Phat Dope Shit (Saeeds Shit Base Remix) - Bob Sinclar - In The House (CD)

Still on the side there was high school to be finished and juniors A-league football not to be neglected. But it turned out his heart is beating with and for the music so there was no other option than throwing himself into producing his own music. As the name already announces does it present his sheer powerful and furious side. With this EP does LEVT already start to fight against the thinking, that the youth is only dedicated to rap and techno got a recruitment problem.

Since this could be the beginning of something big. Jun Phat Dope Shit (Saeeds Shit Base Remix) - Bob Sinclar - In The House (CD) 60 mins. Ryan Blyth - Say So 3. Earth n Days - Just be Good to Me 6. Jun 19 76 mins. Her energetic and driving sound is characterized by raw, dark, melodic and industrial techno often loosened up by break beats and electro, creating a pulsating and lifting vibe on the dance floor.

Jun 17 62 mins. Through acquaintances with DJs of the Hamburg techno and house scene, she was able to collect impressions from the other side of the dance floor and knew immediately: thats it!

Sarah was already very affine to music as a child, listening to the music of her father and big brother. From heavy metal to brit pop to industrial techno, what touched and created a mood was absorbed by her. Growing up in the MTV generation, fascinated by the vibes of the Berlin Love Parade, Sarah found a way to implement her own musical creativity.

Starting with harder techno, she finally found her style in melodic ethereal sounds with a progressive touch, but still driving and bassy. Sarah loves to create an atmosphere in her sets, to take the listener on an unforgettable journey.

The boundaries between melodic techno, indie dance, progressive and techhouse blur into a sea of melodies and driving beats. Jun 12 66 mins. Jun 10 62 mins. His first contact with electronic music happened in the most famous playground in Brazil: Warung Beach Club. Today Traffic Jam is respected in the artistic scene for its skill, for its refined selection that surprises and intrigues, exploring all the times, the melodies and rhythms of house music in a bold and totally original mix.

Jimpster - Dangly Panther Original Mix Kreutziger Kollektiv, Retromigration - 7up Original Mix Forte - Kissing Textures Original Mix Frankie Deep - Warm Original Mix Club Mood Vibes Podcast Somnium.

Jun 05 63 mins. Though this time with a 1 hour long liveset. Intro Young - ID Somnium - ID Somnium - Frozen in Time Anyma - A True Connection May 29 96 mins. As a young peacock she felt the need to become active herself.

Club Mood Vibes Podcast Mierri. May 22 67 mins. Her style consists of curious bland of House, Techno, Deep, Progressive and melodic. Mierri performs underground music with an unparalleled elegance. Mierri speaks her heart out through deep selections in her podcast called Essence of Mood. Close your eyes and join her nighty realm of beautiful music. May 20 51 mins.

Club Mood Vibes Podcast Avidus. May 15 60 mins. Major influences for their music emerge from their duality: While both unite as instrumentalists, their approaches to search and experiment in jams differ significantly: Marc, being the designated and longstanding DJ, not only draws inspiration from playing and digging for music but also from his self-taught experiences as a drummer and guitarist; Fritz as an autodidact of piano is always interested in improving his skills, spending nights reading about music theory and composing to use later on.

In the studio, they Phat Dope Shit (Saeeds Shit Base Remix) - Bob Sinclar - In The House (CD) both worlds, eagerly working on new Avidus material whenever they can. With the next releases lined up and the plan for a brand new live act, there is a lot to look forward to May 13 72 mins. Asio aka R-Play - Argy Mladen Tomic - Turn Left - Trapez Gaiser - Wirelife Original Mix - Minus Christian Hornbostel - Clepsydra Mladen Tomic - Home Story - Tronic Ango Tamarin - What Was That?

Original Mix - Truesoul Mladen Tomic - Shades of World - Tronic Raul Facio - Amnesia - Senso Sounds You will recognize his uncompromising sound and strong energy, which is woven into every one of sets.

The carefully selected compositions. The unique production. The strong personal touch, whether in production, the mix or the re-mix. His personal work, recognised and supported by both prominent artists and owners of famous record labels such as Dubfire, Richie Hawtin, John Acquaviva, Monika Kruse, Umek, Popof, Adam Beyer, Stefano Noferini and others, have catapulted him to among the best, and opened the doors of the most prestigious clubs and festivals around the world.

Club Mood Vibes Podcast Monofade. May 08 59 mins. Biskuwi - Kerfuffle Original Mix Baime - Dampfmaschine Original Mix Weekend Heroes, Miper - Strive feat. Miper Original Mix Mitch de Klein - Brother Original Mix Jobe - Pavillon Original Mix They started creating music just for fun when they realized it is going easily and smoothly together. By the end of their first production, they became obsessed, from there was no stopping.

From as a DJ duo they had several gigs in Hungary. Their audiences always expect a uniques storytelling where they bridging the gap between deep and melodic house, tech house and electronica.

May 01 65 mins. Two Are — Magnetar Original Mix Dowden — Orka Tomek Remix Magarda - Resurrection Original Mix Seismal D — Arcadia Khainz Remix Passionate and animated, Amber is the living demonstration of an artist who loves her work passionately and intensely and continually tears up dance floors across the world.

ADE and and in Bahrein Buenos Aires were treated to this one of a kind performance her fans have come to know and love. Long sings live for what she deems special occasions. Modern Agenda is rapidly becoming a go-to label for music lovers and artists alike and Honey Drops carries a different flavor, encouraging artists to share their ambient and down tempo creations. Apr 29 92 mins. Superpitcher - In My Head Maetrik - The Entity Yotam Avni - Tikkun Roman Lindau - Raumgestaltung Bonobo - Cirrus Minilogue - Doiicie Justus Kohncke - Timecode Acid Pauli - Japan Jamie xx - Loud Places Barnt Remix Mathew Jonson - Typerope For more than 26 years he aligns music and people.

Only after analyzing both, he decides what to play and how to structure the night in a Club. Since he is a Resident and a solid part of the Distillery Leipzig. Following the concept music creates Community, representing Leipzig local music culture.

Apr 24 60 mins. Vazik - Electric Dance Original Mix Piero Pirupa - Around Original Mix Aney F. John Summit - Addiction Original Mix John Summit - Dimension Original Mix Club Mood Vibes Podcast Alexsejovic. Apr 19 53 mins. Club Mood Vibes Podcast sin:port. Apr 17 62 mins. Inspired by the diversity and magic of electronic sounds, tim firstly found himself behind the club decks just 18 years old, even though the foundation of his general and openminded passion for music was already laid during his early childhood.

So it was, that he exchanged both the guitar and bass for a mixer and players, and took his first steps into a different, and for him, unknown world. A place that we all share; yet is different and special for each of us. Apr 15 mins. Mount Obsidian - Ride feat. Jonathan Kasper - Licht Original Mix 6.

Bass Remix [Sinnbus] Glowal Original Mix [Diynamic] Panthera Krause - Birthday Club [Riotvan] Enjoy two hours of finest Deep House tunes, hand picked and well selected!

This mix includes a lot of tracks by Leipzig based DJ's, as well as some unreleased stuff! So make sure to check this out and supporting the club scene in Leipzig by listening to this outstanding mix! Club Mood Vibes Podcast Gallago. Apr 10 60 mins. Apr 03 mins. Mar 27 70 mins. Dies zeigt er seit mit einer offenherzig, entwicklungsgewandten Definition elektroakustischer Klanggestaltung.

Tracklist: Viceversa - ZeroZeroZero Archie Hamilton - Mind Blank Mandar - Midan Nail - Clear my mind Traumer - Fiebre Michael James - Fat Earth Mar 20 60 mins. We also know it's difficult to be alone and stay home doing barely nothing. With this set we deliver something against your boredom in the meantime. All stay safe! Mar 13 58 mins. Vimala - Unchained Super Flu Remix Matthias Schuell - Azelot Original Mix Mar 06 61 mins. Feb 28 60 mins. Animal Trainer - Crucita Fhaken, Raul Figueroa - Insipido Alessio Bianchi - Oriental Love Rony Seikaly - Candy Del Fonda - Supreme Juan Deminicis, Marcelo Dalessandro - Delta Space Motion - Right On Mariano Mellino - Womb Badin Brothers - Saraswati Marcus Meinhardt - Masada Club Mood Vibes Podcast Zaria.

Feb 21 59 mins. After learning to DJ first, she started to produce her own music. Within a year of dedicating herself to music production, Zaria released tracks on Trippy Code, Subliminal Senses, and BQ Recordings at the end of In February ofshe released her first EP "Azurite" with Vision 3 Records, and currently has numerous other releases planned for Her eclectic musical history and passion for melody gives her a unique sound that is simultaneously dark and uplifting.

Zaria - Mystic Original Mix Kliment - Origins Anthony G Remix Zaria - Sirius Original Mix Voices of valley - Amalthea Pizetsky Remix Zaria - Glacier Original Mix Club Mood Vibes Podcast Kix. Feb 14 56 mins. His chameleonic style is reflected in his three-piece release, exploring different flavors within club melodic music.

Feb 07 71 mins. Creator - Nocturnal Eye Asonante - Appearances Stephan Jolk - Tomu Nick Devon, Blancah - Rasante Stephan Jolk - Praeludium Monarke - Pastel Jan 31 60 mins. KIZ - Fiction [Renaissance] KIZ - Insane [Renaissance] Sebastian Markiewicz - Lava [Compatible] Sebastian Markiewicz - Magma [Compatible] Jan 24 60 mins. Jan 17 61 mins. Club Mood Vibes Podcast Rn Jan 10 59 mins. Seine Sets, bestehend aus progressiven, melodischen, treibenden und harten Sounds, sollen einfach nur eins: Die Leute zum Tanzen zu bringen!

Jan 03 mins. Dec 20 63 mins. Dec 13 60 mins. She continues to release both on Kuukou as well as FORM while working on remixes and collaborations for numerous techno labels in parallel. She has been pushing a steady row of releases from the likes of Torsten Kanzler, Alfred Heinrichs, Martin Books, Daniel Boon with premium artists as remix support. Club Mood Vibes Podcast Gullen. Dec 06 60 mins. His productions capture a joy, haze and lethargy which feel akin to the atmosphere when walking the streets under a blazing June sun.

His next release on mobilee-records is planned for January ! Gullen — ID Huminal — Hedonica Gullen — Terranova New Jackson — The Night Mail Lost Scripts — Mozart Bookwood — Porcelain Sun Malbetrieb — Hulshof Several Definitions Mix Gullen — Sinking Walls Odopt — A49 Club Mood Vibes Podcast Moguai.

Nov 29 60 mins. Over the course of awildly successful career so far, his amazing talent and acombination of pioneering endeavors in the studio,spellbinding DJ sets and live shows have given MOGUAI deserved worldwide fame and recognition.

From this animmensely devoted and diverse global fan base has arisen,ever eager to experience what this dance music legend hasin store as he looks to break the mould that is the commonperception of electro artists in his always-unique fashion.

Moguai - Green Sally Up Extended Fatboy Slim - Praise U Martin Ikin feat. Carla Monroe Exteneded Mix Tchami - Rainforest Valentino Khan Remix Dillon Francis - DFR Nov 22 60 mins.

Craig James from NZ, and Jonas Fischer aka Sanoi hailing from Germany, have individually immersed themselves into the scene and developed their own flavours and styles throughout the years - with Craig known for his driving techno sets and Jonas leaning to the deep melodic side, backed up by his symphonic studies of young.

Now they've joined their musical forces together as Mood Control, the name of which speaks for itself. Neither man in this live duo is new on the scene, but the music they are producing definitely is.

Live mixing self-produced, multi-layered tracks for on the fly sampling and manipulating the possibilities are endless. Download for free on The Artist Union. Nov 15 62 mins. To broaden their knowledge of electronic music, each member attended the Nut Academy in Naples where they found their sonorous imprint in melodic house. Nov 08 60 mins. Maxim Lany Feat.

Rafael Cerato - Further feat. Nov 01 62 mins. His records are supported by credible and popular acts as well. Not just his outstanding dj mixing skills but also his spectacular live acts opened the door for many bookings all over the world in countries like Spain, France, Mexico, Finnland, Italy, Lithuania, Hungary, Austria, etc.

Club Mood Vibes Podcast Amount. Oct 25 74 mins. Club Mood Vibes Podcast Rottnmeier. Oct 18 83 mins. Her comfort zone is the basement where no feet can be kept still and everyone can be free. Oct 15 97 mins. Understand this groove? Her fascination for electronic music originates in particular from her affinity and passion for 90s Acid House.

Meanwhile the rapidly developing and aspiring Artist possess a fine taste in electronic music, ranging from nearly forgotten and rare classics to up-to-date releases on underground labels. Club Mood Vibes Podcast Mr. Oct 11 60 mins. It was at the Eclipse Festival, Australia that everything changed for him.

After leaving Australia on a different path and with a different mindset he started a DJ career just as a new scene was emerging in Cambodia. After six years in the Cambodian Jungle he moved to the City of Kuala Lumpur where he started to learn about the art of Music Production.

Now years later his debut EP "Evolve" has been released on soundcloud. Tracklist: 1. Musson - Sharp Original Mix 2. Rancido, Mr Raoul K - Tamale feat. Sona Diabate Original Mix 4.

Lunar Plane - Tusk Original Mix 5. Rancido - Peacock Trance Original Mix 9. Rancido - Soweto Original Mix Oct 04 62 mins. Club Mood Vibes Podcast Baset. Sep 27 63 mins.

It places his music in the space between Ethereal and more traditional techno, pairing a powerful bass rhythm with a trance-like melody that keeps crowds moving until the sun rises. Maximalism - Magical Original Mix Minlab feat. Karma C - Earth Reflections Baset — ID Seventh Sea - Auru Club Mood Vibes Podcast juSt b.

Sep 20 58 mins. Sep 13 59 mins. In addition to his deejaying skills, his work as a producer has been impressive, particularly in recent years.

Furthermore, he has managed to build an international fan base as a presenter and producer of the monthly Moon Harbour Radio Show. As early as the Nineties, he was active as a deejay and organized club nights in his hometown, Chemnitz.

In he moved to Leipzig. Subsequently he cooperated with Chris Lattner and Matthias Tanzmann and released tracks on several Moon Harbour label compilations, as well as on other labels such as Luna Records and Rrygular, teaming up with his friend Andreas Eckhardt on the latter. The show has garnered a broad base of regular listeners worldwide and is broadcast by several Internet radio stations like Pioneer DJ Radio and Samurai FM.

Dan Drastic is the guarantee for a great set on the dance floor. In Leipzig he hosts the Moon Harbour Flights that take place every two months at the legendary Distillery. Project Pablo - Dead Channel East End Dubs - bRave Eveline Fink - Sensual Mija - Sweat It Out Enduro Disco - Denkst Du Noch Will Saul - Moorings Project Pablo - Software Markus Homm - Pleasure John Beltran - Resol James Organ - Substance Sep 06 63 mins.

Therefore, it is no surprise that this experience was going to change his life significantly. His name thereby originates from his earliest musical roots when he was still forfeited to the more minimal sounds of Techno and in which time he also started his first own label Kassette Records in the year Through his musical transformation from Minimal Techno to Jackin' House, also the labels changed in the course of time, on which we have been able to pursue his musical talent over the years.

Of course it did not take long, until many reputable labels of the scene got wind of his artistic refinement. Records, which not only lead to countless chart positions on relevant platforms, but also caused further international interest in his music.

This diversified and respectable appreciation of his creative doing naturally provided him with numerous national and international performances in the best clubs and most important festivals of the world as well.

Aug 30 62 mins. In August he founded SpaceTown, a collective dedicated to bringing Progressive House to the scene in Cologne and showcasing DJs from all around the globe. Perceptual - Soulsystem Original Mix [Soundteller] 3. Soul Button - Insurgence [Steyoyoke] 5.

Whirl - Atone [Steyoyoke]. Aug 23 63 mins. Sympathisch, ne? Dit sind zwee orjinal Berliner Typen. Aber warum zum Kuckuck RS63? Wir sehen uns dort! Aug 16 59 mins. Her driving rhythms coupled with mesmerizing melodies and vocals are what make her sets so special.

Since she's been mixing in various clubs around Germany. Her rooted love for dance music came during her 18th year when she'd dance the night away on dancefloors, like many of you'd be familar with. Aug 13 mins. Aug 09 51 mins. Aug 02 67 mins. Now that many years passed by he developed some kind of melodic technoid sound to his very own.

You might also enjoy that 90's touch of trancy tunes he grew up to and get to understand the kind of story telling in his mixes. KRUE - "always taking you on a trip". The Ancient Memories Phat Dope Shit (Saeeds Shit Base Remix) - Bob Sinclar - In The House (CD) Inception Original Innellea - Galagant Dahu Remix Darlyn Vlys - Blackroom Original Mix Raxon - The Ancient Original Mix Silent Lake - Arghavan Original Mix Jul 26 mins.

In she starred in the well-known Berlin club Tresor. This was followed by releases on Construct Rhythm, Darknet, Gobsmacked rec. It stands for music with no specific rules, this statement is also valid for her shows.

She mixes different types of techno and tech house with her own special, energetic and truly charismatic way. The journey of the night is also defined with the input of the crowd. Whether deep, melodic or rough sounds, what drives her always is love.

This passion brought her to clubs and festivals all over Germany. She is already taking first steps into the international scene like Croatia and Switzerland. Jul 19 65 mins. Jul 12 66 mins. Jul 05 58 mins. He is also one of the co-founders of Demure Circle, an electronic music and art collective based in San Francisco. At the center of Demure Circle is a community building sincere connections through art.

They are removing the barriers of pretension and ego disconnecting themselves from the experience of each other, music, dancing, and life. They are people finding themselves through the art of life or a life of art.

Their narratives are told through the songs they play and stories they paint. Jun 28 90 mins. Like many at that time, I produced techno. I experimented. I started to play live, sometimes using instruments. I watched as my audiences showed surprise and then excitement in my search for signature sound. I released music. I made good friends.

Mixhe ll feat Oh Snap! Hosta ge — Aint No Man Foamo — Rocke rman Lee Morti mer Remix Piddy Py — Giggl e Riddi m Hosta ge — Hoot Heavy Feet - One Last Time Hosta ge — The Slave The Squir e of Gotho s — Sandp aper Riddi m Stupi d Basta rd — Hype Up Ivan Allar d - Bumba clart zzz. Soulwax - Groove Radio International Myspace - Stereoheroes I've not heard from these guys in a while, jumped onto their myspace and seen a new mixtape! Myspace - Ricky y Rulo I've been sitting on a few tracks for a while, sorry its taken so long This time we have been sent tracks all the way over from Argentina, which also bundled with a mixtape Stand out tracks for me are Escape and their Steroids Remix In this link need winrar to open themyou will find our tracks; Ricky y Rulo - Tracks 01 Ricky y Rulo - Disco baby feat.

Oizo and Ricky y Rulo!! We also wanted to send you our last mixtape, which we hope you will also enjoy!! So thanks again to Ricky and Rulo for sending their tracks in Oizo feat. Hoovered this from over at Asiandans Quite an eclectic mix.

Right click, save as: NickyDigital. Jape - Floating Tom Tom Club - Genius of love Venus Gang - Love to Fly Human League - Love Action Sly and the Family Stone - Love City Spirit - Love has Found a Way Del Shannon - Gemini Pilooski Edit Roxy Music - Love is the Drug Love Games.

Scratch Perverts - live Fabric, London - Beatdown Yuksek - live Electron Libre, France Inter Stay tuned for more news! Hot Chip - Hold On D. The Presets - My People D.

Jape - Floating D. I keep finding posts missing. Those pesky folk at google remove them for some bizzare reason, I could understand if it was due to copyright infringement The plot thickens. Anyhoo another full on mix from Beetnik, which features tracks from some of my favorite prodcuers So, check it out and let me know what you think! Thank fuck I didnt need to type out this tracklist Thanks to ddaan for the link and Jimio for the tracklist! Technotronics - Pump up the Jam ID?

Latest mixtape from Foamo I done a mix for Chew The Fat's blog, ahead of their night on friday 6th at corsica studios with fake blood, trevor loveys, bird peterson, a1 bassline, raffertie, pirate sound sytstem, hey joe and more His third ep, the incredible Kick'n'Run, which contains three dancefloor pearls: Nervous Breakdown, Rave On and Hools, is overwhelmingly popular with any DJ that matters.

Today, not one electro blog fails to mention Don Rimini, from the States to Australia. Genuine decks activist for many years, Don Rimini churns out hip-hop, pop, rock and techno to come out on top of his turntables today. He can make the fluorescent kids dance with constant class and nothing escapes him: trained on vinyl culture, he has now become an Phat Dope Shit (Saeeds Shit Base Remix) - Bob Sinclar - In The House (CD) tracker and every month delivers a new mix, highly anticipated by his fans.

Since then, together they have pursued their common ambition, to free themselves from technique and hip-hop cliches and inspire a good dose of boldness and musicality in the refined art of turntablism. With their impressive live performances, they attract an eclectic audience.

Their new single "Trans Boulogne Express" from their album in progress, is the perfect example. This new track marks an upward change in direction for Birdy Nam Nam. They are moving more away from hip hop raps in order to invest in electro Phat Dope Shit (Saeeds Shit Base Remix) - Bob Sinclar - In The House (CD) set off an irresistible bomb on the dancefloor, boosted by their very particular sampling science, capable of bringing any clubber to his knees.

A new facet for this quartet which appears to be just as controlled. The result: a band that's a perfect blend of the new English rock and dance scenes. Their first gigs won them positive public reaction and the British press proclaimed them natural succesors to The Klaxons. Erol Alkan, present at the last Transardentes and seeing talent under his nose, produced their second single "Bathroom Gurlge", just before the release, at the height of the buzz of their first album "Fantasy Black Channel".

Originating from Reims, Yuksek proves it's not just the champagne that sparkles in that part of France. After many years' study of Conservatory music theory, as well as several world tours DJ-ing, he's today developed a unique sound, which is both dancefloor-fresh yet a mix of hip-hop, italo, house and techno influences. While his first album is in production, Yuksek, live onstage, alone with his machines and microphone, will revisit his roots with an old-school sound, full of killer beats and climbing acid riffs.

The result : an explosive remix of the single "Sluggish Lovers" and immediate success over the airwaves and on the country's dancefloors. The idea logically followed to have a DJ-deck face-off between the two artists, with the desire to merge the singer's electro vision with that of the DJ.

A first "versus" reunited them and they realised that something spontaneous, new and instinctive was emerging during their set. The electro rocker selection blurred with the rock n'roll of the DJ, electrifying both the set and the audience. A perfect floor-shaker for the Transardentes' Sphere Room. Myspace - The Bloody Beetroots Took fucking long enough Some talking at the start, just skip it forward!

Bloody Beetroots Intro Vocal Bloody Beetroods - Cornelius Bloody Beetroots Remix?? Foamo - Rockerman Lee Mortimer Remix Oizo - Gay Dentists Bloody Beetroots - Yeyo Oizo - Pourriture 7 Bullmeister - Girls Beautiful Uproar - Bam Uchi The Gibson Brothers - Cuba Radio Edit Inna - Sun Is Up Ivana - Angel Duck Sauce - Big Bad Wolf Christina Aguilera - Moves Like Jagger Tom Novy feat.

Lima - Now Or Never Saxobeat Ryan Tedder - Rocketeer Mann Ft. Sixty Six - Club 66 Edition 9. Mastermix Issue December Giving you the most varied range of music for for the mobile dj for pubs, clubs and functions. Let It Snow! Usher — Without You Taio Cruz feat. Elena - Midnight Sun Bennie Benassi - Cinema Lasgo - Here With Me Erik Arbores - Bliss Laserkraft 3D - Weightless Pleasurekraft - Carny Colonel Reyel - Toutes Les Nuits New Kids ft Paul Elstak - Turbo Roy Gates ft Scotty G - Freeze DJ Jurgen - Overtime Jordy Lishious - Lump Daruso - Since You Been Gone Stefano Noferini - Disco's Revenge Andra - Something New Issy ft David Goncalves - Physical Love Tiddey ft Lyck - Keep Waiting Alexis Jordan - Good Girl Alexandra Stan - Get Back A.

Rochelle - No Air Caro Emerald - Stuck The Shapeshifters - She Freaks Armin van Buuren ft Laura V - Drowning Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Bittersweet Wolfgang Gartner ft will.

Am - Forever Brainless - Slap DJ Funkadelic ft Beauriche - Spank Freemasons ft Wynter Gordon - Believer Brainbug - Nightmare Jacob van Hage - Synthomanic Hardwell - Cobra Official Energy Anthem Jaz Von D - Reload Benny Benassi ft T-Pain - Electroman Don Diablo ft Dragonette - Animale Tinie Tempah ft Kelly Rowland - Invincible Bodybangers Vs. Calvin Harris - We Found Love 09 ben bastion ft. Tony Ray - Blow my duck [Rework short edit] 16 Desperado ft.

DJ Jarke - October Videomegamix Timati Feat. Kalenna - Welcome To St. Remady Feat. Manu-l - The Way We Are JLS Feat. Dev - She Makes Me Wanna Miller - One Night In Ibiza Bodybangers feat. Inna - Club Rocker Pitbull Feat. Marc Anthony - Rain Over Me David Guetta Feat. Alexis Jordan - Happiness Alexandra Stan - Get Back Alexandra Stan - Mr. Serge Devant Feat. Taleen - 3am Eternal Playmen - Feel Your Love Flo Rida - Good Feeling Chris Brown Feat. Benny Benassi - Beautiful People Usher - Without You David Guetta - Memories intro

Shirley Scott - Queen Of The Organ (Vinyl, LP, Album), Fantasm - Keith Jarrett - Best Of Keith Jarrett (Vinyl, LP), Trains And Boats And Planes - Hum (Vinyl), Rondo Veneziano* - Concerto Per Mozart (Vinyl, LP, Album), Sino Da Minha Aldeia - Fernando Pessoa, João Villaret - Fernando Pessoa Por João Villaret (Vinyl, LP, Vamos A Bailar (DJ Simple & DJ Toxic Remix) - Pee Wee Ferris* - Future Trance Vol 2 (CD), II - Linéaire (Lento Moderato) - Henri Dutilleux - 1916 - 2013 (CD), Ballad Of Katie - Hothouse Flowers - People (Vinyl, LP, Album), Rats - Elliot Fresh - Mirrors (Vinyl, LP), Jesus Children Of America - The Dixie Hummingbirds - The Best Of The Dixie Hummingbirds (CD), Rock And Roll (Live) - The Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground (CD), Kapitańskie Tango - Various - Tango Dawniej I Dziś (Vinyl, LP)