Caged - Various - Brewster McCloud (Vinyl, LP)

Tracks are session outtakes almost too vibrant to fit the original album. Master blues guitarist has fun with his friends. But his one trip to the upper reaches of the pop singles chart did little to reveal the depth of his musical credentials.

His latest, for Delta Groovepulls together many of those elements for a guest-filled celebration of the blues. Soul master at the peak of his powers.

His stateside performances have turned up on several Monterey Pop artifacts, and two albums worth of tracks document his shows at the Whisky A Go Go 1 2. Even so, his introduction was enough to take the crowd to a new level of excitement. With the M. Seminal singer-songwriter LP augmented with live tracks. The feats are all the more impressive for the lyrics having been written when King was barely twenty-years-old herself, writing for commercial acceptance on AM radio rather than pure self expression.

Her emancipated expression is breathtaking, and a bluesy piano solo enhances the euphoric freedom. Such openly emotional writing would be cloying in less talented hands, but King was not only an expert wordsmith, but a definitive interpreter of her own material. Over the years, this material was performed in a variety of musical settings, but Legacy has selected arrangements featuring only voice and piano. She adds an occasional inflection to her melodies, but what really sets these performances apart is the communication with her audience.

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And whose. American critic Lillian Roxon inshe dies August Posted by Andrew Darlington at Labels: Cult Albums. The last known song heard from them was a collaboration with fellow Swedes Bad Influence titled "Tarzan Boy".

Every few years some of them speak about the possibility of new material from S. They only released the album "Fabulous" Caged - Various - Brewster McCloud (Vinyl year later, a couple of singles afterwards, and all members abandoned the project soon after Maya Days stopped singing altogether. They broke up only a few years after the single's release after failing to secure a record deal, despite their popularity in the local music scene.

Despite falling into relative obscurity, many of their unreleased demos were leaked online decades after their breakup. Girl group Madasun started as a quintet inbut soon after became a trio, which released only one album in and then disbanded one year later because of poor sales. They're known pretty much only for their hit single "Don't You Worry".

The other singles however failed to chart anywhere. Despite its success, they couldn't interest anyone in releasing a follow-up. She later was featured in two dance songs before quitting music to pursue an acting career. One of these two songs was performed by Youssefwho doesn't have any other credit whatsoever. Their only release was "Heart Like Memphis", also the only single release overall for the duo Carter Twins. The duo later renamed itself Kingston, but did not release anything else.

Sarah Buxton's Self-Titled Album is her only album release to date barring an EP that had several of the album's songs on it and a handful of guest appearances.

The album itself had several tracks produced by hit Nashville songwriters: Blair Daly, Bob DiPiero, and Craig Wiseman, none of whom hold any other production credits.

Despite releasing only one album, Buxton has a number of songwriting and backing vocalist credits, and was notably an Advertised Extra doing the latter on David Nail's "Let It Rain". Craig Hand had this happen twice. He put out the solo single "Direct Connect" in but his label closed soon afterward.

Then inhe recorded "Crushin'" as the lead singer of Bush Hawg, which also never put anything else out a second single titled "More Than Corn" was announced, but it was never released and the label dropped the band.

In the years since, the artists' only musical appearances have been as guest vocalists on a handful of songs. Miss Willie Brown was yet another female country music duo who met this fate. British Girl Group Neon Jungle were highly anticipated by several reviewers as the next big girl group, following the success of their debut single "Trouble" in After "Trouble", the group had their biggest hit "Braveheart" before releasing two more singles.

Their debut album Welcome to the Jungle ended up being their only one, as RCA Records dropped them when later singles underperformed. Neo-soul group Mini-King released their self-titled album inand nothing more. Pam Tillis ' debut album Above and Beyond the Doll of Cutey is the only production credit for Dixie Caged - Various - Brewster McCloud (Vinyl Productions, although two individual members session musicians Craig Krampf and Josh Leo have several other production credits as solo producers.

It also produced only one single, "Real Bad Mood". Their only other credit was singing backing vocals on LeAnn Rimes ' "Commitment" four years prior. Curtis Wright had only one self-titled studio album in a previous effort, Slick Hickwas never released due to the label closing.

Despite his lack of releases, Wright is still a somewhat popular songwriter and session vocalist. They released a single called "Drifter", which became the theme for the movie Dodge Go Go!

Little Village only released one album, a self-titled effort, in Even despite a Grammy nomination, the album largely went unnoticed, and bass guitarist Nick Lowe later stated that while he had fun with the band he felt the album was "no good". After a roughly two-year career, Little Village split the same year the album came out. Some tracks on Jake Owen 's album American Love were produced by his road band guitarist Lukas Bracewell, who has no other credits whatsoever.

As their Discogs page states, Chemise were an "one-off disco studio project" that only released the song "She Can't Love You" in and a remix of the same years later.

Joey Gardner remixed many '80s and '90s songs, as well as producing for freestyle artists George Lamond, Cynthia, and K7, but released only one solo single, the trance song "Twister", under the alias Storm Chasers.

Gator Creek was an eclectic 8-piece band founded by jazz veteran Dee Barton, featuring a mix of prolific Hollywood studio musicians and newcomers like a young Kenny Loggins. Their self-titled album was their only release, but it had two notable songs: "Dirty Boogie", which played over the opening credits of Play Misty for Me note Barton wrote the score for the film.

Before their six year-long hiatus note starting from and ending inthey produced two studio albums and four extended plays. Though they continue to make music, their output has been reduced to a handful of individual songs being made available via a free download.

Pop Punk group Hog released their lone album, Nothing Sacred on Geffen Records in - record sales were lower than expected, so they were dropped by their label and broke up not long after. Lead guitarist and vocalist Kirk Miller started going by Leroy Miller, released several blues-rock solo albums, and even was a member of Smash Mouth for a few years. Andrew Lloyd Webber and Nigel Wright, for some reason, released under the name Doctor Spin a remix of the Tetris theme "Korobeiniki" as an eurodance song, called " Tetris ", and nothing else.

They produced a full-length album titled The Motion Factorybut it was never released commercially. It was not even intended to be released the tape was made for Gray's mother Caged - Various - Brewster McCloud (Vinyl wanted a recording of his son's playingbut it ended up in the hands of Eddie Davis, owner of the tiny Linda Records, who released it on his label and later leased it to Dot Records for national distribution.

Kattman, however, has since embarked on a solo careeras well as collaborating with Tom "Assemblage 23" Shear under the name Helix. Quillthe Self-Titled Album from by the eclectic Progressive Rock band from Boston, was their only album, but they still entered rock history because they played at Woodstock the year before and the performance was what got them their recording contract.

They intended to continue as a band in their own right, but the only original song they ever released was "Spacemonkeyz Theme", which appeared as the B-Side to Laika Come Home ''s lead single "Lil' Dub Chefin'". Allen have done further musical work in video games, but "Practice Makes Perfect" remains the only content under the "Legacy X" name.

Jazz drummer Don Lamond, while a prolific sideman, only recorded one album as leader: Off Beat Percussion incredited to "Don Lamond and his Orchestra". Maimi Tanaka, an employee of Don Quijote supermarket, has produced the song " Miracle Shopping " for the company she's working for, which later on becomes the company's theme song, and that's the only song she has ever produced.

Dance producers Propellerheads released only one album, 's Decksanddrumsandrockandroll. The album itself was well-received and it included several popular singles, but for whatever reason they just never made another one.

Another electro-house one-track wonder were House Heroes, whose sole release was the single "Magic Orgasm" in Peng Peng was the only album by German tech-house trio Voom:Voom. They released the remix compilation Mixes a couple years afterwards, which included the previously unreleased track "Deep Star", but that was the last anyone heard from them as a group.

They disbanded by the end of for unknown reasons. Several Jerk members have formed another band named Ink inone that dropped the Industrial sound. They're still active, but they haven't released anything since Although many reviewers praised the album and hailed Kaur as a great discovery, it appears she never pursued a musical career any further. This most likely stems from the members' other commitments, like Reznor resurrecting Nine Inch Nails also inhis and Atticus Ross' continued work in scoring, and Reznor and Maandig raising their children.

Eiffel 65 tried to milk the success of their most famous hit "Blue Da Ba Dee " by releasing in "I Wanna Be", a single attributed to Zorotl, the blue CG alien that appeared in the video for that song and other ones. However, "I Wanna Be" was the last anyone ever heard about him. Ironically, the promotional website is still up. Gary Smith, who co-produced with David Malloy. British Pop Rock band Hepburn, who were high profile enough at one point to get a song featured on Buffy the Vampire Slayer disbanded after recording just one album.

British pop band Thunderbugs had one hit single and one delayed album released after the band had already broken up. Norwegian band One 2 Many had a big hit in Europe with "Downtown" but split while their debut album Mirror was still being promoted.

Techno artist Brian Natonski, better known as Gearwhore, released only one full-length album, Drivebefore vanishing into the ether. Country-comedy artist Guy Drake's only release was the novelty "Welfare Cadillac". Synthwave artist Mattie Maguire appears to qualify, as her only released material has been the EP Night Candyand nary a word has been heard regarding her music career since.

Country music band Palomino Road broke up after only one album. Lead guitarist J. Corenflos went on to become a session player. For a while, it was a mystery who the artist even was, with the only hint being songwriting credits for Thomas Wilbrandt, Klaus Buhlert, and Fay Lovsky. As it turns out, German composer Buhlert was the main writer of the song, with vocalist Lovsky adding lyrics and a vocal melody to the instrumental, and the song incorporated loops from an album of Erik Satie compostions arranged by Wilbrandt, who otherwise wasn't involved in the project.

A full A. S album was produced, including a few other tracks with Lovsky's vocals, but it remains a Lost Episode since a record deal never materialized. They recorded one album for Giant Records in and both women seem to have completely disappeared from the public eye since. Lisa R. Savage" in Discounting the Product compilation before it, 's Oil of Every Pearl's Un-Insides was the one and only proper studio album by Scottish electropop artist Sophieowed in part to her death in an accident three years later.

Linda Martell's only album was Color Me Country in She later retired from music due to the poor treatment she got as the most prominent black woman in the genre at the time.

They weren't even an actual duo but rather two of the Italian voice actors for the anime. The only release for country music singer Bradley Gaskin was the single "Mr. Bartender" in Another single named "Diamonds Make Babies" was announced inbut his label re-structured and the song was never released although Dierks Bentley also cut it that same year.

Country band Whiskey Falls only stuck around for one album in However, their members had various connections: lead singer Seven Volpone and guitarist Wally Brandt formerly recorded in the pop-rock band Seven and the Sun; keyboardist Buck Johnson had several songwriting credits including a hit single for Santana; and guitarist Damon Johnson no relation charted singles with the rock band Brother Cane before joining Alice Cooper 's band.

After they broke up, Volpone moved to various business ventures, Wally became a producer, Buck joined Aerosmithand Damon joined Thin Lizzy. Dickerson later competed on The Voice in but was eliminated. Miami bass duo Duice released only one single, "Dazzey Duks", which charted at 12 on the Hot in They released no other singles. In addition to your regular supergroupswho collaborate for artistic and commercial reasons, there exist also charity supergroups, who for logistical reasons never last beyond one recording session as was the case with USA For Africanearly all of whom were attendees at the American Music Awards, having been picked up after the ceremony and driven to the recording studio.

The other example usually given is the group USA for Africa were trying to emulate Band Aidbut whenever there is a disaster of some kind natural or man-madesome charity supergroup is bound to coalesce, record, and then disperse. The songs finally saw release 25 years later, under the press-dubbed name "Million Dollar Quartet". The artists involved never recorded together again.

Judd and an Uncredited Role on a Bill Engvall album track, she was never heard from again. Shane McAnally released one self-titled album in While he made no other contributions as a singer, he resurfaced in as a songwriter and record producer for the likes of Lee Ann WomackOld DominionSam Huntand Kacey Musgraves among others. Incountry music duo Waycross consisting of Ted Moxley and Ben Stennis released a single titled "Nineteen" and then quickly disappeared.

The corresponding album for Mercury Records was never releasedbut Dern has continued to LP) and tour with her husband Dave Gibson. Their only output was a single, self-titled album in ; Executive Meddling from Curb Records resulted in the band filing for bankruptcy and dissolving. Three of the brothers later became one-book authors a second time as Sons of Sylvia; they won the only season of the FOX talent show The Next Great American Band and released the album Revelation in before breaking up too although they were also featured on a Carrie Underwood album cut.

They were in the process of making a second when their label closed. Credited to the "Grigsby Twins", it is their only recording to date. Allyptic was an obscure Nu Metal band in the style of Evanescence who released only one full album, Black Seasonbefore breaking up entirely.

After leaving f xKorean actress and singer Sulli only released the three-song EP Goblin in before taking her own life in October of that year. They were assembeled by Shel Silverstein to record a collection of songs that he wrote about growing old, and he died only five months after the album; Jennings then died infurther lessening the Caged - Various - Brewster McCloud (Vinyl of any more contributions.

Why Not? Said album features a number of names who, after the band's previous dissolution in the '80s, went on to bigger and better things — most notably Vince Gillwho plays lead guitar and alternates vocal duties with Crowell on the album.

Country music duo Coldwater Jane, consisting of sisters Leah Crutchfield and Brandon Jane, broke up after their only album Marionette in Aleksandr Griboyedov and the play Woe From Wit. Being a career diplomat, he dabbled in literature only as a diversion from his orientalist studies and diplomatic services, so his opportunities were naturally limited. Caged - Various - Brewster McCloud (Vinyl his time there was hope that he would become a true star of Russian literature, but, unfortunately, he died at only 34 years of age protecting the Russian Embassy in Tehran during an uprising, with the event itself fictionalized in the novel The Death of the Vazir Mukhtar.

Video Games. The only thing people know for a fact about Kikiyama is that she note we only know she's female because she used female pronouns in one of the few emails from her was the creator of Yume Nikki.

From the Doom modding community: Leo Martin Lim, author of the map Doomsday of UAC which pioneered a number of editing tricks, and Haggay Niv, co-author of the acclaimed Hell Revealed mapset fromnever produced anything else for Doom.

Hiroaki Yotoriyama created the Soul Series and nothing else. His only other video game credits are special thanks on an handful of Namco games and rigging motion capture on some of the early Tekken game.

Katsuhiro Harada, whose one and only body of work is the Tekken series, and a few other minor roles with other Namco games. SkiFree remains the only game created by Chris Pirih. Thomas Happ has contributed to various AAA games, but Axiom Verge was the only game developed independently by him, until his announcement of a sequel.

However despite the game being well received in part for its epic final boss and creative level designit turned out to be the only game Yuga-XD. MooYUTO ever made. Similarly, SMWFreedoMN was posted online by michael nguyen mewgynewgy inreceiving a raocow playthrough shortly afterwards.

Like with Super Mario Yeah! Takeshi's Challenge is the one and only game produced by famous Japanese media personality Takeshi Kitano.

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