Danger Man - Sanz (2) - Sweet Revenge (Vinyl, LP)

Find and Destroy: Drake is tasked with destroying the contents of a wrecked Submarine off the coast of South America before it falls into the enemies hands. Under the Lake: Drake picks up the trail of counterfeit money and has to find out who is behind the scheme. The Nurse: Drake travels to the middle east and must help a Scottish nurse protect the heir to the Danger Man - Sanz (2) - Sweet Revenge (Vinyl.

Dead Man Walks: Drake must find out why scientists whom discovered a disease are being killed. Deadline: Drake travels to Africa to prevent a war from breaking out.

Volume 2 - Disc 1: A Battle for the Cameras: In the French Rivera, Drake must go undercover to gain the trust of a spy informant and his associates, but doesn't know his cover has been blown!

A Room in the Basement: Drake travels to Romania to free his friend whom has been kidnapped. Fair Exchange: A British agent, who was captured and tortured in East Germany returns to kill the man who tortured her. John Drake, posing as her husband, follows her trail to Europe. Volume 2 - Disc 2: Fish on the Hook: Drake must rescue the controller of a network of Agents whose cover has been blown, but Drake himself must find out who he is first. No Marks for Servility: Drake goes undercover as the Butler of a international extortionist and his newly wedded bride.

Yesterday's Enemies: A former British agent appears to have set up his own network of double-agents in Lebanon and Drake is tasked to find out who his contacts are, and who runs the organization. The Professionals: Drake travels to Prague to find a missing agent, but is soon the target of a lovely black widow whose mission is to ensnare her victims. Volume 2 - Disc 3: A Date with Doris: Drake's friend is framed for murdering the General's mistress, Drake travels to Latin America to find out the truth and extract his friend.

The Mirror's New: Drake must help restore the memory of a diplomat. It's up to the Lady: A communist sympathizer flees to Greece with his wife. Drake follows in an attempt to keep them from defecting to the Soviets. Volume 2 - Disc 4: Whatever Happened to George Foster? By accident Drake discovers that a new Latin-American republic is being sabotaged by a British industrialist for his own ends.

The Galloping Major: Undercover as an Army Major during an election, Drake must prevent an uprising from forming and stop whoever is behind it. The Colonel's Daughter: Drake is tasked with investigating the death of an African Colonel's assistant, while being Danger Man - Sanz (2) - Sweet Revenge (Vinyl by the local Police. That's Two Of Us Sorry: Once again, Drake is sent to Scotland LP) investigate a set of fingerprints that belong to a spy who was long thought dead after a research lab is ransacked.

Volume 2 - Disc 5 Such Men are Dangerous: Drake poses as an ex-con in order to infiltrate a secret society that trains assassins to kill world leaders. A Man to be Trusted: Drake travels to the West Indies in order to investigate a murder and test the reliability of the local contact for British intelligence. September - April January - January Select an image of this actor in this specific role. For animated series, this should be a picture of their character s. Whenever possible use a photo of Danger Man - Sanz (2) - Sweet Revenge (Vinyl actor from their chest up, similar to a promotional headshot.

Image should be x and in jpg format. Toggle navigation. A group of scientists researching bacterial warfare made a dramatic discovery. Now they are being killed. Drake travels to Kashmir to find out why. An African country is on the brink of civil war after a murder.

Drake plunges into jungle to find those responsible. Charles Crichton. Secrets are going astray in Beirut. Has a former British agent set up his own spy ring? An M9 agent is missing. Drake goes undercover in Prague to find him and is targeted by a Czech spy and his femme fatale. British communists are disappearing behind the Iron Curtain. Drake follows their trail to a replica of a British town used to acquaint Russian infiltrators with British ways. Posing as Major Sullivan, Drake is sent to protect a new African government from election-time deceit and violence.

Dodging an industrialist's predatory wife Jill MelfordDrake discovers the real deceit, and his last-minute plot makes the election more honest than anyone else intended. Drake is ordered to stop her, and finally succeeds by kidnapping the son of a rival spymaster Andre van Gyseghem and exchanging him for her.

Robert Day. The name "Fish" hides the identity of the organiser of a complex espionage system who is in danger of being exposed unless Drake is successful in his hazardous mission to Egypt.

Philip Leacock. David Weir. In Indiaa retired colonel ekes out his pension by collecting and selling butterfly specimens. When the colonel's assistant dies mysteriously, Drake is sent to investigate, and ends up getting help from a local policeman, whose own investigation Drake pursues.

Finally, both trails entwine. Compromised by an overeager assistant who is photographed and identified, Drake feigns gullible drunkenness and turns a trap around on his enemies. International extortionist Gregori Benares marries a lovely young Englishwoman and takes her to Rome; they stay in a villa where the butler is John Drake.

An ally of the shy wife and implacable enemy of the sadistic Benares, Drake exposes the man's kidnapping plot. Raymond Bowers. Posing as a Scotland Yard detective, Drake arrives in the West Indies to investigate a murder and test the reliability of the local contact for British intelligence, a flamboyant Colonel Mora, played by Harvey Ashby.

After close calls with women and voodoo cults, Drake sorts the evil from the good. British intelligence suspects that Rawson is selling secrets. Drake poses as a wimpy schoolteacher picked on by teenagers, wins Rawson's friendship, and trails him to a soccer game, but resists simply pulling Rawson in until he can prove the treason. Following the man to a bookstore, Drake sees his quarry bolt, but discovers an accomplice Sheila Allen and sinister spymaster.

Quentin Lawrence. In a revolutionary Latin American state, Drake's friend Peter is framed for the murder of a general's mistress. Extracting the wounded Peter is a job for Drake, undercover as a journalist; and he finds an unlikely ally. When the general himself joins the chase, the escape becomes a matter of hairbreadth timing.

Drake is sent to a remote Scottish island to investigate a set of fingerprints that belong to a spy who was long thought dead. The results surprise and chagrin everyone. How soon the dream faded away and the band fell apart. There were plenty of those bands around that released one album and then disappeared. Many dreams that turned LP) dust. But once in a while these albums needs to get a spin on the record player just to feel and remember that youthfully hunger and the passion.

Track list: 1. Wildcat 2. Set in the deadly world of international espionage and intrigue, Drake is an agent who jousts with danger before a backdrop of diverse global locations. Aided with unique Danger Man - Sanz (2) - Sweet Revenge (Vinyl and an ingenious mind, Drake does not simply attract danger - he thrives on it.

NATO also has its own.

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