Naufrage - Art Zoyd - Les Espaces Inquiets / Phase IV / Archives II (CD)

Les Larmes de Christina. Ex Tractu Do Inocauit. Le Combat des Dragons - 1. Le Combat des Dragons - Final. Malbodium - Sommeil du Noble. Malbodium - Entree. Malbodium - Eglises. Don Juan - Danse Macabre. Don Juan - Le Bain. Don Juan - La Sainte Famille. Un Jour au Chateau - Le Parc. Un Jour au Chateau - Le Matin. Un Jour au Chateau - Le Secret. On with the bonus track or the archives material if you wishwhich may again appear out of context with the albums presented here, since they date from minimum 18 months after LEI, from late 84 until Those 12 tracks are actually made from five different compositions, most of them for theatre and one for a film.

The least we can Naufrage - Art Zoyd - Les Espaces Inquiets / Phase IV / Archives II (CD) is that the Zaboitzeff-penned Ex-Tractu is very different to what AZ had gotten us used to and is highly energetic, while Combat is very atmospheric.

The Hourbette- penned Malbodium is divided in three parts and they are more synthesised music than ever before Naufrage - Art Zoyd - Les Espaces Inquiets / Phase IV / Archives II (CD) included to messed-up Gregorian chants. Don Juan is also divided in three parts actually four, but go figure out why the fourth is separated but are linked to the Combat theatre session and are definitely abstract oeuvres The bothersome thing is that for these archives material, neither the proper dates are given, nor the line-ups given also.

Coupled with the fact that those tracks probably lack the visual contest of which they were created for, this adds to the confusion and create frustrations. So it really depends if you want to get this compilation probably cheaper than the separate albumsbut the archives material does not provide much an added Naufrage - Art Zoyd - Les Espaces Inquiets / Phase IV / Archives II (CD). Your decision! You must be a forum member to post a review, please register here if you are not.

Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved. Please consider supporting us by giving monthly PayPal donations and help keep PA fast-loading and ad-free forever. The album is divided in five tracks since the title track was divided in three movementssome of them being just three short minutes long and other clocking at ten times that length. It provides an excellent flow from beginning to end and the quirky sounds and time signatures that avant-grade is very known for.

Without a doubt, a five star record. The best Art Zoyd album. Five Stars. Highly recommended to all Avant-Garde fans and a must-have. Synth horns and ticking of windup clock enter at mark. The fourth minute is filled with computer-manipulated percussives over ticking clock with intermittent offerings from voices, synth horns, and harpsichord. Fifth minute gets two bass lines, horns, etc. Sixth minutes gets bell tolling tubular bell with, eventually, sounds replicating a carnival atmosphere.

If I saw the film, this might make more sense to me. As a stand alone song, it is just too weird and discordant. Then strings joins in, beautiful and clear, before vocal sounds of shivering man enter at the extreme fore. Guess I need to see the movie! But the strings arrangement is so beautiful.

Electric piano enters for the final third, sounding, unfortunately, a bit out of place among the pristine strings. Were I to see this in the context of the film, my comprehension and, thus, appreciation might be even higher. Another thing to realise: Antarctica is vast. You may think you have seen photos, so you know how it is, but don't forget, it's bigger than the whole of Europe and almost equal to the whole of South America.

Neither is this an album about Antarctica it has track titles that are totally incompatible with that idea such as "Out of the window of a train"; the photographs indicate that it's rather about derelict city and industrial landscapesnor have I actually ever been there. So you may dismiss the whole thing but wait! Still there are connections. Phase V is a 5 CD-set, and Art Zoyd have made Naufrage - Art Zoyd - Les Espaces Inquiets / Phase IV / Archives II (CD) ridiculously inaccessible and at the moment I'm not even talking about the music.

No free samples are flying around at the time of my writing as far as I know, I don't think it's available anywhere for less than 30 Euros which is not that much money for 5 CDs but a fortune at this day and age for buying music without having had a taster firstinformation given by the band is pretty scarce chances are that the majority of the material was recorded between and but I actually don't know; who exactly did what where?

No idea and then they split it up into loads, actually 90, tracks, that first, before reviewing, want to be put into progarchives in the right format.

Thank you very much. On top of that, Gerard Hourbette, mastermind of Art Zoyd, died on 8 Mayso this is the last album released during his lifetime on which he performs not sure whether there is more material somewhere in the vaults to be released at some point. I couldn't find any English language review of it either German language "Babyblaue Prog Reviews" have a review and the author has dug out slightly more info, it's actually. It's too much actually, it seems, for most people to listen to, so this vast continent of music seems to fly under everyone's radar.

Now to the music on Phase V. It surely has some Antarctica feeling about it. Art Zoyd continues to do avantgardistic, freezing, mostly electronic landscapes.

Part of the music is really remote from even progressive rock territory, there are slow meditative minimalistic pieces, some rather industrial sound alchemy, some machine rhythms, some parts rather populated with movement somehow contrasting the Antarctica impression, although many of these also have some rather cold uninviting character also don't forget Antarctica has penguins, Aurora, volcanic activity, mountains up to m and spectacular but unsettling phenomena as a consequence of global warming on top of the vast snow plains.

There is no proper singing, although voice samples and some electronically manipulated speaking are used. One could say that already for quite some time, in the 21st century, Art Zoyd is more of a project of serious contemporary experimental music rather than belonging to any category with a rock or popular music connection - what an admirable development for a progressive Naufrage - Art Zoyd - Les Espaces Inquiets / Phase IV / Archives II (CD) though!

I also want to emphasize that they didn't fill their more than five hours of music on the cheap. Quite a bit of composition and construction must have gone into some of the less minimalist parts, they haven't split this up into 90 tracks for nothing. In terms of speed and intensity the listener gets quite some variety and there are many, many things to discover.

The CDs are split up into different projects, some if not most or all of them were Naufrage - Art Zoyd - Les Espaces Inquiets / Phase IV / Archives II (CD) made as soundtrack or theatre music the German reviewer cited above claims that some of these are only parts of what was actually done, including film concerts and sound installations.

It starts with Kairo and Les particules noires, which share the first CD. Kairo has a number of rather minimalist parts and is surprisingly icy, given the name, although it also features some rhythm. Later on CD 1 we get some more actual notes and chords this is only a transient side phenomenon of this work. There are some references to earlier Art Zoyd work, e. CD2 has the nice title "Trois reves non valides".

It starts with a slowly moving but actually delightful more liquid 10 minutes number, "Je suis compose d'eau", certainly a favourite track, before going into smaller tracks. It has some more civilised sounds such as churches, opera singing, a lot of other voices and some allusion to classical music, so it comes over as somewhat warmer overall despite the odd icy part. It is very inventive and hosts some striking contrasts between parts, both worth marvelling at and in places a bit annoying, but it is overall exciting and may be the most entertaining CD, and it is braced by a somewhat more intense reprise of "Je suis compose d'eau".

CD3 hosts four different works and is as such even more heterogeneous. Les rives du futur has a lot of rhythm and is more transparent and composed than other parts with a number of returning motifs, still in itself almost as heterogeneous as the whole album taken together.

Here, as well as elsewhere, intense rhythmic parts are often interrupted by less structured sound valleys. Histoire naturelle is rather minimalist, meaning that rarely more than one thing is going on at a time.

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