Autumn Groove - Ljones - Soul Below (CD)

You Put It on My Mind 5. Doin' It Right 6. Love Is All We Need 7. Love Insurance 8. Mecredi Matin 2. Animaux Velpeau 4. Milano Per Caso 5. Fausto Coppi Arrive! Chanter Est Sain 7. Son Of L'Idiot 8. Cuic Steppe Ciobane The Mooche Vapona, Not Glue Glympz Three Epileptic Folk Dances Mastoul Alakefak Artist Karlheinz Miklin Topic: Fusion Music. Autumn Groove - Ljones - Soul Below (CD) Last 2. Bouncin' With Bud 3. As Time Goes By 4. Swifty 5.

Sugar 6. The Jumpin' Blues 7. My Foolish Heart 2. Prelude To A Kiss 3. Goodbye 4. Can Anyone Autumn Groove - Ljones - Soul Below (CD) 5. It's You Or No One 6. Pennies From Heaven 7. You Go To My Head 9. Once In A While No barcode Tracklist: 1. Memories of Georgia 2. Mithra Plane Autumn Groove - Ljones - Soul Below (CD) 3. Hippo Mancy 4. Sculptures 5. Crystals 6. Teen Town 2. Palladium 3. Gone 4. Young and Fine 5.

A Remark You Made 6. Black Market 7. Sightseeing 8. Punk Jazz 9. Scarlet Woman - Boogie Woogie Waltz Elegant People Birdland Directions Disc 2: 1. Maestro Ron 2. Just Glad To Be Anywhere 3. Kojak 4. Road Trip 5. Autumn Groove - Ljones - Soul Below (CD) And Pinky 6. We Are So Free 7. Only In Dreams 9. I'm Simply Waiting Source: CD.

Castellari, starring Erik Estrada. Artist Ohman Organ Grinders Type It's A Trip 2. Ho Chi Minh 3. Blessed Are Those Who Struggle 4. The Pill 5. Delights Of The Garden 6.

Yond 8. Er Source: CD. Once a year trains carry an army of grape pickers to the steep, terraced slopes of the River Douro in northern Portugal.

To the sounds of singing, dancing, and exploding dynamite, the whole valley celebrates the harvest that will be used to make the region's famous port wine.

Higher into the mountains, the rail lines enter a region that's mysterious even to the Portuguese -- a land of proud people, strange primitive traditions, and secret smugglers' routes into Spain Topics: Narrow gauge railroads, Railroad travel, Narrow gauge railroads, Railroad travel, Travel. Both shows were filmed in during a tour of France. Topics: Bread and Puppet, puppet, theater, Peter Schumann.

Aired July 6 From VHS. Topic: Japan, Commercials, 80s. Television Service. Traces the development of lasers and discusses how they work and their current and future applications. Animators each took a segment of the song and had predetermined spots to hand-off scenes to the next person. Whether you wish to learn to play an instrument, compose a song, download MP3 files, or just find out fun facts about your favorite musician, there's software, hardware, and many Internet sites for you.

Originally broadcast in Copyright Stewart Cheifet Productions Topics: colibri necrophile, experimental, short, poem, surrealist, dream, mirror, oneiric, morne, court, Aired during The Twilight Zone. Topics: Sci-Fi Channel,commercials. Description : Shows how three black artists are motivated and then return to their studios to complete their work.

Pictures Samella Lewis as she does an abstract in oil, William Pajaud as he works on a water color, and John Riddle as he designs a sculpture in metal. Source : 1 Reel of 1: Film: 16mm Rights : Copyright status unknown.

This work may be protected by the U. Copyright Law Title 17, U. In addition, its Topics: californialightandsound, californiarevealed. Living chick embryos and perspective drawings Autumn Groove - Ljones - Soul Below (CD) early development of the amnion, chorion, yolk sac, and allantois. Describes amnion contractions, yolk sac folds and blood vessels, yolk sac withdrawal, and later interrelationships among the four membranes, including chorioallantoic membrane formation.

Appearing with Eugene is famed banjo player Tony Trischka. Revised version of the motion picture issued in under the same title Defines line in art as being a record of movement, explaining how it serves as a path of action leading the eye through space. Points out that the ability to perceive line divorced from form can become a major esthetic skill Summary Defines line in art as being a record of movement, explaining how it serves as a path of action leading the e. Points out that the ability to perceive line as separate from Through a conversation among several animals in the jungle,this animation film brings forth the message of family planning.

Producer May Leno has been collecting local graffiti for decades. Here she presents and narrates a selection from her thousands of images. Based on a folktale from the Acoma Pueblo Native Americans of the southwest, this beautifully animated film tells the story of a mysterious boy's search for his father, the God of the Sun.

Animation design is based on the themes of Acoma art; the story mirrors Western themes found in the tale of Phoebus and the life of Christ.

Originally developed in for children, it was swiftly pulled from the market due to lack of consumer interest, but years later artists began using the format to create experimental films. The camera is like no other, generating a creepy, lo-res, slow-motion type movement with plenty of drop-out and a disturbing, abstract effect. These cameras have Topics: film, compilation, pixelvision, experimental, pixel vision, pxl After a long search he finally finds a small mouse-size piano with a large piano sound, only to have it given to a famous pianist as a prize.

When Anatole helps the pianist in a moment of crisis, the grateful musician not only gives Anatole the piano but also writes a special concerto for him. Favorite track: July. Daniel Golcher. Mayra Peralta. Tobie Collins. Brandon Scott Summers. Danny Gibbs. Jason Nguyen. Jake Wolford. Rickey E. Canada II. Mark Thompson. Dan Orlov. Dylan Isaacs. Hop Scotch. David A Almodovar.

Tom Langur. Play track. Love this track. More Love this track Set track as current obsession Get track Loading. Friday 9 April Saturday 10 April Sunday 11 April Monday 12 April Tuesday 13 April Wednesday 14 April Thursday 15 April Friday 16 April Saturday 17 April Sunday 18 April Monday 19 April Tuesday 20 April Wednesday 21 April Thursday 22 April Friday 23 April Saturday 24 April Sunday 25 April Monday 26 April Tuesday 27 April Wednesday 28 April Thursday 29 April Friday 30 April Saturday 1 May Sunday 2 May Monday 3 May Tuesday 4 May Wednesday 5 May Thursday 6 May Friday 7 May Saturday Autumn Groove - Ljones - Soul Below (CD) May Sunday 9 May Monday 10 May Tuesday 11 May Wednesday 12 May Thursday 13 May Friday 14 May Saturday 15 May Sunday 16 May Monday 17 May Tuesday 18 May Wednesday 19 May Thursday 20 May Friday 21 May Saturday 22 May Sunday 23 May Monday 24 May Tuesday 25 May Wednesday 26 May Thursday 27 May Friday 28 May Saturday 29 May Sunday 30 May Monday 31 May Tuesday 1 June Wednesday 2 June Thursday 3 June Friday 4 June Saturday 5 June Sunday 6 June Monday 7 June Tuesday 8 June Wednesday 9 June Thursday 10 June Friday 11 June Saturday 12 June Sunday 13 June Monday 14 June Tuesday 15 June Wednesday 16 June Thursday 17 June Friday 18 June

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