Were Flying High - Smokey* - Changing All The Time (CD, Album)

You like to throw stuff at other stuff when you get bored You enlist in the army and insist on being called Lieutenant Funion You are considered "Dr. Pee-Pee" back in camp or "Chief Brown Bottom" You start comparing your life in the present to back then in any war You met the man of your dreams by bumping on his butt and falling down laughing, end up getting married for 25 years or longer and having his two teenage kids You dye the girl's hair that you like green You are desperately trying to find out if the all-star celebrity softball game will be replayed because you missed it and Danny Masterson was one of the players You go to Mila's thread and look at all her pictures.

You're pissed that Danny grew back the season 8 'stache You start potato chip fights! You call everyone Dillholes You watch the E! True Hollywood Story even though you've already seen it 3 times before.

You go buy the 35th anniversary addition of some mascara just because Donna had in in Season 4. You keep posting in this thread You're mad at Donna for giving her Zeppelin tickets to Fez and Caroline even though she can't give them to you since they aren't real. When the couple that got you watching the show actually becomes canon and it shocks you so much you become obsessed again.

You steal a street sign in an attempt to give it as a birthday present for one of your friends and end up showing your bra strap to this kid you hardly even know but getting it anyway only to find out you could get it at the flea market for 2 dollars You get drunk and dance right in front of a chippendale stripper doing push-ups for your loving entertainment You've discovered the awesomeness that is 70s rock!

You compliment people's looks by saying "you look very brick house" You walk around with a Packers helmet on your head You get emotional every time you hear the song 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road', because they played that song during the previews for the last episode. When someone is looking for a friend, you suggest checking the school morgue. You have hugged the T. Sometimes when somebody is handing you and object, any object, you clap your hands briskly and say "Give to Fez!

You swing around on a garden hose at keg parties Your Sidekick sings "Hanging out! You've called one of the cast members to ask him the size of a certain body part because it was going to drive you nuts until you knew.

Your TIVO froze up for an entire day because you were incessantly rewinding, pausing, and slow-moing to watch Hyde tug at the hem of Jackie's jeans. You've asked your husband to take the kids somewhere so you can finish you mid-term when it was really just your latest fanfic chapter. You search the avatar thread for the perfect avatar even if you have to look in the older threads.

You name your new dog Schotzie You are planning a re-run party for May 6th [the anniversary of the season finale] You recognize that your friends picture of her and some other people on a life guarding tower at the beach looks like a recreation of a water tower scene You have a heart attack when a cast member breaks up with whoever they are going out with You're writing up an assignment and you have to type the word "hide" and you spell it "Hyde" You talk about it in Biology when your supposed to be doing work.

You can hear people talk about it from across your school You characterize characters on other shows based on T7S characters ie. Ryan Atwood is a "Hyde", Rachel Green is a "Jackie" You read over this list and know exactly what everyone of these posts means and they apply to you You add all the characters to your Myspace friends. You are able to figure out a quote on t7s hangman after like 4 letters are added You search the characters on Facebook and get really jealous when girls are actually named Jackie Burkhart You have pictures of Mila and or Laura hanging on your wall You consider a live screening of the show as an event in history You watch marathons on DVD Your friends get annoyed because when you watch it with them you know all the lines and say them before they happen When angry the first insult you give to someone is "dill hole" You find yourself saying 'dumbass' a little more often than you used too.

Your personality becomes similar to your favorite You find yourself singing "space cowboy" and "Groove thing" while dancing like them. You preordered every DVD set that has been released You begin to mistake salesmen for government secret services.

You ask people if they had Carnation Instant Bitch for breakfast You get a new foreign exchange student at school and you desperately want to call him Fez!

When you find a T7S obsessive thread, edit it for punctuation, and reply to it even though it has not seen the light of day for over two years. You see a Wisconsin license plate or an El Camino while you are driving and get really excited. You made your first post on this thread 6 years ago, and you're still posting about your T7S obsessions. You make comics and counting and write pages and counting of fiction based on the show.

You write essays explaining the subtext of the characters. You ask for more essays explaining the subtext of the characters. When you end up watching YT videos of the show rather than sleeping When you wake up at 3 AM to go to the bathroom and the TVs on 'cause you forgot to turn it off, and That '70s Show happens to be playing Because we could watch this show forever Because my heart broke when I watched the finale You cry with your friends over the show.

Because I will never stop shipping Jackie and Hyde Because you can spend hours explaining how horrible season 8 was to your signification other. When you 'ship a real-life couple for 'shipping Jackie and Hyde.

When you watch the show despite the fact that you weren't born during the 70's and 80's When you can't stop watching the show even though you should be studying instead! When you wish the writers hadn't changed Fez at all You begin dropping key catchphrases such as "milady" and a drawn-out "what-ev-ver" into everyday conversation even the ones that don't need them When you've looked at enough screengrabs from the series to know what episode Eric runs in or Fez shakes his fist or Hyde clutches his belt.

When you can't stop looking at pictures or fan art of Jackie and Hyde. When you can't stop making fan art of Jackie and Hyde. When you discover a new or old great T7S fanfic. When you go back and re read your favorite parts of fanfics more than once When you make friends through mutual love of the show. When the first thing you do when you get home from work is check Fanforum on That 70's show.

Instead of checking email or whatnot. When you keep finding reasons to hate season 8 When you lament the decrease in quality of the writing starting in season 6. When you can't watch certain episodes because they break your heart. When you watch certain episodes repeatedly because they make your heart happy. When you remember exactly what it felt like to watch season 5 for the first time when it originally aired.

When you remember the first commercials that aired for That '70s Show weeks before the pilot originally went on. When you keep looking for more That 70s show or Jackie and Hyde fan webpages because you are obsessed.

When you see an El Camino and get excited. When you see a That '70s Show promo pic you've never seen before and get excited. When you can have a 3 hour online conversation with your friends about the show.

When you find the difference between the songs they used in the original airings and the songs used in syndication interesting. When you want to wear the majority of Jackie's wardrobe. When you want to own Hyde's sunglasses. When you want your own man to dress like Hyde When you see a Led Zeppelin shirt and think of Jackie and Hyde When you listen to Led Zeppelin and think of season 5 When you enjoy watching Hyde moon Fez When you keep looking for hidden Zen moments.

When you watch. When you see behind-the-scenes footage you've never seen before and shed a tear. When you can watch the show over and over again and never get tired of it. When you play an episode and fantasizes about being with them, like reacting to the things they say and stuff.

When you talk about how badly the S8 writers screwed T7S up, and the person you're talking to gets sick of it -- 'cause you talked about it for over an hour. When you save other people from watching season 8. When you laugh to yourself while remembering funny lines from the show. When dillhole becomes part of your everyday talk. When you wish you could tell people to "get bent" the way Hyde does. When you have told people to "get bent" and thoroughly enjoyed it.

When you noticed that several actors on the show has slight speech impediments the same kind, actually that eventually disappeared in later seasons. When you rewind a scene at least 3 times to watch a zen moment. When you wish Hyde had kissed Jackie more than once back when he had a longer, scruffier 'fro.

When you have certain outfits memorized that they wore on certain episodes. Whenever you hear "Love Hurts" you think of the show. When you recognize one character's shirt or coat being worn by another character e. When calling somebody a dumbass takes on a whole new meaning.

When you see a banjo, and you automatically think of Bob. Album) you say I love you to your husband and he responded back " I love Cake" and you both burst out laughing. This may or may not have happened When you randomly quote T7S, and people who don't know the show give you "the look". When you quote T7S with your husband all the time.

When you have several T7S dreams throughout the year. When you try to do the circle with your friends. When you try to imagine what the futures of all the characters are.

When you have personal head! When you can't watch Scooby Doo without thinking of the cartoon circle scene. When you marvel at how much Hyde's wardrobe changed from season 1 to the rest of the seasons. When you hear certain songs on the radio and it reminds you of the show. When you list reasons why you know you're obsessed with the show.

When you hear certain songs on the radio and they make you think of certain characters on the show. When you wish you could eat some of Kitty's cooking. When you agree with more than half of this list. When you enjoy watching T7S's opening theme-song montage repeatedly. When the Halloween or Christmas episodes become a holiday tradition.

When you look for items that resemble Hyde's watch or Jackie's butterfly pendant. When the 70's itself take on a whole new meaning. When you wish you could travel back to the '70s to find your own Hyde When the theme song is one of the ringers on your phone. When you get sad over Donna and Eric's breakup even after the th time you've seen it happen.

When you have the opening sequence memorized. When you like knowing minor details like the characters' middle names and birthdays. When your husband tries to look up where Point Place would be if it's a real place, and you help him. When you get excited about Wisconsin geography while writing a T7S fanfic When you come home from work and immediately put on the show when you had a rough day. When you stare at Hyde's hand grasping Jackie's thigh in "Whole Lotta Love" while Fez tells the tale of his first time having sex.

When you always look for hidden Zen. When you imagine what Jackie and Hyde are talking about in the background of scenes When you have the characters future planned out in your head. When you have all their hair and style changes memorized.

When you wish Hyde and Jackie could've shared more kisses when Hyde's hair was longer and scruffier When you rewind scenes multiple times. When you consider sending fanmail to a cast member of the show When you consider sending fanmail to a character in the show.

When you get excited to see new fans of the show on FanForum. When you stay up a half-hour later to watch the show when you really have to get up in the morning. When you are nodding along with every new thing added to this list.

When you enjoy watching Hyde clutch his belt buckle -- partly because it's a neat bit of characterization. When you keep coming up with different story Album) for the characters. When you google an image of one of Jackie's dresses. When you try clutching your belt buckle like Hyde When you play a video game and imagine how the T7S characters would deal with the situation.

When sometimes being on this board can cheer you up after a rough day. When you wonder where Hyde's eyeball ring went in season 7. When every time you look at a bb gun you think of the show. When you have a hard time believing Red would let Eric have a hamster. When you can't believe somebody let Kelso have a bb gun. When you wish Kelso's parents had paid more attention to him. When you want your own stupid helmet to put on people.

When you own a helmet you call the Stupid Helmet -- and feel stupid when wearing Were Flying High - Smokey* - Changing All The Time (CD. When you enter a clothing store that's gone "totally '80s" and wish it had gone '70s, partly because of the show. When you see a trash bin on the sidewalk that reminds you of the Formans' deep freeze. When you want to see that trash bin! When you compare other curly-haired guys to Hyde, and they come up short 'cause the hair doesn't fit their face as well.

This happened to me tonight. When you see a commercial where one of the actors looks a bit like Hyde, and you wonder if he sold out. When you wouldn't mind looking like Mila Kunis. When you get a mild cold and start feeling like a high Red Forman. When you have been sick in bed and watch the show to cheer you up. When you've been sick with a sore throat and wish you had some of their Popsicles. When you love rereading through this list. When you listen to a new song because it fits with a T7S.

When you start liking a band because of the show. When you seriously consider what the gang should name their children. When you are curious what names your friend came up with for their children.

When you tell your friend what names you pondered for the T7S gang's children When you agree with your friend's names on the the gang's children. When you see somebody in a store and think, "That's what Were Flying High - Smokey* - Changing All The Time (CD would look like now. When you hope the Hyde-like guy your friend saw in a store was hot. When you like finding people that look like what the gang may look like now. When you seriously consider making a T7S game. When you would play a T7S game.

When you can rant repeatedly about the same things about T7S that annoy you When you now associate Queen with that horrible season. When don't find S8 Hyde without the pornstache attractive even though he looks the same physically as Hyde from seasons 6 and 7. When you see a pornstache now you automatically think of season hate Hyde. When you can't stop finding hidden Zen scenes. When you want to know the latest hidden Zen scene your friend Were Flying High - Smokey* - Changing All The Time (CD.

When you spend hours trying to make the perfect avatar that has Jackie and Hyde in it. When you get excited over the prospect of seeing Hyde rub Jackie's leg. When you stay up late watching the actors' other projects. When you get excited over the fact that Danny Masterson was talking about how great a Mila Kunis movie was on his twitter. When you decide to make and start working on another trailer for a T7S fanfic. When you can't wait to see your friends trailer!

When you over-analyze a music video the T7S gang was in. When you wish you could see alternate takes of certain scenes on the show. When your laptop broke and the first website you go on when you have access to a laptop is FanForum.

When your brain is overflowing with T7S fanfic ideas. When you get annoyed they are re releasing season 8 on dvd. Burn it already! When you have noticed that moment before in season 4 and were giddy too. When you spend a snow day home from work watching the show.

When you risk a repetitive-use injury working on T7S fannish works. When you love getting emails with Album) updates. When you imagine how the gang would react to the internet. When you now are thinking what the gangs facebook statuses would be if they had the internet.

When you're glad the gang didn't grow up in the age of the internet. When you look for T7S references in daily life. When an episode you've seen dozens of times still induces lot of smiling and laughing. When an episode can cheer you up. When you find footage from another show that could possibly manipulated into your head! When you are curious what show your friend found and what footage. When you PM your friend about the footage. When you watch DM in a show where he was closer to the age Hyde actually was in T7S, and you imagine Hyde looking that way.

When you can't wait to spend your break watching the show and catching up on Fanfic. When you like the fact the characters even the guys wore clothes with rainbows on them. When you appreciate rainbows more now. When you associate Led Zeppelin and season 5 now and are okay with it. When you create various head! When you have some bizarre dream at your old high school and Hyde randomly shows up in it. When you undertake a T7S fanfic against your nature in order to challenge yourself When you try to figure out what the gangs kids would look like.

When you're glad the show made the connection between Kelso and Travolta. Living Next Door to Alice 8. Mexican Girl 9. Needles and Pins Now You Think You Know Poor Lady Midnight Baby Something's Been Making Me Blue Stranger Talking Her Round Cheeeek that out dude.

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