow Grave weaving even thicker layers of dread and atmospheric noise into the fabric of their art.

Resulting in a powerful illustration of sacrifice transforming consciousness, through blood-soaked ascendancy. The album was released on October 31stand is available on black vinyl and digital. Threshold Between Worlds by Shallow Grave. Newly formed in out of various Cologne based projects, from the instrumental, independent and hardcore underground, things are really taking off since the release of their debut EP in With positive echoes across the scene and enthusiastic reviews on blogs as well as established print media, the four young men toured across Europe playing the enowned.

Now, after two years of tuning, tweaking and polishing in the rehearsal room and studio, their self-titled debut album is going to be released by Sportklub Rotter Damm and Maniyax Records accompanied by a release tour in late fall. There are signs of an impending storm! To me the new songs appear way darker than the tracks of the 7", less thrashlines, but more heavyness and more raggedness all along the line. And to mention the great B Sounding like the bastard child of elusive French powerhouses Deathspell Omega, the almighty Polish Kriegsmaschine and the cabal of nationless demons known as Hexis, Siberian Hell Sounds draw influence from clandestine corners of extreme music while never adhering to the tropes of any particular subgenre.

While the 7" with SomeCameRunning was more a fine piece of trashing fastcore, these new songs are way more powerful, and well, embittered and personal at the one hand and political and fierce at the other. Striking hard against patriotism and the common conservative filth, this band takes a stand.

Some might call this some kind of modern hardcore but I hate these phrases and moreover this records moves beyond any lame hc-trends. All you bands and kids focusing on pure hardness without content, this one is against you. The band has been around since ages and has released two singles and one LP so far.

Fuel of Death by Sin Logica. Beginning as a black metal outfit, their current sound is informed by doom and noise rock, but beholden to their own experimental impulses rather than any genre norms. Siorai Geimhreadh's approach intentionally avoids specific genre definition or stylistic markers, instead embracing a sense of openness in their playing.

While Album) music is heavy, intense and noisy, they never strictly follow any one way of playing or attempt to work within a specific style. Instead, they work to create a style of their own through a shared intuitive method.

Recent releases see the band constantly dismantling and reassembling their sound. Their tape which intentionally was never given a name consists of two tracks of dense, freeform noise rock. Their album "Not A Room" released on Fort Evil Fruit works around a single repeated pattern, drifting out of structure in a departure from previous work, creating tension through extreme repetition, subtle mumbling synthesiser and an uncanny sparseness.

It is a return to the more visceral work of earlier releases, transformed through a focus on freeform methods of playing. Side A is immediate and disorienting, with frenetic playing and a raw vocal delivery. The B side sees the track find a sense of tangible structure, which proceeds to slowly drift apart as it progresses.

The new material again closes the gap between modern and extreme Death Metal, the bands very own Hardcore influence, some laid-back atmospheric sounds and a heavy flirt with electronica. Longtime friend and collaborator Kristian 'Kohle' Bonifer Crematory, Agathodamion, Sieges Even once again handled mixing duties and designed another heavy hitting masterpiece. This is Swindle - H.407 / Agathocles - For What? For Who? (CD Vinyl-Version of 'Architects of Perfection'.

Strictly Limited to copies! The result is We Are Ghosts, is the most elaborated album of the Koblenz-based five piece. We Are Ghosts is the essence of the bands music. Dark and heavy influenced sounds, modern melodic Death Metal and some violent riff-shredding join forces on an album that keeps the attention of the listener without being a challenge. The lyrics of singer Lars Tekolf prove the bands consequent straight forward-attitude and try to convey another perspective on social topics.

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