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Toys For Girls. Handmade Toys. Art Deco Fashion. Cool Kidz. Cute Baby Onesies. Baby Fashionista. Baby Models. Kids Store. Kids Pajamas. This year I attended church, twins in tow, and sat with my own mom. The moment came. All mom's stand up. I did, but I felt weird. I was so conscious of the fact that there were women in the room who had suffered silently, who were longing for the title, who were fighting themselves to beat infertility.

I got my flower. I got my chocolate. But to the majority of the strangers there, I just looked a lucky girl that got 2 for 1. I have actually had strangers tell me "you are so lucky you got two.

My story has been bumpy, and messy, yet somehow beautiful. That is His way I guess. On Mother's Day I was happy and sad-Dale also puts in her article, it's a tension between wooo-hoooing that I am finally a mom and mourning for the women who are not and want to be. Mother's day reminds me of ALL my children and that makes me happy and sad too. On a lighter note, I will tell you about Noah's Mother's Day gift to me.

Mother's Day afternoon we spent quietly at home relaxing. The boys are really really into their jumperoos it's almost like a baby bungy and Noah was jumping his little heart out with a huge smile for a long time. I eventually went to sit by him and then I saw it- 3 running down his leg and getting grounded into the carpet with each soul-felt hop.

I yelled for Darren to come look at his son. I couldn't stop laughing. I carried him to the bathroom at an arms length away while Darren started the bath. As I was holding him awkwardly in the bathroom, I turned to look at the scene in the mirror. Noah turned too, caught my eye, and with his little poop filled onsie he gave me the biggest gummiest smile ever. I smiled the whole time I cleaned Noah up. His mother's day gift reminded me I'm a mom, to living kids too.

For those mommies to children that have died, and to women who are mother's in their hearts but have not yet gotten to hold your child, keep fighting. Me holding Oh Baby,then me holding Noah and Beckom, Labels: infertilitymother's day infertilitysurrogacytwins. In Loving Memory of Brinly and Jude.

March 16, This month I have gotten a few "reminders" of Jude and Brinly-two "Happy 1 year old Birthday" cards from their old registries included in that. Yesterday would have been their twin due date. When I lost them I joined this great group on facebook for women who have lost all their multiples. The horror and pain of losing 1. One person asked "Will I ever be happy again? If I go on to have more kids, will it help heal the loss? Some said no, they were still sad daily even with their kids.

One women wrote that after she had her rainbow son that there was so much love in her heart for him that there was no room for sadness for the twins she had lost. She explained that it was sad, and always would be, but that she was moving forward and putting all that love into her live son. I remembered that I wanted to choose that option. I personally don't want to go through each year saying "She would have been 2" "She would have started Kindergarden" "He would have been playing this with his cousin" etc.

Because the reality of it is, no they would not have. They died, there is no "would have been. Maybe when the boys are older we will take them to the falls where we spread Jude's ashes. If I am being perfectly honest, now that I have Noah and Beckom the pain is more like a distant painful memory in comparison to the overwhelming can't-breathe type of pain I was experiencing last year. The whole thing is bittersweet-If we had Jude and Brinly we would not have transferred 2 more embryos at once meaning we would never have had Noah and Beckom.

All this to say that I find that I Oh Baby fallen into the category that I had hoped to. I will forever have a sad spot in my heart but I am also so grateful to get to raise their little siblings. For those that are new to the story, here is a very sad video of our pregnancy and then loss of Jude and Brinly I made days after they died. I won't forget them and I won't stop honoring them by doing kind things in their honor on this day.

Microblog Monday Winning. March 9, The Rest of the Frozen Embryos? March 3, About two years into our infertility we did our first IVF which resulted in 6 "5 day" Blastocysts. We transferred two and Oh Baby since I was young and since these were such high quality-the odds of pregnancy were very high. We waited the three month minimum and went back for our first even frozen embryo Oh Baby. My HCG at the beta blood test wasn't even one.

Although we had two more frozen embryos from this cycle left, we were beginning to wonder if we had a "bad batch. For those that have followed on long for awhile, this 2nd IVF result in 7 "5 day" Blastocysts and 2 "borderline" blasts they froze on day 6. With four failures behind me in embryo world I boldly and desperately said: Transfer 3.

All 3 stuck. I saw it. I saw them at 6. We were scared and thrilled all at once. I began to get Oh Baby. I had never seen heartbeats in my body and Oh Baby I felt as if it was a miracle. I loved them. I like a good challenge and I was confident Team D and H could handle and succeed at raising triplets. Long story short, I randomly miscarried one at 9 weeks exactly, went on with a healthy twin pregnancy of a boy and girl until my water randomly broke at 17 weeks-a rare and random condition call pPROM that impacts like.

I delivered my daughter Brinly at 18 weeks and my son Jude at 21 weeks. Although 3 embryos took, I lost them all. In-between failed transfers and my triplet pregnancy, I would make sure to yell out "Hi babies, I love you!

After losing my triplets, we had 8 frozen embryos left-2 from that first cycle were the previous ones didn't take, and 6 from the Jude and Brinly's cycle. When our amazing friend Becky stepped forward to carry our embryos for us, we transferred 2 from the 2nd cycle and both took. Noah and Beckom Benson were almost born to the date a year after I delivered their older brother Jude.

So, as a recap 4 embryos resulted in nothing but 1 very early miscarriage. We want to give them a chance but since I can never risk carrying twins again, the idea of transferring one. I can't do it emotionally. I'm horrified of pregnancy and miscarriage. We have decided to pay to have the embryos genetically tested and it will take place this month. It's fascinating really. They defrost all 6, and remove 1 cell and then refreeze them.

They send the 1 cell off to a genetic testing company where there they can determine some diseases, gender, and most importantly, if the embryo has the right amount of cells to become a successful pregnancy. Although we have 6 great-rated blastocysts, it doesn't mean they would all implant.

If they are missing chromosomes, I would have another failed cycle or early miscarriage. Obviously we are in no rush. We are in love with our sons. Baby Shower Invitations. We all now know the phrase, but this Love you to the moon baby shower gives it a whole new meaning! Baby Shower Azul.

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