Cheap Hotel - Sheb Wooley - Warm And Wooley (Vinyl, LP)

Where's The Champagne? Ry Cooder is interviewed on Side Back cover has script for DJ to give interview. Has "secret" message in the run-out groove at end of side 2, not available on the UK edition. Produced in London by Fred Robbins. Includes 5-page DJ script. The idea is for the DJ to pretend Paul is live in the studio. Includes guide script for DJ to ask questions as if Grace Slick was there in the studio, in person.

Includes quiz sheet insert which you would use to send your answers in to win a trip to the Olympics in Munich, Germany!

Gatefold cover Freberg Ltd. Timothy Leary; Mrs. Orchestra under the direction of Paul Weston. Includes "Melissa", produced by Steve Alaimo. Smart, Amon Garrett, Buddy Cage. Produced by Todd Rundgren. Withdrawn shortly after release. Must-have rarity for any Kiss fan. VERY few known to exist!

Manufactured in Madrid, Spain. Distributed by Hispavox, S. Front cover 'Tongue Logo' is Red. Brown print inside gatefold. Six album covers in Sloane We Bite Mix " Simitar Entertainment Hard" cover Jon LORD?

CD booklet art ? LP covers for RCA. Know" LP cover Ghetto Way RA cover Metropolitan Opera, IORI Italy. JANO France. Sub Pop record covers? Comics Journalp. Solicited in Previews Septp. Jeremy KAY. KISS "Destroyer" Robot" Tarquin Records ? Records, Germany. The Placebo Syndrome" comic book insert 19??

T" cover 19?? LP cover Saftlos Boomshanka Music Cleopatra MOPS Austria. BEN E. Howard B. OST "Akira" cd cover. OST "Memories" cd cover. Graphics"] USA. By he knew he would have to take his recording operations into new quarters, even if his own, very good, instincts warned LP) against it. Phillips also wanted to diversify into custom recording hiring out studio timeand developing Phillips International into an label with diverse brands of music.

All of this, requiring more space, more personnel, and updated technology, was impossible at Union Avenue. Jerry Lee Lewis and his entourage had anticipated that they would arrive back in United States to find the disclosure of Myra's age and the accompanying news that Jerry's divorce from his previous wife had not been finalized when he married Myra would have no impact upon his burgeoning career.

Sam Phillips was dismayed. I think Jerry's innocence back then and his trying to be open and friendly and engaging with the press, backfired. They scalped him. It turned out to be a very ghastly and deadly thing. So many people wanted to point a finger of scorn at rockers and say. Informer Sun recording artist, Andy Anderson and his band mixed local shows with spots on tour packages organized by Dick Clark and Alan Freed.

Then, Andy quit the Stones and went home to do what he always said he didn't want, to help run the family business. This was short-lived, however, and he soon back on the rock and roll trail with a new band The Dawnbreakers, and a new record, ''Tough Tough Tough'', the same song he had recorded at Sun. He had his own record label too, Century Ltd. By the mids, after a period running an electric wholesale company, Anderson switched courses completely, moving to Los Angeles and beginning an acting career.

Today, Andy lives back near his roots in Clinton, Mississippi playing occasional jam sessions with friends from the Delta days. His mission was to cut his first record and, he hoped his first hit. Spector also arranged the music for the session and played all the instruments except drums which were handled by Sandy Nelson. And, in a sign of things to come, the song did indeed become a hit, going all the way to number one on the pop charts.

In the annals of sixties pop music, few behind-the-scene figures had a more profound impact than Phil Spector. Two years after recording ''To Know Him Is To Love Him'', Spector flew to New York aboard American Airlines's first commercial cross-country jet and began to mingle with the songwriters and producers who were responsible for what has ill Building Sound.

King, and playing guitar on the Drifters's ''On Broadway''. During this period, Spector, like Leiber and Stoller before him, further developed the concept of the record produced as auteur.

He added string sections, tympani, bells, anything that would help him build his now-famous Wall of Sound, a cavernous, majestic, echo-enveloped sound in which the singers, like the musicians, were just one aspect of the overall production.

Phil Spector attempted to top himself with each new single, the productions becoming more complex, more massive. But when the song he considered his masterpiece, Tina Turner's ''River Deep Mountain High'', failed to become a hit, Spector decided to call it a day. The music that Spector created in the sixties sounds as fresh and exciting today as it did forty years ago, proving there was a lot of truth in the Philles motto: ''Tomorrow's Sound Today''. InSpector was convicted of seconddegree murder in the shooting death of actress Lana Clarkson in his Alhambra, California home.

He is serving a prison sentence of 19 years to life. Still stunning by Jerry Lee Lewis's flame-out, soldiered on as the days lengthened into early summer The magnolias and crepe myrtles were beginning to bloom, and the many trees along the main streets and boulevards were in full leaf. It was warm, but the oppressive heat and humidity of July and August hadn't come yet.

Jerry Lee Lewis's ''High School Confidential'' was released as planned on June 2, to coincide with the appearance in movie houses of the film of the same name. We had a black-and-white sleeve to ship it in, showing a head shot of Jerry Lee with the stars of the movie in the background. The voluptuous Mamie Van Doren had the most eye-catching photo among the five cast members. Brown, his cousin and father-in-law, and drummer Russ Smith performed on the back of a truck, personifying the rock and roll music that the teenyboppers loved and their parents hated.

Jay W. Van Eaton, had quit Jerry Lee's band at this time. However, in the movie, the music being heard was the original Sun recording with Roland Janes on guitar and Jimmy M.

Van Eaton on drums. Sun was happily surprised that ''High School Confidential'' climbed to number 21 on the charts.

Its lyrics monotonously chanted, ''Bopping at the high school hop'' and was clearly a song ''manufactured'' for this movie. Other people much preferred the country-sounding flip side, ''Fools Like Me'', which Jack Clement co-wrote. Some of Jerry's fans obviously loved him for his music and didn't think his personal life defined him. We kept thinking that, if the movie had featured a stronger song, Jerry Lee might have had a bona fide hit that would have put him back in the big arenas.

As it was, just to keep him working, his manager had started booking small venues at a fraction of what he was making before he went to England. Jud Phillips kept obsessing about ways to help Jerry Lee make a comeback. He mentioned he'd like his writer friend, Helen Bolstad, or someone like her to do a fan-magazine piece with pictures of Myra and Jerry at home with their parents. People do forget.

We need to create a new impression of him''. He said he'd talked with Sam Phillips about some of his ideas, but Sam wasn't too interested. Even though he thought Jerry Lee had a chance to make it back in sow business, Sam didn't have any ideas about how to help him. Without that drive, you can't accomplish anything''.

At opening time one Monday morning this was the day he usually got there earlySam arrived in a buoyant mood on Union, eager to convey the good news that he'd bought property at Madison for a new studio.

He exclaimed that we would have ample space for staff offices, as well as great new equipment and two studios for greater technical flexibility in recording. We were going to be an even greater record company and now, custom recording studio!. He had hired a remodeling of the building he had bought''. There would be room for parking, which was a great improvement''.

Despite his other business interests, Sam intended to keep making recordsthough he had doubts that rock and roll would always be so popular, and now he could afford better quarters. One day some months past, Sally Wilbourn had looked up from her bookkeeping and announced, ''Sam has a million dollars in his bank account''.

I wasn't surprise, because the figure three million had been floated as an estimate of our annual gross. I didn't know much about the money flow'', said Barbara, ''but I was up to date on sales, which had been great since before I arrived. I also knew that expenses had to be low, with our staff so small and no one making a high salary''. Sam Phillips greatest expectation for the new facility lay in custom recording and mastering.

Ever on the lookout for a good investment he hadn't done badly sinking some cash in Holiday Innshe felt Memphis was a magnet for the abundant indigenous talent, and that there was no real competition in recording. One studio, the Pepper facility, was making commercials, but that marked had room for competition, and only a few obscure studios were putting out records. But Sam envisioned the Sam C. Phillips Recording Studios as something comparable to the Nashville facilities where almost all of America's country music was produced.

Sam Phillips could even compete with them, as the Sun label had always had a country catalog. The club raises the profile of blues, folk and country acts, including Mississippi John Hurt, Son House, Earl Hooker, Muddy Waters, and young artists that produced the sixties music revolution. Paramount released Elvis Presley's ''King Creole''. Aaron Tippin is born in Pensacola, Florida.

Harry Warner dies in Hollywood, California. With three siblings, he created Warner Bros. Pictures, a major film company that would also start a record label, which plays a hand in careers of Randy Travis, Faith Hill and Emmylou Harris, among others. He is destined to become the fourth husband of Carlene Carter.

Elvis Presley picks up a speeding ticket in Fort Worth, Texas. Above right LP) of desks, office space, two recording studios, each its own control room, and an acetate room will be included in the new Sun Record Co. Front designed by Denise Howard by Decor of Denise, is of rough yextured terrazzo. Top floor is include penthouse executive offices and a sun and dance deck.

The new building will be identified as home of the Sun and Phillips International records by a sign and oversized, multi-colored disks. Under construction, April Phillips gutted the interior and installed two modern recording studios on the ground floor.

On the third floor, adjacent to the accounting and publishing offices, Phillips finally gave himself his own office, complete with jukebox and nearby wet bar, ensuring that he was surrounded by a few of his favorite things.

The anal touches fire administered by Decor by LP), who favored early space age motifs: door handles were housed in miniature sputniks, and the offices soon took on the look of a late s Buick. Although it had been in use, on and off, since Januarythe new studio was launched in a promotional whirl on September The complex was everything that Union was not: spacious, state-of-the-art, and soulless.

Phillips added to his staff at the new location. By this point, Phillips had separated from his wife, Becky, and was living with Sally Wilbourn, who had joined Sun in late She moved with him as office manager, as did pro-motion person Barbara Barnes who left later insensing the game was over, to pursue a career in academia.

Scotty Moore was brought over from Fernwood Records in June and named studio manager and chief cutting engineer; Charles Underwood, composer of ''Ubangi Stomp'' was hired as air manager and assistant engineer.

Moore and Underwood largely filled the holes created by the departure of Bill Justis and Jack Clement; together they joined Bill Fitzgerald and Cecil Scaife, who had been hired shortly before the new studio was finished. Fitzgerald then concentrated on building the Music Sales distributorship in Memphis.

After nine years in distribution, he took on the ill-defined role of general manager at Sun in Auguststaying until the bitter end. Cecil Scaife was born in Helena, Arkansas, and had originally planned to parlay hid looks into a career in movies.

He went to Hollywood as a protege of Paramount Pictures, staying a few months before returning to the South Vreft of his illusions about the movie business. Scaife joined Hi Records as promotion manager, becoming their first full-time employee; Sam Phillips was Impressed with his work in getting Carl McVoy off the ground, and phoned him in the wee hours one morning offering him the job of promotion manager that Jud Phillips had just vacated. After dinner the following night, Scaife accepted.

It house a four-track recorder and two single-track machines. Scotty Moore would later bring in a three-track recorder so that he could be compatible with the studios in Nashville. Moore and Phillips also installed two state-of-the-art Neumann cutting lathes so that they could cut their own masters, although the lathes never became fully operational.

The difficulties began to mount even before the tapes started rolling. The studio architect was drafted, leaving others to pick up the pieces. Every time it rained 1'd have to go over there with buckets and mops. It delayed the opening for six month's''. That was nothing compared to the real problem with the building, untamed acoustics.

The sound was too hot. Too alive''. Phillips' instincts as an audio engineer, which had served him so well at the old studio, deserted him on Madison Avenue.

The tightly focused slapback echo at the old studio had been replaced try a cavernous hollow sound, as the audio signals leaped around the huge floor and off the corrugated ceiling. To combat the problem, Phillips ordered baffles that could he recessed into the wall when not in use; but they turned out to he more decorative than functional.

The problems ran even deeper than technical and design flaws. The funkiness of the old studio had been replaced by a high-tech environment.

A creative atmosphere. There was a naturalness about it. You felt up when you walked in. The new studio had a sterile atmosphere, it was like a doctor's office''. Phillips himself seems to have been ambivalent about the new facility. In his first flush of enthusiasm, he told Edwin Howard, ''Woodshed recordings have had it You've got to have latitude today, all the electronic devices, built-in high and low frequency equalization and attenuation, echoes, channel splitting and metered on everything''.

But it's doubtful that Phillips ever truly learned to love the new technology. Phillips oldest son, Knox, watched his father at work in the new studio.

A single-track machine was run in tandem with the multitrack so that everything could be recorded twice. Phillips would premix through the hoard to the single-track machineries, as he had at the old studio, leaving no latitude for rebalancing. The four-track tapes could he used for stereo middowns and over-dubbing, if necessary. Invariably, though, it was what he captured on the single-track that Phillips regarded as the ''cut''. It is announced that he will sign with Columbia Records on August 1.

Sun Records continue to issue his recordings successfully into the early s. Perhaps Sam Phillips hoped that Barton would pick up where Cash left off. It so, it didn't happen, although Brian Setzer liked ''Stairway To Nowhere'' enough to cover it in Both sides of the record were written by Allen and Jo-Ann Wingate.

She sent a promotion picture of hers and wrote: My aunt Olive "discovered" me when I lived in Florida in late My favorite singer was Brenda Lee at the time and I would listen and sing every song that she recorded.

My aunt heard me singing. From there, it went very fast. I can remember sitting with him at his piano and singing until I was hoarse. We recorded in Nashville, TN and in the 60's, unlike today, when you met to record everyone was there at the same time in the studio. Later, I found out that I had the best musicians and singers at the time in the studio.

If memory serves me correctly, on 'Kangaroo' several Jordanaires were there; the 'Hop, hop' was done by Ray Walker. From there, when the 45 was released, my aunt Olive and I traveled the roads of Middle Tennessee visiting every radio station that would let us in and I frequented the 'Eddie Hill Show' many times during the remainder of I would cringe when he introduced me as 'the little darling of tv'.

I also sang at many area events with local bands. In my small hometown of Hartsville, TN, I was a celebrity and to this day when I revisit and see people they will say they remember my tv appearances and my record. Cynthia recorded just this one 45 rpm record. She was a young 13 year old back then.

Cynthia now is an elementary school teacher in Tennessee. She still enjoys singing and always asked why she didn't pursue that career: "I guess the timing wasn't right", Cynthia says. Thank you, Cynthia Muse for sharing your memories! May Dutch single release, coupled with Big Daddy on the other side.

Bob Forshee, co-writer of this song, was a University of Missouri graduate and former school teacher, who went into music business in the early s. Forshee and Loudermilk wrote at least 4 songs together, of which 2 were recorded and released. Hit all over the world. In the UK it was a top 5 hit, in the US it reached the 32 position.

She sang with a powerful voice, with a Marianne Faithfull's timbre. Her album, recorded in Nashville, was a hit, but she didn't record any more. In he recorded Little Bird, a duet with popular singer Zalatnay Sarolta. Louder mick. The original recording by Kris Jensen was released in May but first started to sell 4 month later. It peaked 20, Nov. She also designed her own character font. Her debut 'Torture' originally was intended to be released by Virgin, but the deal went down.

The story goes that already 20, sleeves had been printed. Hermine crossed out 'Virgin', stamped "Salome Disc" instead dedicated to Lou Andreas Salome and stamped the song titles on the blank record labels.

This way 2, copies were made as a private label release. Hermine used the remaining 18, sleeves to decorate her house. Petula Clark Nov. Mortierorgel Orgue MortierPolydorpart of an organ potpourri, Belgium.

Petula Clark Feb. Are these different recordings Danny Davis left unreleased as the matrix numbers suggest, or probably are the Minute Men brass orchestral a Danny Davis incarnation? Jerry Byrd does a steel guitar version. First lines: I guess I've got a good excuse for being special blue, 'cause it's not every day you lose someone as special as you etc.

Rita Faye Wilson was a daughter of hillbilly artist Smiley Wilson. In the sixties Rita recorded a few pop songs. On "You're Cool" she sounds soulful and black. She also played autoharp on Patsy Cline's and Grandpa Jones' recordings. Rita married songwriter Earl Sinks and they made pretty good money in music business.

The record also charted Australia, Brisbane 10 weeks top 40, highest position 10, 1 week top 10Melbourne peaked 3, 19th top selling record of and Sydney 13, Sep. Cashbox add for Sue Thompson's 'fifth smash in a row, climbing on all charts'. Sue's record peaked 17 pop Billboard. Lyrics An Austrian release by Hanne Wieder, daughter of a general and singer, actress, comedienne. Translated as James halt die Leiter gradeat the end of the song she falls down the ladder Versions by Danish singer Helle Wilke on Triola.

Left, Helle recorded James er du klar med stigen? Ria Valk Nov. Barbara Leecd Even Now, prob. Lyrics: Bad news travels like wildfire Good news travels slow They all call me, "Ole Wildfire," 'Cause everybody knows that I'm bad news Ev'rywhere I go Always gettin' in trouble And leaving little girls who hate to see me go I've picked peaches down in Georgia Lumberjacked up in Maine LP) been hired and jailed In every state you can name 'Cause I'm bad news From north to south, from east to west The story is the same From one state to the other I have to change my name 'Cause I'm bad news Loudermilk, Song Folio.

Daniels as composer credits. The music however, is nothing but an exact copy of Loudermilk's Bad News! Acuff Rose charged Charlie Daniels copyright infringement in I don't know what the judge's verdict eventually was, but listen to LP) Daniels' clip below and how close it is to Bad News, and far off from Proud Mary or Honky Tonkin'. A song with hit potential, that failed to make it lyrics.

A great song! An inspiration to the song has been what his father also a John D, died in told him about thumbing to get work during the Depression. Kris Jensen once more tortured see lyricsbut failed to follow up his hit Torture. Peter 'Kris' Jensen, remained a one-hit wonder. In the s he worked as a tune-screener for a publisher in California and later is reported being traveling around as a promoter of Buddhist religion in America. Another excellent song by Sammy Salvo See lyrics.

Dubious if this can be called a Loudermilk song. There's been a discussion who really composed the song. In fact it probably was an older folk standard. Bob Gibson was a regular act at the club, at the time and he and my father became friends. Dad took on managerial duties of some form with Bob's career for a short while and they ended up in New York City for some business or just a good time. Cheap Hotel - Sheb Wooley - Warm And Wooley (Vinyl day while hanging around Washington Square Park, they ran into an acquaintance who was strumming on a banjo and mumbling some lyrics either "Abilene, Abilene, prettiest girl I've ever seen" or "Abilene, Abilene, prettiest town I've ever seen".

My dad pulled Bob aside and told him to learn the chord progression, because he was going to write the rest of the lyrics. They ended up back in their hotel room and with the help of some cheap liquor, my father wrote the lyrics to Abilene in the bathtub. He claims it took him ten minutes. Bob Gibson made the first recording of the song and it did nothing. Some years later, my father got a call from a friend exclaiming that Abilene was on the Billboard charts. He called his publisher, Acuff-Rose, to verify and they replied that "Yes!

My father had later found out that Mr. Loudermilks name was added as a writer, even though he had NOT had anything to do with writing the song. My dad figure he played a more important role He found the song and made it a HIT! For Sale. Email; dsulipa gmail. Land Line Phone; TEXT us at; Records PRO. Records WS. CSPS. Import. And the Sunshine Band etc.

Productions CBMC. Paul's Cathedral Choir; Golden Tone. Woody Herman Woodchoppers; Jazztone J. Sheppard, Hank Williams Jr. Hall etc. Dalton, John Conlee etc. Johnson's Blue Note Jazzmen etc. Coll J, Davy D etc. Records PTK. Hook, Bob Welch, Moon Martin etc. Records MLP. Records SLP. SLP. CSLP. EGED T. YS. Records PMRS .

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