God Wrote - Project Pitchfork - ¡Chakra : Red! (CD, Album)

I will have your eyes Deep in violence Power of imagination No one is like me. Revenge Tracklist 1. Oddyssey of Fate 3.

Artificial Intelligence 4. Star Counterfeit Totem 5. Detestable Envy album vers. Strategies of Destruction 7. Dark Visions Matrix Remix 8. Bridge of Hate timeless passing 9. Worthless Symbolism New Concentration Camps Alien Produkt Into the Abyss Loregore Lead Vox Dark Visions I'm Not Dreaming of You 2. Aimee Intuition Remix 4. Aimee Intricated Remix. Lustmord Rising Tracklist 1. Opening 2. Decompression 3.

Compassion 4. Congregants Requests 1 5. Lust 6. Congregants Requests 2 7. Destruction 8. Congregants Requests 3 9. Benediction Conclusion Auvernia :: Towards Eternity. Con ritmos muy variados y atrapantes, es dificil que el album aburra al oyente. Altamente Recomendado! Etiquetas: Auvernia :: Towards Eternity.

FrontNo comment. Etiquetas: FrontNo comment. Album) Touch 7. Abyss 8. Dream 9. The Present Chains Your Tempting Fantasy Echoes Schall und Rauch Merry-Go-Round-To-Hell It's Spring CD: Ouverture 2. Wonderland 3. Resume 4. Research 5. Consequence 6. One Million Faces CD: 9. If I Could 2. Nasty Habit 3. The Tide 4. Promises 5. An End 6. Your God 7. Feel 8. Full Of Life 9. Darkness Passion Despise Last Dreams CD: Way Of The World 2.

Stacked Visions 3. The Dividing Line 4. Endless Infinity 5. Dead Cities 6. Continuum 7. Beholder 8. Ghosts Of The Past 9. Supersonic Snakebite Star Child Full Contact CD: Freeze In Silence 2. Lament 3. Run For Cover 4. Radical Business 5. Mute Spectators 6. Quantum Mechanics 7.

Splice 9. We Will Descend Pitch-Black 2. Drums Of Death 3. Enchanted Dots Of Light 4. The Circus 5. Rain 6. Contract 7. Storm Flower 8. Acid Ocean 9. Black Sanctuary Nil CD: Blood-Line Never 2. Blood-Loss Sometimes 3. Blood-Money No More 5. Blood-Moon Romance 6. Blood-Diamond See Him Running 7. Blood-Pressure Just for My Pleasure 8. Aurora Sutra - Water Aurora Sutra - Air Project Pitchfork - Angels Project Pitchfork - Temper Of Poseidon En Garde Live Odyssee Existence Extended Pitchfork Sphere Mix Trialog Die Schlange Timekiller Intro Applause Trialog Intro Drone State Intro Inferno Intro Awakening Intro Terra Incognita Intro Mine Beast Of Prey Intro Mine Beast Of Prey Tal Der Dornen Intro The Spoken Mirror Intro Daimonion Intro Daimonion En Garde Damon Der Antwort Intro Your Cut Feather Intro Metamorphosis Burning Carrion Remastered Existence Restored The Island Remastered Conjure Remastered The Longing Remastered Renascence Restored Caught In The Abattoir Remastered Pan Remastered Io Remastered Alpha Omega Extended, Remastered Lie On Grass Remastered God Wrote Remastered The Gate Restored Carnival Remastered Ruins Of Ignorance Remastered En Garde Remastered Terra Incognita Restored Human Crossing Remastered Bodies Remastered Timekiller Restored Psychic Torture Remastered Steelrose Remastered Corps D'Amour Remastered Souls Remastered Endzeit Restored Remastered Song Of The Winds Remastered What Have We Done Beholder Puppet Master Mix Remastered Rain Remastered An End Re-Recorded, Remastered I Am Re-Recorded, Remastered Splice Remastered Stacked Visions Remastered If I Could Remastered Midnight Moon Misery Remastered Blood-Thirst Remastered Die Schlange vs.

Lament Remastered Chains Re-Recorded, Remastered Blood-Stained Remastered Fleischverstarker Re-Recorded, Remastered Blood-Pressure Remastered Insomnia Remastered Acid Ocean Remastered Blood-Diamond Remastered Abyss Re-Recorded, Remastered Mute Spectators Remastered Full Contact Re-Recorded, Remastered The Circus Remastered Tempest Remastered Acid Ocean [RMX] Pitch-Black [RMX]. Project Pitchfork is an electronic musical group from Hamburg, Germany.

Having agreed to work together, they then picked the project's name by picking a word at random from the dictionary. The demo K.

Hypnobeat released their debut album Dhyani in Their second album Lam-'Bras appeared in February This album yielded the first vocal appearance of Patricia Nigiani.

InProject Pitchfork established their own label, Candyland Entertainment, through which they release the majority of their own material as well as the material of other bands. Almost every song on every album of Gregorian. Each song leads directly into the next in fact, some songs Album) start and cut off Album) you listen to them as standalones or out of orderand the album is meant to be listened to on loop. The compilation album One World, One Voice was recorded as a round-robin between bands and soloists all over the world, and consequently consists entirely of themes that segue from one to the Album) for 52 minutes.

Downloaded individually, the ending to the former is extremely abrupt. The soundtrack to Metal Gear Solid 4 does this with almost every song. Mark Morgan's Vault Archives is continuously mixed all the way. So cleanly, in fact, that the first song ends abruptly without the second to follow it.

Madonna did this with Confessions on a Dancefloorand later released a non-stop version on iTunes that ran for fifty-six minutes. Marianas Trench 's third album Ever After was designed such that all the songs transition seamlessly into the next. Prog Rock. Metropolis Pt. The second disc of Six Degrees of Inner Turbulencebeing one God Wrote - Project Pitchfork - ¡Chakra : Red!

(CD song divided into eight tracksalso does this. In general Dream Theater does this a lot, even between albums. The first disc of Six Degrees begins with the static from the end of Scenes from a Memory and Train of Thought begins with a fade in from the end of Six Degrees. Exceptions include most of the breaks marking the ends of album sides in the vinyl era, but not all; CD editions of Dark Side have a small crossfade from "The Great Gig in the Sky" to "Money", and The Wall has a crossfade from the last song "Outside The Wall" and the first song "In the Flesh?

The Protomen 's first album, between Will of One and Vengeance. Additionally, the entire second half of the album starting with "How the World Fell Under Darkness" is this way. The Mars Volta does this throughout all of Octahedron. All of their albums except Tremulant use this between at least some tracks, really. On The Alan Parsons Project 's Eye in the Sky"Sirius" fades into the title track these two were performed in concert together as well.

Mike Oldfieldcreator of Tubular Bells and other very long instrumental pieces, carried his penchant for long compositions over to his poppier, more commercial records, particularly Platinum and Discovery. From Tubular Bells II on, instead of writing very long tracks, he splits his albums in several tracks that run together.

On Tubular Bellsa re-recording of the album, he split the album into 17 trackswhich compose two pieces of uninterrupted music, just like the original. Most of the songs on Sound Horizon 's Moira flow into the next. This is largely because the album is, according to Revo, one extremely long song that was broken up for the sake of clarity. Electric Light Orchestra loved this trope. Eldorado is practically a gapless album, except for the break between "Poor Boy" and "Mister Kingdom", a relic of its origins as a vinyl record.

A lot of Soft Machine 's albums do this, especially during the post-Robert Wyatt period. The songs would often be played without breaks on stage as well. The first two flow together so seamlessly that they could be considered two parts of a single song. These three crossfaded songs make up the entirety of the "In The Dead of Night" suite. Crass loved this trope, plain and simple. All of Janet Jackson 's albums after Control. The Roots ' album Phrenology has this throughout the entire album, notably with the second hardcore punk track "!!!!

Kanye West : "Spaceship" and "Jesus Walks", which follow each other sequentially on The College Dropoutshare a very similar bass line, giving the transition between the two this effect. King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard uses this a lot. There are a lot of examples, but an honorable mention to Nonagon Infinitywhich is designed to be an infinitely looping album with no clear beginning or end.

It's especially noteworthy because in the cassette and vinyl editions those two songs were separated by a side break.

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