Alone - Utopia (5) - Deface The Music (Vinyl, LP, Album)

The other songs are a predictable mix of upbeat pop rock and ballads. Tracks such as "Second nature" and "Love alone" fall neatly into the latter LP, such songs would have been equally at home on the prolific Todd's concurrent solo output. There are occasionally forays into something a little more interesting. The opening title track for example attempts to deceive us into thinking that Utopia have decided to revert to their prog roots, the striking intro and slightly more complex arrangement offering hope to those of us who craved for another album to match the bands first release.

Such digressions are all too rare though. The quality of the pop here is undeniable, but pop it is. The track is worth hearing though for the fine Todd guitar solo it contains. With Rungren running a parallel solo career, the boundaries between that and his work with Utopia were becoming very blurred. Instead of taking the opportunity to use the band environment as an opportunity to explore other styles, he simply used both vehicles to attack on the same front.

As a result, Utopia albums such as this can only be described as frustratingly wasted opportunities. This release, 'Adventures In Utopia', offers a fine melding of accessible tunes, with the instrumental integrity of well-seasoned musicians, enabling some of the tracks to go beyond the average fare. I have always thought highly of this record, by chance, being the first red coloured vinyl LP I acquired and with the focus on catchy arrangements some bordering on cheezy - 'Love Alone' and 'The Very Last Time' are pieces I've never really appreciated This record can be enjoyed by many music-lovers regardless of their pre- conceptions of Prog-Rock.

I Album) only stating this because this album veers on the overtly 'Pop' side of things, with light Proggy touches here and there, but I certainly can vouch for Roger Powell's varied Keyboard playing especially on 'Caravan'Kasim's melodic and busy Bass-playing, the solid, punchy Drum-work of John Wilcox albeit more straight-forwardly approached, but he's previously proven he can tackle complex patterns with a degree of ease This talented quartet still offers up some quality songs indeed, only the tracks Second Nature and Love Alone are weak, even if they have forgotten most of their prog roots.

Still, Todd and Company are on their game in cranking out great songs, Album) if you like good music this is a good album.

Three stars for the best non-prog Utopia album with the possible exception of Oblivion. Lots of cool, high school memories go along with this album. The highlights are "The Road to Utopia" and "Caravan" which are 2 of the best numbers in the Utopia catalog. These are accessible to all, and still hold some "proggy' values. The only poor song for me here is "Second Nature' which could have easily been on a Todd solo poppy album. And that's good. But i say all of LP to say that i felt that because of Album) anonymity since or 7 it was like mine.

My own private cherished secret. Something that not many people were aware of and i claimed it greedily and selfishly. That too It was an LP release in as much it had the original Zep band on it complete with Bonham It was just a matter of fate and decisions and circumstance that it never turned up on one.

I hear it played on classic rock stations all of the time so i have to assume that it has since been released on some compilation disc. Just like currently i've been listening to the current saviour of all musickind since the death of Hendrix Milton Nasciemento from Brazil.

That's Life. I can see your point about Todd's lack of soul or his own personality because you don't know him. Todd Rundgren is a schizophrenic artist from the get go- so much so that he had to form an alter ego the band Utopia to explore his 'progressive ' ideas and leave his pop ideas for his solo albums.

It was of grinning Todd lighting a stick of dynamite and a caption underneath of him saying "go ahead ignore me". Like youI don't care for 'Breathless' although I do get a kick out of 'Sounds Of the Studio' game that precedes it.

Location: ginchopolis, usa. Location: Riverside, CT. Can't wait to hear what you think. Of course, Rundgren states in the liner notes, essentially, that he was going for a compressed sound, acknowledging an intention in having it cut onto one LP.

Or, was it a cost cutting measure. I'll be curious as to whether this one done over two discs is significantly better. There have been very good sounding records that deserved extra room - some of Stevie Ray Vaughan's come to mind as an example which were done. Location: Phillipsburg, NJ.

LuLu Reed likes this. Location: Y'allywood. I guess all those original pressings of TR albums I have are the best I'll e ver have. No other artist I can think of other than Kate Bush has a back catalog so desperately in need of some serious SH remastering love. That would be cool. I feel pretty lucky to have an original copy of that one that was played once for transfer onto reel to reel, but I still listen to the cd as the grooves on that LP are so dense and microscopic that I'm afraid to play it lest it turn to dust.

I guess those are going to be the best sounding versions that will ever exist in my lifetime. I wish Todd cared about his recorded legacy as much as I and a lot of you do!

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