David Watts (B.B.C. Session) - The Kinks - Rare Anthology (CDr)

Set Three: More songs with UP in the title. Set Four: More songs with UP in the title. C Promotone B. Programa de Radio Universidad Salamanca Topic: ok. Recorded off the air by Mike Schweizer, these airchecks include commercials, songs, and DJ interludes. They provide a complete historical record of what would be playing on the air over radio stations of the time. A little different show this week, as it is very subjective. A broad sampling from folks some might consider masters.

This was the only qualification for inclusion in this show; the musicians have to be undeniable masters of their craft. Sure, some of the selections might be considered Classic Rock - no matter. Pull up a chair or a chaise lounge and a David Watts (B.B.C. Session) - The Kinks - Rare Anthology (CDr) beverage and enjoy the masters. Il Dizionario del Rock. Monterey Pop Festival You'll also hear then-popular rock groups performing groovy advertising jingles for cereals, soda, shoe stores, jeans, hot dogs and deodorant.

Rolling Stones. Live in Leeds Released in earlyit features the band's original line-up as a trio guitar, bass, drums. It was recorded in a garage with a single stereo microphone. The members of the Yahoo Group "Surf Guitar " decided to put together a mp3 compilation as a way to get to know each other, share music, share recording tips, and to just have fun. Some songs are from professional bands while others are from amateurs.

Some of the songs are "surfy" while others are more experimental. All of them showcase each member's creativity and talents. The Surf Guitar group is an email list dedicated to the discussion of all things relating to Read in English by volunteer readers.

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All albums featured in this series are the remastered versions from This podcast initially made Yes mix dedicated to Chris Squire, he of the thumping, organic bass pulse of the Prog-Pock dinos. The last track is from his solo album - Fish Out Of Water. Classic pop, rock, and soul from the '60s, '70s, and '80s, with vintage audio clips Topics: Classic rock, '60s music, '70s music, '80s music. The Beatles Box Set Series continues with El Wayno Loco is changing the order in the series slightly; "Abbey Road" will be the next installment.

In this podcast, we'll have a listen to all sorts of interesting cover versions of songs from the album, along with tracks from the "Anthology" collections, Alexander The Medium Crown Of Creation Wooden Ships White Rabbit Count On Me Let's Get Together Jane I've been stunned by the tenacity and persistence of pigeons on my balcony this summer. I throw things at them, scream, squirt at them with my plant watering jug, bang coathangers on the window, even get out there and wave my arms and curse - because I've had to scrape up TONS of pigeon shit, and I don't like it at all!

At best David Watts (B.B.C. Session) - The Kinks - Rare Anthology (CDr) fly away for a few minutes, watch me from a powerline, and return as soon as I'm gone. This got particularly ridiculous last week, when I was outside sitting in my black armchair, which I've had out there for months, and had pigeons flying in to land just inches from my head; they seemed quite heedless and startled that I was there.

This has gone on for weeks now; today I discovered why. They're nesting in the chair. They've brought in sticks, torn out parts of the bottom lining, and hatched a baby, who is now fully pigeon-sized, but still incapable of flight. I found him or herdowny and huddling in terror, after tilting up my chair to investigate. I David Watts (B.B.C. Session) - The Kinks - Rare Anthology (CDr) have to surrender my balcony to the birds for the rest of the summer; I actually feel kind of bad at having fucked up their home, because I ripped out the lining of the chair before I realized that this baby is flightless.

Wednesday, July 11, Melvins Lite Sunday! To monetize or not to monetize. Well, folks. It's been a long run on Blogger for a guy who hasn't elected to post ads.

Everything I've done up to now, for eight years, has been done for free or for the occasional guestlisting or other cadged perk. I have been reluctant to monetize previously because I thought it might change the way I write, or what I choose to write about, or otherwise impinge upon or limit my freedoms on this blog; and I like the idea of there being ad-free zones in the world, especially on the internet.

Still, facts is facts: I'm unemployed, broke, and struggling, and I still seem to have things to say on this site, so you may soon start seeing Ads by Google on Alienated in Vancouver if they approve of me.

Who knows, maybe there will actually be some meaningful income generated? Post-script: hm, I guess I may have made a wrong move. I thought by creating an Ad Sense account everything else would be done for me, and ads and concomitant cheques would presently appear, but I'm being told to do a billion things that I don't understand "implementing ad code," with a how-to appropriate to Youtube: what? Will there be ads?

Will there be no ads? I'm not David Watts (B.B.C. Session) - The Kinks - Rare Anthology (CDr) to actually invest time in placing ads on this site.

Plus I've already self-censored a recent post to be in "compliance" with Google's policies I should have stayed true to my instincts Post-script the second: whew! After having gotten nervous that my blog would be ruined or compromised by Ad Sense, I am amused and relieved to receive a note refusing my application.

I've been rejected for having "insufficient content Tuesday, July 10, A Bobcat Goldthwait addendum. By the way, this is a rather charming recent bit of standup from Bobcat, which contains at least one routine he adapts for the film Monday, July 09, The absence and presence of lightning.

Well, whatever the value of masturbation to human longevity, it is clearly not the key to immortality, however pleasant a thought that might be: I am very saddened to report that Ernest Borgnine has passed on, at age He crafted some very memorable roles in his time; I remember him best from The Devil's Rain and The Wild Bunchbut there's not a character he touched that didn't make a mark.

Still, whenever someone makes it well past 90 in good health and good spirits, the fact of their passing somehow isn't as sad, since they're already pretty far ahead of the curve; most of us can only hope to live so long, and be so productive. All the same, Mr. Borgnine, you will be missed Adstock some photos.

One wishes that more people in the community would come out to participate in Adstock - it's not like there are many free all-day outdoor festivals of music in Maple Ridge, and there really was a great variety of music on hand today - something for everyone, really. Still, the park wasn't exactly packed - though maybe the blazing sun had a lot to do with that; people tended to cluster in whatever pockets of shade were available. But there were girls hula-hooping, people playing games with balls in the far field, happily yelping dogs, the odd skateboarder taking advantage of the paved surfaces, and more than a few goggle-eyed toddlers running about in time to the music, their parents close by.

Those attendees who did come out appeared to have a great time. Even Mom - whom I plied from her chair for the first few bands, to "experience life live," as opposed to through her usual filter of the TV, could appreciate the charm of seeing massively Mowhawk'd punk rockers dancing happily to Cornshed's furious Maritimes-tinted hoedowns - which even got her highly critical toes tapping she could previously be glimpsed with her hands clamped over her ears during Anchoress' set.

She was quite delighted by the bouncing, dancing conga line that Abbotsford band Rags to Radio led around the park and then the stage, and enjoyed the Jen Huangs who gamely did most of their EP, Rango, despite one member having a busted flipper.

I missed the Secondrate Rejects sorry Jonny - Mom has to eatand just got in from Nylithia, whose blistering thrash had a happy little moshpit going on the concrete in front of the stage - the first daylight moshpit I've seen since The Rebel Spell played Under the Volcano a few years ago.

It's strange to see people moshing in the sun; I felt quite worried for the barefoot girl who decided she wanted to participate, after all the times I've had my own feet stomped on by oblivious moshers.

I am now officially skipping our own local ska-kings Los Furios. With yesterday's bit of outdoorsiness and most of today spent in the sun, I'm feeling red and sore and in need of a nice, cold bath to make me feel human again.

Thanks to Matt and Adam and Polya and all the people who help sustain the music scene in Maple Ridge! Looking forward to Adstock Having assembled all of his will together and listened to some contemporary music, he decided it wouldn't be such a bad idea to take all of his and brother Dave's, for sure rockin' ideas and dilute them with a touch-up of punk and disco.

In other ways, why not follow the Stones' direction? Indeed - why not? Because first time around, it really works.

Superstars need live albums, and big superstars need double live albums and the Kinks were sure aiming for big superstardom once again - at least, Low Budget did give 'em some hope of catching up with the bandwagon. Moreover, they need successful live albums - and keeping up with the expectations, this one even managed to go gold.

To say the truth, it really deserves it; and gold is the keyword - it's not breathtaking enough to merit "platinum". The overall playing level is quite good, mainly due to the fact that Dave's soloing technique only got better with the years. The track selection is also clever, drawing largely upon the newer material as well as throwing in a decent selection of the classics mostly rearranged, but that's to be expected, isn't it?

Oh, and the audience is finally willing to actually sit back and listen - we've finally moved out of the epoch of Kelvin Hall hysteria. The Kinks' artistic comeback seems to have ended as quickly as it had begun.

Either Ray thought that, with Low Budget behind his back, he wouldn't be needing to work that much any more, or else he just wasn't in the right mood. Low Budget was diverse, funny and pleasantly lightweight, with lots of ideas being carefully planned and carried into life. Give The People seems to concentrate on their newly-found 'metallic' side: more than half of the tracks are gruff, lifeless rockers, all set to a standard heavy metal pattern.

Well, it's nice seeing them making a kinda definite statement and all, but no thanks. Anybody can pick up a guitar, add a hell of a lot of distortion and go out into space.

Me, I'd expect something slightly more intriguing - a good song or two, for a change. And this is exactly what this album refuses to present to me. Well, okay, maybe one or two. But not more! They kinda learn their metal homework, but much of this is terrible exercising in self-plagiarism.

With this album, the band was in a state of confusion indeed - their 'Silver Age', fuelled by Low Budget and One For The Roadwas fading away, and now the Kinks were finally fading into obscurity despite, or maybe because of Ray frantically trying to find the golden middle between his personal vision and the obligatory commercial approach. Perhaps the public was just offended at Mr Davies treating it so cruelly in his last album; they took their revenge by not buying his next offering - even if, for all it's worth, State Of Confusion is at least a couple heads and a forefront above Give The People Looks like the Kinks were travelling on a roller coaster throughout the period - one good album alternating with one terribly mediocre for almost a decade.

Here I was all puffed up about how effectively the songs on State Of Confusion recaptured the band's melodicity of yore and even returned them to their Brit-pop roots with stuff like 'Come Dancing', and how the bonus tracks were really a great addition There's two good things I can really say about this record.

The first one is that for a album released by an "oldies" band, this is surprisingly well-produced: guitars-a-plenty, a solid "classic" rhythm section, and maybe only just a couple or so songs suffer from over-synth-treatment. Well, it's not like the songs really have that fresh and raw rock'n'roll energy to them, but hey, the Kinks had all but lost that energy a long time ago in fact, one could argue that the band never really rocked convincingly even in the Seventies, although that wouldn't be entirely trueand so with lowered standards Think Visual comes across as a perfectly enjoyable album, from a purely sonic point of view.

Real drums, real guitars, no computer processing Not bad, I think! And since "heaviness" doesn't come across as the word of the day, there's very little of that generic garbage metal riffing that clogged just about everything at the time. Yeah, I know the title can be misleading, but imagine that, it is in fact a live album, recorded on the road.

Now come on guys, this ain't really funny. So all right, I know Ray Davies doesn't really like performing old material in concert, preferring to stick to whatever fresh songs he had the luck to pen in the preceding four or five years never mind that the "fresh" songs are usually just a re-run of old ideas. But there's gotta be a limit to everything - releasing a live album with only one song dating back to the "golden era", and even that one fromis just stupid, goddammit.

I know Ray prob'ly knew nobody was going to buy the stuff anyway, but it still gotta stand as one of the most embarrassing statements from the Kinks. Not to mention the total lack of inventiveness: only a band that has almost completely lost it can issue a live album called Live: The Road after it already issued a live album called One For The Road. I'm sorely itching for a pun, but I think I'll refrain, it's way too obvious. May I have you for a second, just, you know, to get your plans for your next record?

We're all waiting with impatience! The critics hated it, the people never bought it, and I can sure tell why.

If you thought Give The People was heavy metal, then this one is the ultra-heaviest. This is not to say that it's good heavy metal, like the one you'd find on a few better albums like Low Budget or State Of Confusion - it's just generic crappy heavy metal. Either Ray and Dave thought the world wasn't yet convinced of their having fore-fathered the genre, or else they thought that straightforward metal arrangements would perfectly suit the general mood of the album - which really isn't that pretty.

The album cover is gray, and the music sure as hell is of the same colour. Songs about disillusionment, crisis, hatred, fear and death abound - long gone are the happy days when Ray preferred to hide himself from these things behind a wall of picture books, Waterloo sunsets and tin soldier men.

This time we have a 'Wall Of Fire' instead. About half of the songs are driven by heavy, boring metal riffs, and Dave plays an obligatory metallic solo in every one, so they practically end up sounding like each other.

You might get interested in 'Wall Of Fire' just because it's the album opener, but 'Drift Away', the title track, 'It's Alright' Dave's solo spotand lots and lots of others - they aptly demonstrate that there was really nothing good about 'Wall Of Fire', it was just the first song, 's all.

Yeah, indeed. Seeing as Phobia had just fared quite miserably, and probably realizing that the only force that was left in the Kinks lay in their roots, Ray made a sudden decision to release this live-in-the-studio album. The actual tracks are interspersed, though: judging by the audience's sounds, some are from large venues like the opening 'All Day And All Of The Night' and some were probably done without any audience. Most, however, come directly from Konk Studios with a couple dozen guests admiring the band's skills at playing live.

As usual, most of the tracks are heavily metallized, but that's no serious problem, moreover, if you've heard the earlier live albums, you're supposed to be used to that. Everybody needs a little bit of unreleased stuff in their lives. To make them feel so much higher.

Hello everybody. This is the general management of David Watts (B.B.C. Session) - The Kinks - Rare Anthology (CDr) Solitaire speaking to you. Normally we don't allow bootleg reviewing on this site because we're nice law-abiding civilized gentlemen who reverentially see to it that every artist reviewed on this site gets every penny's worth of his income, but on this special occasion we're willing to waive the rules just once because the situation really calls for it.

Our reviewing staff promises to remedy this unquestionable travesty by specially ordering 10, copies of Ray Davies' autobiography and distributing it among the illiterate people of Russia in order to promote the glory of the Kinks once and forever. And here's our one and only special reviewer d'honneurGeorge Starostin, to take it from here.

Take it from here, George! I think they could have represented the band's evolution better. But then again, maybe not? First of all, it's a 2-CD collection with each CD containing about fifty minutes of music, and where's the fun in that? Especially after you read all the liner notes about the sessions the songs were taken from - obviously, the BBC has enough material to fill up an entire boxset, and they don't even give the max on these two CDs?

That's disgraceful, if you ask me. There's at least a couple dozen notorious Kinks' hits packages, even though there's never yet been a complete retrospective box set, due to the numerous record labels the band had signed for, but this one's the most fresh and widely available. So if you're just starting with the band, you might as well get it, because the track selection is very reasonable.

I was somewhat disappointed by the inclusion of both 'Dedicated Follower Of Fashion' and 'Dandy', 'cos they pretty much sound the same; on the other hand, the exclusion of, say, 'Set Me Free', 'Picture Book' or 'Victoria' is a crying shame, but, in all, this is a very representative collection which can easily make a Kinks' fanatic out of you if you give it a couple o' spins.

Since Ray Davies didn't ever really have to battle his material through to get the other Kinks' appreciation, being the main songwriter and all, it's unsurprising he's only had a couple minor side projects apart from his main band, and one of them already after the band just wouldn't function no more.

They're no great shakes, these projects, but nice enough to own for devoted fans. As for brother Dave, he did have a short-lived, not too productive, solo career, and I have nothing against it David Watts (B.B.C. Session) - The Kinks - Rare Anthology (CDr) short-lived, if you ask me. Coincidentally or not, Dave arguably chose the worst timing for launching a solo career. He'd almost had a shot at it in the late Sixties, back when 'Death Of A Clown' suddenly took off and established his image as that of a potentially independent songwriter - but apparently going solo around wasn't considered cool, and plans for a solo album were scrapped most of the remnants can now be found among the bonus tracks to Arthur.

Then there might have been a good spot in the mid-Seventies, when he and Ray almost had a falling out because of elder brother's rock opera pancakes - yet again he preferred to lay low and patiently wait until Ray's stock of Andrew Lloyd Webberistic ideas ran dry. You know Actually, this is a somewhat important release.

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