Hot Girls - David Boomah - One World Many Cultures (CD, Album)

Tracklisting: 1. Two Times 2. All The Love 3. Good Blood 4. Suffer Like Me 5. Replay 6. In The Aftermath 7. Automatic 8. Special Disco 9. Iron Leaf Louna Come Back To Me Greatest hits collection back in print!

A perfect anthology of this dynamic duo. It's jam packed with salsa, jazz, funk, Motown madness, hip hop, and reggae shuffles. BBC radio support. Get this! La Bomba! It's a journey through time, from Trinidad to Jamaica, Bahamas to Columbia, and through the banks of the Mississippi.

His songs are dancefloor faves in soul clubs all through Europe, but he has gotten little recognition and this is the FIRST ever compilation of his 60s material. This LP features 11 tracks out of the 16 on the CD. Full pic sleeve. As always, comes in glossy full color sleeve.

Pressed on purple vinyl with white marbling, this beautiful diamond comes along with three gems: a remastered version of the original track, a cover version and a jackin' house re-edit by JAMIE Picture sleeve, colored wax. Clear vinyl double LP set in color picture sleeve, limited to copies.

Limited edition of on clear triple vinyl with full picture sleeve. Four tracks of Afro-beat with an electronic twist. Matt-U drops his definitive release via Black Box, showcasing a different side of his production, from the laser-guided ordinance of the title-track, to the murky depths of Killawatt collab "The Strangers," via the furious breakstep of "Backwards.

Two tracks on Rinse from Kode9 -- "Uh" which features on Rinse: 22 and "Ok" exclusive -- make a thrilling point of contact between grime, broken UK house and the disorienting lurch of trap. The I Like the Feeling You're Giving Me EP for Rinse encapsulates many aspects of Hrdvision 's sound, drawing strongly both from Detroit techno's woozy, melody-soaked romanticism and the precision and intricacy of minimalist European house and techno.

The title-track coasts along on a clipped, synthetic house rhythm and a thick, fuzzy bass line while melodic drones stretch out across its surface. The disembodied voice on Proxima 's "Thermal Vision," the lead track on this 12" for Tempa is a perfect summary of its disorienting appeal.

It's both alien and astonishingly intense, poised to detonate on dancefloors without ever resorting to stereotypical "club banger" tricks. But there's a subtle, dubby ear for melody running through the whole track, discovering moments of unexpected beauty within the fray. Following a first-place ranking in the dubstep forums award for Best New Label, they further their sonic excursions with these forward-thinking dubstep productions.

Sorrow's electronic, beats-driven music floats above the furthest reaches of ambient dubstep, propelled aloft by a dubbed out, sonorous garage hybrid of his own invention. A series of self-released tracks and remixes and three EPs over the last two years, as well as collaborations with other artists including Stumbleine, Asa, and Submerse have rapidly earned him a profile as one of the UK's rising producers.

True to his moniker, Sorrow's music has an underlying current of melancholy, with mournful strings and piano and ghostly vocals, but he balances the mood artfully with head-bobbing beats and a wonky sense of humour that emerges unexpectedly here and there. LP version on gram vinyl. Includes a CD copy of the album. Both sides are wonky, woozy techno cuts bursting with strange energy. With soundscapes taking serious shapes, the emotion actually comes from deep within: pointing out to infinity.

With further developed harsh, sharp percussive elements and frightening samples to accentuate this cold production, desolation will become a step closer each and every time you lose control. The ever-evolving growls make it all seem endless, tuning into the right frequencies through contagious rhythms and tribalistic hits. Striking low-end makes you shake to the ground, with resonance tearing up everything in its way. This ultimately makes it such a powerful track, which might instigate cruel nightmares.

As a smooth and vibrant low-end accompanies the chilled minimal percussion, the ice-cold growls freeze your receptors while they leave their carved marks. With little suppressed drum hits, which might be seen as something functioning as a trace, it could give you a sense of direction towards the evil information stored inside your head.

Nomad Records. Something About You. BD Braindead Entertainment. Intro All Eyes On Us Fat Boys Declined Fast Life Living the Dream Live Like Family Skit On The Ball Part 2 Purpose A sample from the main theme to Star Wars was cleverly reworked for the collaboration with Surburban Base Records under the title Star Warz. This was a favorite intro tune for Ellis D for what seemed like an eternity in PLV V Records.

Survival is making some real moves at the moment with some huge tunes on dub plate, he's got a historic association with Horizons, and we've welcomed him back to remix this one. A superb triple header. Fall Out. Interactive Recordings. The Return. Various Artists. One Love 2. Spread a Little Love 3. Wake Up feat. Forward Ever Hot Girls - David Boomah - One World Many Cultures (CD.

Soundboy Robber feat. Juxci Dnero 6. Unstoppable 7. Why They Wanna 8. Pure Intentions feat. Harry Shotta 9. We're One The Awakening Hot Girls feat. Solo Banton Sound Ago Dead feat. Tenor Fly Turn It Up Cry for Peace feat.

Metrik - Distant Shores 2. Danny Byrd feat. Roni Size - Grit 3. Netsky feat. Wilkinson - Hot Girls - David Boomah - One World Many Cultures (CD 5. Mutated Forms - Abandoned 7. Ivy Lab feat. Metrik - Out of the Fire Fracture - The Breaks John Rolodex - Back to Basics The Upbeats - Monogram Nu:Logic - Tripping in Space Y - One Last Quest Technimatic - Not Far To Go Bladerunner - Late Night Caller Paradox - Crate Logic Nu:Logic - Brown Shoes Rawtekk - Photone Recruits Danny Byrd - 4th Dimension Mix Nu:Logic feat.

The second vinyl-only, white label release following their first release which sold out in a week! The debut album from London's Sam Willisone-half of Kompakt's visionary electronic duo Wallssees the light of day on CD, with a bonus disc of remixes and exclusive versions from an eclectic collection of like-minded individuals.

CD1: Hello Wendy Weird Science Foxglissandro Seven Down Six Across Winterval Twirled With Your Slight Fingers.

Snuff Crew evoke the gritty origins of house music for the denizens of the digital era via their own productions and through their label, Snuff Trax. The two slices of stripped-down, dusty old school Chicago house are almost bipolar in nature. And now he delivers the third, and final, part of this musical trilogy, with a continuous mixed CD by Valentino himself, featuring almost all of the compositions released in the series.

For the uninitiated, it's a perfect album mix that encapsulates Valentino's deep and seductive sounds. Highights include "Viole n t Thoughts," a sultry and smooth workout, its light percussion providing the melody, and a groove that is so intoxicating, its minute tenure really hypnotizes. Spanish DJ and producer Eduardo De La Calle 's Cadenza debut is a terrific example of the forward-thinking musical vision of the label.

The dusty crackles and haunting strings that begin "Hazihi Laylaty" instantly call to mind the mystery of traditional Arabic music, and the track as a whole fuses this spirit with a subtle wielding of modern electronics to create a thoroughly moody piece of pop-noir.

The Sorry Entertainers and Soul Clap embark upon unusual approaches for their remixes. Renowned and respected for his powerful productions, Santos has, through his releases and remixes for the likes of SavedSuaraand Octopusbecome one of the most in-demand producers of today. The Macro Habitat EP sees the Italian producer treading a deeper path compared to much of his recent output. The strong, bold drum patterns still prevail but each of these tracks thrive on their slower, groovier tempos, scene-stealing atmospherics, and exotic percussive sounds.

Three new cuts from the duo comprising their vision of club music. Different states of matter shape-shifting around a unifying core. Well known for his silky-smooth arrangements and emotional, building tracks, Meyer offers us a dreamy, enchanted synth 'n' strings package on this EP.

The title-track combines Meyer's trademark production values with an ecstatic, hands-in-the-air disco vibe. Patlac turns in a delightful remix, concentrating on a more reduced palette of sounds. VA : Luv. Ninth release from Love Unlimited Vibes, focusing on warm and soulful vibes between indie, house, soul, and downbeat.

Vinyl-only, limited edition of copies. Comes in a clear plastic sleeve. It's clearly about dub techno here. The proper counterpart and highlight remix on the B-side is presented by Robag Wruhme. His remix of "Meeting Sea" includes his typically energetic, nearly hypnotic sound and it grooves, as always.

Atmospheric and raw dub-techno cuts from Marko Furstenberg on clear, marbled vinyl. Before One precedes Ben Klock 's debut album Onefeaturing 4 tracks, of which only one, "Init Two," will be included on the album.

These tracks point to where One is heading: classic techno with heart and soul. Pets Recordings presents a 12" of unique experimental compositions from Uffe. Jon Convex takes charge of the remix, allowing the beat to thump harder. Super-elegant four-tracker EP bringing together Detroit influences and '90s raw minimal with a dubby edge by up-and-coming artists Pablo Tarno and Anthony Constands.

Includes Tolga Fidan epic house remix. A little gem marking release 20 in the Serialism catalog. Baaz present three massive and rolling house pieces for Slices Of Life. Souvenir presents part three of the third edition of their In the City compilation, presenting exclusive tracks from some of the best talents on the Souvenir stable. Making good on the Detroit connection, Scott amplifies the tune's Motor City vibe with lavish helpings of synthesizers, claps, and hi-hats and amps up its hard-swinging acid-funk groove.

Memory Foundation's version of "Stubnitz" locks solidly into a tight mechanic-house pulse, which frees up all kinds of room for tenor sax player Andreas Pasternack. Pressed on transparent blue vinyl. At a time when most young people from inner cities chose their musical paths -- soul-head, reggae, indie or rock -- and stuck with them 'til they knew better, boogie was the big thing in the UK's mainly black clubs. Now, Z Records is releasing a gatefold double vinyl pack of the influential Destination Boogie album that was first released back in but only as a double CD.

Jessica Mauboy - Burn Stenchman Remix Doctor P - Sweet Shop Rusko - Cockney Thug Caspa Remix Borgore feat. Diplo - Sunset James Blake - Sparing The Horse Benga - 26 Basslines Rusko feat. And with Born Like Album) the emcee continues his proven formula of cartoon-villain-meets-hip hop beats. The greatest artists are shrouded in mystery, always keeping audiences guessing; Born Like This extends that trend as DOOM emulates the enigmatic super-villain Doctor Doom over killer samples, waging war against the state of contemporary rap.

Throughout the album DOOM reaffirms that he is the king of the underground, breaking convention while retaining good form, favoring freestyle over chorus, and all that while living by his own rules. Password : RapidRise. The Rub has been doing the world an undeniably necessary public service in recording their The History of Hip-Hop series of weekly mixtapes. They're unsurprisingly excellent: impeccable selection, flawless mixing.

My favorite thing about these mixes is the fact that hearing hip-hop's finest grouped not by region or style but by year means that every record is uniquely contextualized. They all fit together in a way that I'd forgotten from my ever-advancing vantage point. They are of a piece, just like they were when you lived through them More mixes and free downloads on The Rub website! Not so fast. Enter producer Wrongtom, fellow London lad, wrestling control for the most cohesive Roots Manuva re-rub record to date.

Jahtari is a Netlabel, founded in by Jan Gleichmar aka "Disrupt". Unlike most netlabels, it focuses on the dub and reggae music genres, with an electronic music approach which it calls "digital laptop reggae", using Commodore 64 or 8-bits sounding softwares to produce the beats. The whole Jahtari catalogue is available for online listening and downloading on their site ByJahtari had started to offer a release on CD in addition to the free downloads, and later produced vinyl releases too.

Check out their sound with the cool player below! Same concept, different songs. Download the compilationand share the link only if you like D Crew track, so if you find it, drop me a line!

Intro 2. Pharcyde - Medieval 3. Onyx Feat. Method Man - Evil Streets Remix 4. D Crew - Unknown 5. Postmen - The Hobby 6. Blackmoon Feat. Busta Rhymes - The Onslaught 7. Afu-Ra Feat. Jahdan - Think Before You Popa Wu Feat. Mad Lion - Take It Easy Black Moon - War Zone The Mindclouders - Marshall Law Ghostface Killah - No No No Smif-N-Wessun - Bucktown Onyx - All we Got iz us Evil Streetz Pharcyde - Runnin' Capleton Feat.

Method Man - Wings Of the Morning Supernatural - Internationally Known Ayentee Feat. I recently found back the firsts underground hip hop compilations I did, while ago, when I was spending my evenings downloading stuff on Soulseek, and getting educated by the hip hop freaks of the Hip Hop room big up to all the members!

Anyway, all those tunes are, in my opinion, some of the finest Hip Hop tracks that will be ever created. Among many, many others, I must say. Wildchild - Operation Radio Raid 3.

Bootcamp Clik - And so 4. Method Man - Hot Girls - David Boomah - One World Many Cultures (CD Yo Delf 5. Virtuoso Feat. Casual, Del tha Funkee - All we know 6. Rah Digga Feat. Flipmode Squad - Just For You 7. Ice Cube - Wicked 9. Murs - Done Deal Gravediggaz - Constant Elevation Shorty - B. D Dream Swim VI. Memory Gate III. Hacking the Akasha IV. Utopia 3. But the current Jamaican sound called reggae was also buried deep in the group's DNA. It was soon to fully unfold when UK reggae band Misty In Roots discovered the angry talent of The Ruts and encouraged them to produce their first single on their own label People Unite.

In a Rut sold an astonishing 20, copies. It was followed by a John Peel Session and a deal with Virgin Records that left the band in debt for ages. But it also led to a seminal album, The Crackand a bunch of classic singles such as "Staring at the Rudeboys," "Jah War," and the much-covered "Babylon's Burning" that the remaining members of the band just re-recorded with the fittingly casted Henry Rollins on vocals.

This heavy rock anthem with embedded rasta philosophy mirrors the Bad Brains ' efforts to merge the energies of reggae and rock, meanwhile in DC. Sadly enough, this second phase of the band keeps being underrated by rock history.

However, for those who know, an album called Rhythm Collision Vol. This dub set was cut in in the brand new Ariwa studio, set up and run by Neal Fraserbetter known as the Mad Professor. On this day in '82, reggae and punk rock, with a little help from funk, came together in a ying and yang harmony rarely ever heard. The basic mood is melancholic tranquility, a floating dubspace without too many crazy but still highly effective effects. If dub can be described as the art of impression by subtraction, this classic example gave an idea of where dub as a recording technique could potentially go -- and where it subsequently went.

Despite its nearly obscure status, the album has not done too badly over the years -- it stayed underground but there it became massively viral, sellingcopies of its various incarnations on the band's own label Bohemian, punky reggae U. The second generation went to work, when Zion Train first re-versioned "Babylon's Burning" and finally the whole set, which was also released on Echo Beach. So in its third incarnation: deconstructed, reconstructed, tuned, pimped and dubbed out by today's disciples of bass.

Even though the postmodern world offers zillions of ways to recontextualize archive material, they all left the sacred tracks relatively intact, ignoring the easy way out. Mighty Soldier feat. Tenor Fly A2. Mix Up feat. Molara A3. One Step feat. Segs A4. Smiling Culture feat. Technollogy Prof Intro Mix feat. Segs B3. London Dub feat. Smokes B4. More Bass B5. Heavyweight Style feat. Seamus Beaghen. Written, produced and recorded between September and December in London.

Limited edition red vinyl of copies only. Side A Kneecap Ridge Sicklerville Blackwood Carrizo Plain Nemrut Dagi Kesswil Side B Wladimarinello Mansfield Underhill Battle Mountain Truth or Consequences. Part of Julia Holter 's "Phonetic Translations" series, in which she interprets global kitsch music by translating foreign Hot Girls - David Boomah - One World Many Cultures (CD into surreal poetry in her native tongue, English.

Features side-by-side lyrics in the original Russian, and in Holter's phonetically-translated English, both printed on the vinyl's inner-sleeve. Includes a download code to redeem for the entire KDVS radio set in 24bit and mp3 formats. Comes on deep purple vinyl with ivory inlay. Disc 1. Maria after Lyudmila Gurchenko 7": Side B Disc 2.

They became a fixture in the city's underground clubs and at free festivals, but their sole album appeared in lateby which time their moment had passed. It makes its long-awaited return here, complete with background notes. Passing The River My Friend Was a Pusher About My Life Please Go Away Side B I Saw the Ringing of the Bell Tell Me About It Captain Heart Goodbye For Good.

Save for a small long-gone edition of CD-Rs, Mirage is the third full-length release by Messagesrecorded in before their first two albums and has remained unreleased until now. This record documents the duo's earliest long-form drone explorations and intonations, most of which were recorded during long sessions in Tres' basement bunker in the East Village.

Mixing orbits of homemade acoustic instruments, electric drones and percussion, Mirage is a humid transmission sent straight from the womb. Cockroach Snake Side B Foodshaker Providence, RI's recently relocated from Nashville, TN Container returns with another slab of alternate universe bent techno. Schofield 's take on that over-used genre is not only unique but utterly compelling, forming a modern and exciting new sound. While the classic Container sound is still in tact, this album offers a look into a previously closed door in the Container sound world.

LPlike its predecessor LPis recorded in mono and it cuts right down the middle of your skull, and doesn't float around in an imaginary room. These new tracks are immediate and heavy. Kicking off the delayed trip of "Dripping," a rhythmic bone akin to a rusty swing in a ghetto playground, morphs seamlessly into the complex maze that is "Paralyzed. The disc closes proper with the mad rush for the bar that is the epic "Refract.

Dripping Paralyzed Acclimator Side B Perforate LP version. Staubgold is proud to reissue the one and only solo album by Patrick Vian Red Noiseoriginally released in on the Egg label. A wonderful and obscure gem of electronic music certain to please the fans of Krautrock, French '70s electronic music and kosmische musik. Georges Granier adds Fender Rhodes, marimba, noise and scissors.

Bernard Lavialle Ame Son plays guitar. Together they create a unique hybrid of experimental electronic, jazz and world music. Grosse Nacht Musik Oreknock Old Vienna Barong Rouge Tunnel 4, Red Noise Bad Blue Tricentennial Drag. Field recordings of a volcano by Geir Jenssenbetter known as Biosphere. Stromboli is an active volcano off the north coast of Sicily in the Mediterranean. The volcano has erupted many times and is constantly active with minor eruptions.

The last major eruption was on April 13, Recorded at Stromboli's crater edge m on July 19th at pm. Location: 38 47' Stromboli Side B Stromboli Dub. To this day, Nicholas Bullen is best-known as a founding member of arguably grindcore's most important act: Napalm Death.

Although he decided to call it a day before the band slipped into the mainstream circuit, his sonic fingerprints were all over their influential debut Scumand he's been breaking boundaries ever since.

A key figure in Birmingham's experimental scene, Bullen was also a founding member of Scorn and has been involved in a variety of projects since. Over 30 years later we arrive to Component Fixationsan album that Bullen has been contemplating, working, and reworking for some time. It is, after all, his solo debut proper, and as such is a work that absolutely represents him as an artist both visually and aurally.

Taking influence from the early electronic artists of the s, Bullen has fused this passion with his own musically explorative past, resulting in an album of beguiling tape-manipulations, drones and noise. Component Fixations is far more than a simple exercise in academic sound, and Bullen has injected his long-form pieces with a rare mortal sense of corruption and failure.

Every single sound on the album was taken from field recordings captured in the confines of Bullen's house and garden, and this only serves to confirm the unshakable humanity of the record. Component Fixations might be a long way from Scumbut dig deep and you'll find the same curious mind, desperate to pull apart sounds and give them a brand-new meaning.

Extreme doesn't have to mean loud, after all. Signal Filament Extensions. Ivana Sun Last Remnants NoSun Gatefold double LP version featuring 10 tracks from the double CD. Z Records returns with a long overdue gospel album compiled by David Hill. With disco and funk-induced soul provided many gospel luminaries, plus exclusive edits from Z Records' Joey NegroOverdose of the Holy Ghost is a shining example of church music that has been influenced by secular soul that was built for the dancefloor.

Gospel artists are well-known for taking popular secular songs -- or riffs from them -- and adapting the lyrics to take the song in a spiritual direction. Kristle uses The Emotions ' "Best of My Love" as its foundation, and builds Album) a slow intro, gradually turning up the heat until it's the dancefloor burner that is "I'll Go. It was only when the track was licensed by Mercury in that the B-side became the A-side and made its way onto the dancefloors of Essex. Standard, non-gatefold edition on gram vinyl with insert.

Innearly four decades later, Scion commissioned DJ Amir Abdullah to research and create an exhibit based on lost youth culture in Detroit for a new online museum.

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Ooh La - The Kooks - Inside In / Inside Out (CD, Album), Phenomenon Choir - Koto (2) - From The Dawn Of Time (Cassette, Album), In The Naked Eye - Greg Kihn Band - With The Naked Eye (Vinyl, LP, Album), Intensify (Part 1) - Way Out West - Intensify (Vinyl), Dusk Of Millenium - Diachronia - Hymn To The Fate (Cassette), Zwei Gitarren - James Last - Russland (Zwischen Tag Und Nacht) (Vinyl, LP, Album), Brianstorm - Arctic Monkeys - Favourite Worst Nightmare (CD, Album), СМС - Various - Шоферская Доля • 5 (Cassette), Landscape (II) - The Mike Westbrook Concert Band - Marching Song Vol. 1 & 2 (CDr), Tijara Im Pyjama - Seyed - Engel Mit Der AK (Limited Deluxe Box) (CD, Album), Vapor Trails, Tanger, Tanger, Wishing Well - Morphine (2) - Like Swimming + Bonus Disc (CD, Album), My Babys Gone - Lightnin Hopkins - Shinin Moon (CD)