Time - Pink Floyd - Brussels Affair (CD)

He and Gilmour giggle at the mistake and bravely continue on. Very early on Waters make a big mistake, playing the descending riff on bass guitar several measures too early, throwing off the rest of the band. First Gilmour, then Wright, and now Waters cause a big, embarrassing mistake.

Nick Mason is the only one to not have have some kind of meltdown during the performance. Waters recites his Scottish Pict style poetry in the middle before the expected blood curdling scream and instrumental cacophony. The distortion in the tape curiously enhances the brutality of the heavy-metal sections of the piece.

Nick Mason is the only one to not have have some kind of meltdown during the performance. Waters recites his Scottish Pict style poetry in the middle before the expected blood curdling scream and instrumental cacophony. The distortion in the tape curiously enhances the brutality of the heavy-metal sections of the piece. Brussels Affair is a great release worth having.

The mistakes and imperfect performances are exactly the reason why we love and collect bootlegs. If you liked this review, buy me a cup of joe. Cambridge Analytica makes the astonishing boast that it has psychological profiles based on 5, separate pieces of data on million American voters.

With this, a computer Note: The above article provides a detailed look at how mass media is being combined with Big Data to produce powerful new forms of mind control. When Americans look out at the world, we see a swarm of threats.

China seems resurgent and ambitious. Russia is aggressive. Iran menaces our allies. Middle East nations we once relied on are collapsing in flames.

Latin American leaders sound steadily more anti-Yankee. Terror groups capture territory and commit horrific atrocities. We fight Ebola with one hand while fending off Central American children with the other. In fact, this world of threats is an illusion. The United States has no potent enemies. We are not only safe, but safer than any big power has been in all of modern history. It will be generations before China is able to pose a serious challenge to the United States — and there is little evidence it wishes to do so.

Russia is Violence in the Middle East has no serious implication for American security. As for domestic terrorism, the risk for Americans is modest: You have more chance of being struck by lightning on your birthday than of dying in a terror attack.

In extreme cases, it pushes us into wars aimed at preempting threats that do not actually exist. Arms manufacturers profit from the security psychosis even more directly than militarists. Finding new threats is always good business for someone.

Watch this video which shows how the US and its allies stoke war in order to pad the pockets of mega-corporations which profit greatly from arms sales. For more along these lines, see Time - Pink Floyd - Brussels Affair (CD) summaries of deeply revealing news articles about government corruption and the manipulation of public perception.

Gary Webb knew his story would cause a stir. The newspaper report he'd written suggested that a US-backed rebel army in Latin America was supplying the drugs responsible for blighting some of Los Angeles's poorest neighbourhoods — and, crucially, that the CIA must have known about it. Kill the Messengerbased on his account of what happened and a book of the same name about the saga by journalist Nick Schou was recently released in cinemas.

What Webb did that nobody else had was to follow the supply chain — right to the poverty stricken streets of Los Angeles. Webb summed up the heart of his The union of a U. Government's responsibility for the drug problems in South Central L.

Note: Read an excellent, concise summary written by Gary Webb himself of what happened on this highly revealing Dark Alliance series. For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing intelligence agency corruption news articles from reliable major media sources. It meant two things. And then it also meant that we got beaten on what was arguably the biggest national security story in many, many years.

Note: When asked about the New York Times' refusal to report on military drone base locations in the interview referenced above, Baquet recalls, "A high-ranking CIA official called me up and made the case to leave out where the drone base was. It was Saudi Arabia.

I accepted it. And I was wrong. The security services are facing questions over Time - Pink Floyd - Brussels Affair (CD) cover-up of a Westminster paedophile ring as it emerged that files relating to official requests for media blackouts in the early s were destroyed.

Two newspaper executives have told the Observer that their publications were issued with D-notices — warnings not to publish intelligence that might damage national security — when they sought to report on allegations of a powerful group of men engaging in child sex abuse in One executive said he had been accosted in his office by 15 uniformed and two non-uniformed police over a dossier on Westminster paedophiles passed to him by the former Labour cabinet minister Barbara Castle.

The other said that his newspaper had received a D-notice when a reporter sought to write about a police investigation into Elm Guest Housein southwest London, where a group of high-profile paedophiles was said to have operated. The two journalists, Don Hale, the former editor of the Bury Messenger, and Hilton Tims, news editor of the Surrey Comet between andboth recall their publications being issued with D-notices around Note: Explore powerful evidence from a suppressed Discovery Channel documentary showing that child sexual abuse scandals also reach to the highest levels of government in the US.

For more along these lines, see these concise summaries of deeply revealing government corruption and sex abuse scandal news articles from reliable sources. The rightwing transparency group, Judicial Watch, released [on August 28] a new batch of documents showing how eagerly the Obama administration shoveled information to Hollywood film-makers about the Bin Laden raid. Obama officials did so to enable the production of a politically beneficial pre-election film about that "heroic" killing, even as administration lawyers insisted to federal courts and media outlets that no disclosure was permissible because the raid was classified.

The CIA had evidently heard that [ NY Times columnist] Maureen Dowd was planning to write a column on the CIA's role in pumping the film-makers with information about the Bin Laden raid in order to boost Obama's re-election chances, and was apparently worried about how Dowd's column would reflect on them. This exchange Here we have a New York Times reporter who covers the CIA colluding with its spokesperson to plan for the fallout from the reporting by his own newspaper "nothing to worry about".

Beyond this, that a New York Times journalist — ostensibly devoted to bringing transparency to government institutions — is pleading with the CIA spokesperson, of all people, to conceal his actions and to delete the evidence of collusion is so richly symbolic. A USA TODAY reporter and editor investigating Pentagon propaganda contractors have themselves been subjected to a propaganda campaign of sorts, waged on the Internet through a series of bogus websites.

Fake Twitter and Facebook accounts have been created in their names, along with a Wikipedia entry and dozens of message board postings and blog comments. Websites were registered in their names. The timeline of the activity tracks USA TODAY's reporting on the military's "information operations" program, which spent hundreds of millions of dollars on marketing campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan — campaigns that have been criticized even within the Pentagon as ineffective and poorly monitored.

For example, Internet domain registries show the website TomVandenBrook. Two weeks after his editor Ray Locker's byline appeared on a story, someone created a similar site, RayLocker.

If the websites were created using federal funds, it could violate federal law prohibiting the production of propaganda for domestic consumption. Some postings Note: For more on a proposed amendment to a U. The C. The description of Project Mockingbird [details] C. As with other questionable or illegal C.

According to the transcripts of the tapes that President John F. Kennedy secretly recorded in the Oval Office, shortly after 6 p. The president told McCone to set up a domestic task force to stop the flow of secrets from the government to the newspapers.

By ordering the director of central intelligence to conduct a program of domestic surveillance, Kennedy set a precedent that Presidents Johnson, Nixon, and George W.

Bush would follow. Note: This fascinating report discusses only a limited aspect of Operation Mockingbirdwhich included as well the placing of CIA agents in news organizations in decision-making positions for purposes of propaganda and information control.

He was hailed by media stars as a "breathtaking" example of presidential leadership in toppling Saddam Hussein. Despite profound questions over the failure to locate weapons of mass destruction and the increasing violence in Baghdad, many in the press confirmed the White House's claim that the war was won.

How did the mainstream press get it so wrong? How did the evidence disputing the existence of weapons of mass destruction and the link between Saddam Hussein to continue to go largely unreported? In the run-up to war, skepticism was a rarity among journalists inside the Beltway. The [PBS "Buying the War"] program analyzes the stream of unchecked information from administration sources and Iraqi defectors to the mainstream print and broadcast press.

While almost all the claims would eventually prove to be false, the drumbeat of misinformation about WMDs went virtually unchallenged by the media. Note: You can view the highly revealing documentary "Buying the War" or read the transcript at the link above.

Letters sent by the American Enterprise Institute, an ExxonMobil-funded think tank with close links to the Bush Administration, offered the payments for articles that emphasise the shortcomings of the report.

Travel expenses and additional payments were also offered. A former head of ExxonMobil, Lee Raymond, is the vice-chairman of the institute's board of trustees.

Note: Why wasn't this important story covered by any major media in the U. For an answer, click here. The link between drug-running and the Reagan regime's support for the right-wing terrorist group throughout the s had been public knowledge for over a decade. What was new about Webb's reports, published under the title "Dark Alliance" in the Californian paper the San Jose Mercury Newswas that for the first time it brought the story back home.

His series of articles Webb's reports prompted three official investigations, including one by the CIA itself which Webb undeniably made mistakes. But his central thesis - that the CIA, having participated in narcotics trafficking in central America, had, at best, turned a blind eye to the activities of drug dealers in LA - has never been in question.

Note: For those interested in the Gary Webb story, this article is possibly the best single summary out there. Read an excellent, concise summary written by Gary Webb himself of what happened on this highly revealing Dark Alliance series. Your commission This issue has been confirmed by the Senate Judiciary Committee. Not only does the supervisor facilitating these criminal conducts remain in a supervisory position, he has been promoted. No action was taken. The translator who was present Why did your report choose to exclude the information Even FBI officials 'confirmed all my allegations and denied none' during their unclassified meetings with the Senate Judiciary staff.

However, neither your commission's hearings, nor your commission's five hundred sixty seven-page report Note: If the above link fails, click here. Sibel Edmonds is one of the great heroes of our day. She has been gagged directly by the U. Attorney General from telling what she knows. The above letter was not published in any major U. To understand how such vital information is hidden from the public, click here.

For lots more on Ms. Edmonds, click here. He did not go because he was asked to do so by his syndicate. He did not go because he was asked to Time - Pink Floyd - Brussels Affair (CD) so by the newspapers that printed his column. He went at the request of the CIA. Alsop is one of more than American journalists who in the past twenty-five years have secretly carried out assignments for the Central Intelligence Agency, according to documents on file at CIA headquarters.

Journalists provided a full range of clandestine services—from simple intelligence gathering to serving as go-betweens with spies in Communist countries. Reporters shared their notebooks with the CIA. Editors shared their staffs. Some of the journalists were Pulitzer Prize winners, distinguished reporters who considered themselves ambassadors-without-portfolio for their country.

Most were less exalted: foreign correspondents who found that their association with the Agency helped their work; stringers and freelancers who were as interested in the derring-do of the spy business as in filing articles; and, the smallest category, full-time CIA employees masquerading as journalists abroad.

Note: To understand how the CIA and others manipulate the major media is in its news coverage, see the brilliant summary of the work of 20 award-winning journalists on this key topic at this link. Deepfake technology enables anyone with a computer and an Internet connection to create realistic-looking photos and videos of people saying and doing things that they did not actually say or do.

Several deepfake videos have gone viral recently, giving millions around the world their first taste of this new technology: President Obama using an expletive to describe President Trump, Mark Zuckerberg admitting that Facebook's true goal is to manipulate and exploit its users, Bill Hader morphing into Al Pacino on a late-night talk show. The technology is improving at a breathtaking pace. Experts predict that deepfakes will be indistinguishable from real images before long.

It does not require much imagination to grasp the harm that could be done if entire populations can be shown fabricated videos that they believe are real. In a world where even some uncertainty exists as to whether such clips are authentic, the consequences could be catastrophic. Note: Watch a scary video showing how easy it is to make very realistic fake videos of Bush, Obama, and Trump.

Read more about this emerging technology. For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles on media manipulation from reliable major media sources.

The Google-owned service says it will remove anything it deems "medically unsubstantiated". Chief executive Susan Wojcicki said the media giant wanted to stamp out "misinformation on the platform".

The move follows YouTube banning conspiracy theories falsely linking Covid to 5G networks. Mrs Wojcicki made the remarks on Wednesday during her first interview since the global coronavirus lockdown began. Facebook-owned messaging service WhatsApp, meanwhile, stopped users forwarding messages already shared more than four times by the wider community to more than one chat at a time.

It comes as some of the UK's largest news publishers, including Daily Telegraph and the Guardian, criticised Google for failing to be transparent about its approach to filtering adverts alongside coronavirus-related content, according to the Financial Times.

Note: So now anything posted by those not deemed to be "experts" will be banned. Whatever happened to free speech? More excellent, little-known information here in an interview with a respected MD whose video was banned.

Is it just a coincidence this CNBC article states China's 5G networks went online just weeks before the coronavirus outbreak? See also concise summaries of revealing coronavirus news articles. When Facebook and Twitter moved quickly this week to limit the spread of an unverified political story published by the conservative-leaning New York Postit led to predictable cries of censorship from the right. But it also illustrated the slippery hold even the largest tech companies have on the flow of information.

While Facebook and Twitter have often been slow to combat apparent misinformation For the first time in recent memory, the two social media platforms enforced rules against misinformation on a story from a mainstream media publication. The story in question, which has not been confirmed by other publications, cited unverified emails from Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's son that were reportedly discovered by President Donald Trump's allies. Facebook used the possibility of false information as the reason to limit the article's reach, which means its algorithm shows it to fewer people, much the way you might not see as many posts from friends you don't interact with often.

Twitter, meanwhile, blocked users from tweeting out the link to the story and from sending it in private messages. Though they acted quickly, both companies stumbled on communicating their decision to the public.

In part because of this, and in part by the mere act of trying to limit the story, the tech platforms soon became the story.

The U. Corrupt not so much in the sense that it accepts bribes but in a systemic sense. It fails to do what it claims to do, what it should do, and what society expects it to do. The news media and the government are entwined in a vicious circle of mutual manipulation, mythmaking, and self-interest. Journalists need crises to dramatize news, and government officials need to appear to be responding to crises. Too often, the crises are not really crises but joint fabrications.

The two institutions have become so ensnared in a symbiotic web of lies that the news media are unable to tell the public what is true and the government is unable to govern effectively. That is the thesis advanced by Paul H. Weaver, a former political scientist at Harvard Universityjournalist at Fortune magazineand corporate communications executive at Ford Motor Companyin his provocative analysis entitled News and the Culture of Lying: How Journalism Really Works.

What has emerged, Weaver argues, is a culture of lying. In such an environment, the actors who most skillfully create and manipulate crises determine the direction of change. Note: For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles on government corruption and media manipulation from reliable major media sources. YouTube has removed two videos of California doctors Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi of Bakersfield, California [which] downplayed the risk of the coronavirus and asserted that stay-at-home measures were unnecessary.

Facebook, however, has not removed the doctors' videos. The different reactions of YouTube and Facebook highlight the challenges of moderating high-stakes misinformation as it goes viral, especially when it is considered to be expert opinion. By Wednesday, the video had been seen at least 15 million times. The data, they claimed, showed that the coronavirus was widespread in the community already but had caused few deaths. Their data, they said, supported the need to rethink state stay-at-home measures.

Furthermore, Erickson Massihi posted a video to his personal Facebook page Tuesday thanking supporters while insisting that their comments were meant only to share their own data, not to drive national or even state policy. Note: Watch an excellent follow-up interview with Dr. Erickson exposing further deception. Even if these doctors are wrong about some of their conclusions, don't they have a right to express their opinions? Will anyone who disputes the claims of government officials be banned from expressing their opinions on social media?

For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles on the coronavirus from reliable major media sources. Iraq invaded Kuwait in August of The Kuwait government had to find a way to "sell the war" to the American public.

It's wasn't an easy sell. The Sept. On October They took the babies out of the incubators, took the incubators and left the babies on the cold floor to die.

The babies in incubator stories became a lead item in newspapers, and on radio and TV. The young woman Seven witnesses used false names. On January 12,Congress authorized the use of force. The story was later discredited. Note: For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles on war and the manipulation of public perception.

Science is being suppressed for political and financial gain. The pandemic has revealed how the medical-political complex can be manipulated in an emergency - a time when it is even more important to safeguard science. The UK's pandemic response provides at least four examples of suppression of science or scientists. First, the membership, research, and deliberations of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies SAGE were initially secret until a press leak forced transparency.

The leak revealed inappropriate involvement of government advisers in SAGE. Next, a Public Health England report on covid and inequalities Third, on 15 October, the editor of the Lancet complained that an author of a research paper, a UK government scientist, was blocked by the government from speaking to media because of a "difficult political landscape.

Research published this week by The BMJ Researchers from Public Health England and collaborating institutions sensibly pushed to publish their study findings before the government committed to buying a million of these tests but were blocked by the health department and the prime minister's office. Note: For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles on corruption in science and the coronavirus from reliable major media sources.

A CBS News employee, fired after ABC executives informed CBS she'd had access to a leaked hot mic video that revealed the Disney-owned network killed a Jeffrey Epstein scoop, says she did not leak the tape and was unfairly axed Time - Pink Floyd - Brussels Affair (CD) being able to defend herself.

Earlier this week, the controversial group Project Veritas published the damning video in which Bianco said she was fired by CBS after the network received a call from ABC informing her new boss that she once had access to the leaked video. Bianco denied ever communicating with anyone from Project Veritas and said she simply made a clip of the video and saved it in ABC's internal system.

Note: The silence of other most major media around this huge story is deafening. Watch an interview with the fired woman. Antarctic sea ice set another record this past week, with the most amount of ice ever recorded.

Two other massive ice shelves along the Antarctic Peninsula had suffered similar fates. There's no question that unusually warm air triggered the final demise of these huge chunks of ice. Sea ice has been above the year average throughout Indeed, none of the mainstream media are covering this important story.

A Google News search of the terms Antarctic, sea ice and record turns up not a single article on [this]. Page after page of Google News results for Antarctic sea ice record show links to news articles breathlessly spreading fear Sea ice around one pole is shrinking while sea ice around another pole is growing. New data show ice mass is accumulating on the Antarctic continent as well as in the ocean surrounding Antarctica.

The new data also add context to sensationalist media stories about declining ice in small portions of Antarctica see herefor example. The mainstream media frequently publish stories focusing on ice loss in these two areas, yet the media stories rarely if ever mention that ice is accumulating over the larger area of East Antarctica and that the continent as a whole is gaining snow and ice mass.

Note: A look at US government statistics for sea ice concentration shows a gradual decrease in Arctic sea ice over the past 40 years, yet a slight overall increase in Antarctic ice for the Time - Pink Floyd - Brussels Affair (CD) period. Antarctic sea ice coverage peaked in to it's highest measurement sincewhen the graph starts. But then three years later it plunges to it's lowest ever. A NASA website and a university website also raise many questions.

For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles on global warming from reliable major media sources. China last winter censored doctors who shared "dangerous" misinformation about the novel coronavirus on social media. Now America's self-anointed virus experts and social-media giants are also silencing doctors with contrarian views in an apparent effort to shut down scientific debate.

Independent fact-checkers say this information could mislead people. Another Science Feedback affiliate fact-checks climate-related articles in predominantly conservative media. But the progressive health clerisy don't like his projection because they worry it could lead to fewer virus restrictions. Facebook's fact-checkers "cherry-pick," to borrow their word, studies to support their own opinions, which they present as fact.

Facebook's fact checkers are presenting their opinions as fact and seeking to silence other scientists whose views challenge their own. Note: Read more in this excellent article. For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles on media manipulation from reliable sources.

When Covid cases were rising in the U. When cases were falling, the coverage instead focused on those places where cases were rising. And when vaccine research began showing positive results, the coverage downplayed it, as far as [Dartmouth professor Bruce] Sacerdote could tell.

He began working with two other researchers, building a database of Covid coverage from every major network. The researchers then analyzed it with a social-science technique that classifies language as positive, neutral or negative. The results showed that Sacerdote's instinct had been right.

The coverage by U. About 87 percent of Covid coverage in national U. The share was 51 percent in international media, 53 percent in U. Notably, the coverage was negative in both U. If we're constantly telling a negative story, we are not giving our audience the most accurate portrait of reality. When Mick Taylor left the Stones, he went on to sell multiplatinum after multiplatinum album and a string of sold out tours and redefined the rock and roll artform as we know it.

Meanwhile the Rolling Stones lapsed into relative obscurity with new guitarist Ron Wood, never producing any meaningful music again. They sometimes tour to play some of their old hits, but can only sell out smoked filled bars and only the diehards really know about it.

Agree with you I wish the Stones would have released this on silver disc, and I grabbed a copy of this and can live with the minimal packaging, but to be honest it is more cost effective for them to offer this as a download so while I was dissapointed I am just happy they are finally opening the vaults for us fans. Hopefully we will eventually get a complete 69 and 72 tour show.

That being said IMHO you are being a little hard on Woody as, he may not have been as talented as Mick Taylor but, he was more than adequate and he also played intruments, pedal steel for instance, Mick did not.

He also was the perfect complement to Keef and was the band diplomat. You could have added that collectors are once again at the mercy of poorly packaged boots if they want this in silver. The recording has obviously had attention paid to it by editing two performances and adjusting the sound. This suggests it might have been considered as an official release. This would have been a more attractive proposition for the kind of people who will want this download.

It would be better to make stuff like Love You Live downloadable rather than anything with Mick Taylor on it. You must be logged in to post a comment.

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