Cut Off The Movie (Acoustic) - Notimefor - Dress Up To Get Down (CD, Album)

It features three instrumental, five vocal, and four drama tracks. The limited edition album was released to include a movie ticket for the first Evangelion movie, Evangelion: Death and Rebirthwhich was released on March 15, The album cover features an illustration by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, the series character designer.

Hayashibara, Miyamura, and Mitsuishi are accompanied by the voice actor for Shinji Ikari and the supporting characters on the drama track "Shuukyoku no Tsudzuki" "After the End"a comedic parody in which the reunited cast tries to come up with ways to continue Evangelion when popular demand makes the studio order them to produce a third season even though the TV series ended after a episode run.

They try to increase the sex appeal of the series, change the show's format, and try to explain what the Angels actually are. However, when their efforts prove "unsuccessful", they decide to give up on it. Humorous moments of the drama include Rei finally lashing out against Asuka's abuse, the Evangelion pilots being changed to resemble Super Sentai characters, Asuka and Kaworu interacting for the only time in the series, and the cast re-enacting the first episode solely by their own vocal sound effects.

Evangelion: Death is a soundtrack album released on Album) 11, [29] [30] by the King Records label Star Child, containing music from the first part of the first Evangelion film, Evangelion: Death and Rebirth.

It reached a peak of rank 1 in the Oricon album database. The disc has several tuning tracks and string solos that are portrayed in the film as being played by the four primary Evangelion pilots.

The disc includes as bonus tracks "False Regeneration" from the Rebith part of the film as well as Giuseppe Verdi's Requiem. The CD is no longer in print. It was released on September 26, [32] on King Records's Starchild label, peaking at number Cut Off The Movie (Acoustic) - Notimefor - Dress Up To Get Down (CD on Oricon's albums chart.

Released on December 4,it peaked at number 38 in the Oricon album chart, making 2 appearances in total. In addition to tracks included on earlier Evangelion soundtracks, this 7-disc set includes many unused songs and alternate mixes or arrangements of existing songs. It was issued as a limited edition release. Music from Evangelion: 1.

The album peaked at number 28 in the Oricon database, making 6 appearances in total. Most of the songs are new versions of background music from the original Evangelion animated television series.

The album was released on September 25, by Starchild. Evangelion: 1. The first press version of the soundtrack included a white slipcover and an Evangelion: 1. It peaked at number 38 on the Oricon albums chart, making a total of 9 appearances on the chart. Evangelion: 2.

It peaked at number 8 in the Oricon album charts, charting for a total of 16 weeks. The first press edition of the special edition included a hard plastic orange slipcover and an Evangelion: 2.

Starchild released the album. Even as a standalone soundtrack, it's still an incredibly realized and focused soundtrack. Music from Evangelion: 3. The music featured is presented in its entirety, without being edited for film length. The album was released on November 28, Evangelion: 3. Music from "Shin Evangelion" Evangelion: 3. The album was released on March 17, It was released in Japan on September 13, by King Records and in North America on September 7, by Geneon Entertainment and peaked at number 20 in the Oricon charts, ultimately making just 2 appearances.

As the title implies, it is based around the Second Impact, a pivotal event in the Evangelion storyline. The album release date matches that of the fictional event. As the title indicates, its focus is Rei Ayanamione of the three primary protagonists of Neon Genesis Evangelion. The album features background music and instrumental tracks related to Rei's appearances in the Neon Genesis Evangelion TV series and movies. It also contains vocal tracks by her voice actress, Megumi Hayashibarafor the "Rei Ayanami versions" of certain songs related to Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Rei Ayanami's in-universe birth date is unknown. The Birthday of Rei Ayanami was only released in Japan. The album cover features an illustration by Yoshiyuki Sadamotothe character designer for the series. The CD itself depicts the front part of Rei's plug suit bearing the inscription 00, which refers to her designated Evangelion, Unit The album was produced by Kouji Asano and Takashi Tokuhara.

Refrain of Evangelion is a soundtrack album featuring music from the anime television series Neon Genesis Evangelion and the films Evangelion: Death and Rebirth and The End of Evangelion. On May 26,King Records released the album in Japan and Geneon Entertainment released it in America on November 9,[51] while it reached number 62 in the Oricon database, making a total of 6 appearances.

Neon Genesis Evangelion Decade is an album released to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the date the TV series began airing. The album peaked at number 24 in the Oricon charts, making 90 appearances on the chart. A perfect combination of art, music and humor.

Search term. Billboard Pro Subscribe Sign In. Top Artists. Top Charts. Hot Songs. Billboard Top Videos. Top Articles. By Billboard Staff. Copied to clipboard. Click to copy. Young Thug, 'Jeffery' Few rappers played more convincingly or compellingly with either identity or gender over the course of the s as Young Thug. So no surprise that his best-remembered album cover was this Garfield Lamond-photographed shot of a face-covered Thug in a long, flowing dress designed by Alessandro Trincone for his Jeffery project -- an image that would've been unthinkable in hip-hop decades earlier, and unforgettable for decades after.

Janet Jackson, 'Rhythm Nation ' Eschewing a friendly, fun image more conducive to '80s pop chart success, Janet Jackson adopted a militaristic tone for her instantly iconic black-and-white Rhythm Nation cover art. Cardi B, Invasion of Privacy Brash, bold, badass and whatever other "B" words generally applied to Cardi B's rise to prominence in also worked for the cover of her debut LP, Invasion of Privacy.

Captured by photographer Jora Frantzis, Cardi sneers in cat-eyes sunglasses, mustard-blonde hair and a checkered long-sleeve coat -- dazzling and unignorable, Album) as the accompanying album would soon prove to be on the Billboard charts.

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In the end he got the balance right, but the deleted scene would have been a huge problem had it remained. In it, Marty tells Emmett "Doc" Brown Christopher Lloyd that he's feeling a little weird about the situation he's found himself in.

The Doc responds by telling him to "take a few liberties with her" which is creepy enough as isbut it's Marty's reply that really shocks. With Walt himself no longer around, new CEO Michael Eisner was eager to take the company in a new direction and tap into the Dungeons and Dragons -loving teen market, though he came to regret his decision.

When his new team of young animators which included recent CalArts graduates John Lasseter and Tim Burton brought the finished product to Roy Disney, Walt's nephew apparently experienced a sinking "'Oh no' feeling. New head of animation Jeffrey Katzenberg cut a whopping 12 minutes from the movie, including a now notorious scene in which the Horned King's undead army kill two henchmen in gruesome fashion — their skin is melted away, leaving only their skeletons behind.

Numerous movies, television shows and even video games needed to be altered in some way following the tragic events of September 11, The Twin Towers were never going to be included in the Mouse House's 42nd animated feature, but the original climax of the Hawaii-set movie would have undoubtedly evoked memories of the horrific attack so soon after it took place.

The first cut featured Stitch and friends hijacking a commercial airliner as part of their attempts to save Lilo from her alien kidnapper, crashing through buildings and causing carnage as they give chase. The plane was swiftly changed to a spacecraft and the cityscape replaced by mountains. Over a decade later, the partially restored footage found its way online.

A former bad boy of British cinema, late director Ken Russell pushed his luck with film censors throughout Album) often controversial career.

The English auteur received an Oscar nomination for his film Women in Love best known for its nude wrestling scene between Oliver Reed and Alan Batesbut recognition from the Academy didn't make him want to tone his style down.

Quite the opposite, in fact — the ending Russell originally had planned for 's The Devils became the thing of legend. Some were beginning to doubt whether the so-called "rape of Christ" scene was even real, until film critic and Ken Russell fan Mark Kermode found it gathering dust in a Warner Bros.

Kermode managed to convince the UK's Channel 4 to show the infamous scene in which a group of crazed nuns get familiar with a statue of their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ directly after his Russell documentary, Hell on Earth: The Desecration and Resurrection of The Devils.

Unsurprisingly, the climactic scene had to be cut from The Devils before censors would approve the film for release, as did a number of other offensive moments. There was originally a scene in which Vanessa Redgrave's Sister Jeanne puts a charred human bone somewhere that she really shouldn't, and, according to The GuardianRussell was forced to edit out several other shots to appease U.

The Friday the 13th franchise has seen its fair share of final girlsbut Kimberly Beck's Trish Jarvis is "perhaps the toughest cookie in the entire series," according to VHS Revival. Speaking to Fangoria inBeck revealed that the shoot was an emotional rollercoaster. Beck added that some of her work didn't make it into the final cut of Joseph Zito's sequel, saying that what she considered her "best scene" was axed following a conversation between the director and producers.

Todd Phillips' Joker has no shortage of extreme and arguably offensive moments, but there was at least one finished scene that was too much for the theatrical cut. Speaking at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, the director revealed that he would often allow leading man Joaquin Phoenix plenty of room to improvise, which led to some pretty crazy moments.

Phillips didn't explain why the axed bathroom scene would have rubbed censors up the wrong way, leaving fans to guess just what he filmed that day.

One scene that did make the final cut saw Arthur Fleck giving his frail mother Frances Conroy a bath, shampooing her hair as she tells him all about how Thomas Wayne is going to help them escape their dire living situation. Could this scene have originally been longer?

Or was Phillips talking about a different bathtub scene altogether? Sadly, we'll probably never find out. Heartbeat 2. A Little More Us 3. Tongue Tied 4. Chemistry 6. Over It 7. Downtown 8. Back To The Future. Hey Monday - Hangover New []. Labels: Hey Monday. Myspace rip []. Labels: Red Car Wire. Tracklist: 1. Phoenix Can Keep You 2.

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