Kisses Sweeter Than Wine - Marlene Dietrich - The Legendary, Lovely Marlene (Vinyl, LP)

Back incritical opinion on where rock was though, it was still one of the most — and should — be heading at the dawn of the new crucial parts of the recording process. Backstage at the Bath on to vinyl, great care and an even greater set established long before it became the fashionable Festival, June 28, of ears were essential.

Page and Manning were sound of southern California, was furious over. It means there are endless the run-out groove of the finished record. But that was still a year away, you wanna write? Lester the first dip in what until then had been a steady pressing plant knew they would need to fill the Bangs — who had previously chastised Zeppelin for upward surge of their commercial fortunes.

Nevertheless, it There was always a big smile there in front of into new avenues. That was always leave contemporaries overlooked albums, misunderstood and largely more important than like Black Sabbath and reviled by the critics.

With Immigrant Song becoming another Top 20 single, reaching No. Used to fighting fires, Peter Grant moved swiftly to reassure Jimmy Page that no one at Atlantic, certainly, was perturbed by this disappointing downturn in events. I always had much broader influences if anything, a freak result, he argued, not the kind loved only by heavy metal fanatics.

Although he was beating you on the head with a riff. You take a band a white background. By of thirty or forty years ago, and they sound totally charts, which when turned revealed more going into the studio now, he argued, they would different from their first album to the middle of indecipherable sigils and occasional photos of the be in no rush this time, either.

He wanted to be more. He would talk about rhythms, being a signature of his work since He was totally into Indian classical it is fantastic. But we were on top of a For Peter Grant and Led Zeppelin, there were bedfellows as funk, reggae, doo-wop, jazz, deadline, so of course there was no way to make more than a mere million bucks at stake in synth-pop and rockabilly could be felt amid any radical changes to it.

There were some silly whatever they did next. There was their entire the symphonic slabs of rock. The event is sleeve, no singles released to radio. But a tense stand-off between, on the one hand, Atlantic the album that the record company said co-founder Ahmet Ertegun and, on the other, the ectomorphic guitarist along with the behemoth would bomb made Zeppelin the biggest manager of a band who have just hit town to play band on the planet.

Forty years after its a show at Madison Square Garden. Sitting in are release, the inside story of a rock classic. Ertegun is having kittens, throwing his hands in the air in disbelief. How can you put an album out without your name on the cover?

So that is why the fourth album was untitled. It releasing records with no information and no writing on the was just a way of saying that we should look after the earth, not cover. If their first three albums absence.

Instead it features four runic symbols, plus the titles of the eight tracks made them stars, their fourth turned them into superstars.

Within two years and some cursory credits. Blocquel-Castiaux in Most could each choose our own symbol. It has also been noted that pictorial autobiography Jimmy still rages today on Zep internet alcoholic beverages — the logo it is made up of astrological Page By Jimmy Page. Ross Halfin canyon reverie Going To Californiaretro blast Rock And Roll to medieval were on the verge of collapse and could hardly wait to fly home. Moreover, the mandolins The Battle Of Evermore.

After the fourth Brill Building hit from It was Bonham himself was not just exhausted, he was also pining for his wife Pat a very natural development. We had recording. And we could have done them, but More terse were the reflections, years later, of the classically trained multi- what would be the point?

We were tired. We had worked hard, and Peter had instrumentalist whose composing and arranging skills were so vital to probably worked harder than any of us. L something about his ballooning weight by checking into a health farm. Jimmy was wearing the Playing two shows at the Garden on Saturday, September 19,Zeppelin high wellies and cardigan sweaters, and that famous hat he wore at the Bath.

It was the folksy look. In some ways it was grounding for them. Jimmy mobile truck and see what comes out of it. And Robert had been the house was the fourth album. Although some things were recorded outside to Bron-yr-Aur as a child, so he remembered it as a safe, secure place. It was of that location — like Stairway… — the germ of it was Headley. January found the house significantly A humble stone structure standing in the midst of a sloping sheep pasture, colder and damper than it had been the previous spring.

And this was a great place to go to get away because nearby… We all ran in when we arrived, in a mad scramble to get the driest there was nobody around. The sheep would almost come into the house while rooms.

There were a couple of times when given up the ghost. I through its rooms. I had an old electric fire. By now nprior to interviewing him in nearby Machynlleth, I they all had lovely houses and had been living in five-star hotels.

They recorded persuaded Plant to drive me up to Bron-yr-Aur, in a muddy, burgundy- in the worst fucking places imaginable. And where is it all going? Do we want world domination and all that noted of the distraction-free environment. It stuff? For instance, Going To California and and talked and thought and went off to the abbey where they hid the grail. No Battle Of Evermore came out of there. They were playing at being songs both old and new, some scarcely more than sketches that would remain country squires.

They found an old shotgun and used to shoot at squirrels in on the back burner: things like Down By The Seaside, Over The Hills And Far the woods — not that they Lovely Marlene (Vinyl hit any. Since nobody was taking notes — and By December, Page and Plant were since the memories of the surviving reunited with John Bonham and John members are understandably hazy — it is Paul Jones at Island Studios in London, difficult to be sure exactly what Zeppelin where some of Zeppelin III had been did after settling in at Headley.

Up to 14 recorded and the majority of it mixed. After Bron-yr- Stones Mobile Studio after a week. Aur, however, the studio vibe left much Among them were a slightly zippier to be desired. Rehearsal Hampshire.

There was stuffing coming out of the couch, springs coming Inspired by a twirling, circular blues riff on Tom Cat a track on Muddy out of the bed. The song keep up with that. Intended as a trance-like raga Hohner electric piano. A lot of that fluctuating as it did between five- and six-beat meters. But I was the only one in the band who could do that, because what would become Stairway To Heaven, layering six- and string guitars at his of my background as an arranger.

M on cassette, and sometimes I referred back to them if I felt there was something uch simpler in construction were Going To California that seemed right that could be included.

One night at Headley, towards a climax, with John Bonham coming in at a later point… to give it that after the others had hit the sack, Page spotted a mandolin extra kick.

Possibly John Tobler. Middle Ages. The name-check for the Stairway Sessions bootleg features the pair experimenting with the transition Ringwraiths was an even more explicit nod to Tolkien. On a murky October evening, with the classical forms. Amazing, really. This harmony and to promote… the brotherhood of man. There was something generation? What made it stop in America and what made it stop in Europe? It sounded really good. How could he not like this?

What made it even more remarkable was that Johns had dispensed with a separate mic for the bass drum. And his playing was not in his arms, it was all in his wrist action. I still do not know how he managed to get so much level out of a kit.

Bonham was less enamoured of Four Sticks. Page instantly piled in with Bonzo, cranking out a gnarly, neo-rockabilly riff that combined the influences of guitarists like Scotty Moore and Cliff Gallup.

Jonesy got stuck in on bass, and Plant ad-libbed a vocal line over the top. I was finally in a really successful band and through the windows, and a fire going in the hearth, and people coming in we felt it was time for actually kicking ass. It was a is utter chaos. It was a good feeling, and we did it as easy as pie. Jimmy and John Paul were session in the house with the mobile studio.

Tired of hearing the drummer moan about never In no time they were back at Island studios in London, primarily to record capturing the sound he heard in his head, one evening Johns asked him to stay Four Sticks and Stairway To Heaven, but also to take care of the overdubs for the behind.

So the sound was heavily compressed by Andy. The quality of the sound he could create, and the those three takes. I was audacious enough, even as a fresh-faced year-old, to speed with which he worked, really impressed me. He had great style. Every take was a performance. If alternative solution that might. Play it again. It was studio manager Penny legal pad in front of him. But it took four baffles that almost obscured drumsticks to make it work, him.

Johns called everyone in to would have kicked the track out. What is it? When Page and Plant inside us. I did it five or six times. Which left repertoire in Convention, who had strongly influenced the acoustic side of In the end, both ideas were discarded.

I Troubadour club the previous September. The Rover, also included on …Graffiti, existed only in The association with Denny went still further back. Of course Grant to mix the album at the famed Sunset Sound studios. Just she fitted right in — she sang like a nightingale with Robert after they landed at LAX they felt the tremors of the Sylmar singing at the same time. Literally, she was the inspiration for earthquake that shook the city just after six that morning — an eerie the whole thing.

It was perfect against my bluesy thing. As she the band at their peak. It was a very animal thing. And going back the wrong way to get your stuff is far more difficult than getting on with it. Unfortunately, the acoustics at Sunset Sound proved to be deceptive. All I can put it down to was the fact that the speakers in LA and the monitoring system in that room were just very bright. We were having a good time, you know? This Kisses Sweeter Than Wine - Marlene Dietrich - The Legendary very difficult to do in those days, I can ground in the beginning.

In a rare act of charity, Peter I was very lucky to get my You hear everything turning right around. I used …Levee… aside, the mixes met with a distinctly frosty reception when the same fee as they had done a Kodak with a large flash-gun played to the other members of Zeppelin. Inevitably Getting it past the doorman was over again. Golf Club in Sutton Coldfield, and freakery. On the London. An hour-long edited been? Listeners to the Rock And Roll from their as-yet show on that spring Sunday answering my phone.

He is. You Clubs tour. And that is per cent Jimmy. And what I heard — on an amazing stereo, turned So it was a minor coup to get his hands on one at all. It was one of the biggest moments of my life. As Page remarked to going to say about it. It could omitted to say that the band were already too used to the comforts of life on the have just been some old bollocks he thought up to get people at it — which is road in America to enjoy the cramped quarters at venues like Leeds University.

It was as much of a mystery to us as it was to everyone else. The frustrating delays had taken their toll Peel introducing the band.

Stellar versions of Jimmy Page on the band as they toured Europe, Black Dog, Going To California and Stairway… America and Japan without a record to — officially released with the earlier Beeb session in — proved just how promote. Due to further live bookings, the mixing process continued into Stairway To Heaven, meanwhile, had become a kind of ritual invocation. So I did the exact same thing as I did with Whole said in June. And it Vigorelli Stadium in Milan to a violent halt, the finished mixes were finally was their biggest-selling album ever.

But whereas the his West Hagley home and blasted it at top volume to local friends. Trapeze — who was treated to a private listening party in early August. He gets on to the pattern. That was my first real introduction to John. One featured point before they became the biggest rock group a black-and-white drawing of the kind on the planet. But make the same back and his head jammed between the Houses Of The Holy is the sound of a band buffers of two Lovely Marlene (Vinyl carriages.

It Another featured a uniformed figure with their head exploding in a cloud of fatigue, cynicism and hard drugs impinged on their well-being. Houses Of The Holy. Now, they no longer and Cream. Critics crushed skull and exploding head mourned the end of the hippie did the job just fine. Led Zeppelin saw their chance, and took it. No press that was never resolved. It was a brilliant in Britain and America. Those who dismissed the counterpoint to everything else on the album.

IV went gold on the day of engineers Keith Harwood, Andy its release. In between dates, they checked Page. W to mix the Strargroves tracks. But Stargroves. The Rolling it also had a downside. Zeppelin, who were bagging to rehearse and record their new material. Truman Capote trailing them Barney Hoskyns. Meanwhile, Page sounded like a mini-orchestra. Listen to it now us off. Nothing ever seemed to make its way in, Zeppelin sounded invincible at their own shows.

That a problem for Page. John Paul album not being out for another nine months. Never one for self- out of Middle Earth. HOTH itself went to No. Perhaps the clue as to why years as a way of putting doltish rock journalists off their stride. But even df gdfg dfg dfg Stadium.

It was proof that they Which just leaves the two tracks that have been polarising opinion for 40 years. The The discarded title track been jammed between the song baffled listeners not used to their long-haired, a bouncy pop-rock song and buffers of two railway carriages. Nowadays, though, it lawn at Stargroves were all carried over to Physical band in the world. And besides, the riff is fantastic. Stones anyway? At one point it was intended to have been a further extension of The Overture, but that changed when Plant added lyrics and it was retitled The Rain Song.

He was a superb arranger who could conduct an orchestra while playing bass with sound of a band at the top of their one hand. I once saw him do that. That Mellotron game.

Producer Eddie Kramer was he plays on this is what lifts the track to another there with them, and these are his emotional level.

And the piano, which he also plays, is like raindrops, or maybe teardrops. Quite beautiful. Over The Hills And Far album. When they worked on it in the with fans, this knockabout tribute to James Brown sessions the previous year at Electric Lady studios studio, that title was changed to first The Overture was something that Jimmy Page had been tinkering in New York.

It was only when Plant with since I was pretty be an instrumental and became his paean to the started completely off the bat as an impromptu jam possessive about the place and I asked them to music of the world, whatever form it takes. And they all walked out! A lot of that talking just as Bonham comes in on the intro. But the The Rolling Stones Mobile spirit and so that they become another layer tension is very tightly held. Kramer saw his of direction to all those gorgeous guitars. And I love all that James Brown stuff whatever sounds Jimmy wanted.

Page wrote There was even an idea to include some dance 54 classicrockmagazine. He was keen to release the reggae-tinged track as a single — Atlantic even distributed promo copies to DJs — but not everyone was so keen on it. John Paul Jones was vocal in his derision of the track. I could go on about this one for hours. Suffice to say nothing like it had ever really been attempted by a rock band before, and it caused a lot of controversy when people first heard it.

It really demonstrates that Led Zeppelin could do anything they turned their minds to now — and do it better than anybody else. They were able to really stretch out now and experiment, which allowed the space for Jonesy to come in and do his thing on the arrangements.

Listen carefully and you can hear the studio telephone ringing in the background at around 1. Wisely, the idea was scrapped. They all enjoyed mind, put a fill where you would not expect it. Dancing Days playing it so much. One of the great overlooked Zeppelin rockers. The what really made it, though. He just found a way to But we were going for ambient sound, so we utilised seeds of this track went back to a visit Page and make the rhythm bounce and snap.

Plant had made to India the year before, for a date playing it back to them from the mobile truck and I remember putting a Fender amp in the fireplace Jimmy had arranged with a collection of musicians how excited they all were.

It was a lovely sunny day, and putting a mic up in there. The snake-hipped riff and others all sort of linking arms and dancing on the room. Label boss Phil Carson saw three months that changed everything. Words: Phil Carson.

As a glowing electric pseudo-coal fire. For a start, the band to base themselves were not looked different. Glam rock had necessarily geographically suitable. We all went to the Rainbow club on on stage, and Zeppelin were the same.

This tour in the morning, they would run out of venues Sunset Strip every night we were there. I seem to wearing a puffed-sleeve blouse; even Bonzo had airport. I remember one show, in St Louis, they recall we also had the entire 11th floor because a glittery star on his T-shirt. Puis in New Orleans at about 10 to eight. Needless that tour in LA. They had played the Forum that They also had the Starship — a seater Boeing to say, we were somewhat late for that show.

George down the side. Inside, the whole layout was totally The plane would taxi up to a predesignated point, Harrison was there. I remember lots of champagne, over the top. It had lounge seats and dinner tables, nowhere near the terminal building, then this line and no doubt other things.

Then George stuck a fully stocked bar and a TV lounge. There was of limousines would come. Even the tour doctor had a limousine.

T Robert Plant. And a motorbike, and I recall him riding it down the even where they hotel corridor. That was when had, we broke them. But there is bands. This was just Led Zeppelin were surfing the something I distinctly remember on their own.

I got there the reaction when they came wave. The floor of the Garden 56 classicrockmagazine. In full flight, Germany B was shaking. Because the riff into the picture. I never did any drugs, he is by nature a little reclusive. It was a culmination vibration. There would be more huge tours, I do recall that I shared a two-bedroom hotel houses for lunch on a Sunday, that sort of thing.

It was But it was a different Jimmy Page once you got again after that particular tour. After the quite a lot of fun, but it did spell for me the last time on tour. And what came after that I would ever share a hotel suite with John. Certainly from this propensity for ordering lots of stuff from room Zeppelin had become by then.

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You guys crazy—or drunk? Even Thomas Edison, who joked that jazz records sounded better if you played them backward, got into the act. Doubtless you would if you knew what one was. Fields born Abraham Finkelstein had been touring in minstrel shows and vaudeville since near the turn of the century, and he was by no means the sort of singer we now associate with jazz.

Jazz Himself. But what exactly was a jazz band? The short answer was, damn near any group that could play fast and frantically. Others made more substantial alterations: The saxophone virtuoso Rudy Wiedoeft assembled a group he called the Frisco Jass Band and cut a string of discs that, if hardly jazz by modern standards, still sounded a good deal looser than his previous work. This is how you know for certain that a Jazz Band is playing. The jazz craze gained him new notoriety, and over the next few years he would update his group with such soon-to-be-famous youngsters as Coleman Hawkins and a Washington, D.

Inspired by this example, a group of black Ontarians hastily formed their own quintet of violin, banjoline, piano, cymbals, and drums and named themselves the Whang Doodle Jazz Band. But the more we think we know about a time, the harder it can be to see it clearly.

As someone once said, history may repeat itself, but historians repeat other historians. The musicians who have been the focus of most jazz scholarship, with their records widely reissued and celebrated as pioneering masterpieces, were not the most popular or typical artists of that era but the ones who captured the imagination of later fans. Race had a lot to do with that. The Harlem Renaissance writers and artists, the pioneering dancers, and the amazing generation of hot black soloists and blues singers have deservedly been hailed for transforming American culture.

My own tastes were formed a half century after the s and tend to match those of the mainstream jazz historians. As it happened, I had an alternate history close at hand. His older brother was a cake eater: They wore very tight collars, so tight that when my brother buttoned his shirt collar he would then pull his neck out so that it would sort of roll over the top of the collar.

They wore very narrow neckties and bell-bottomed pants and tight-waisted jackets. When he was dressed the way he thought was real sharp, his face was a bright red, because he was essentially choking.

That was considered the right thing for a cake eater. We patterned our lives on what we believed and hoped were college fashions. The girls invariably wore galoshes, which were left completely open.

They had a special way of walking: They sort of slid along, and meanwhile the open buckles of the galoshes were waving in the breeze and making a clatter. They were corduroy, high-waisted, tight along the thigh and knee and belled at the bottom. Nor did my father. That is one of the tricky things about trying to survey the music of the Jazz Age. Even if, on special occasions, a local social club hired a Whiteman band, it would have been one of the many satellite versions, which did not include Whiteman himself or the musicians who appeared on his records.

Nor did dancers feel shortchanged because they were not getting something original or unique. That is one of the great, universal truths, often forgotten or underemphasized by music critics and historians. Any musician who has played dance gigs knows that dancers can be a very critical audience, but they show their appreciation by dancing and their disapproval by sitting down or leaving, and they are not typically the sort of people who write reviews or who necessarily buy a lot of records.

It can be a hot rhythm or a sensuous one, and although jazz record collectors have concentrated on heat, young couples on dates also cared about the slow dances. Through the s there was a certain cachet to having a black jazz band, so some of the more expensive white venues hired black players just as they had in the Castle era. At any rate, galoshes appeared on Fifth Avenue and Broadway and on numerous cross streets, and they continued to appear every day, rain or shine, snow or sun.

But like the hatless lads in loose tweeds, the galoshes are a reminder that for a lot of young people the Jazz Age was about college styles. In many cases this was more a matter of emulation than situation—inonly 12 percent of eighteen- to twentyone-year-olds were continuing their formal education beyond high school—but college enrollment had doubled over the course of the decade, and collegians were considered models of up-and-coming youth.

As in the rock era, the white college students who chose to become part of a wild subculture had a safer, more mainstream appeal than black or workingclass musicians.

The problem of making a living in music got more serious in the s with the arrival of Prohibition. The Eighteenth Amendment to the U. Constitution made the sale and public consumption of alcohol illegal throughout the country as of January 16,and it was not repealed until the end of In histories of the period, jazz is routinely mentioned alongside speakeasies and bathtub gin, and it is easy to get the sense that everybody was partying like crazy, drinking more than ever and dancing up a storm.

The reality was far more complicated, which is why repeal was greeted with widespread relief even by a lot of people who did not drink. To take an example often cited by writers of that time, the elegant Broadway restaurants and cabarets that had produced Maurice and the Castles disappeared forever. There are no more places of the old-fashioned cabaret variety. There is no pretence at anything more varied. You may dance if you choose. Even for them, though, the Prohibition era was not a golden age.

They was set up with booths and they had a little piano that you could wheel round and play at the booths. Each booth had a curtain, so that a guy could go in there with his girl and be drinking. For urban speakeasies noise was a problem, and many dispensed with music entirely.

Illicit alcohol was enough entertainment by itself, and even if the cops were on the take, there was no point in attracting undue attention or disturbing the neighbors. The last thing they needed was a band that could be heard from the sidewalk. Such subterfuges became more common with practice, and as it became obvious that Prohibition was accomplishing little beyond making previously law-abiding citizens contemptuous of the police, public opinion swung behind repeal.

By the latter half of the s, city and state legislatures from New York to Montana were voting to abandon local enforcement and leave the job to the overextended federal authorities. The oldfashioned saloon with a piano all but disappeared, and with it much of the tradition of amateur male singing. Overall, the researchers found that the number of dance halls had actually increased by 60 percent sincebut because they could no longer defray the upkeep by selling beer and wine, the old community groups had been replaced by commercial management.

Johnson, and Fats Waller were regulars on the Harlem rent party circuit, and those gigs provided them with a freedom to improvise and stretch out that was rare in more conventional venues.

Downtown, an equally distinctive style of Prohibition-era nightclub appeared, where the food was notoriously lousy and raids by Federal agents seem at times to have been regarded as part of the entertainment. As we shall see in the next chapter, Paul Whiteman turned more and more to concerts, commissioning pieces like Rhapsody in Blue and hiring singers and specialty performers to alternate with his orchestral selections, and although he might have made some of those choices in any case, it seems likely that economic pressures played a role.

Prohibition lasted for thirteen years and overlapped the arrival of both radio and sound movies, so any attempt to sort out which musical developments were stimulated by it and which were impeded is to a great extent speculation.

Large orchestras went along with large dance halls, and without liquor revenues there was no way for a smaller club or restaurant to generate the money to pay a name act. Had alcohol remained legal and the popular saloons and cabarets been able to evolve naturally, the revolutionary small bands could have taken over from predecessors like the ODJB and worked seven nights a week rather than being relegated to occasional record dates and late-night jam sessions.

The musicians improved their reading skills and got used to playing organized arrangements, and the orchestras found ways to capture some of the energy of the small groups and to showcase hot soloists.

In reality, large dance orchestras dominated both periods—though the most successful kept growing in size right through World War II—and their main stylistic shifts were driven less by brilliant soloists than by innovations in arranging and section work.

It began with a few encouraging words from Paul Whiteman: So you want to become a musician. The most fun in life comes from doing what you want to do and getting paid for it. Many of our successful musicians today were discouraged by their parents. I happen to be an exception. My dad put a violin in my hands when I was a youngster and taught me to play it. The Denver schools were racially integrated, and the black bandleaders Andy Kirk and Jimmie Lunceford both remembered studying with the elder Whiteman.

Classical music did not pay particularly well, though, so in between he got gigs with some of the larger hotel orchestras. Unmusical—sure as you live. But rhythmic, catching as the small-pox and spiritlifting.

That was jazz then. I wanted to give myself up to the rhythm like the other players. But it was no good. For another, the foundation of that style was laid by another San Francisco band before Whiteman left Denver. Francis where his orchestra played from until the end of the decade. His style was not precisely like that of the later Whiteman band, but it set the pattern Whiteman followed: taking some ideas from the looser, rowdier jazz bands and using them to spice carefully arranged dance orchestrations featuring a saxophone section.

Saxophones were still considered novelty instruments, and the idea of using a group of them as a counterpart to the traditional brass or strings was an innovation. Previous dance bands, at least if they were playing arrangements rather than faking, had tended simply to play the same arrangement over and over for as long as the dancers or the management wanted it to last.

As records became more popular, they created an increased demand for orchestras that sounded not only good but unique. As long as live performances were all that mattered, it was not a problem that groups in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco were playing the same stock arrangements; if dancers liked an arrangement, the fact that they could hear it anywhere in the country was an advantage.

For a recording career, by contrast, individuality was a selling point, because otherwise no one would care which band they were buying. That success was dependent not only on distinctive arrangements and expert musicianship but also on a superlative sense of publicity.

Negroes playing it. Eye shades, sleeves up, cigars in mouth. But music! There is where all jazz originated. I have tried to develop an orchestra that charges every pulse with energy without stooping to the skillet beating, sleigh bell ringing contraptions and physical gyrations of a padded cell. New York has been surfeited with jazz. People began to realize that they were not dancing, that the true grace of Terpsichore was buried in the muck of sensuality. If I can make New Yorkers appreciate the true spirit of the dance I will be happy.

Neither arrangement was particularly jazzy or strikingly classique. However, both were quite ordinary dance pieces, the former a tritely perky arrangement by Whiteman himself and the latter once again featuring slide whistle. In any case, the record did not sell particularly well. The real blues player is more hidebound in his way than the symphony man. He said he was neither. I was sorry and asked what was the matter. He took pride in the fact that many of his musicians could have had symphonic careers, and he was not competing for any blues crown.

Whiteman liked jazz, but he primarily wanted an orchestra that could execute complex orchestrations smoothly and perfectly, with a catchy dance beat and immaculate intonation. Listening with modern ears, it is virtually impossible to hear how fresh and exciting the Whiteman band must have sounded in the early s.

But what he was doing changed the face of both jazz and popular music. If only a small proportion of his records have stood the test of time, we nonetheless can appreciate their liberating effect on all the hotter bandleaders who followed— not only white swing stars but also people like Ellington, Don Redman, Fletcher Henderson, and Jelly Roll Morton.

But in the s, it was not just a matter of inspiration and guest appearances. Anyone who had taken music lessons had learned classical techniques and compositions, hit songs were being adapted from classical themes, and classical performers were household names.

InWhiteman became something more than that. On February 12 he gave the concert at Aeolian Hall whose repercussions are still being felt today. Instead of viewing our dance orchestras with alarm, I feel we should study them and use them as a power for good rather than evil.

Among those young people there must be several who will develop something for which we may all be proud.

It is to encourage this development that I am anxious to present my case to you. Rhapsody in Blue was the Sgt. Pepper of the s, the work that forced a drastic rethinking of what popular music could be.

In either case, few could ignore him or continue simply to dismiss jazz as primitive noise. Like the Beatles, Whiteman brought the generations together, creating music that young people could dance to and their parents could appreciate as at least an attempt at serious art.

Some lovers of the rowdy, good-time style, the looser improvising groups, or, in later years, the equally complex but far more swinging works of Ellington, Benny Goodman, and their many heirs have argued that what Whiteman was playing was not even jazz. But a lot of solid jazz masters, black and white, were inspired by his accomplishments. Within the next few years, Ellington, James P.

At the time, Dodge was in the minority. Otherwise, history taught him that the only way he could perform black music would be in blackface or as a kind of minstrel. And though he occasionally appeared with black musicians in later years and made a record with Billie Holiday, he maintained an all-white band even after a lot of other bandleaders had integrated. Educated, middle-class black people had also tended to disdain the style before Whiteman made it suitably symphonic. Same thing happened to Bix.

The band never got applause like that. But it would pioneer one other major innovation— or two, depending on how one chooses to look at it. Again, one could argue that once there were microphones it was inevitable that big bands would feature vocalists and that Whiteman just happened to get lucky and sign up the most popular singer of the twentieth century. Whether he had transformed them for the better remains a matter of opinion, but it is hard to argue that any artist before or since has had a greater impact.

After all, the best way to learn about any music is to hear it, and the only way to hear the music of the past is through recordings. Those recordings can still excite and amuse us, and give us the feeling that for a moment we have traveled back in time. We need to be careful about that feeling, though, because old records bear the same relationship to vanished bands that fossils and skeletons bear to extinct animals. That may seem obvious, but a lot of popular music history is written as if the skeletons were peacocks.

And it has become easier and easier to make that mistake as recordings have taken on a larger role in our musical environment. Today, much of the music we hear exists only on recordings and bears little resemblance to anything that could be performed without recorded assistance. Writers such as Evan Eisenberg and Mark Katz have explored the ways in which both music and our relationship to music have been changed by evolving recording technologies, which have made it possible for us to own performances and listen to them at will.

The music industry was still treating records as a kind of sheet music, and the Journal estimated that although sales of the biggest hits had fallen from a high of over a million to less thancopies each in printed music, they were making up for that by averaging overon records. It provided only the words, not the tone, timing, and gestures, and anyone who could see Chaucer or Shakespeare perform their work would have preferred that to just reading the part of their performances that could be frozen in ink.

Eventually, though, as people got into the habit of reading silently to themselves and writers became used to the idea that their work would be absorbed in that manner, they began to realize that there were ways in which written works could be more intricate, subtle, and extensive than speech or performance, and to imagine purely written forms of literature: for example, the novel.

Phonograph records went through a similar process. People let the radio, the phonograph, the player piano, sing and play for them to-day, instead of taking the trouble to do it badly themselves. Like that piano, the early records rarely provided performances by famous concert artists.

Instead, they preserved generic versions of classical compositions, current songs, marches, and whistling or laughing novelties. In part this was because recording was a slow and grueling process. As with the hand-copied manuscripts that preceded printing, every early phonograph cylinder was unique: Musicians played or sang into a bank of acoustic horns, each of which was connected to a needle that cut an impression of the sound waves in the groove of a wax cylinder.

As a result, only a small proportion of early cylinders were made by major stars. He has been doing this work until his throat has become calloused so that he no longer becomes exhausted. Dudley rather than by Cohan himself. But that would not have seemed odd to them, since they would in any case LP) been listening to the song performed by people other than Cohan at concerts, in vaudeville shows, on street corners, at restaurants, in saloons, or at home around the piano.

A new hit might be introduced by a star like Sophie Tucker, but it was sung and played by everybody. In the days when printed music was the lifeblood of the music business, this was vitally important, because if a song became so closely associated with a single performer that no one else wanted to sing it, that would hurt the sheet music sales.

Nor did that change in later years. The record companies had contracts with performers rather than with songwriters, so they stood to gain if buyers could be trained to seek out a particular artist. Songs remained the essential currency of the pop music world, but the growing popularity of blues, jazz, and country music meant that more people were beginning to want records of unique performances.

Such ethnic and regional divisions were the ancestors of the separate charts in magazines like Billboard and the separate sections in record stores, and thus of most of our modern musical genres, which at root are simply marketing categories—that is, we call something jazz or rock less because of any inherent musical characteristics than because we think it will be of interest to people who consider themselves jazz or rock fans. Before the rise of recording there had been little sense in dividing music by style.

Even when they used more precise categories, these bore no resemblance to such modern divisions as rock, folk, hip-hop, and jazz. If we are trying to understand the way people used to think about music, it is worth paying attention to the labels they used. During the late s and early s he was still making much of his living at dance jobs, but he performed that particular song in a Broadway show, and even his instrumental records with the Hot Five were bought by a lot of people who listened to them the way fans listen today: as if they were a kind of hot chamber music.

Indeed, jazz—in our modern sense of the term—had a special relationship to recording. The ODJB became national stars not because of great songs or a major tour but because they made exciting records, and the music they played was transmitted largely through that medium. So, to the extent that we think of jazz as a music of improvisation and personal touch, it can survive only through recordings. But it would be Redman, not Armstrong, whose work would live on—just as most of us know of Mozart but only a few scholars can name the Viennese virtuosos who commissioned or inspired his compositions.

This makes the early jazz recordings immeasurably precious, but also tempts us to extract them from their time and ignore what they meant to their original listeners. To stay for a moment with Armstrong, I have mentioned his stint with the Erskine Tate and Carroll Dickerson orchestras, which ran from the fall of until the spring of That means that for three and a half years he was working virtually every day, for many hours, in orchestras that performed a range of music that ran from stock dance arrangements to operatic overtures.

But if we want to hear what he sounded like on those gigs, there are precisely two rpm discs, one by each orchestra, adding up to about ten minutes of music; and as both are recordings of obscure specialty numbers, it is safe to assume that they are not typical of what those bands played over the course of even one evening.

Meanwhile, on twenty-seven days spread out over the course of those years, Armstrong got some young players together and made the Hot Five and Hot Seven records that are now widely considered to be his greatest work. There was no particular reason to record the Dickerson and Tate groups, because dance and theater orchestras all over the country were playing essentially the same arrangements and, if they played a number you liked, you could buy a record of it by Whiteman, Henderson, or Isham Jones.

The Armstrong small groups, meanwhile, were selling to the same specialty jazz audience that was buying the smallband records that Beiderbecke and Trumbauer were making as a sideline from their jobs with Whiteman. Hundreds of musicians were fascinated and inspired by these records, and they were joined by a lot of college kids—spiritual ancestors of the young men who in later years would worship rock guitar heroes.

And, like Armstrong in his instrumental period, they recorded hardly any of this material. As it happens, by the time Armstrong and Carter were being advertised together, there were relatively few record buyers of any kind.

Radio had a lot of advantages over records: A rpm disc could hold only three minutes of music per side, and then one had to get up and turn it over or put on another record, but radio could broadcast full concerts. In the early days, radio also sounded better, with a clean electric signal instead of a scratchily revolving acoustic disc. And once you had bought a radio, the music was free. Radio broadcasts could include news, theater, or sports events, but music— and in particular pop music—accounted for the vast bulk of programming.

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