Sonate - Obrechts Barock Ensemble - Obrechts Barock Ensemble (Vinyl, LP)

Auch Johann Wolfgang von Goethe versuchte sich erfolgreich an Sonetten. Seit werden in Deutschland wieder mehr Sonette verfasst. In den Quartetten ist der umarmende Reim abba vorherrschend, in den Terzetten der Schweifreim ccd eed.

Einen inhaltlichen Bruch findet man oft zwischen den Quartetten und den Terzetten. Im letzten Vers steht oft eine Schlussfolgerung oder eine Pointe.

Wir sind doch nunmehr gantz, ja mehr denn gantz verheeret! The thing is, brilliant though this album may be, would I LP) it above, say, Misplaced Childhood by Marillion?

The fact is, no. So, for the fact it simply is not as classic to that level Review by progpositivity Prog Reviewer. Luca Zabbini is a genius in my book.

Here's a 'track-by-track' rundown if you are into this level of detail. Composer, arranger, keyboard wizard and acoustic guitarist Luca Zabbini handles lead vocals with specialist Alex Mari providing additional vox in the background.

At around into the piece, some power begins to make its way into the equation. At around an anthemic big chorus is introduced. A grandiose symphonic interlude is followed by a calm verse which sets up a magnificently powerful organ solo at about This solo is expressive and well executed.

It does not, however, reveal the true extent of Zabbini's mastery of fusion keyboards. That will have to wait until later on in the album!

Of course this is a modern production with a more powerful edge in the chorus, but the vocal vibe on the verses along with the fact that the singer is an Italian singing in English as a 2nd language is probably what evokes my memories of classic PFM. Clocking in at and with a catchy groove, this could be a "hit single" in an alternate universe where prog still makes regular appearances on the pop charts.

ASHES - introduces a combination of gently melodic, intricate piano playing, and dramatic vocal styling that will characterize much of the rest of this CD.

This song is probably a pretty decent litmus test of whether this CD will be to your LP). It has complex, lush arrangements with very high quality composition and performances throughout.

At about the an energetic passage features distorted guitar. A couple of monster keyboard solos are added. But byit gives way to a gentle - yet majestic - wave of symphonic jazz rock fusion to end the song. At aboutbass guitar, drums, and a carefully crafted keyboard sequence adds energy. Atthe chorus adds a bit more energy - even so, everything is still rather gentle with piano and rhythmic keyboards at the forefront.

Ata rock beat finally takes over. The arrangement rarely "sits still". By a short vocal section introduces an elegant piano led fusion solo.

The bridge carries us to another Sonate - Obrechts Barock Ensemble - Obrechts Barock Ensemble (Vinyl beat explosion for a 30 second chorus before introducing a guitar solo from to or so. At the 5 minute mark, acoustic guitar accompanies a bridge section which features a lower octave vocal double of the lead singer's line to great effect.

The guitar solo at boosts an already anthemic bridge progression to more expressive heights. Atit gives way to a piano interlude accompanied by a lush yet understated symphonic background. Ateverything gets energetically symphonic. The song ends with one more pass at the rock led chorus and a final fusion ending.

It reminds me of some of Gentle Giant's less complex appropriations of Renaissance and medieval musical sensibilities. Symphonic elements come and go throughout. AtSonate - Obrechts Barock Ensemble - Obrechts Barock Ensemble (Vinyl composition will almost certainly leave fans of this style wishing for more.

Acoustic guitar accompanies a symphonic score. Acoustic piano joins without overpowering the symphonic leads. Atthis is the CD's "epic". At drums, bass guitar and lead guitar enter to carry the song into elegant jazz rock fusion territory.

Fans of Kenso would love this passage I would think. Atacoustic piano takes over to set the stage for a gently dramatic vocal verse. This seems to me like what the band Queen might have sounded like in the early 70's had they been more symphonic,complexfusion oriented and progressive. Atthe chorus is still slow and deliberate but larger and louder. Ata 30 second jazz rock interlude threatens to take the song in a new and more powerful direction yet atwe dropping right back into the deliberate pace of the large anthemic chorus.

Ata soaring melodic guitar lead is introduced. Then a soaring vocal line joins to match the same line. This melody line is both fresh and yet also intuitively 'listener friendly'. That is quite an interesting combination. The guitar soars in a higher octave as it repeats this same melodic line and then starts improvise from its base. Again, this is great guitar fusion. Die Sonate - Obrechts Barock Ensemble - Obrechts Barock Ensemble (Vinyl hatten von Beginn an einen hohen Einfluss auf den Barock.

Auch Giacomo Carissimiein Komponist aus Rom, ist hier zu nennen. In Bezug auf die Instrumentalmusik sind weitere Namen zu nennen. Girolamo Frescobaldi sowie Scarlatti haben ihren Fingerabdruck hinterlassen. Nicht zu vergessen Vivaldi. Marius Beilhammer, Jahrgangstudierte Journalismus in Bamberg. Die Barock Stilepoche — was verbirgt sich dahinter? In der Behandlung der Fuge erweist sich Bach als Meister. Er hat ein umfangreiches geistliches Chor- und Instrumentalwerk hinterlassen.

Er stirbt nach einem Schlaganfall in Leipzig. In der Kirchenmusik dieser Zeit entsteht ab etwa die neue Gattung des Oratoriums als geistliches Pendant zur Oper ohne szenische Darstellung. Die Texte sind biblischen oder geistlichen Inhalts. Besondere Bedeutung kommt auch dem Weihnachtsoratorium von Bach zu. Es entsteht die Kantatenmesse, bei der die einzelnen Teile des Messordinariums wie Kyrie oder Gloria abschnittsweise vertont werden.

Referat Das Zeitalter des Barock in der Musik 1.

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