Time To Live - Riff (7) - Mission Love (CD, Album)

This is also a great testament about a side of prog-rock music which can be melodic, harmonious well sung, well performed,always in good taste striving for beauty and deep emotions. While I do believe he plays a few other electronic keyboards, the tron is clearly the dominant instrument in his arsenal and indeed on this landmark live recording. For its use here as an accompanying and lead instrument, the disk cannot be awarded less than 4 stars.

Add the fiery and creative versions of "Summer Soldier", "Medicine Man", "She Said", and "Mockingbird" and we are getting close to 5 stars. Ultimately the lack of acoustic guitars is palpable given the folky nature of so much of their material, and this problem would plague other live efforts. Sure, Time To Live - Riff (7) - Mission Love (CD is sweet, and a welcome break from the decibel level, but BJH didn't have the extra manpower to include the acoustic guitar as well as the lead guitar.

While John Lees' prowess is undeniable, over the course of 11 extended songs, the formula of riveting leads set to a wall of mellotron starts to lapse into sameness. In addition, the sound on this live recording is somewhat thin.

As a collection of souped up renditions of the best Harvest material and the more concise and accessible "Everyone is Everybody Else", this recording is recommended to newbie and longtime fans alike. It provides an effective summary of the first phase of the BJH saga, without revealing too much about what would come next. The rest of the set are more faithful to the studio versions in structure but most songs feel livelier here and there is a sense of urgency lacking in the studio albums.

This is especially apparent on the older tracks like She Said and Mockingbird, which I felt were too "sleepy" on the Once Again album.

Barclay James Harvest is not an essential Prog band, but if you want them in your collection, be sure to make it this one! The album starts off with almost unrecognizable versions of Summer Soldier and Medicine Man which I would pick any day over the studio recordings.

Summer Soldier skips the transitions that ruined the original version while the four minute Medicine Man is transformed into a ten minute epic track that just knocks me off my feet every time I hear it!

This transformation trend wasn't only applied to the older compositions since even tracks off the latest studio album like Crazy City and The Great Mining Disaster have received makeovers with sharper harmony sections. Barclay James Harvest Live is definitely one of my top five favorite live albums!

It's a pity that this release is so hard to track down since it would serve as a perfect introduction to this great band! But after all the praise I still hesitate to call it an essential release although this time it has nothing to do with the band's progressive merits since there are quite a few of them here. Although I love all the individual performances I've never got the same type of kick out of this album as I have after listening to Everyone Is Everybody Else but it's safe to say that Barclay James Harvest Live is on the heels of that studio album!

Their live sound is clearly more p Barclay James Harvest Live : I believe this was the first live album BJH recorded and it was also my introduction to the band back around that time.

The impact this album made on me as an impressionable lad was so huge that it is still in my collection today - much loved, and whenever one For me, there was always something wrong with BJH's first albums. Although there were excellent songs on every album, actually I didn't hear any really bad ones, the sound was way too polished, perhaps even sappy, for my taste.

Not on this album, though. With the orchestra gone, every song w Like I wrote in my rev It is a masterpiece that can listen to a wonderful performance it keeps tight and with power. They are developing the performance with the drive feeling far more than the studio album in this work.

It is Album) work that can be satisfied of the appearance of BJH that accomplishes a big leap as BJH's first official live album is a must-have for everyone who likes great harmonies, beautiful mellotron and great guitar playing.

The first two tracks are probably the best the band ever recorded live. The lengthy 'Summer soldier', a beautiful and powerful interpretation of the original Bab You must be a forum member to post a review, please register here if you are not. Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved. Please consider supporting us by giving monthly PayPal donations and help keep PA fast-loading and ad-free forever. This 2-LP is still my 'ultimate progrock Mellotron album': lots of majestic waves of the Mellotron, beautifully blended with the warm vocals, sensitive electric guitarwork and a good rhythm-section.

Good musicians if not perhaps not the greatest individual virtuosos, they stuck to what they were capable of, wrote great songs and the result was far greater than the sum of the individual parts. The two long tracks on side 1 I have the vinyl double LP segue into each other and are excellent, with some great keyboards from Woolly Wolstenholme and fine guitar solos from John Lees.

Iron Maiden and I are very dear, old friends. I loved Killers so much 40 years ago or at least the cover that year-old me took the bus to another town to buy the T-shirt.

They had nothing in my size, so I bought the small one into which I barely fit, apparently not understanding the whole exploding puberty thing about to take place.

Din-Din by bbigpigg. Imagine if Waluigi fronted the sickest, grooviest, most fucked up rock band you've ever seen. That's this band and I really do mean that statement as a compliment. Absolutely stellar live set. Cloud of Thought by sallow. Accidentally stumbled upon this record one day. Asolutely blown away since my first listen. This record is something else. A beautiful, bludgeoning mess of emotions.

I would love to witness this live. Fantastic Man by Blacklisters. This band fucks. Simple as that. One day we'll get to see them tear a room apart. Clean by Whores. Wait, that sounds wrong! But they sound oh so right!!! Zisilia Alvsa is a writer for Wealthy Gorilla. Friends often call her Zii. She is a girl from Jakarta, Indonesia who currently lives in Bali.

Zii loves photography and travelling. Your email address will not be published. The music scene in Australia have always been one I've never heard that much about, for some reason or other, but the ones I have come across in the last few years in one way or another documents that this is a music scene that produce plenty of quality bands.

Voyager can safely be Time To Live - Riff (7) - Mission Love (CD inside that context with their very own take on progressive metal. I'm really impressed with what Voyager have accomplished on this album. It's not like they have discovered any new variety of progressive metal, the elements they use and utilize are all familiar ones throughout.

They obviously enjoy a specific subcategory of metal called djent, at least the greater majority of their compositions feature riff constructions that gives me instant associations to that style even if not all of them may follow the technical description of that style. I'll leave it to the technical oriented nerds to make the final call on that one.

To my ears this sounds like djent or djent-oriented material however, although used in a more careful and dampened variety than many other bands exploring similar waters. Tasteful keyboards supplement and compliment quite nicely, both for the aforementioned parts as well as when the bands opts for a more traditional Dream Theater school arrangement with majestic riffs and keyboards and when they shift to more pf a power metal based expression with galloping riffs and bass.

This latter aspect more of a rare guest at this particular party I might add. There's also a piano ballad present, given a nice but perhaps a tad too predictable orchestral inspired coating. All of these are familiar elements, as stated, and that Voyager have a drummer willing and capable to add more sophisticated details to his rhythms and that vocalist Daniel Estrin has a mesmerizing, powerful and melodic delivery doesn't present anything new either, although both of them do elevate the total experience due to the sheer quality of their performances.

The unfamiliar aspect of this album, the creative trump card if you like, is in their approach. This is fairly sophisticated and often quirky progressive metal that is positive and fun. Joyful, vibrant and energetic progressive metal may sound like an oxymoron, but that is what Voyager create and explore brilliantly Album) "V".

Music that will make you smile, sing along and lighten even the cloudiest day of your life. I can't pinpoint any particular aspect of their material as to just why this album and these compositions turns out that way, but they do so. That the songs generally are compelling, that the darker aspects are dampened in nature and that the use of keyboards and keytar covers many songs in a lighter toned coating is part of the answer I guess, the vibrant and positive lead vocals of aforementioned vocalist Estrin is another.

Quite a few of the songs at hand are highly accessible too when seen in the context of mainstream appeal. Opening track Hyperventilate have been chosen as the first single, personally I think that the shorter Embrace the Limitless has a strong potential in that context too.

Concluding track Seasons of Age might have been an even stronger candidate if the band had opted to continue exploring the themes in the first half of that song, and while the concluding half is a most satisfying run from a progressive metal fans point of view it isn't one that will have the broad appeal a single needs to Album), at least as far as my opinion goes.

Just about the only slight negatives I can mention is that on two occasions Voyager doesn't manage to create such a vibrant and positive atmosphere, and then the end result isn't quite as compelling. If you enjoy melodic progressive metal and don't mind encountering plenty of djent and djent-oriented details, Voyager's latest album "V" should be fairly high on your list of productions to check out. And if you find the notion of a band creating fun, positive and vibrant music within that stated context intriguing, music you want to hum, sing and even dance along to, then chances are that this CD will end up in your top 5 albums list ofand Time To Live - Riff (7) - Mission Love (CD high on your top list of albums from this decade as well I suspect.

Hyperventilating - The trance fused synthetised fury of frontman Daniel Estrin immediately tell me to hold onto my arse for a proceeding riff, I could feel the promise of djenty sackrattling from the get go. Holy hell - this is killer. The secondary nature of the guitars that support Voyager's popular songwriting curve that they have sometimes been criticised of is completely dismissed right-off-the-bat. Fierce pumping grooves move you and I mean they really move you.

Not for one second are force-fed this 1-note djentstick garb at all - this is fresh,harmonic and interesting riffage that elated me. The Milton Cleans enter and it's not doubt what the influences have been on the band since 'The Meaning of I' but it comes off as the opposite of contrived. It is a mutated Cyclops growing and extra arm to generate more of itself. All the hooks, all of the guitars especially the playful phrasing of Scott Kay's first guitar solo to Simone Dow's diminished flurriesthe newly found presence of some slap articulations by Alex Canion to thicken the barrage of groove, and the punchy beats of the Dood take everything successful on the title track of their previous release including its more contemporary guitar tuning to make the perfect opener to this album.

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