Glassworld Machine Elves

You cannot go further into the Bardo and return. This takes you as far as you can go. These are the spirits that we work with.

These are ancestor souls. We know this place. It seems odd that two different cultures from different parts of the world associate a heavenly or spiritual realm with a trip attainable by using DMT. Even though it is impossible to study the machine elves without personally taking DMT which would be highly inadvisableit is strange that so many different people would see the same things which indigenous cultures associate with their spirit realms.

You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. There have been all kinds of encounters with the divine without the use of DMT or psychedelics. But these substances just seem to have a tendency for inducing Glassworld Machine Elves more on our own terms.

Carl Jung proposed the idea of the collective unconscious. This theory suggests that all members of the human species have access to a sphere of consciousness beyond our individual experience. Ideas, experiences, and memories of humans that lived before us are saved in some kind of ethereal database. These memories are totally outside our conscious experience. This is why Jung referred to it as the collective unconscious. Today, psychedelics are considered a key aspect of this process because of how effective they are at dislodging unconscious thoughts and ideas.

Humans have the innate ability to pick out any anthropomorphic data Glassworld Machine Elves otherwise chaotic or random patterns. This is why the standard Rorschach inkblot tests most often look like faces of other people or animals. This phenomenon is reported no matter what culture the observer comes from.

Could machine elves be a result of the mind picking out what appears to be faces or humanoid figures in otherwise random and chaotic fractal patterns? Memes are present on a macro-scale — such as the transmission of cultural practices, language, and fundamental technologies like cars and clothing.

Rick Doblin seems to think this is the case after an interview he did with Lex Clips midway through He believes machine elves are an invention of Terence McKenna that others experience after the idea is passed along. Most people who encounter machine elves say they received some form of insight or wisdom. They communicate through a sort of synesthesia.

They speak in sounds, but you see it rather than hear it. Terence McKenna referred to this as translinguistic glossolalia — nonsensical communication. McKenna believed this form of visual language is a key aspect of the DMT realm. He believed this visual language to be the perfect form of information:. It allows for the transfer of exceptionally complex information without any chance of misinterpretation. Joe Rogan even reports meeting these entities on one of his DMT trips, which he talks about on his podcast while chatting with Michael Malice.

No matter the nature of the interaction, machine elves frequently demonstrate an awareness of those entering the DMT world. They have been reported to warmly welcome DMT travelers. As Terence Mckenna says. For others, initial contact is met with indifferent detachment, and sometimes, with surprise or shock as if an unwelcome intruder has arrived.

The emotional state of the individual having the experience, determined by set and setting, may play a role in the overall attitude projected by the machine elves.

In her analysis, she categorized the entities and their frequency as follows:. The entities may also be hard to describe with language, or difficult to discern visually.

Humanoid beings are a common archetype of the DMT experience. This may include, but certainly not limited to, ordinary humans, shadow people, hooded figures, clowns, goblins, ancestors, cartoon-like entities, stick figures, light beings, elementals, and shamans. Some trip reports mention entities that have manifested as deceased loved ones or family members.

Contact with all-powerful supreme beings or the source of all creation, The Godhead, is commonly reported in DMT trips. Individuals also report seeing Gaia Mother Earthdemigods, goddesses, demons, angels, souls, spiritual elders, and religious figures like Buddha, Jesus Christ, Krishna, and Muhammad. Entity contact with aliens typically coincides with experiences of being experimented on by probes, implants, or surgeries in futuristic settings. Encounters may fit science-fiction-like descriptions of Grey aliens, Blue aliens, Pleiadians, Arcturians, as well as anthropomorphic reptilians and insectoids.

Many animals have been reported in DMT trips, and it appears to be a common theme in ayahuasca experiences. Common animals reported include reptiles, mantises, bees, spiders, felines, jellyfish, and insects. According to trip reports, creatures may not always carry direct messages for the visitors, and some, like reptiles and spiders, may evoke apprehension. Going off trip reports, individuals have described conscious inanimate machines, mechanoids, androids, biomechanical intelligence, and robots, to name a Glassworld Machine Elves.

Geometric objects may present as giant, multi-colored undulating spheres or other shapes, or more generally, morphing multi-colored, fractal-like structures of various textures. The ontological status of DMT entities has been debated by scientists, philosophers, theologians, and psychonauts for decades. In short, it is an open question whether the DMT realm and its entities exist outside of human consciousness or are a product of human consciousness.

That is to say, the person in the thralls of a DMT experience feels the same mentally, allowing the experimenter to keep who they are, only propelled into Glassworld Machine Elves entirely different reality. Mckenna notes an effect of this:. It sounds so intense. Is it dangerous? There is a real possibility of adjacent dimensions. It may not be so simple as there are alien planets with their own societies.

This is too proximal. You can choose to attend to this or not. It will continue to progress without you paying attention. You return not to where you left off, but to where things have gone since you left. In this case, their appearance and how the interactions unfold may in part be determined by the psychological and spiritual development of the person having the experience.

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