Have It Your Way - Sharpshooters - Twice As Nice (CD, Album)

Friday 16 July Saturday 17 July Sunday 18 July Monday 19 July Tuesday 20 July Wednesday 21 July Thursday 22 July Friday 23 July Saturday 24 July Sunday 25 July Monday 26 July Tuesday 27 July Wednesday 28 July Thursday 29 July Friday 30 July Saturday 31 July Sunday 1 August Monday 2 August Tuesday 3 August Wednesday 4 August Thursday 5 August Friday 6 August Saturday 7 August Sunday 8 August Monday 9 August Tuesday 10 August Wednesday 11 August Thursday 12 August Friday 13 August Saturday 14 August Sunday 15 August Monday 16 August Tuesday 17 August Wednesday 18 August Thursday 19 August Friday 20 August Saturday 21 August Sunday 22 August Monday 23 August Tuesday 24 August Wednesday 25 August Thursday 26 August Friday 27 August Saturday 28 August If you enjoy the ability to roll up your windows in this way, remember that you actually have a bigger target than the tiny Minimize button.

You can make the entire title bar a giant Minimize button, as described on Figure Better yet, you can also minimize the frontmost window of almost any program including the Finder from the keyboard by pressing -M. MacOS can change menu commands as you press modifier keys. For example, open a couple of Finder windows and then click the Window menu. Focus on the Minimize Window command. Now press Option and watch both the wording and the listed keyboard equivalent change instantly to Minimize All Option- -M.

In the bad old days up to lateminimizing a bunch of documents could get really messy. So how do you get those windows back out of the Dock icon? See Figure for details. As your cursor approaches this green dot, a little indicator appears inside it:.

When it passes over the green dot, it changes to this:. If you Option -click this button, your window grows just large enough to reveal all the icons inside it—or, in programs, large enough to reveal all the text, graphics, or music. A second Option-click restores the window to its previous size. Not all programs permit you to full-screenize their windows. In those Album), this green button displays the button and, when clicked, merely zooms the window. By dragging this tiny icon, you can move or copy the folder into a different folder or disk, into the Sidebar, into the Trash, or into the Dock without having to first close the window.

You have to hold down the mouse button on the folder proxy icon until the icon darkens before dragging. It darkens in a fraction of a second. When you drag this proxy icon to a different place on the same disk, the usual folder-dragging rules apply: Hold down the Option key if you want to copy the original disk or folder; ignore the Option key to move it. Many programs, including Microsoft Word, Preview, TextEdit, and others, offer the same mini-icon in open document windows. Once again, you can use it as a handle to drag a document into a new folder or onto a new disk.

Sometimes, doing that really does move the document—but more often you just get an alias of it in the new location. Instead, it makes the contents of the original window disappear Figure In that case, just click the tiny button—the Back button—in the upper-left corner of the window, or use one of these alternatives:.

Press -[ left bracket. Press up arrow. None of that helps you, however, if you want to move a file from one folder into the other, or to compare the contents of two windows. In that case, you probably want to see both windows open at the same time.

Your Home folder Figure is a good choice. Now every new Finder window shows you that specified folder, which is a useful arrangement. On the very first Macs, scroll bars were a necessary evil; those computers were too underpowered Album) manage visibly moving the contents of the window. Today, though, you can manipulate the contents of a window and see where you are. Nobody questions the absence of scroll bars on an iPad, right?

Because you just push the contents of a window around with your fingers to scroll. You can also scroll using the keyboard. Your Page Up and Page Down keys let you scroll up and down, one screen at a time, without ever having to take your hands off the keyboard.

The Home and End keys are generally useful for jumping directly to the top or bottom of your document or Finder window. If the missing scroll bars leave you jittery and disoriented, you can bring them back. If you have a non-Apple mouse with a scroll wheel, the Mouse pane may not offer this scroll-direction option. GlobalPreferences com.

Turns out that if you double-click any edge of a window, it snaps to the full width of your screen in that direction: left, right, top, or bottom see Figure And if you double-click any edge while pressing Option, the window expands to the full height or width of the monitor in both directions Figurebottom.

In macOS Catalina, the green button at the top left of most windows offers a less hidden way to achieve these arrangements. Old Finder Mode not its real name was designed for Have It Your Way - Sharpshooters - Twice As Nice (CD who came to the Mac from a much older version, like Mac OS 9, and lost half their hair when Album) discovered how different things were.

In this mode, there are two big differences that make macOS more like its predecessors:. Double-clicking a folder now works like it did back in Every time you double-click a folder, you open a new window for it. Repeat that keystroke or command to turn Old Finder Mode off again. You can drag any edge of a window to change its shape. There are a few cool, totally undocumented variations on the window-edge-dragging business.

First, if you press the Option key while dragging, you resize the opposite edge simultaneously. For example, if you Option-drag the bottom edge upward, the top edge simultaneously collapses downward. If you press Shift as you drag, you resize the entire window, retaining its proportions. And if you Shift-Option-drag, you resize the window around its center, rather than from its edges.

Pressing the Option key as you drag eliminates the moment of stickiness. Each tiny folder icon in this display is fully operational. You can double-click it to open it, right-click or two-finger click it to open a shortcut menu, or even drag things into it. To find out that piece of information, make sure no icon in the window is highlighted.

Figure shows the four views. Every window remembers its view settings independently. Or, for less mousing and more hard-bodied efficiency, press -1 for icon view, -2 for list view, -3 for column view, or -4 for gallery view.

One common thread in the following discussions is the availability of the View Options palette, which lets you set up the sorting, text size, icon size, and other features of each view, either one window at a time or for all windows. In icon view, every file, folder, and disk is represented by a small picture—an icon. This humble image, a visual representation of electronic bits and bytes, is the cornerstone of the entire Mac religion.

For added fun, make little cartoon sounds with your mouth. As you can see in Figureeach icon actually looks like a miniature of the first page of the real document. Because you can make icons so enormous, you can actually watch movies, or read PDF and text documents, right from their icons.

To check out this feature, point to an icon without clicking. A Play button appears on any movie or sound file; as shown in Figureand page buttons appear on multipage documents like PDFs, Pages files, or even presentation documents like PowerPoint and Keynote.

You can actually page through one of these documents right there on its icon without having to open the program! If you Option-click the little and buttons on a PDF, PowerPoint, or Keynote icon preview, you jump to the first or last page or slide in the document. MacOS offers a number of useful icon-view options, all of which are worth exploring.

The dialog box shown in Figure appears. But the function is the same: to override the default master setting. For example, you might generally prefer a neat list view with large text.

But for your Pictures folder, it probably makes more sense to set up icon view, so you can see a thumbnail of each photo without having to open it.

You can control how closely icons are spaced in a window. Figure shows all. But using this pop-up menu, you can adjust the type size. And for people with especially big or especially small screens—or for people with aging retinas—this feature is much better than nothing. In fact, you can actually specify a different type size for every window on your machine. Why would you want to adjust the point size independently in different windows? Well, because you might want smaller type to fit more into a crammed list view without scrolling, while you can afford larger type in less densely populated windows.

As shown in Figure at bottom, this option lets you create, in effect, a multiple-column list view in a single window. The info line lets you know how many icons are inside each without having to open it up.

Now you can spot empties at a glance. Graphics files. Certain other kinds of files may show a helpful info line, too. For example, graphics files display their dimensions in pixels. Sounds and QuickTime movies. The light-blue bonus line tells you how long the sound or movie takes to play. On compressed archives like. This option is what makes icons display their contents.

If you turn it off, then icons no longer look like miniature versions of their contents tiny photos, tiny PDF files, and so on. Everything takes on generic icons. You might prefer this arrangement when, for example, you want to be able to pick out all the PDF files in a window full of mixed document types. In fact, it can serve as a time-saving visual cue. The bottom of the resulting dialog box offers three choices:.

As you can see in Figurebottom, low-contrast or light-background photos work best for legibility. Incidentally, the Mac has no idea what sizes and shapes your window may assume in its lifetime. Therefore, it makes no attempt to scale down a selected photo to fit neatly into the window. If you have a high-res digital camera, therefore, you may see only the upper-left corner of your photo in the window.

For better results, use a graphics program to scale the picture down to something smaller than your screen resolution. This harmless-looking button can actually wreak havoc on your kingdom—or restore order to it—with a single click. First, you can set up individual windows to be exceptions to the rule; see Figure Second, you can remove any departures from the default window view—after a round of disappointing experimentation on a particular window, for example—using a secret button.

Now hold down the Option key. The Library folder is usually hidden, to prevent clueless newbies from wreaking havoc on important files. But macOS is willing to give it back to you—if you know about this sneaky little trick. You can wield two different kinds of control over the layout of files in a Finder window: grouping and sorting. You can perform all these obsessive reorganizations in any view: icon view, list view, column view, or gallery view.

There are some incredibly useful options here; Figure shows a few examples. In icon view, the icons under each heading appear in a single rowscrolling off endlessly to the right. Use the usual sideways-scrolling gesture to flip through a row. That is, swipe to the left on a trackpad with two fingers, or with one finger on a Magic Mouse. It gives you four different ways to find them:. Choose one of the criteria from the submenu.

Marvel as the Finder puts your files into tidy categorized groups. Pretty cool, actually. Choose from the icon. This icon appears in the toolbar of every Finder window.

It contains the same options listed in the previous bullet. Right-click or two-finger click an empty spot in an icon-view window; choose from the Group By shortcut menu.

Remember, grouping clumping is not sorting. You can, in fact, sort the icons differently within each arranged group; read on. Sorting means just what it says: You can sort your files alphabetically by Namechronologically by Datein order of hugeness by Sizeand so on. See Figure You can even sort by different criteria. For example, you might have the programs in your Applications folder grouped by category but sorted alphabetically within each category.

This enabled me to get a good chunk of Queen hits all at once in glorious CD quality. The next big release to hit my car deck was a big one. A really big one. An album five years in the making through triumph and tragedy.

On March 31 I went back to the Record Store on my way to class, and the new release I was waiting for had arrived. I left gripping Adrenalize in my hands. An album I had been waiting for since highschool and even had actual dreams about! It was finally real.

Into the tape deck it went as I drove to school. Less riffy…more reliant on vocal melody…not bad? There was so much going on. It was a bittersweet gift. Traditionally the family spent Easter at the cottage. I have lots of happy memories of playing GI Joe in the fresh Easter afternoons up there. This time I had to study for final exams and stayed home with my gift. I must have played that box set two times through while studying that weekend.

Exams were over by the end of April and suddenly…it was summer holidays. In April! It was…incredible! I stubbornly refused to get a summer job. I had savings from my previous job at the grocery store and I was getting Chrysler dividends cheques yeah, baby. And I got to spend that summer just enjoying it all. It felt really good after such a long and frankly lonely winter.

I liked that they included a sampling of solo material by various members. These were new worlds to discover, but what about the next big release? Who would be the one to spend my valuable savings on? Iron Maiden were back on May 11 after a very short absence with Fear of the Darktheir second of the Janick Gers era. But I needed to save my money, and wait one more week for something even more important to me.

It was Revenge time. Speaking of triumph and tragedy, it was time for some overdue spoils for Kiss. Fortunately Revenge turned out to be a far better album than the previous few. I recall getting over a really bad cold, and my lungs were still congested on that spring day. The outdoor air felt amazing. I walked over to the mall on release day and bought my CD copy at the Record Store.

I probably ran all the way home to play it, lungs be damned. To say I was happy was an understatement. In you had to come out with something strong or you would sink. It was a more vicious musical world than just a year ago. Fortunately Kiss did not wimp out and came out with an album just heavy enough, without following trends. It would be my favourite album of the year, though a few strong contenders were still lined up.

My birthday was coming and I would have to wait a little while to get some more essential tunes. Fear of the Dark was on the list. A band that rock history cannot ignore, though it arguably should. A band with a colourful and tragic backstory. And with their new album Break Like the Windthey proudly proclaimed, yes indeed, this is Spinal Tap.

Once again, quite a bit of music to absorb. I had been anticipating the Iron Maiden. But the album was infected with lots of filler. Fear of the Dark sounded better than its predecessor but could you say it was better than Seventh Son? Somewhere in Time? Though it was murky and dense, the Faith No More album blew me away. The M. I wanted something heavy and weird from Faith No More.

I got what I wanted. We both appreciated the comedic aspects but I really got into the samples, nuances and rhythms. It was, and is, a masterpiece. I believe I can say that I was of that opinion from the very beginning.

And Spinal Tap, dear Spinal Tap. The Majesties of Rock took a little longer for me to fully understand. And no wonder, for Spinal Tap are playing musical 4-dimensional chess inside your ear canals. I simply had to accept that several years had passed since Spinal Tap last recorded, and they had grown in their own stunted way.

But I never liked that Nigel Tufnel had so few lead vocals. I have long appreciated bands that had multiple lead singers. While this time even bassist Derek Smalls stepped up to the microphone, it was David St. Hubbins who sang lead on 11 of the 14 tracks.

Now, this is certainly not to criticise the enviable lead pipes of St. Having said that, Nigel did branch out by employing a new guitar playing technique — doubling his solos with vocals, like Gillan used to do with Blackmore.

He also got to unleash his new amps that went up to infinity, which debuted live at the Freddie Mercury tribute concert in April. Like all things, summer eventually came to an end and it was back to school once again. That fall and into Christmas I got some of the last new releases that were on my radar.

I missed Black Sabbath when Dehumanizer came out in June. That one took a long time to really like. At least at first. In time, it became a personal favourite album. It was also the Christmas that I first realized there was something wrong inside my head, and I realized it because of those albums. It was partly the obsessive-compulsive disorder, but also a massive hangup about being ignored.

As I grew older and learned more about myself, I realized that I became very upset if I felt like someone was not listening to me or understanding me. Seller Pre-owned Pre-owned Pre-owned. Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping. Last one Last one Last one. Report item - opens in a new window or tab. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Item specifics Condition: Like new : An item that looks as if it was just taken out of shrink wrap.

No visible wear, and all facets of the item are flawless and intact. See all condition definitions - opens in a new window or tab. Cheap as DVD Store cheepasdvd Postage and handling. The seller has not specified a postage method to Russian Federation. Contact the seller - opens in a new window or tab and request postage to your location. Postage cost can't be calculated. DFC: You're not even a good morsel. The only reason I replied in this thread is because you quoted me.

Frankly, considering what an azzhole you were, I thought I was being considerably more diplomatic than you deserved. Time has proven that initial impression to be accurate. Gents, Since opinions are like 'belly buttons' Sure Rollys was a bit more sensitive, but DFC's wasn't harsh, just more to the point. If I've offended anyone, refer to the part above about opinions. Dan "Just curious what your goal was or what point you were trying to make. If you are trying to make a statement, go ahead and say something we will all understand.

Wow, I thought it was a simple question. I was just curious why you jumped into this thread. Forget I asked, it isn't that important. I fail to see where you contributed anything positive. Well, well, well, leave a guy alone long enough and he'll find a reason to continue to kick a dead horse. DFC, you might want to ask yourself what positive contributions have you ever made at this site period?

For the record both of the rifles I advertised were brand new unfired rifles with synthetic stocks. I just went to gunbroker. Not that it really matters because the was traded for a vintage Sako and the 7mmMag now wears a McMillan stock and will soon have a custom barrel. Get a clue!!! Since I doubt you will get a clue, why don't you call Walmart and tell them what to price their rifles as I certainly like your fantasy suggestions better than the reality prices on their guns.

Not all that uncommon in adolescence. Most children when agitated become confused, and their sentence composition suffers. The point was then and has always been. I decided to rag you a little. It got out of hand, so be it.

I now have a better insight about some of the posters on this site. Million dollar bets, really? I'm all ears, give me details. I like a friendly wager. Now you are a sentence structure expert. Does your self-proclaimed expertise know no bounds? Just when I think you can't get anymore obnoxious or stupid you post again and prove me wrong. Please post again on this thread it's most entertaining.

Good old Stu Padassol a. DFCyou got to love him. Come on Stu dazzle us some more. You are a stupid azzhole, its much more likely you are the real Stu Padassol.

Every one must face the facts of life, you'll not be the richest nor the best looking or even the smartest. In your case you're not even average. What is your self-proclaimed expertise? Dan, Your intial post in this thread was thoughtful enough, and you did make a decent case that we were indeed too hard on you last year. However, the last few posts seem to indicate you might have come to this thread looking for a fight.

I know I might also be inclined to say "no fair" if I were in your shoes, and perhaps I'd stick to my guns pun intended and willingly let myself be drawn in.

Regardless of your original intent, you now are in a fight that you cannot win. Of course, neither can anyone else. It will be interesting to watch how this turns out. Dazzle away genius. You're right, there will never be a clear winner. I just can't seem to help myself, when it comes to the wounding of the packs ego.

The out come is at hand as I'm tiring of this cat and mouse game and I'm about ready to curl up and take a nap. DFC since you don't like my sentence compositions I'll make it easy for you. Your mother must be proud of you and that.

You ain't so tough!! Dan, Yup,I was for a tad over 2 years. Are you confined to a mental institution? I don't care if you are in a mental institution, I just wanted to know what kind of wheelchair you have. I don't know what brand it was,but I won it from you on a bet about your shooting. You probably stole it from your mother. Your command of the English language is practically nonexistent. Not all that uncommon in adolescence cripples. Most cripple children when agitated become confused, then fall down, and their sentence composition suffers as they have bitten their tongue nearly off.

You are living proof, not all men are created equal. The out come is near!! LOL Dan. Ah,you must have gotten your ass kicked by a "crippled child" before huh? Yeah,my command on the English language is horrible,and so is your attitude. This reminds me of a joke I heard a long time ago- A guy comes home drunk from the bar.

He walks in the door,looks at his wife and says "Good lord,you're ugly! The wife scawfs and says "You're drunk. The husband thinks for a minute and then says "Yeah,but I'll be sober in the morning.

Sorry, just couldn't resist. WhoooHoooo, thank for keepin' it at the top. Maybe somebody'll show some interest in the rifle that was the start of all this. You could, if you were so inclined, drop the price to a level even broke ass cripples could afford it.

Furthermore, I couldn't find your spelling of adolescense in my Webster. Also, I doubt he has the resources to cover a nickle and dime bet, let alone a substantial one. The ones that talk the most usually have the least. DFC, why don't you just give it a rest, you have already proven your point that you are a jerk.

Anyone else starting to think that "Dan" is short for Dancer? Maybe the "C" is for Cody. Something about this idiots demeanor is awfully familiar. If you can tell my net worth by looking into your crystal ball, puter screen then why don't you pick some winning numbers for the lottery?

Put up or shut up old man, running your mouth could cost you a lot more bucks than your worth. Scott sorry about the distraction, hope you can sell that rifle for your buddy. DFC is such an easy pick and bites everything cast at him like a brain damaged carp.

He responds to nearly every message and is so stupid he can't see when he's being led by the nose. You so sm-art DFC. Pwease keep posting. You must be some kind of wocket sciencesmif or sumfing. Scott, You gotta take the opportunity to relate how well said '06 launches MatchKings into tiny clusters and at long distances.

Further,elaborate a smidge on said combo's destructive powers upon distant Game. Happy to bump her again for you Big Sky, you have a short memory. I hope you're not an example of the people in Montana. I would hate to think they are all as small as you.

Childish name calling won't change anything. One never knows who ones mother is without it, LOL. If anyone's interested, they might make him an offer for whatever might be considered a fair price Muley, Sorry, I couldn't decide because I need more choices. Yep, I'm a poor arrogant SOB. But I know it and make no bones about it. As to having something in mind, I do believe you are a legend in you own mind. Nothing more or less. I shall now bow out of the fray, I simply am not equipped to do the trolling type flame war thing.

My self control and better sense gets in the way! Scott,I sure hope you sell that thing soon! Byt alas, my income does not match my taste! You are a childish piece of sh:t. And you really think, "OK, since I'm a nice guy, I'll make it multiple choice" your a nice guy? Get a life! You're killing me! I have to thank you for the best damn belly laugh I've had in a week!

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DFC said: "Big Sky, you have a short memory. Its the initials of my name" Short memory has nothing to do with it. You assume that I believe you, which I don't. Just so you don't go asking me if I think you are a liar I'll make it perfectly clear. I think your word is worthless. You hide behind a moniker, your file is as vague as they come. Yes, I think you are a liar and from what I've seen it's your best trait so far.

I guess I shouldn't be so hard on you, bitter little man. I guess if my sister was my mother and my children also called my mother "mommy" I'd be a little bitter as well. Now let's see if you are smart enough to figure out what that makes you? Anybody for a good single-malt? With a good Cuban to go with it! Oh heck I'll settle for a pull of Dimple and a Punch.

Only a person with tainted blood would make an accusation like that. I don't have a sister, but, I take it that you do, which has doubled as your mother and lover in the past, and possibly even now. Do your kids look a little different, from the others around them? Do they remind your neighbor of cute little puppies? Do you know you can go to jail for having sex with animals, as well as your immediate family, provided of course, you know who your family is, and what an animal is. In your case they could be one and the same.

Why Have It Your Way - Sharpshooters - Twice As Nice (CD you put your money where your oversized ego and mouth are? You think I'm a liar, well put up or shut up. I think you are an inbred looking for company. Well, forget me. I'm a pure bred compared to you. So lets do this.

You put up your money and I'll do the same. I will prove beyond anyone's doubt, I have and do what I say. We will then see who's the liar. You are exactly what this world needs less of, azzhole wannabe's. You ain't sh:t little man, just another wife beater looking for a cheap thrill with the neighborhood dog or hog. I'll bet there are more of a few of them where you live. So DFC, does that make you the hog or the dog that Sky is getting the thrill out of?????

Do us all a favor please and take your chip somewhere else. Sorry, I'm slipping Are you really so stupid as to believe that using a handle is any more anonymous than using initials? That has got to be the weakest "attack" to date! I'll be the first to admit that I've put my two cents worth in on this thread, but, boys, for those of us who care about this place, I think this has gone too far.

I'd suggest we stop regardless of what DFC has to say. Or better yet, let Rick lock it up and Scott can open another thread on his I'm done playing. I vote we let DFC go back to playing with himself One last thing there tough guy how about an address or phone number, I'll call your lame bluff. You are only as tough as that key board sitting in front of you and you know it. What's to lock up? Boys will be boys and Scott is wanting to trip his pard's rifle. Though I don't see a group hug in the future,the Post has gotten some mileage and that cain't be all bad for the intended purpose.

Let her roll One of the things I like about this site is the lack of deleted or locked posts. Of course Scott might want to repost the ad over here on page 3. I'm of the Anti-Censorship Fraternity myself. I figure if I wanna say it bad enough to type it out,I want her to stand and am open to a rebuttal.

Hell it's almost Hunting Season and the juices always flow this time of year. Isn't like the concept is new and it will soon ebb,just like the others. There just might be a gent lurkin' that craves an '06 with character and I'm thinkin' this one has got it in spades Hey, big mouth, I prefer my company to your smart mouth.

You'll call my what? Now that's funny! Put your money where your mouth is, azzhole, then you get the number!! Actually I don't want to talk to you ever, I just want to take your money. Put up or shut up. I hate a lowlife piece of sh:t that run his mouth then weasels on backing it up. You called me a liar, so I'm calling you out. What lie did I tell and how much are you willing to bet that's its a lie? Don't want any of your mongrel brats, so don't put them up.

ME like cash and the more the better. Here comes the million dollar bet. Did I mention I have a really nice '06 to sell? Scott, I bet you could put together a raffle that included the rifle and an autographed photo of DFC that would bring in more money than your asking price. DFC, Was it the red pills or the blue pills that you are supposed to take when you get like this? I forget Hmmm now, lemme see, so far I've been called a moron, a big mouth, an azzhole and a stupid azzhole. All this from a guy that accused me of childish name calling.

I'm pretty sure that's what the world calls a hypocrite. When it comes to you being a liar it's not because of your initials it's the self-proclaimed expertise I think you lie about. I don't think you have a fraction of the knowledge you claim to have. That's the exact price you claimed I should sell mine for. Besides yourself I'd really like to see someone dumb enough to sell the rifle for that much. Go ahead expert, show me a legitimate add for that price or less.

I've got all day. You are the expert you certainly wouldn't be capable of bidding a gun price to low would you? Might even be low enough to insult one's intelligence. Hey while your at it why don't you see what a fair price on a early 80's model BDL Maybe help Scott sell that gun or are you to busy serving yourself? Fact is I don't want to talk to you either so at least we agree on something. Let me see if I've got this right.

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