Intro - Supersonic Army* - Horror in Paradise (CD)

However, Cell remembers that Piccolo said Gero's laboratory was destroyed, so the remote was most likely destroyed with it as well. Cell remembers another city nearby, and prepares to have his next meal.

Cell, however, notices Vegeta flying nearby, and makes sure to hide behind a tall tree trunk. Surprised Vegeta has not suffered his fate to the hands of the androids yet and that his power is greater than he had expected, realizing how different the timeline is with all the z-fighters alive, Cell decides to pick up the pace and make sure he absorbs more civilians as quickly as possible. Their bus is stopped by Cell as he simply stands in the middle of the road and ponders his next step. As Cell is blocking their route and ignoring the manager honking the horn, the entire Battle Ball team climbs out of the bus and takes him on.

After catching a glimpse of Vegeta flying, Cell easily defeats and absorbs them. Realizing that he is still far below his enemies' power levels, Cell decides to use a hit-and-run strategy at this point, hiding from the Dragon Team while going from town to town including Nicky TownBasil Airportand Chazke Village absorbing humans and gaining the power he needs to be able to take on the Androids.

Piccolo and Tien work on tracking him while Future Trunks and Krillin kill the current main timeline's Cell while still in his infancy. In the anime, he attacks two people at Basil Airport during his feeding, However, Cell encounters Krillin who rescues them. After a lengthy battle, Cell defeats Krillin and nearly absorbs him, although he is forced to let him live when seeing Piccolo and Tien zeroing in on his location.

He escapes and hides from the pursuers by suppressing his power while taunting his foes. This becomes a continuing factor, as the Z-Fighters obtained an aircraft that would allow them to mask their energy and not alert Cell. However, when YamchaTien, Piccolo, and Krillin arrive in a town, Cell had anticipated their strategy and hid while gloating over his achievements.

Eventually, after absorbing several tens of thousands of humans, Cell detects a large ki ; knowing that this has to be Piccolo, he deduces that the only thing that could make him fight so hard would be the Androids.

Gleeful at the opportunity to finally absorb 17 and 18 transform to a stronger state, Cell wastes no time and quickly heads toward the area. As expected, he finds Piccolo and Android 17 engaged in battle. The battle ends in a draw, since the androids and Piccolo focus on Cell. Standing on a hill, Cell happily states that this day has been delayed for far too long, but now is the time where he can finally absorb Android 17 and Android 18, and achieve the completion he has desired since his creation.

Cell also notices Android 16gazing emotionlessly towards him. Judging from the Red Ribbon mark on his chest, Cell assumes with confidence that 16 is a fellow creation of Dr. Gero and that he must be a older model than the others, and weak enough to safely ignore. As Cell descends from the higher rocky formation of the island, he begins to charge his kiwhich completely decimates the entire rocky mountain area of the island.

At this point, his power has far surpassed the weakened Piccolo and Android 17's, and without any precautions, he approaches Piccolo stands frightful and stiff, as Cell simply walks past the astounded Namekian to absorb Android 17 first. Before Cell can proceed with an attack, Piccolo demands to know how many victims Cell has just absorbed.

Cell chuckles, and states that they are not victims, but part of something more amazing than anything they will ever achieve in their lifetimes. As the monster prepares to absorb the Android, Piccolo attacks him, freeing Android 17 from his grasp. Cell then watches as Piccolo informs the androids of what he is and what he has planned to do with them. Cell carries on Piccolo's explanation and tells 17 that the power unlocked from the absorption will be beyond comparison, and that Dr.

Gero's dreams of creating the ultimate super-being will be fulfilled. Cell replies that the absorption will be carried out, with or without 17's permission. Android 17 prepares to fight, however, finally speaking, Android 16 orders 17 to retreat because Cell is far beyond both him and Piccolo. Now surprised Android 16 is actually speaking, Android 17 is disappointed that the first thing he speaks about is cowardice. After knocking away Android 17, Cell fights and easily beats the weakened Piccolo, even managing to shrug off the Namekian's Light Grenade.

After brutally breaking his neck and blasting a hole through Piccolo's side and tossing him into the sea, Cell is able to attack 17 again. Cell defeats Android 17 easily and is about to absorb him when Android 16 becomes involved. Android 16 states that according to his calculations, he is just equivalent to Cell in both strength and speed, and portends that he will be the one to kill Cell. Cell and Android 16 clash with each other with the Bio Impact and Machine Impact rush attacks respectively, however, Cell catches Android 16 off guard and sticks his stinger right into his neck.

Cell laughs and says that he cannot win, before attempting to absorb his bio-energy, however, 16's inorganic nature prevents him from absorbing any energy. Android 16 says that this will prevent him from absorbing 17 and Android 16 realizes that he must destroy Cell completely so he will not achieve his perfect form, and attempts to kick him, only to be knocked back when Cell counters with two punches.

Android 16 advises 17 and 18 to leave, but 17 is convinced that even if 16 didn't kill Cell, it still proved that the three of them were unbeatable, fully sure that together, the whole world will soon be their playground in Kai, 17 wants revenge on Cell for the beating Cell gave him earlier and decides he will finish Cell.

Cell uses this opportunity to burst out of the ground directly behind Android 17 and, whilst sadistically laughing, he quickly absorbs 17 and evolves into his Semi-Perfect form. After Cell's absorption of Android 17, Android 16, knowing that he is now well outmatched, attempts to flee with Android 18, but Cell easily intercepts them, thanks to the added speed of Android In a display of his new power, he takes a direct hit from Android 16 without injury and then easily blasts the Android away, nearly destroying his head effortlessly.

Cell turns to Android 18, but she threatens to self-destruct before joining him if he approaches, which will leave him unable to attain his complete form. In an attempt to pacify her, he pretends to be Android 17 by mimicking his voice a trait probably gained from his absorption and tells her how wonderful it is to be part of Cell and fulfilling "the great" Dr.

Gero's vision. Android 16, still functional but badly damaged, warns her of the ploy, something she already knows since both she and Android 17 despised Dr. Gero, they would never compliment him. When his plan fails, Cell prepares to attempt to absorb 18 by force regardless, knowing that he is fast enough to prevent her from destroying herself and more than capable of overpowering her.

He is prevented by Tien however, who uses his Neo Tri-Beam attack several times to stall Cell, destroying much of the landscape and nearly killing himself. Though Cell does not take any significant damage from the assault, it manages to hold him at bay long enough for Android 16 and Android 18 to make their escape. Eventually, Tien is exhausted to the point of death and soon falls unconscious.

Cell insults Tien for stalling his plans and decides to finish him as retribution. Before he execute the TriclopsGoku intervenes by teleporting to their location using Instant Transmissionmeeting Cell for the first time.

Shocked to finally meet Goku, Cell greets him as the Saiyan informs Cell that while he is not strong enough yet, he will fight him in one day and win. Cell laughs at this supposed cowardice, before he is amazed by Goku teleporting him and Tien near the sea. He is shocked to discover Piccolo survived his attack and regenerated, as he realized his careless mistake of not properly killing him.

Just when Goku grabs Piccolo and makes plans to leave, Cell who eagerly wants to fight Goku, states that they will not fight another day, but now, and flies towards him.

Cell prepares to attack, though Goku uses Instant Transmission again, whisking the unconscious Tien and a barely alive Piccolo back to safety at The Lookout before Cell's punch lands.

Cell is in awe of Goku's ability to teleport, but dismisses it, saying that his priority now is to find Without anyone to oppose him, Cell continues his search for Android Intro - Supersonic Army* - Horror in Paradise (CD) After losing her in a group of islandshe threatens to destroy all the islands nearby unless 18 shows herself.

When 18 does not answer under 16's orders, Cell proceeds to destroy the islandsone-by-one, in an attempt to flush the Android out. Having just completed his first year in the Hyperbolic Time ChamberVegeta approaches and challenges him.

Cell is soon shocked to discover that Vegeta is significantly more powerful than his new body, as the fight is entirely one-sided. Even after powering up to full power, he is unable to injure the Saiyan, who now calls himself " Super Vegeta.

During their fight, Cell becomes incredibly frustrated as he cannot land a hit on the Saiyan Prince, and states if it was not for Vegeta's interference, he knows he would have achieved his perfect form by now and have crushed everyone in his path. With Vegeta keen on knowing more about how strong Cell's final form may be, Cell appeals to Vegeta's ego, stating that if he were in his Perfect body, he would be a much better challenge.

Vegeta, wanting a stronger opponent, agrees to Cell's proposition. When Future Trunks refuses to allow it, Cell calls on Vegeta to remove him as an obstacle while he goes after the recently discovered Android Future Trunks retaliates by quickly blasting Vegeta, barely damaging him, but surprising him with the guts to attack his own father nonetheless, and going after Cell again, but Cell is ready and uses the Solar Flare to temporarily blind everyone long enough for him to absorb Android Cell then puts up an impenetrable barrier while he evolves yet again, this time to Perfect Cell.

After Cell achieves his goal of becoming perfect, Krillin becomes enraged by Android 18's absorption and immediately attacks Cell, with Future Trunks assisting him in the original anime In the manga and Dragon Ball Z Kai, Trunks instead warns Krillin not to attack Cell, who ignores him in his rage. However, Cell continues to admire his new body, completely ignoring Krillin and Future Trunks' assault, barely registering Krillin and Future Trunks' hits and takes Krillin's Destructo Disc attack to the neck with the disk breaking on impact, not even flinching.

He then "lightly" kicks Krillin away, making Krillin fly across the island, leaving Krillin in a near-dead state. Vegeta, unimpressed by the display, is eager to resume their battle, which Cell obliges. The tables then turn since their last battle, and now Cell merely toys with Vegeta at the beginning, taking on his attacks without any sign of damage. Vegeta then delivers a powerful kick to Cell's head, with almost all of his energy converted towards the attack, but Cell is not affected in the slightest his head turns only slightly from the attackleaving Vegeta in a momentary state of shock and disbelief.

When Cell strikes back, the kick he delivers blows Vegeta away, smashing him through several rock formations, after which Cell proceeds to mockingly thank him, outright stating that he would never have been able to reach his Perfect Form were it not for Vegeta's foolishness.

Android 16 briefly tries to step in and attack Cell from behind, but the Bio-Android hears him and warns him of what will happen if he carries out his attack. Vegeta then challenges Cell to take his next attack head on without dodging it and prepares his ultimate attack, the Final Flash.

While Vegeta charges his deadly beam, Cell continues to stand calm and collected, smiling while Android 16 looks in disbelief. Cell, however, does become slightly concerned when Vegeta finally fires the attack. Cell takes the full brunt of the attack, vaporizing everything to the right side above his torso. Though Vegeta believes himself to be victorious, Cell proves otherwise; his cells from Frieza allow him to survive and function with virtually any wound and those of Piccolo allow him to regenerate from the damage instantly.

Almost immediately following the attack, Cell regrows the destroyed area and is back to normal. Vegeta, now desperate, fires off dozens of Ki boltsbut Cell simply walks through it and with one swift combination of attacksincapacitates the Saiyan. With Vegeta out of the picture, Future Trunks is free to fully power up without worrying about injuring his father's pride. He soon reaches the Super Saiyan Third Grade stage. When Cell finally sees Future Trunks' powers, he believes Future Trunks to be stronger than himself, although claims that Future Trunks still has no chance of winning.

He explains that the downside of the increased muscle mass in this form drained Future Trunks' stamina quickly and made him significantly slower as well. This theory proves correct, as Cell easily dodges Future Trunks' punches and kicks, mocking Future Trunks while he does so. Cell chides Future Trunks, stating that simple brute force is worthless and quickly demonstrates that he too can increase his muscle size if he desires by revealing that he is also able to increase his muscle size in the same manner as a 3rd Grade Super Saiyan and briefly assumes this buffed state to demonstrate the mistake Future Trunks made increasing his muscle mass without balancing his speed.

At this point, Future Trunks loses all hope and allows Cell to kill him. Cell considers it but decides not to after realizing how much more powerful Vegeta and Future Trunks had become in just a few days, and that Goku would be challenging him soon.

He instead decides to hold a tournament in ten days, to test his new power. He also admits to Future Trunks that he has no interest in conquest or even his original purpose of killing Goku, he wants just entertainment, primarily through the fear of others. Cell then leaves the island while Future Trunks stares in shock and confusion. Using telekinesisCell spends the next morning creating the arena for his tournamentthe Cell Games.

He then interrupts a live news broadcast to inform everyone around the world about the games, and states that he would take on as many challengers as there are; if he is able to survive them all, then he will exterminate all life on the Earth. While Cell is at the arena waiting for the day of the competition to arrive, Goku arrives briefly through Instant Transmission to check Cell's power level and they engage in small talk.

This is then followed by an attack by the Earth's armybut this proves hopeless as Cell, with a single gesture, destroys them all with a form of psychokinesis, also relocating beforehand to draw their fire specifically to avoid risking damage to the ring. During the ten day wait, Cell mostly stays at his ring and trains, sometimes stands perfectly still, meditating in silence.

On the day of the Tournament, Mr. Satan attempts to fight Perfect Cell first, although he is easily knocked away with one flick of Cell's wrist and is disqualified. Throughout the entire tournament, he runs from the media covering the story, claiming that he is suffering from intense stomach pains and calls the techniques in the ring "tricks" or "illusions".

Goku and Perfect Cell then begin to battle, although Cell wishes that Goku would of been the last opponent on the list, wanting to "save the best for last". In a heated display of power, technique, and ability, Goku seems to be able to keep up with the mechanically engineered monster. Perfect Cell pulls out all kinds of tricks, performing various moves such as the Special Beam Cannon and the Kamehameha wave.

Cell also learns of Goku's Instant Transmission, which is how he was able to warp. Goku and Perfect Cell battle for a while until Perfect Cell grows tired of being confined to the small ring, not wanting their match to stop due to one of them going out of bounds. Without much warning, Perfect Cell destroys the ring and makes the battle an all-out fight, just to make things more interesting for him, with no rules applied.

Goku throws everything he can at Perfect Cell and suddenly flies into the air and charges a Kamehameha, which is directed towards the Earth, with Cell knowing if Goku launched the technique, he would decimate the entire planet and confidently believe he wouldn't fire. However, Cell becomes noticeably afraid as Goku powers up the energy blast, but Goku tricks him by performing Instant Transmission to teleport directly in Intro - Supersonic Army* - Horror in Paradise (CD) of Perfect Cell, and unleashes the blast on him.

The entire top half of Perfect Cell is disintegrated. While some of the Z-Fighters are content, believing Cell has died, Krillin, Vegeta, and Future Trunks know otherwise, and indeed the other half of Perfect Cell jumps to its feet and regenerates. Goku and Cell continue their ongoing brutal struggle, with Goku firing dozens of ki blasts in a rowputting Cell in a tight spot, as he cannot escape. Cell manages to finally halt Goku's assault by using a Perfect Barrierprotecting himself from the blasts, and destroying quite a lot of the battlefield.

Goku, knowing he's approaching his limit, forfeits the match to Cell, shocking both Cell and the other Z-Fighters. He reasons that only one person can defeat Cell, and reveals the fighter to be his son, Gohan.

The Z-Fighters are shocked or furious noticeably Vegeta and Piccolo by this, even more so when Goku, believing that it wouldn't be a fair fight for Gohan to beat Cell while he isn't in full power, decided to give Cell a Senzu Bean.

Cell is amused, believing the match will be fun, and he will get to make Goku suffer for his idiotic decision by torturing his only son. It takes a while for the battle to commence between Gohan and Perfect Cell, and even longer for Gohan to get serious. Underestimating his opponent, Cell attacks Gohan directly, making him crash into a rock formation. Like most of the Z-Fighters, Cell at first believes the boy to be dead, but Gohan emerges with barely any injury, surprising Cell.

As a Super Saiyan Full Powerhe starts out somewhat better than Goku, and his increased speed manages to dodge most of Cell's attacks, but in the end, his efforts are no good, which noticeably worries the spectators except Goku.

As the battle continues, Gohan demands that Perfect Cell stop fighting, and he tells him that the power he could harness when he becomes enraged is beyond his control, which may lead to devastating results for Cell. However, Cell begins to laugh, as the story does not scare him, but it only fuels his desire to push Gohan to the limit, much to Gohan's horror. Cell takes his time torturing the indecisive youth and traps in him in a Bear Hugwhile taunting him to make him angry.

As it becomes clear Gohan lacks the resolve to stop Cell and is willing to suffer rather than get angry, Goku and Piccolo attempt a futile last-ditch effort by ganging up on Cell. Just then, however, Cell drops Gohan to the ground. Noting that Gohan's own pain seemingly will not get him angry, a frustrated Cell promises to enlist the help of his friends and father instead. As Cell flies off towards the rest of the group, Gohan screams for him to stop.

He says that the beans are annoying, and flies back to the battlefield. He says that the rest of the Dragon Team are not worth dirtying his own hands on. Gohan asks what he is up to, and Cell says that he will do anything to unlock Gohan's rage. Gohan says that he cannot control it himself, and Cell says that this is why his friends must suffer. Cell kicks him into some nearby rubble and yells at him to get mad for real.

He sneaks up on Cell and restrains him with a Bear Hug similar to how Chiaotzu tried to kill Nappa by self-destructingwith the purpose of killing them both. Piccolo notes that his lack of ki let him get in undetected. To Android 16's surprise, Krillin informs that the bomb had been removed by Bulma when she re-programmed him earlier during repairs.

Cell then gains the upper hand and destroys all of Android 16 but his head, which he kicks away from the battlefield. Cell calls 16 a failed experiment and claims that even if the bomb did blow up, he would most likely not be affected too much, despite his fearful look when he found out what Android 16 was intending to do. Looking at the others, Cell says that it is now their turn, and counts that there are seven of them.

Using the Namekian's ability to reproduce asexually, Cell creates seven smaller blue versions of himself from his tail and christens them Cell Juniors.

After they are born, Cell orders them to attack the Z-Fighters, but not kill them. As the Dragon Team prepares to fight, Cell says that they cannot win; even though the Cell Juniors are small, they are his children. Despite their childish appearances and attitudes, the Cell Juniors easily clobber the Z-Fighters, being close to Perfect Cell's own power.

Only Piccolo in the animeVegeta and Future Trunks manage to hold them off for a while, but eventually, all of them are brutally defeated even Goku, who was weakened from his fight with Perfect Cell. As Gohan watches these maniacal minions heartlessly beat his friends and father, he becomes angry, but it is still not enough. Perfect Cell, noticing Gohan's anger, orders the Cell Juniors to kill everyone. At this point, Mr. Satan discovers the head of Android 16, which, surprisingly, can still talk.

Android 16 pleads to Mr. Satan to take him near Gohan throw him if he had tofor the sake of the world.

Satan complies despite his fear, and the Android's head lands Intro - Supersonic Army* - Horror in Paradise (CD) Gohan. Android 16 gives some advice and words of encouragement to Gohan, saying it is okay to fight sometimes to defend loved ones and to protect nature. Perfect Cell, Intro - Supersonic Army* - Horror in Paradise (CD) this, claims that this was good advice and promptly crushes Android 16's head beneath his foot, wires and parts scattering across the battlefield as Gohan watches in shock.

This is the breaking point for Gohan, and he finally snaps. This enrages Gohan to the very limits and pushed him to a new level, Super Saiyan 2the Super Saiyan level ascended beyond a Super Saiyan although it was not named at this point in the series.

Looking towards Cell with hatred and contempt, Gohan slowly walks towards the confused android, who is astonished by Gohan's growth. Cell's cocky attitude returns though, and exclaims that things are interesting now. Gohan however, does not attack the android, but instead snatches the bag of Senzu Beans Cell had stolen from Krillin earlier, with Cell not quick enough to react.

Gohan's first action is to mercilessly kill off the smaller Cell Juniors, which he defeats in a single hit each, before tellings Trunks to give everyone a Senzu Bean. The already astounded Z Warriors, with the exception of the satisfied Goku, are amazed as Gohan and Perfect Cell began to battle, with Gohan dominating the powerful Android. Even after Cell, to everyone's surprise and horror, powers up to maximum a power deemed "unfathomable" by the Z Fighters, although Gohan was not impressed, bluntly asking him "is that all you've got?

With just two punchesGohan almost Intro - Supersonic Army* - Horror in Paradise (CD) Cell completely, to the complete dismay of Cell, refusing to believe that he could have sustained that much damage. Perfect Cell knows he is no match for Gohan. Cell's injuries, including severed a arm and leg, after getting hit by Super Saiyan 2 Gohan's Ultimate Kamehameha. Gohan then begins dodging all of Cell's attacks, taunting him, with Cell continuing to not believe in this power Gohan sustains, refusing to be outdone by a child.

He attempts to harm Gohan with several different attacks, first two destructo discs aimed at Gohan, to which he simply catches them and destroys them. He finally attempts to hit Gohan with a barrage of small amounts of ki, which do not even seem to reach Gohan or even land a blow on him. In fear at his inability to defeat Gohan, he flies high into the air, preparing a Kamehameha at full power to destroy the Earth.

All of the Z fighters believe it to be the end, as they believe Gohan is unable to stop it, yet Gohan does not seem concerned at all and responds with his own Kamehameha, sending both Kamehameha's right back at Cell. Cell is unable to avoid it or stop it, and he is decimated by the attack. This almost destroys Cell, with his left arm and leg gone and the right area of his head destroyed.

When Goku tells him to finish Cell off in his weakened state, Gohan tells Goku if he is joking, saying he wants to see Cell suffer much more. Both Goku and Piccolo are rather shocked at this statement, and Piccolo seriously wonders how much the anger has affected his thought process.

Goku warns Cell that since he is backed into a corner, knowing he can't win, they have no idea what he would do now that he is desperate. Yet Gohan waits too long, allowing Cell to regenerate his lost limbs with Piccolo's regenerative cells. In his anger, making the same mistake Future Trunks made earlier, he begins a 3rd Grade Super Saiyan-like transformation that reduces his speed drastically, making him unable to hit Gohan.

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Sunday- -[NoFS] [. Sunday- -[NoFS]. Flo Rida feat. Lil Wayne - American Superstar. Timbaland - Elevator. Sean Kingston - Roll. T-Pain - Low. Birdman - Priceless. Flo Rida - Ms. Flo Rida - Still Missin.

Flo Rida - All My Life. Trey Songz - Freaky Deaky. Akon - Who Dat Girl Prod. Luke; Max Martin, Benny Blanco. Laza Morgan - 21 Prod. Flo Rida - Higher Remix Bonus track. Mp3 02 Seven Deadly Sins. Mp3 03 Light of a Fading Start. Mp3 04 Factory Girls. Mp3 05 Whistles of the Wind.

Mp3 06 Tobacco Island. Mp3 07 The Wrong Company. Mp3 09 Queen Anne's Revenge. Mp3 10 The Wanderlust. Mp3 13 Within a Mile of Home. Mp3 14 The Spoken Wheel. Mp3 15 With a Wonder and a Wild Desire. All My Life - Foo Fighters. Best of You - Foo Fighters. Everlong - Foo Fighters. The Pretender - Foo Fighters. My Hero - Foo Fighters. Learn to Fly - Foo Fighters. Times Like These - Foo Fighters. Monkey Wrench - Foo Fighters. Big Me - Foo Fighters. Breakout - Foo Fighters.

Long Road to Ruin - Foo Fighters. This is a Call - Foo Fighters. Skin and Bones - Foo Fighters. Wheels - Foo Fighters. Word Forward - Foo Fighters. Everlong Acoustic - Foo Fighters. Enjoy What You Do. Rap ' Japan Single ] [ Freeek! JPG Front. George 2. George 3. George 4. George front. The Scumfrogs Mix. Moogymen Mix. Japan Single [. Max Reich Mix.

Single version 2 [. Scumfrogs Mix. Raumschmiere Remix. Trisomy 21 Remix. HMV [. Sinfonia Viva. Little Dragon. Mark E Smith. Lou Reed. Jones - Freddy Jackson.

Wendal - Arrested Development. Ft Marilyn Mariana. Working Class Hero. Stop Drop and Roll. Mother Mary. Ruby Room. Red Tide. She's a Saint Not a Celebrity. The Pedestrian. Dark Side of Night. Pieces of Truth. Don't Leave Me. Disappearing Boy. Going to Pasalacqua. Road to Acceptance. The Judge's Daughter. Why Do You Want Him. Plus, create your own dabs, organize, import and export libraries all from the Captured dab panel! Enhance your artistic creations with new Watercolor compatible brushes and improved workflow options.

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Various - Soul Togetherness 2007 (Vinyl, LP), Death Warmed Over - Tennessee Murder Club - Human Harvest (CD, Album), Set The Planets Free - Arc Of Ascent - Realms Of The Metaphysical (CD, Album), Lazy - Various - We Could Live In Hope : A Tribute To Low (CD), When I Grow Up - Garbage - Absolute Garbage (CD), Dont Tell Me - Madonna - Brixton (CDr), Deep In Love (Instrumental Version), Uncle Charlie & Bobby Brady - Scott Paulsen (2) / Jim Krenn - Almost Live (Cassette, Album), Just Like Starting Over - Various - Discjockey Mix II (Cassette), Let Me Change Your Mind, Bobbejaan* - Ich Steh An Der Bar Und Habe Kein Geld (Vinyl, LP), Adamante - Mr Dendo - Adamante (File, MP3, Album), Prince Albert, One day will come - HatMatter - Inbetween space & future (Cassette, Album)