Om Tara - Celebration (Sung 108 Times)

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Sign In Join Now. Please correct the following and try again. Email or Member Number. Remember me. In general, by the mantra that is blessed by her and the visualization of her body as armor, all conflicts and bad dreams can be averted. In particular, the multi-colored vajras and the sparkles they emit avert religious and political critics, and make their statements powerless.

She wears a crown to symbolize honoring lamas as deities, actualization of primordial wisdom, and stabilization of bodhicitta. She wears earrings as a sign of refraining from the humiliation of lamas. Her armlets, bracelets, and anklets, six in number, signify that she refrains from killing insects.

Her necklaces represent her perfect recitation of mantra. Her belt, lower garments and ornaments indicate that her body is endowed with bodhicitta. All of her ornaments are like fine armor, whose splendor can avert criticism and the bad dreams caused by the imbalance of the winds, channels and seminal essence [51]. The inner meaning is that by having the karmic wind [52] flow into the uma, the central channel, the experience of the armor of emptiness is actualized, averting the delusions that cause conflict and bad dreams.

Radiate sublime luminous light. You dispel all horrifying epidemics. She is orange and her hand holds a vase of nectar on a blue lotus. Her left eye is like the full moon and her right eye is like the sun. Her right eye emits blazing rays that burn all the lords of diseases, those who command the evil spirits that bring disease like haystacks.

Clear nectar flows from the moon, her left eye curing the causes and effects of diseases and epidemics. The mantra can cure even the most dangerous incurable epidemics. The ultimate meaning is that if the mother-sphere of transcendent wisdom is realized, the most dangerous epidemics of afflictions, their causes and fruitions, can be cured.

Homage to you, who is adorned by three Suchnesses. Perfectly endowed with the power of serenity. Destroyer of demons, zombies and yakshas. O TURE! Sublime excellent lady. She is white, her left hand is in the boon-giving mudra, and her right hand is in the refuge-giving mudra, holding a blue lotus on which sit the auspicious golden fishes.

The light rays from these letters protect the three doors of beings from the harm of all outer obstacles caused by evil forces, both form and formless. They also protect beings from the inner obstacles of ill health, and the secret obstacles of dualistic affliction. The rays have the power to pacify them without a trace. Particularly, the rays from the three letters can restore the life force stolen by spirits, zombies, and yakshas, and eliminate their harmful intentions and actions.

The homage is to TURE, the great compassionate lady who acts swiftly for the benefit of sentient beings. These are: emptiness, attributelessness and aspirationlessness, or, the suchness of an entity, its nature and compassion, and the clearing of all its obscurations.

Ultimately the vajra body, speech and mind are the primordially pure nature of all phenomena. By meditating on the sphere of the indivisibility of the three vajras, the demons, sufferings, zombies, and yakshas are transformed by the great bliss of primordial wisdom. This is the praise to Her root mantra. And the Twenty-One Homages. The Benefits of Reciting the Praise. The wise one endowed with pure respect for the goddess. Who recites these praises with perfect devotion.

Remembering her in the evening and upon waking at dawn. Will be endowed with complete freedom from fear. Others will be endowed with complete freedom from all fears. It is also said that we must meditate on her wrathful form in the evening to pacify the harms of this life, and visualize her peaceful form at dawn and recite the praises to save ourselves from rebirth in the lower realms. All their sins will be pacified.

Causing destruction to all lower realms. And the seven million Victorious Ones. Will quickly grant them empowerment. Thus, they will attain greatness, and progress. To the stage of Buddhahood. Those who recite the praise will not experience the sufferings of the lower realms.

The seven million Victorious Ones who abide with the Noble Lady will swiftly Om Tara - Celebration (Sung 108 Times) and empower the practitioners. In this life, the practitioners of this praise will achieve the great bliss of place, body, retinue, and the qualities of the dharma of transmitted precepts and realization.

They will swiftly attain the paths and bhumis, and reach the ultimate state of enlightenment. By remembering Her, the most violent poisons.

Abiding in the earth or in beings. Whether eaten or drunk. Will be completely removed. At the conventional level, practitioners will be protected from terrible diseases, and the pain caused by aconite and other inanimate poisons.

They will be protected from the poisonous fangs, horns, stings and bites of animals. The practice will also provide protection from the poisonous effect of the evil intentions of malignant spirits, protection from their touch, and the evil eye.

By remembering the goddess and her mantra, the harmful effect of poisons whether they have been Om Tara - Celebration (Sung 108 Times) or drunk will be nullified. This can eliminate various sufferings. Inflicted by the spirits, epidemics, and poisons. Even if done for the sake of other beings.

The practice can easily eliminate the suffering inflicted by outer and inner poisons, by dangerous epidemics and possession by evil Om Tara - Celebration (Sung 108 Times). The same benefit can be achieved if the praise is recited for the sake other beings. On sincerely reciting twice, three times, and seven times. The wish to have child will be fulfilled. And the desire for wealth can be achieved. All the wishes will be fulfilled. Every hindrance destroyed in its turn.

We must recite the praise twice, three and seven times in one Om Tara - Celebration (Sung 108 Times). We can do the practice either two sessions a day: once during the day, and once during the night, or three sessions during the day and three sessions at night.

In the same way, if one wishes to have wealth for the happiness of this life and the next, excellent prosperity can easily be achieved. Likewise, any other activities: siddhis [54]temporal desires and ultimate wishes will be fulfilled. By the compassion of the Venerable Mother, unfavorable obstacles in the future will not manifest, and harm will not arise from obstacles that have already occurred.

Since all purposes can be fully achieved, the wise must practice this sadhana with enthusiasm. By explaining the Twenty-One Praises with devotion.

May all access the ocean of siddhis, clear all obstacles. And have the auspiciousness of complete enlightenment. By swiftly having a vision of Her face, embraced. Well, it helps to think of mantras as a form of prayer. Meditation is an important part of Buddhist practice. Mantras are used in Buddhist meditation as a way of encouraging attunement between the interior and exterior worlds.

Some experienced meditation masters encourage others to ground themselves with meditation. When incorporating Buddhist mantras into spiritual practice, one can read, hmm, speak aloud, chant or sing Buddhist mantras. Some Tibetan Buddhism practices call for carving mantras into stones. If you're ready for a big shift in your life The best way to truly understand how Buddhist mantras work is to explore them for yourself. A personal mantra is a phrase or a sound that helps you focus.

There are many different forms of mantras, from single words to longer phrases. When trying to select a personal mantra, focus on what makes you feel good. Your mantra should call to something deep within you. It should make you feel empowered and grounded. Select a word or phrase that has a powerful underlying meaning. It should be something that speaks to you on a deep and profound level.

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