So Agitated (Bonus Track) - Demented Are Go - Welcome Back To Insanity Hall (CD, Album)

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The SleeveWhen we describe the sleeve we are describing the printed paper cover or booklet that is included inside the case. If you are looking for a specific edition or version please contact us to verify what we are selling before you buy it. Staring at the moonlight through rusty iron bars Eyes bulge with madness but your mind is in the stars, doctor gives sedation It's mind manipulation, why you went insane, is only who knows. Climbing up the walls, clawing down the doors There's no way out, there's no way out, there's no way out But the doctors coming.

Mind is so fractured in this padded cell again Picking up the pieces for why you went insane Straight jacket holds you so tight Take another pill, everything will be all right. Welcome back to the insanity hall, once you're in there the gates are closed You might scream you might cry, once you're in there, there's no gettin out.

Four-dozen people weighed in on the subject. Between andI talked to their peers, handlers, contemporaries, and successors. Since my Reign book appeared, piles of fresh material have accumulated — and I have read, watched, and listened to all of it I could find.

So be ready for some fresh testimony from those who witnessed Slayer from near and far. De Pena, and more. Compared to the Reign book, this is more of a biography of the band.

But to a lesser degree, this companion piece attempts to do what the previous book did: Where does Slayer fit into rock history? Maybe something. And what does it take to keep an art-based business enterprise running in the black, decade after decade? Bear with me; it all ties together. It features more details about the Def Jam days and the exciting time surrounding the Reign album. If you want to read about the cover art or witness the hilarious story about rappers pretending to be Slayer, give it a look.

It features some outside testimony about what makes Slayer a remarkable group — but not nearly as much as my previous piece. Slayer have everything they need to produce some truly worthwhile official documents.

But Slayer, for all their amazing gifts, are not prolific storytellers, especially about their personal lives. King has the ultimate treasure trove of Slayer artifacts; mere photos of his collection would make for the most kick-ass coffee-table book ever.

And Kevin Estrada has taken official pictures for years. Both certainly have a book worth of striking images. The rock world has other great legacy groups.

Teenagers may attend Rolling Stones concerts. And it never will be again. Still, Slayer remains the all-time quintessential heavy metal band. And metal, more than ever, is significant.

The genre has established itself as a permanent part of popular culture. Once maligned and marginalized, metal was assaulted by the United States government itself. It not only survived.

Metal won. Metal is in there. But heavy metal has taken root. True metal. The Walking Dead is the most popular TV show, especially with the coveted demographic. On average, over 12 million people watch its first broadcast run alone. Pure metal. Star Trek: Into Darkness? Pierced people in gnarly outfits slugging it out all over the universe.

In its first minutes, a cow is cut in half by an unseen, inexplicable force. Cattle mutilation. On TV. Television hosts four prime-time vampire shows. The phenomenal Twilight series — a saga about warring vampire and werewolf clans, which is plenty popular with teenage girls — was created by a Mormon woman.

Metal subject matter has penetrated the national consciousness like never before. We live in an age where technology and imagination have combined to give us 40 straight minutes of big American Superpunching.

That is metal. Prime-slot TV features no fewer than four shows with plots centered on serial killers — not to mention overachiever criminals for whom killing is a business, not a hobby. During season one of Hannibal, NBC censors objected to visible butt cracks, but not bloody butt cracks America has been at war over a decade. Inmilitary suicides outnumbered the number of troops killed in combat, with an average of one self-inflicted death every 17 hours, according to the Department of Defense Slayer wrote a Grammy-winning song about the depressing phenomenon on the Christ Illusion album, which was released inyears before the count reached that all-time high.

Large-scale carnage has become a reality of American life. So step right up and read more about the kings of metal. It is alchemy. It is a metamorphosis. It is turning something potentially destructive and a source of misery into something beautiful…. It is uplifting, and it brings people together. Slayer as we knew it is over. Drummer Dave Lombardo is no longer in the band, either.

He departed and rejoined before. Still, Slayer soldiered on. Slayer was still Slayer, more or less. And the band may well be approximately what it used to be: a metal institution with a catalog that is as solid as it So Agitated (Bonus Track) - Demented Are Go - Welcome Back To Insanity Hall (CD. Slayer Mk. But Slayer will never be who it used to be. And who it used to be, that is a big part of what made the classic lineup special.

He died Thursday, May 2, The Reign in Blood lineup held together for 23 years of a year run, with a big break in the middle.

Still, the wonder of that four-man unit is that it represented a continuity. The same four people did a difficult thing better and longer than anybody else. Opinions are deeply divided on the non-Lombardo years. But now the Lombardo issue is muted. Whether the legendary drummer ever rejoins the band — be it on a ongoing basis or for a farewell tour — Hanneman cannot. Hanneman named the band. No, he never sang on a Slayer album. But plenty of their classic tunes began as demos recorded in his bedroom, on which he sang embryonic versions of the lyrics.

He was the frontman for Pap Smear, a short-lived side project with Dave Lombardo. If King never discovered Hanneman, he might have been a perfectly capable vocalist in a subterranean hardcore band like Dr.

Hanneman made the difference between Slayer being underground heroes like, say, Mercyful Fate or Exodus, and Slayer being Slayer, a Grammy-winning, iconic metal band with some crossover appeal.

Hanneman was the kind of guy who would bring a date to a party, then ditch her to watch the So Agitated (Bonus Track) - Demented Are Go - Welcome Back To Insanity Hall (CD and slamdance. As he told Kerrang!

Punk and hardcore, for all their ferocity, chewed a hole directly down to the elemental level of how — and where — music affects you. If you can handle its rough edges, hardcore has a mutant strain of pop appeal. But Hanneman had a way of wearing down all who would resist him. After Hell, he convinced King that punkrock was good. Without Hanneman, maybe Slayer would have kept writing six-minute epics about necrophilia.

Hanneman was an intuitive talent. Much of his unconventional technique was self-taught. But he was the member of the band who used a thesaurus when he wrote. As a writer, and as a musician, and as a professional, he did what worked, and he ignored the rules. Hanneman even drummed. But Hanneman would include skeletal drum structures when he delivered songs in demo form.

King sketches out drum parts too. Hanneman wrote that. Hanneman wrote that beat, then gave it to Lombardo to flesh out. Hanneman recorded the first Reign in Blood demos at home, where he filled in the percussion parts with a drum machine. Not many metal dudes owned a drum machine in But they were standard issue for hip-hop musicians. And Hanneman was a rap fan. King is exactly the kind of metalhead who hated rap on general principle in the s, when it was breaking big.

Maybe they would have signed to Capitol and ended up a cult sensation like Testament or Death Angel. So Geffen Records distributed the disc instead. Who you know — that makes a difference. Hanneman made ripples that reverberated through the whole rock community. And beyond. Scott Fitzergerald. May he rest in peace. The guitarist could have done other things with his life. He had options. And given his eye for detail, he would have been good at it.

But when he was a teenager, being in a successful rock group was the only idea that held his interest. And he made it happen. King had been a competent baseball player, but his talents only took him so far. He had been an award-winning math student, but when the game transitioned from trigonometry to calculus, he was left in the dust. But he decided he didn't like hard-assed military leadership, and he quit.

Then he called his shot. King wanted to be in a band. His musical taste was all but set in steel by Heavy metal had been hanging in the air in California for years, waiting to be summoned by the right adepts. As the s crested, the members of Slayer fully tapped that artistic ether, and it flowed freely. King worked swing shift as an aircraft-parts inspector. And for a spell, he held a part-time position as a sheriff. Officer King also dabbled in music.

He passed down his Tobacco Sunburst Stratocaster to his son, and Kerry was on his way. The former junior-military leader and athlete proved himself to be an apt talent scout and an uncompromising leader. The paper led him to an audition for heavy classic rock band called Ledger at a local rehearsal spot. But he discovered some talent at the audition. He had only been playing two months, but King smelled talent.

He stopped and talked. The rookie was Jeff Hanneman. The conversation went somewhere. The last of five children, Hanneman grew up with a hands-off parenting approach. A sister introduced him to Black Sabbath. And before long, he began to suspect music was his destiny. Even before he sung or played, he heard rock and roll calling his name. So he headed down that path. And I met a guy, and we were going to form a punk band.

And my uncle or someone got me an electric guitar. And this guy was a total flake. Hanneman took his destiny into his own hands.

Hanneman had jammed with the guys King had come to see. Those sessions never led to anything. But when he talked to King, they both felt a spark. We were blown away. Me and Jeff were six months apart in age. We were just like the same person.

Hanneman was a quick study. Hanneman would spend the rest of his life trading wailing leads with King. Drummer Dave Lombardo also wanted to be a rock star.

Growing up, he had been a member of the Kiss Army. Following an ugly split with his band old band, Lombardo was a free agent. He delivered pizzas to pay for his growing drum kit. He had heard of Kerry King, a local kid who had both gear and skills. One day, he saw King in the yard, pulled over, and asked him about if he wanted to start a band. I think we could be pretty cool. Slinging pies around the neighborhood, Lombardo frequently found himself at the Araya house.

Tom Araya, the middle kid, was a bassist and singer. His Top cover band — Tradewinds, later called Quits — rehearsed in the family garage. Quits guitarist Russell Dismuke gave lessons on the side. Dismuke had no patience for books of charts. He just taught his kids to play. His golden-star student was Kerry King. Dismuke began teaching King to play songs from the Quits set list, grooming the rookie for a spot on the team. Shortly after King met Araya, the band fired the singer.

A few months later, when King decided to strike out on his own, he invited Araya to audition. King and his guys were still in high school. Araya could not only buy beer, but afford it. He was 22, working as a respiratory technician. After Araya completed a two-year program associate degree, his short but respectable run in the medical field made him the only member of Slayer to ever hold a full-time, working-stiff job.

The set turned into one of the scenes so common in rock history: The songs sounded great. Everything gelled. And when the first practice was over, the players looked at each other and knew they had something. So the four members of Slayer saddled up for a long and bloody ride.

Hanneman, King, and Lombardo graduated high school inand they had already found their lifelong vocation. Well into the internet era, the men of Slayer existed nebulously, not as popular personalities, but as shadowy figures behind the scenes of a metal legend. Even when they were young men, they guarded their personal lives, either out of privacy or humility.

Hanneman hated interviews. The band have plenty of buds in the music business, but the people truly close to them are related, married, or on the payroll, with a strong incentive Album) to talk too much. But the details we have — whether divulged or unearthed — are colorful ones. When he was five, his large family moved to America. And by then, the serial-killer-obsessed singer had already died.

Luckily, his wet little body was discovered in time, and he was successfully revived Late in their lives, his parents became ministers in a charismatic branch of the faith. A lot of the anti-religious This is good. This is going to make somebody mad. My type of Catholicism allows me to [accept other viewpoints].

Within the context of the band, his instrument is also hidden in the mix. Araya grew up in the s, listening to California radio. As a kid, he would hold a broom and play air guitar to Beatles songs. Still, over the course of his life, Araya has spent far more time listening to the Beatles than other metal bands. Behind the mic, especially in the early days, he was a hellaciously fast singer.

But when the music stopped — especially after — he usually came off as a mellow soul, even when he was dressing down frenzied audiences for destroying a venue and stopping the show. Which happened frequently. Slayer is a multinational band. Born in Cuba, Lombardo also comes from a Catholic background. They intended to join them in coming months. After the Cuban Missile Crisis, the parents were stranded in Cuba.

The kids were placed with a foster family in California. In Cuba, Communism crushed Mr. Five years after their separation, they followed their children to sunny California When Dave was just a kid, his older brother would lay out a series of cardboard boxes, play Rolling Stones albums, put pencils in his hands, and tell him to drum He took to it.

A dedicated family man, the hyper drummer is relaxed in conversation, but has a boundless ability to wind himself up about band business. And his public stock only rose in subsequent years. Over the years, Lombardo frequently found himself on the losing end of arguments with King.

He loathes religion with a fervor traditionally reserved for people who suffered through years of Catholic school. But his instinctive philosophy parallels previous insights from acknowledged deep thinkers. As philosopher Norman O. Brown wrote, "Human history cannot be viewed as the unfolding of human love. Hell is what happens when power grows unchecked. As depicted on Reign in Blood, Hell is Auschwitz. Hanneman brought back a collection of Nazi memorabilia.

When Jeff discovered the keepsakes, they sparked a lifelong interest in the period. I'll never forget him walking around that place, looking at all of the tanks, weapons and other exhibits. He was like a kid on Christmas morning. Despite his impressive poetic ability and an active interest in history, Hanneman was far from an academic.

As a growing teenager, he added metal, punk, women, drugs, video games, and alcohol to his list of interests. And after the band dropped drugs from their party plate, he never updated that list again. If you overlooked his pale skin, his laconic manner and dude-ly dialect would have suggested he was a surfer. He also had a belligerent streak. He told Kerrang! As a teen, he dabbled in auto theft, but his days behind the wheel were numbered Drinking was a priority for Hanneman.

It may seem like a contradiction, but over the years, he became less and less of a party person, and more of a drinker. Southern California is place of contrasts, a sun-baked melting pot of religious Republicans, conservative businessmen, their rebellious kids, chill surfers, stoned hippies, belligerent rednecks, a handful of Latino cultures, an equally unhomogenous black population, other nationalities, and cornucopia of good-looking type-A personalities drawn there from all over the world.

Given the weather and culture, the area is a fertile ground for gritty alternatives. Over the course of the 20th century, musical culture had drifted away from its roots in myth, magic, mysticism, and the martial tradition.

Metal brought it back. Thrash was faster than everything that came before. It was heavier. It was louder. It was darker. In the mids, Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax established the broad parameters of thrash metal.

Eventually, they headlined arena tours, and they put up platinum numbers. Three of the Big Four hailed from California. Over six decades, the state had invested in a thrash incubator. So Metallica, Slayer, and their pals worked at home, where they smelted metal into a new form, in Downey houses that were soon to be demolished.

The blue-collar community had resisted the long-gestating Interstate project tooth and nail. The had been on the drawing board since The interstate was intended to link the L.

The controversial first drafts cut a swath through numerous low-income neighborhoods, targeting thousands of homes, apartments and businesses for destruction. A class action lawsuit stopped progress in The lawsuit settled in Construction began in And the opened to traffic in Between groundbreaking and completion, the multigenerational endeavor yielded some unexpected dividends and left deep marks in metal and punk.

Preparing for the freeway, the California department of transportation bought property after property. Between the time Caltrans cut the first check for a house and the start of demolition, the mile stretch of eminent domain would become a playground of abandoned, condemned and doomed houses where metalheads could party and punks could squat. The latter scene of Mohawks and vacant homes was dramatized in Suburbia, a low-budget flick by Penelope Spheeris, who had directed the classic L.

The Suburbia soundtrack featured D. The sites were also a nexus of bands who were locked in a friendly competition for the metal crown.

There was nobody to really police us, so we could just do whatever, because the houses were going to be torn down anyway. We used to hang out at their house all the time. The family rented a row of three homes. And once the writing was on the wall, they let young Ron and his friend James Hetfield live in the middle house for free. McGovney and Hetfield turned the garage into a red-and-white practice space. And the house became the Metallica clubhouse. The scene was an all-star metal rager Before Slayer were musical stars, half the members were MVPs on the party circuit.

Longhaired heshers would blast vinyl, pound beers and swill vodka into the small hours, until everything faded to black. It was a diverse scene. Araya was a regular, if not a pillar.

Hanneman was more likely to bring over friends from Jordan High Panthers. Hanneman played defensive end. But occasionally, a downside occurred to him. Hanneman was around so much, he threatened to become a lumpy fixture. The stories about Jeff Hanneman are legendary. Since he skipped the parties, even scene regulars just knew him as a swaggering, cocksure figure at shows. But he was shy when pinned down one-on-one, hesitant to make eye contact.

Also absent was drummer Dave Lombardo, who was already sidelined with future wife, Teresa. She was two years older than Lombardo, but her brother had been in his class in elementary school. At the time, the community was a seedy city in Los Angeles county, small and dense with trailer parks.

Lombardo worked at the department store, often serving as a greeter at the courtesy desk. One day Teresa walked in, and he locked in on her. The former Mrs. The future Mrs. Lombardo saw Slayer play a party early its career.

But she was no groupie or club rat. The drummer remained loyal to his number-one fan. Araya, Hanneman, and King were the product of local public schools. Lombardo attended Catholic school until high school.

But on stage, he did. This is great! Slayer hit the big time in Junelanding their first cover photo. The student paper gave the band a vague review in a feature about a new program that let bands play lunchtime gigs Fridays — if no conflicting events were scheduled InSlayer played a half-dozen or show club shows, all in California.

The members worked, scrimped, and stole to provide for the band. The boss told him to cut his hair, and King quit. When strapped for cash, King kept himself in the reptile game by shoplifting snakes. As the band grew, the guitarists would use their kleptomaniac skills to assemble an impressive stage show. The group would raid local apartment complexes and steal big light bulbs for their lighting rig, screwdrivers in their pockets in case the lights had protective mesh.

The band assembled an eight- foot inverted pentagram of white lights that straddled Lombardo, flashing behind him while they played. As the band started to gig regularly, Lombardo was So Agitated (Bonus Track) - Demented Are Go - Welcome Back To Insanity Hall (CD first member to buckle.

The hungry young group was forced to drop off the bill. And the very few times members have dropped the ball — those are permanently stuck in his craw. The fact that the kids had the garage to play their metal music, I thought, was very big of the parents.

The bigger the band got, the more time they spent in the garage. Eventually, Hanneman moved in for a spell. When the group bought more gear, they would set off flash pots inside. And after the canceled URWA show, there were fireworks in the driveway. The next time the band met, they had a huge argument outside the So Agitated (Bonus Track) - Demented Are Go - Welcome Back To Insanity Hall (CD. Lombardo laid it out: He was well within his rights to cancel: He was sick.

He needed to rest and get better. In a difference sense of the term, Lombardo was always a sick drummer, and Slayer was always a sick band. On the club circuit, Slayer smoked competitors like Vermin, Tormentor, and Abattoir. Early on, like Metallica, Slayer wowed crowds with spot-on cover songs.

Curious fans can get a taste of Slayer covers, though. Muddy bootlegs preserve some of the unreleased nuggets. They played early shows in flashy shirts, big hair and tight pants. In photos from the earliest gigs, Hanneman poses in tight red leather pants and a purple-and-black zebra-stripe shirts. King wears a tight red and black shirt with a functionless chest flap.

Mimeographed on yellow paper. Address and map deliberately obscured for this presentation. Reproduced courtesy of Cuellar. During shows, Hanneman, Araya, and King would form a straight row across the stage and — emulating Judas Priest — headbang in vicious synchronicity, eyes circled in black makeup, a hesher frontline for the ages.

He launched Metal Blade Records — which is still a leading metal label — in He had never seen the opening act, Slayer, before. His discriminating senses were overloaded. They were heads and shoulders above the other bands.

Then once they started to write songs, they were starting to write great metal songs as well. Slagel got him some copies of Metal Massacre comps. April 23,Slayer met one of their biggest fans. Kathryn, then 15, was tired of going to the movies.

She needed a new kind of fun. She was about to find it. She talked her father into letting her stay out late to attend a metal show at the Woodstock. With fewer than two dozen people in the audience, she was able to get a prime spot in front of the stage, in front of Hanneman.

Hanneman Album) a girlfriend. But when the guitarist caught a look at the leggy, buxom blonde, he was moved to action. Once Hanneman ditched his girlfriend, Jeff and Kathryn would be together for the rest of his life. And it left Slagel salivating. Hanneman and King split the credits for music and lyrics.

Slagel wanted more. And he showed more interest in the group. Slagel offered to both manage the band and sign them to his label — an proposition that was unconventional, but not unprecedented.

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