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Sonic Mine - Hot Times. Weekend Feat. Milk Inc. Klubbheads - Bang To Da Beat. TLD — Torn Apart. Reyes — Shock. Nick Oberheim — So Far Away. DJ Drive - Oak's Base. Milk inc - Time. Nanin - The sound in you. Beateater — Getting Hot. Eric Vesper - Sex. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Cheryl "Salt" James Chad "Dr. Ceuss" Elliott West. Okay, let's find out how you two know each other.

Am I allowed to have a girl crush? I had a girl question on Ruth. Well, if year-old me knew where I'd be right now, I wouldn't believe me, like "You're ridiculous, you're never gonna be sitting with Ruth Todd and Laurel talking about Scripture. In fact, every time I use my silverware, I think of Ruth Todd because she gave me silverware for my wedding. I wish I could tell you I totally remember that but I'm so glad I got there.

It's so funny 'cause I registered for it 'cause we really needed silverware and it showed up on my front porch. I'm like "Yes, Ruth. I don't know where they go. They just disappear into thin air. Well, actually, I remember my daughter Jen coming home from your seminary class, and it would be what we talk about around the dinner table, so I loved you because of what you were teaching her, and then through her, all of us around the dinner table, so that was really great.

And then I've loved reading Laurel's talks, listening to Laurel's talks, reading her books, she's just been inspiring since I met her. Some of the verses in this section were on my missionary plaque, I don't even know if they still do missionary plaques but back in the day, and I can sincerely say I've studied and read Section 6 of the Doctrine and Covenants, probably more than any section or chapter of Scripture that exists.

So I was so excited to find out this was the lesson that Ruth and I got to be a part of. So thank you for that. So thank you for joining me, it's gonna be such a fun day. So my first question to you guys is, what is your earliest memory of having a church question that you want it answered? And she said, You have to get your own testimony.

And I remember pressing her, early seeds of a reporter, quizzing, questioning, saying, "But mom, really like how do you really know? This is something you have to figure out for yourself. You've leaned on your parent's testimonies or your teacher's testimonies, but you've gotta figure it out for yourself. My earliest recollection of that was being 14, I grew up at that point in my life in Louisville, Kentucky and our bishop took our very small youth group on a church history tour that was going to end in the sacred grove.

It was on that trip that I wanted this new era story experience. I had enough of one for me and that was probably my first time really remembering asking if something was true. Those are both great examples. Mine is not that great. I truly remember the very first question I ever asked, I was in primary, 8 years old, we had just finished singing the song Love One Another, I raised my hand. The chorister said "Yes, Tammy, you have a question? I thought it was by this shall men know, ye are my disciples.

So the reason I asked you that question is because it pertains to Doctrine and Covenants Section 6 verses 14 and Let's go there. And while we're going there, I'm gonna give you a little background about Section 6. So during this time that they were living in, it was totally normal for a school teacher to live in the home of the students he was teaching and Oliver Cowdery was teaching the Smith children so he boarded with them for a while.

As he was living there, naturally, he was hearing stories about Joseph Smith and these gold plates, as they're sitting around the kitchen table and eating. And so Oliver decided that he needed to have a witness and find out if this was true. So he prayed about it and he had an experience, which we'll get to in a bit, but Oliver traveled miles by foot to Harmony, Pennsylvania with Joseph Smith's brother Samuel, and they end up meeting Joseph, and it's interesting 'cause during this same time, Joseph is anxious to get back to translating the plates, and he writes in a journal on April 2,"I prayed to the Lord that he would send me a scribe.

And so it's just cool, the timing of everything, God really is in the details of all of this. So he gets this revelation, now let's go into verse 14 and So for those of you following us today, here's a little bit you need to know, we are not going to cover versesbecause those verses are also in Doctrine and Covenants Section 12 and Doctrine and Covenants Section So we're gonna study that when we get to Doctrine and Covenants Section It's quick, it's powerful, it's sharp.

Give heed, you've gotta listen to Me. And I feel like there are a lot of times that we get revelation from different places, but this is from the Savior and Redeemer himself. And I love the fact that the very first words are, "A great and marvelous work is about to come forth.

We know Isaiah used those when he talked about the apostasy and then the restoration of all things, which here we are right in the restoration, and then the prophecies about prophets and seers. So I love that we know this language, this is the Lord Jesus Christ and the way He speaks to men and women on earth.

Thank you for having us look at that verse and for pointing that out, that was excellent. And what's so cool is the word 'about,' because remember the priesthood hasn't been restored yet, the church hasn't been organized, and he is prepping them, saying there's something amazing that's about to come forth, and you're a part of that. I think it's beautiful that we are studying together, because the lesson he's going to teach us in these is paramount to having anything else happen in this church.

I want us to look for and mark what Oliver Cowdery did in these two verses, there's a word that's used often of something he did, so I'm gonna read these two verses.

Behold, thou knowest that thou hast inquired of me and did enlighten thy mind; and now R U Ready? (Dark Mix) tell thee these things that thou mayest know that thou hast been enlightened by the Spirit of truth.

It felt so out of my comfort zone, and also I didn't wanna go down that path if it wasn't the right thing for me. And the temple is just my place to go when I'm wrestling, which is part of why the last nine months has been so awful to not have that privilege, but I'm not a Scripture roulette person, I'm not someone who typically goes and sits and opens the Scriptures and expects the Lord to talk to me.

And I just happen to flip open to Section 6, and not just Section 6, but the page of Section 6 where this verse is. And I read verse 14, it was like he was speaking directly to me, "Blessed art thou Laurel, for what thou hast done, for thou hast inquired of me, and behold as often as thou hast inquired, thou hast received instruction of my Spirit," and I remember reading that, just knowing it was true. That verse was so powerful that it forced me to go to the few verses up above where He says things like, "I want you to use your gift, and this is what I want you to use your gift for," and so for me, it let me know He had placed this opportunity in front of me, He was kind of nudging me down this path.

And so sometimes that's a place of spirituality and maybe there's something in our life that we need to get rid of so that we can come to that place. Sometimes it R U Ready? (Dark Mix) the temple, it's the physical surroundings of the temple or the church, sometimes it's as simple as the place of our favorite chair with our Scriptures. But He taught me that day, like He's taught me dozens of times that if I inquire and I come to Him, and come to that place where He knows He can talk to me, He will always talk to me.

In addition to what Laurel is teaching us right now, we are also learning something about the revelatory process, inquire, inquire, inquire, and by the way, I will meet you where you are, that's what the Savior tells us. Wherever you are in that process of eradicating sin, or wherever you are physically, I will meet R U Ready?

(Dark Mix) and I will be there with you. Everything that both of you just shared is exactly what we're gonna be talking about today, so thank you so much. So we're gonna take a little pause right here in Section 6, and we're gonna go to Section 7. Now, for those of you who are like, "But wait, you're not even covering the best verses in all of Section 6.

I promise we're gonna come back to Section 6. That's what's so great about is, they all are intertwined and they all relate to each other. So what I wanna show you is proof of what Laurel and Ruth just testified about, that when we inquire of the Lord, He really does answer, when we come to Him and to the place where He needs us to be, even in our imperfections, these men were not perfect, even in our imperfections, He's going to answer our questions, and so we'll study that in the next segment.

Do you think he's still alive? Is he dead? So some believe that he actually is just dead, another strain of thought is that he's actually buried at Ephesus, and he's just waiting for Christ to come, and then the third one is, he's buried but he's not dead, he's just sleeping.

And then when Christ comes for the second coming, he's going to wake up. And so it would make sense that Joseph and Oliver are now talking about the same thing that many Christians were talking about, but here's the cool part, it says that they inquired through the Urim and Thummim to find out what happened to John. Why is that important? Sometimes it's a nudge, sometimes it's almost an audible word that we hear, sometimes it's a dream, sometimes it's a feeling that won't go away; there are all these different ways of revelation, and it was no different in those days.

And so sometimes Joseph used the seer stone, sometimes he R U Ready? (Dark Mix) the Urim and Thummim. Can you imagine the archeology aspect of what they are translating? The very parchment that John wrote himself like, wow, like stop and just consider what that is really.

But they went to this Urim and Thummim which we know existed in the ancient church and used that same process on this time. In fact, there's such a cool cross-reference for this. To the side of Section 7 put 1 Samuelthis is Old Testament proof that prophets would go to a Urim and Thummim and look for an answer.

I just love this. So 1 Samuel So here's some background for this cross-reference. So King Saul has made some poor choices and he actually does not have the Spirit with him anymore, and so he's got to search out another way to receive revelation, which isn't the best.

He goes to the witch of Endor. It's such a good Old Testament story. Can't wait to study the Old Testament. But we just have to read verse 6, 'cause this is pretty cool. So go ahead, Ruth. So it existed then, of course, it exists now and today, and I just love how you brought up the different ways we can receive revelation.

Or what is the Urim and Thummim? Doesn't that sound made up? God could talk to me looking into a light, if that's the way God chose to talk to me, it just doesn't matter to me. What I need to know is, did he talk? Did Christ actually speak to Joseph Smith? That's all I need to know. That's all I need to inquire about.

I don't need to ask if the hat method was a God or if the Urim and Thummim really existed, though it would be an incredible archeological find, as Ruth pointed out.

But the how doesn't matter, it's the fact that he does. And I think sometimes we get hung up on the how. Now that said, I do think it's very cool that we do know this connection between Old Testament methods and restoration methods, I think that's amazing. I just worry sometimes that that's what trips people up R U Ready? (Dark Mix) they're missing the whole point.

Pay attention to what the Lord said, not how He said it. So when I think about people that get tripped up on one type of revelatory process, I say the same thing, there were so many.

Eli and Samuel, dreams, visions, Urim and Thummim. Sometimes Joseph Smith stood next to the window and like a beam of light from heaven it would come to him, he would turn and verbalize that, and it would be scribed and written. So I think that really, if you look at ancient, if you look at the 19th century, if you look at today, nothing has really changed when you think about the various ways there is revelation and that the heavens are open to the children of God.

For President Nelson, what is it? Well, we know it's a legal pad at the side of his bed with a pen. Why is that any And why is that any more normal or weird than like the hat or the Urim and Thummim?

God's going to speak to his prophets and he's going to speak to us. I just think we shouldn't get caught up on the method. Like my husband always jokes, he's never gonna be spoken to in a dream because his dreams are so weird that if he actually followed through on them, he'd end up in prison. And so that's how the Lord speaks to my husband, and I'm so grateful for a God who knows his children individually and knows how to speak to them.

And I think that's why it gets tricky is because people want to think that, "Oh, well, if it worked for her that way, it worked for him that way, that's how God's gonna talk to me. How do I know He speaks to me? We're gonna talk about how you know when it's right and when you know it's wrong, so this is gonna be such a fun discussion today, so thank you, both of you for that insight, because we're just gonna spend a couple of minutes right here in Section 7, and I'm just gonna define some things for us that will help us understand what this is.

But we don't really know did Joseph see an actual parchment and translate from it? Or, did he look into the Urim and Thummim and just be given the word? There's nothing that has been revealed about that. It just says right here that these are words that came from the writings of John, and that's what we need to know about this.

And this is in an answer to the question, Is John still alive? Here's what John's parchment had to say. Shipping charges are calculated on total shipping weight and ship-to address location. There are two ways to track your order: Once your order has shipped you will receive an email confirming that your order has shipped. On this email is a tracking number.

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